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In some parts of the country, cold weather is threatening crops. Meanwhile, California has been so unseasonably wet that its deserts are experiencing what’s called a “super bloom.” After years of drought, the normally arid desert is lush.

But in California’s largest state park, in the desert south of Palm Springs, nearly four-hour car drive from Los Angeles, visitors are coming from as far as Europe, Africa and Asia to see the “super bloom.” This event is so rare, so special, that looky-loos are causing traffic jams, getting lost in the hillsides and fainting from dehydration — just to take in the beauty.

California Deserts In ‘Super Bloom’ Thanks To A Wet Winter

Photos by Nina Gregory; Bottom photo by Kyle Magnuson/Flickr


streets for people who love details by lina zelonka
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hameln (niedersachsen, germany) *** instagram / tumblr


Catching the Light. by JULIA DAVILA-LAMPE 

Itsy Bitsy Beach Girl

I created this for a group page on Flickr, then realized it was too large for their macro rules.  It’s only a 5 inch mannequin, but the rules required the item photographed to be no longer than 3 inches… ah well, I shall try again!

There are no studio lights used for this image just daylight from my bedroom window.  The original image wasn’t that bright, so I brightened it with editing and added a faint yellow tone to give the illusion of sunlight.  The blue background was fixed with bluetack to the side of my wardrobe and a little bookcase was where I placed the the deckchair to set the scene.

These are the items I used to create this picture.

Sea and sky: Two different shades of A4 paper
Sun shade: Paper cocktail umbrella
Sun, birds: coconut cocktail, hat and sunglasses: Png art images
Pink beach towel: Spectacle lens cloth
Sand: Unrefined golden caster sugar… perfect edible sand!

You should never really believe what you are seeing! 😉

Suzy Hazelwood (Flickr)


Untitled by Jack Chauvel
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“Did you see that thing I posted on Faceboook?” the Robin asks, while counting out the change from the transaction.

“I… what?” you respond, wholly unprepared for non-grocery related questions.

“The thing about the history of ████████! I think I tagged you in it. You went, right? I remember you talked about how important it was to you at the reunion a couple months back. How did it go?”

The additional context brings your mental lenses into clarity, and you can feel the heat creep into your cheeks from embarrassment. You were so spaced-out during the entire idle conversation that you completely missed the cashier is one of your second cousins. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to have noticed your lack of recognition but he looks at you expectantly, waiting for an answer.

“Ah, yeah, no, I- I didn’t make it out,” you fumble for an excuse that isn’t exactly a lie: “I had some car trouble.”

“Ah that’s a shame,” the Robin says, handing over your bags, “I hope you do get to go soon, it sounds like it’s right up your alley. Have a good one!” he finishes, not waiting for a response before turning away to greet the next customer. You stuff the change in your pocket and the receipt in a bag.

You leave.


tiago von Charlotte Grimm
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i adore people who carry stories in their eyes. old souls. magical human beings. those who burned in order to shine. this is one of them.