flick of the day

A short(??) list of great fics from this year. 

  • youngjae ending the rapline 
  • got7 getting them shampoos
  • jinyoung saying the reason why he flicks hearts is bc he cant recieve too many in one day 
  • mark complaining about jy just sitting underwater and doing nothing in that underwater scene in never ever
  • bambam the trendy king 
  • youngjae dissing bambam
  • shark family dance 
  • got7 never ever sexy version 
  • jinyoung reenacting his audition performance 
  • mark’s head being too small
  • jaebum the greedy man (for food) 
  • mark boyfriend gif 
  • got7 x day6 
  • talented!7 
  • yugyeom showcasing his legs

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Chloris

She is the endless cycle of trends, ever ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion. Reinventing herself, striving for perfection, she alters her appearance with a flick of eyeliner or a fresh bottle of hair dye. Some days she is quiet and peaceful, others days she is frantic and passionate. A glimmer of light resides constantly in her eyes, the scent of something fresh clinging to her skin. All must be in its place, all must be correct. She smooths down the front of her friends shirt, wipes a smudge of pen ink from another’s face. Someone in the corridor complains sadly about messing up their current assignment. Don’t worry, she reassures them. Just begin again.

Day 27: Magnus + Madzie

The sound woke him up. A quick shuffling of feet that brought to mind, wise but lonely eyes in a young face, thick textured hair and a little girl who hadn’t smiled as much since Alexander had brought her to his loft a couple of days prior.

With a flick of his fingers he was dressed and was soon on his way, following the sound like little breadcrumbs till they led him to the kitchen where he stopped for a long moment to watch Madzie as she splayed her hands out over the doll Alexander had gotten her when she’d first moved in.

The doll’s head was tilted to the side, the hands broken, and Madzie bit her lower lip, brows furrowed hard as she squinted and mumbled, fingers working with short sharp movement that ended with her releasing a little huff as she glared at her still broken doll.

The expression was so similar to one Alexander had worn when he was frustrated that something wasn’t going right for him that Magnus found himself smiling.

He must have given himself away at some point because Madzie whipped around, those dark eyes meeting his before she glanced down, a brief flash of misery on her face. She hunched her shoulders and took a step back, fingers absently reaching for her doll, then flexing as she pulled her fingers back into the pocket of her dress.

“I remember the first time I ever used my powers,” Magnus said, going for calm as he leaned back against the doorjamb, head thrown back, eyes gazing into the distance, half stuck in the memory and the other half paying attention to Madzie who now that Magnus wasn’t looking at her, was glancing shyly right back at him.

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Apologies and Anniversaries

Prompts- 'Come back to bed’ ‘I wish I could hate you’  'The only thing I want to do now is cuddle up to you and hear about your day’

I was so prepared to write something really angsty but then this happened. Lol. ENJOY xxx

It was yours and Spencer’s first anniversary, and what was supposed to be the celebration of your first year spent together. However, as usual, Spencer was at work. So you had spent this special day alone, drinking wine and flicking through trash shows on the TV.

You decided on an early night, but just after 11:30, you felt the bed dip beneath you and an arm snake around your waist, pulling you in.

‘Happy anniversary, baby.’ Spencer said, nuzzling into your neck.

You immediately pulled yourself out of bed, and heard Spencer whimper at the loss of your touch. You stood at the foot of the bed, hands on your hips, while he looked at you quizzically.

'Spencer. I have spent our first anniversary, alone and slightly…considerably drunk. You said that you had booked the day off!’ You shouted.

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(written by Grace)

I know we all love a good read, whether it’s sitting outside in a park with a sweet John Green book or turning off the lights and reading a thrilling saga under the covers. Sometimes the only thing to put me to sleep or to calm myself is to grab a book and start reading and fall into a world of words. So I thought, for my fellow bookworms out there, I would list my top reads that made me cry, laugh and left my eyes wide open until 2 am flicking through page after page:

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BTS '봄날 (Spring Day)' MV
BTS ‘봄날 (Spring Day)’ MV Music video credits: Director : YongSeok Choi (Lumpens) Assistant Directors : WonJu Lee (Lumpens) Director of Photography : HyunWoo ...


Post canon.
Kagome running towards Inuyasha’s back, jumping just before touching him. With the absolute trust in him, that he will catch her and carry her the rest of the way home as they talk softly to each other about their days.

