flicker film

Arnulf Rainer

Peter Kubelka | 1960 | 7 minutes | B&W | Sound

“He has even created a film whose images can no more be ‘turned off’ by the closing of eyes than can the soundtrack thereof it (for it is composed entirely of white frame rhythming thru black inter-spaces and of such an intensity as to create its pattern straight thru closed eyelids) so that the whole 'mix’ of the audio-visual experience is clearly 'in the head,’ so to speak: and if one looks at it openly, one can see one’s own eye cells as if projected onto the screen and can watch one’s optic physiology activated by the sound track in what is, surely, the most basic Dance of Life of all (for the sounds of the film do resemble and, thus, prompt the inner-ear’s hearing of its own pulse output at intake of sound)… These films must, very truly, be seen and very truly seen and heard to be believed!” - Stan Brakhage 

I watched TFP again and...

So when I watched TFP last sunday it was such an emotional rollercoaster. Yeah there were plot holes..but overall I thought the episode was great by itself, however, made no sense compared to the rest of the series. So in spite of everything and all the tinhatting thats happened since I decided to watch TFP again, with a clear(ish) mind. A lot of this is common knowledge, some has been mentioned before by other users on tumblr, and some are some new observations I made. I know its long but theres some good stuff down there so here are the comments I made while watching TFP once again:

-”The Final Problem” caption flickering just as the film Mycroft is watching

-the entire production when sherlock is “scaring” Mycroft. clowns? bleeding paintings? rly wtf? when I watched it the first time I truly believed Mycroft was dreaming

-did sherlock saying “hey bro?!” make anyone else uncomfortable

-wHy is sherlock wearing the deerstalker just to go spook his ‘bro’

*loOOOoots of weird stuff*

-Who’s the man pictured in the car when the governor calls to ask about mycroft?

- ”clown costumes satirically relevant”-Mycroft

- wHaT hairband euros 

-happiness is a pop song, sadness is a poem ? idk i thought this was gonna have some significance

-Sherlock igNOring “Vatican Cameos” babe why

-Sex has always made sherlock obviously uncomfortable but when Euros brings it up?? he does? nothing?? no reaction???

-the glass in the ceLLs: ELePHANt glass

-Johns swirling camera shot??? what ??

-If “redbeard” was moriarty’s gift, why didn’t he take advantage of it ???

-We see a nativity scene in the governor’s office during the moriarty flashback, but when john asks if he’d like to pray (before shooting him) he says “who would I pray too?”

- why is CONTExt ContExT coNteXT soooo in your face throughout this ep

-when sherlock begins deducing the coffin and stating facts about the price john says “that was a lonely night on google”

-why was molly having a bad day?


-”explosives? why would I be so clumsy?” bITCh didn’t you just blow up baker st??? (which BTW why would sHE do that if she wanted sherlock to play this crazy game her and moriarty so ‘cleverly’ worked out????!!!)


-”moriarty thought you’d make this choice, he was so excited” aGAIN WHY THE BOMB N RISK BLOWING THEM UPOMG

-okay so the first time I watched this scene I thought that euros was more upset about sherlock’s impending suicide and john was just standing there. BUT. watching it again I realized that john is shell shocked. paralyzed. you can see his lips quiver as he tries to say sherlocks name but he can’t even get it out (all we hear barely audible is “sher-”)

-the black goo?! i mean cool visual but wHat???

-the fake room at musgrave ???

-where’s the water in the well coming from if euros is talking to sherlock?


-theres so many things off about euros killing victor in the well but I won’t go off on that

- Culverton and “anybody” vs Euros and “nobody”

-If the girl on the plane is really Euros’ coping mechanism, how can she speak it  so casually and turn it on and off in “the game” but it seems to be tearing her apart at musgrave and sherlock has to snap her out of it??? wHAT hoW does thAt maKE anY sENSE

-agAin she’s CRYINg while tALKing about iT!! its obviously traumatizing so HOW could she turn it on and off



-srsly though who is uncle rudy

-The book lying on the FLOOR OMG (I’m about to make another post about this)(stay tuned) (oh look there it is, this is huge folks)



-I think we can all agree lil Tom as bby sherlock is the best thing to have happened to TFP

The end.

The East Wind Part 2 - Sherlock Holmes

A/N- part 2! this seems very long to me im sorry haha. MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE FINAL PROBLEM!!!! Hope you enjoy! please feel free to send in some requests!


Mycroft’s screen flickered between the film and home videos. You watched from afar as he put out his cigarette and watched the screen intently. The words “I’m back” came onto the screen before the film burnt out. You watched him slowly make his way towards the door and try and open it. He shook it to see if it would open but you had jammed it.

