flicker state

anonymous asked:

idk if someone has already aske this but imma do it anyway. so like in tangled rapunzel sings to make her glow/heal (the whole "flower gleam and glow" thing) sO does Keith sing to make his hair burn and if so what's he singiN

Usually Keith’s hair stays at a mildly warm, very a flicker a flame state. When he sings, it’s burn the freaking house down o’clock.

Of course I love you, darling. I love you more than summer nights sprinkled with fireflies and giggles and even more than the way the lights atop the empire state building flicker like the aurora borealis of our concrete jungle. But I have not tripped and fallen in love with you… yet. Or if I have, I can’t even admit it to myself just now.
—  A.O.A.M. || I’m Not Quite Sure About The Way I Love You
the ritual of writing poetry for you

poetry’s ovulation lurking solemnly in
the density of my demented hauntings
patterns itself into fractal mental states
flickering virginal words with slick avidity

as my maniacal temperament flirts with an
inebriated awkwardness … aloof with an ego

the aesthetics
of quantum equations
to further my
madness into
your elite flesh
by bones
caging your
feudatory soul …

as landlords of dark things
whisper your name in unison

and i scribble their tales
the light of the full moon

and your soul migrates
into my villainous veins

are found in the
medicinal grimoires
the ancients;

scrolls drip with ink …

scarlet …

dark things lay
adjacent to the nuptial
alchemical laboratories
seed-pods of
mandrake and the
witchery belladonna …

they are
all for you …

for everything is a tale of madness
weaving itself into the ritual of my poetry
and the whispers are deadly in this chamber …

name …
so invisible
to my readers …
but burning on my flesh …
casting poetry upon these pages …