Inuyasha’s ears flicking as the sound of her steps reach him, the secret smile as she speeds up and the “Oi, wench!” when she crashes on his back. Even when his hands are already in position to keep her there.

too big bed

They start on distinct sides of the bed every night. Adam places his glasses on the nightstand on top of whatever book he’s reading that day, flicks off the lamp, and turns to face Rans on his side of the bed. Most nights Rans is still up reading or working when Adam goes to sleep, the quiet clicks of his fingers on his laptop soothing Adam’s noisy brain.

Eventually Rans shuts his computer or puts down his book, kisses a sleeping Holster on the cheek or the forehead or the nose, turns off his own lamp and cocoons himself in blankets to sleep.

They’re officially grown ups now–with jobs and responsibilities, an apartment with a guest room, and a yellow betta fish named Liz Lemon (they’re not that grown up), and a king-size bed.

The first month they lived in the apartment together they slept on the floor or took turns on the couch. Rans was not prepared to sink serious money on a new bed without equally serious research. There were dozens of data points which turned into the most beautiful pivot table Rans has ever created, even Adam agreed.

The bed was a thing. It was the first grown up thing they’d bought together. It felt like a milestone, like a Real Adult Thing, and the fact that they did it together was meaningful in a way neither of them could quite articulate. They’d been sure of each other for years. But most of those years were college years, that weird time of life where you’re half an adult but still half a kid, where you have real world responsibilities, but it’s still okay to have your mom do your laundry over break.

So they ended up with an extra long king size bed with an adjustable base and a pillow top. It was stupid expensive, but it was an investment in each other and their future. Mattresses last a long time, bruh.

And after all that, after the weeks of research, the weeks of sleeping on the floor or the too-short couch, the money they sunk into a big, sprawling bed… after all that, every single day they wake up entwined in each other in the center of the bed. Half the time Adam’s pillow ends up on the floor and he’s unwittingly sharing Ransom’s pillow. The other half, Ransom’s pillow is Adam’s bicep.

They spent so many years curling and cuddling up in a too small single bed and even though they have space enough for four now, they can’t sleep without squishing into each other. Personal space doesn’t exist on an individual level anymore. It’s just another thing they share without thinking about it, without noticing.

“Hey Holtzy,” Rans breathes into Adam’s neck.

“Mmm, morning,” Adam says as he rolls over in Ransom’s arms to kiss him good morning.

They could move away from each other now, stretch out and wake their bodies up. But they just stay, knees knocking, fingers intertwined, sharing quiet words and soft kisses, enjoying this closeness they’ve chosen.

He is Art

He is Art.
But he does not see that.

He is a pale canvas.
That Someone flicked paint at one day
Red and orange and brown
And gave him his freckles
I wish I could thank them.

He is a canvas
With spots and dots of paint.
That Someone added a fire to
Both inside and out
And gave him his hair
And his passion
I wish I could thank them.

He is a canvas
With spots and dots of paint
And fire.
That Someone added honey to
Both inside and out
And gave him his eyes
And his hidden sweet center
I wish I could thank them.

He is a canvas
With spots and dots of paint
And fire
And honey.
That some may not appreciate.
But I do.

He is Art.
But he does not see that.

He is Art.
And I see that.

He is Art.
And I will show him.

- Derek Malik Nurse.

real relationship™ au prompts
  • you woke me up at 3am for my credit card information so you could spend $1.29 on a rascal flatts song because cars is your favorite disney/pixar movie
  • you never put the new toilet roll on the holder when you finish a roll and im sick of doing it for you, so i refused but you haven’t backed down either so now our bathroom is full of empty cardboard rolls and loose full ones
  • i bought that tarantula i wanted as a pet but you’re an arachnophobe so im hiding her under the bed until the right moment
  • oh fuck my pet tarantula just escaped and you hate spiders but don’t panic !! she’s friendly i promise. what?? hair flicking?? no that harmless
  • i had a bad day so you went to the store and bought three tubs of ice creams so here we are at midnight watching crappy late tv, eating ice cream and discussing the shitty things in life
  • we’re driving down the highway to cheesy early 2000′s hit while wailing the lyrics, but the stares we’re getting we’re used to by now
  • you’re so engrossed into your book/film but i want attention goddamit look at my pout
  • criticizing the cheesy adverts on tv
  • criticizing the low budget tv movie they play on channel 5 at 5pm
  •  it may be two in the morning but look at my house on animal crossing
  • i scare you every time you step out the shower and it’s really pissing you off because you keep slipping on the wet floor
  • i cannot believe you learned the mii theme on the piano but damn its a beat