“Mycroft” you whispered to get his attention before running across the hall above him to reach Sherlock behind the curtain. You had eventually given in and told Sherlock about your visit with Eurus after everything that had happen with John. He then decided it would be a great idea to mess with Mycroft a little.

“I feel bad Sherlock” you whispered, he looked down and smiled. You were always the caring type and things like this just weren’t you. Whilst Sherlock’s plan went ahead you thought about Eurus and what she had said. She had wanted to meet you before her plan? What was she on about? Suddenly you got a nudge from Sherlock meaning it was time to confront Mycroft.

“Experiment complete. Conclusion, I have a sister.” He muttered with slight anger in his voice.

“This was you?” Mycroft responded. “All of this was you?!”

“Hey bro!” Sherlock scoffed back before taking my hand and pulling me down the stairs.

“Why would you do this? This pantomime! Why?”

“New information, she’s out” John jumped in.

“So not only did you drag Y/N into that place that clearly isn’t safe, you let Eurus get out! Before you say it, it’s possible, she was John’s therapist.”

“And pretended to be Faith, which was odd because I met her after I met Faith which means she has been able to get out for a while” You exclaimed. John then took over once again “Yes. She shot me during a session!” The boys bickered between themselves for a while before you decided it was time to leave. 

“Your not staying?” Mycroft asked as you dragged the boys out of the house.

“Well we’re not staying here Eurus is coming and SOMEONE disabled all your security…” you said looking at Sherlock on the word ‘someone’. He innocently smiled at his brother and told him to sleep well.

The next day you, Sherlock and John were sitting together, the boys on their arm chairs and you on the arm of Sherlock’s chair. Mycroft had decided to come and talk to you about it but unfortunately for him was not going by the rules. You stared at him as if waiting for him to admit defeat. But as always, he was being stubborn.

“Oh Mycroft just sit in the chair!” you ordered. Just then Mrs Hudson came up and lent against the doorway. “You have to sit in the chair. They won’t talk to you unless you sit in the chair. It’s the rules!” she told Mycroft very seriously. You heard him respond back ‘I’m not a client’. You were about to roll your eyes until Sherlock sternly said “Then get out” which caused you and Mrs Hudson to smirk before you got up and went down stairs with Mrs Hudson to leave the boys to what they were doing.

You decided to go out for a bit and made it to the end of the street before you heard the loud bang. You stood frozen at the end of the street before turning round and running back towards the shared flat as fast as you could.

Unlike the boys, you had a way into the building considering you worked for Mycroft. He gave you a pass and you got into the building with no issue waiting for Mycroft, Sherlock and John to show up. Eventually they did, causing a lot of drama as normal. 

You met Sherlock by Eurus’ prison in order to let him in and let him out. It seemed simple enough. You had to literally let him in… Then back out again… Everything was going to plan. That was until you heard Eurus screaming. You opened the door in a hurry and the guards rushed to help Eurus. You rushed to see Sherlock on the ground and then suddenly, you were out cold.

You woke up in an all grey room, along side Sherlock, John, Mycroft and a man you hadn’t met yet. They all seemed to be talking to Eurus on the screen. Talking about tasks to do. You slowly got up and made your way over to stand next to John.

“Ah! Y/N! Your up! Good! I changed my mind… Y/N must do it” Eurus shouted over the intercom. You were confused… You looked at John and he just sighed. You looked back at Sherlock and saw the gun in his hand.

“Y/N, just to fill you in Sweetie. You have to shoot the governor in order to save his wife” Eurus stated with no emotion in her voice. You looked at Sherlock who gave you the gun and then the governor who just kept muttering ‘you have too’.

“I can’t! I can’t do it!” you repeated with tears coming down your cheeks.

“Y/N it’s alright” Sherlock stated. Just then the Governor grabbed the gun from your hand. Everyone tried to stop him put he just said “remember me” before shooting himself. You screamed and Sherlock grabbed hold of you to comfort you. This was something you never wanted and never had seen before in your life. John came over to you and hugged you whilst Sherlocked walked towards the glass to talk to Eurus.

“Interesting” she stated before shooting his wife as well. “Please… go through!”

The next room was a case. You helped as much as you could to solve it and in the end it was simple. But 3 more lives had been taken. By this point you wanted to break down. Why was she doing this?

In the next room, was a coffin. You wasn’t really focused on anything and thought it would be best for Sherlock to solve this one so you kept out of the way, thinking about what had happened… Until you heard your name.

“Y/N” John muttered, just for Sherlock to repeat your name.

“She’ll stay with you Sherlock… If you can get her to say the three words, but she has to mean it. In fact, i’m not even going to tell you what the three words are. Only Sherlock will know… You have 2 Minutes,” Eurus spoke. You walked over and stood in front of Sherlock.