List of military flicks you need to watch dude
In no particular order

The Longest Day
A Bridge Too Far
The Great Escape
The Frogmen
The Fighting Seabees
The Green Berets
Kelly’s Heroes
The Big Red One
The Dirty Dozen
The Devil’s Brigade
We Were Soldier’s
Three Kings
Heartbreak Ridge
Full Metal Jacket
Enemy at the Gates
Where Eagles Dare
The Guns of Navarone
Force 10 from Navarone

I might be forgetting a few, but them’ll get you started.

10 reasons why we still miss River Phoenix by SundanceTV.

Unbelievably, it’s been more than 20 years since River Phoenix was taken from us way too soon. Here are 10 reasons why we still miss seeing his mesmerizing performances onscreen.

1. He built a career out of indie flicks.
Although he was one of the hottest young actors of his day, Phoenix opted out of the mainstream route to fame and fortune. Instead, he appeared in several under-the-radar gems—such as Dogfight, an engrossing relationship drama about a Marine who connects with an unlikely woman (Lili Taylor), the night before he gets shipped out to Vietnam.

2. His transition from child actor to leading man was seamless.
In Explorers, his very first feature role, Phoenix shines as a child prodigy who works with a friend (Ethan Hawke) to construct a spacecraft. Hawke has said that Phoenix was a skilled actor even at such a young age. He was right!

3. He didn’t shy away from doing comedy (and doing it well).
Phoenix was known as one of the finest dramatic actors of his generation, but when he did comedy, he did so with gusto. In I Love You to Death from Lawrence Kasdan, Phoenix is deadpan funny as an oddball named Devo Nod who’s in love with a married housewife (Tracey Ullman).

4. He could hold his own in a blockbuster.
It takes screen presence to co-star with Harrison Ford, especially in his most famous franchises, but to play the younger version of Indy himself… That takes guts! Phoenix’s commitment and intensity (not to mention his good looks and sense of humor) made him perfect for the part in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

5. He never feared taking on reckless characters.
Playing a gay street hustler—as Phoenix did opposite Keanu Reeves in Gus Van Sant’sMy Own Private Idaho—was not something many young actors would’ve dared in the early ’90s. But Phoenix’s resume reads like a bold rebuke of the ’80s-era “Brat Pack” parts that seemed to exist just to make the actors look cool.

6. He could steal a scene from anyone.
Sidney Lumet’s Running on Empty gave top billing to Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti as parents who raised their children on the run after they bombed a napalm lab years ago. But it was Phoenix’s deep portrayal of their older son Danny, a piano prodigy who falls in love for the first time, that gave this movie its emotional resonance.

7. He was equally comfortable in an ensemble.
Sneakers is a super-cool movie about pre-Internet-era hackers that offered Phoenix a slightly kooky, fourth-banana role as a young computer whiz. But as he demonstrated time and again, Phoenix wasn’t overly concerned with top billing.

8. He knew what it was like to grow up too fast.
Phoenix’s unconventional childhood (he never attended school for starters) served him well in his breakout role in Rob Reiner’s coming-of-age classic Stand By Me. As Chris Chambers, the kid from the wrong side of the tracks, Phoenix exhibited a deep need to protect his naive best friend (Wil Wheaton), even though he knew it meant forsaking his own innocence.

9. He was the kind of actor other actors want to work with.
Study Phoenix’s resume and a pattern emerges: He often worked with directors and actors more than once. In Peter Weir’s The Mosquito Coast, for example, he stars opposite Harrison Ford (who he’d work with again in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and Martha Plimpton (who co-stars with him in Running on Empty). Clearly, Phoenix earned the peers’ respect.

10. He dedicated himself to working with innovative directors.
An actor can have a career three times as long and still never collaborate with the visionaries who directed Phoenix: Spielberg, Lumet, Weir, Reiner, Van Sant, etc. Although this isn’t considered the best movie of his career, Phoenix even got to work with heralded director Peter Bogdanovich in The Thing Called Love.