“Sherlock what is she on about?”

“Y/N how do you feel about me?”

“What? Your my friend Sherlock…”

“But do you want more? How do you feel about me?”

“One minute Sherlockkkk” Eurus sung

“Sherlock I…”

“Come on Y/N i need you to say it… Please just say it…”

“FINE SHERLOCK I LOVE YOU!” You cried before covering your mouth after realising what you had said, your eyes started to prickle with tears again until you let one slip down your face. You folded your arms after wiping away the stray tear and walking through the door that had opened in front of you.

“Oh Sherlock do pull yourself together… The next one isn’t as easy” Eurus chuckled.

As you walked into the next room something hit you over the head causing you to fall to the ground.

What seemed like a few moments later was actually a few hours later and you awoke in a well with John.

“John where are we what are wee doing here where is Sherlock whats-” you babbled in one long breath

“Y/N calm down… He’ll get us out of here” Just as John spoke we heard Sherlock speak. 

“Sherlock!” you shouted happy to hear his voice hoping not to be stuck here for long.

“Sherlock… we’re in a well” John calmly stated. 

Suddenly water started to fill up the well. You shot a look to John and you both started to try and pull away from the chain around your ankle. Whilst doing this you felt something and picked it up, and when you pulled it from under the water you screamed and dropped it again.

“John there are bones in here!” you blerted. John bent down and picked one up.

“Sherlock… The bones we found… Mycrofts been lying to you… There not dogs bones…”

You looked at John knowing exactly what it was. All you could think about was finding a way out of the well to help Sherlock. Redbeard wasn’t a dog… He was Sherlocks best friend…

Sherlock had solved everything and you and John had been pulled out of the well. Sherlock came straight over to the pair of you and patted John on the back asking if he was alright. You looked down as you remembered everything that had happened.

“Y/N I.. I love you” Sherlock remarked before pulling you in for a kiss. You were shocked at first but melted into it after a while, smiling as you pulled a way. John stood there astonished, then smirked at you both.

Back at 221b Baker Street, you had started cleaning up the flat until everything was back to normal. John had moved back into the room upstairs and you shared with your new boyfriend. Mrs Hudson had been extremely happy when you had told her about you and Sherlock. 

John Sherlock and yourself had got back into the swing of things and started to solve cases again and it was all you could ever ask for… Mary had left the three of you a message and you watched it with the others.

“When all else fails, there are two men sitting, arguing in a scruffy flat, with Y/N taking care of them, like they’ve always been there, and they always will. The best and wisest people I have ever known. My Baker Street guys. Sherlock Holmes, Y/N L/N and Doctor John Watson.”

Underlying Thoughts Of She | 05/19/2015

(to be read vertically, left to right)

Cutting holes in a chain link fence, summer scents drifting in and out of a Somber breeze.I smell a past lover on her. Shaken and startled at the sight of a ghost.

The ground here is tender still from winters weeping. She is A song, carved out of sadness, Clumsy in her beauty. Sleeping while the sun is at its highest. I tell her time isn’t real.

Covered skin, stories of the cold return. We watched the light flicker behind a film of dust. Lying inside out, stretched across the tall grass and concrete. A brief conversation with dusk. From here on out, all I can promise is darkness.

My body was soil and stone, crumbled mountains in her thundering presence. Ordinary, like the cans of beer she drank to forget me. 

Jordan Alan Brown

Sketch of my dream/sleep paralysis hallucination (?)…. still not sure if I was asleep or awake, as the dream looked exactly like the dimly lit cabin and I was in the same position as when I went to sleep. I opened my eyes and could look around and whisper “help me” very faintly and with great effort, but that’s it. The ‘demon’ was a series of images and light and malevolence, like an old flickering film projection that sank into my skin and held my body motionless.


Here’s the second video we’ve made in partnership with LG for our “How To Make Your Mobile Videos Cinematic” series. This one’s all about frame rate, and the cinematic quality of shooting at 24 frames per second. Just about every movie you’ve ever seen was shot in this frame rate, and I personally feel there’s a certain magic to the flicker of film. Nowadays a lot of video is shot at higher frame rates and I think it lacks the cinematic quality of 24.

But I’m actually curious how you feel. Do you prefer 24? Do you like the higher frame rates? Do you think those higher frame rates still look cinematic? I really am curious to know what you think.

Thanks again <3



Herbet Pierre, Around Perception (1968)

(via wildhotels)

amazing, perhaps the best flicker film ever made? if not one of the best abstract films ever? so good

p.s. if anything ever needed an epilepsy warning it’s this