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A short(??) list of great fics from this year. 

morning and night

fandom: yuri on ice
pairing: viktuuri
summary: inspired by this Day and Night AU by @beanpots but reversed, also on ao3

The shadows of the grove cloaked him.

Silver-edged and soft as sleep, they draped the careless tangle of his long limbs in the lush meadow grass. His head was pillowed on his folded arms and crowned with fallen stars. He flicked his snow-laden gaze up with drowsy languor as Day stalked the edges of his shaded retreat.

‘Come in,’ he lilted, ‘I won’t run away.’

Pale golden light limned a tree with leaves like silver coins. Bronze fingers settled on the deep green ivy twining there, and doe eyes peeped out at him from the greenery. ‘What are you doing here?’ Day chimed softly. He trailed across the small grove, pulling sunbeams in behind him. Dust pixies danced in the light, delighting in the spectrum of colours that he revealed. The Night Ruler watched him calmly as he approached, dipping long, tapered fingers into cool well-water as he waited.

Day crouched beside his indolent form and canted his head to the side. ‘Aren’t you tired? Shouldn’t you be resting at home?’

Night hummed softly. ‘I stayed because I wanted to see you.’ Day reached out a hand and Night tilted his head, allowing himself to be petted. Day sifted his fingers through a stream of starlight, tugging gently. Night all but purred when Day brought his hand back up to his scalp, massaging.

‘You’re working too hard,’ Day admonished him. Night hummed again and chased his retreating touch. Day swept the silver back from the other’s forehead and lightly tapped the whorl in his hair. Night pouted.

‘You know I hate it when you do that.’ He sulked prettily.

Day only smiled back. Night paused, taken by the slow, seeping warmth in the expression. He gazed up at him helplessly, lips parted. Obligingly, Day leaned down and fitted their mouths together. Night reached up to cover the slope of his neck with his hand, fingers splayed possessively. Around them bloomed tiny white star jasmine, in a spill of warm, honey-coloured light. Dawn discarded her pink and grey veils to pull the sun into the sky with streamers of deep orange.

‘Good morning,’ said Night.

‘Good night,’ said Day. ‘Sweet dreams.’

And Night slipped from his embrace, to the place where the moon goes when it is no longer in our sky.

part 2


T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Chloris

She is the endless cycle of trends, ever ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion. Reinventing herself, striving for perfection, she alters her appearance with a flick of eyeliner or a fresh bottle of hair dye. Some days she is quiet and peaceful, others days she is frantic and passionate. A glimmer of light resides constantly in her eyes, the scent of something fresh clinging to her skin. All must be in its place, all must be correct. She smooths down the front of her friends shirt, wipes a smudge of pen ink from another’s face. Someone in the corridor complains sadly about messing up their current assignment. Don’t worry, she reassures them. Just begin again.

Apologies and Anniversaries

Prompts- 'Come back to bed’ ‘I wish I could hate you’  'The only thing I want to do now is cuddle up to you and hear about your day’

I was so prepared to write something really angsty but then this happened. Lol. ENJOY xxx

It was yours and Spencer’s first anniversary, and what was supposed to be the celebration of your first year spent together. However, as usual, Spencer was at work. So you had spent this special day alone, drinking wine and flicking through trash shows on the TV.

You decided on an early night, but just after 11:30, you felt the bed dip beneath you and an arm snake around your waist, pulling you in.

‘Happy anniversary, baby.’ Spencer said, nuzzling into your neck.

You immediately pulled yourself out of bed, and heard Spencer whimper at the loss of your touch. You stood at the foot of the bed, hands on your hips, while he looked at you quizzically.

'Spencer. I have spent our first anniversary, alone and slightly…considerably drunk. You said that you had booked the day off!’ You shouted.

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He is Art

He is Art.
But he does not see that.

He is a pale canvas.
That Someone flicked paint at one day
Red and orange and brown
And gave him his freckles
I wish I could thank them.

He is a canvas
With spots and dots of paint.
That Someone added a fire to
Both inside and out
And gave him his hair
And his passion
I wish I could thank them.

He is a canvas
With spots and dots of paint
And fire.
That Someone added honey to
Both inside and out
And gave him his eyes
And his hidden sweet center
I wish I could thank them.

He is a canvas
With spots and dots of paint
And fire
And honey.
That some may not appreciate.
But I do.

He is Art.
But he does not see that.

He is Art.
And I see that.

He is Art.
And I will show him.

- Derek Malik Nurse.

(written by Grace)

I know we all love a good read, whether it’s sitting outside in a park with a sweet John Green book or turning off the lights and reading a thrilling saga under the covers. Sometimes the only thing to put me to sleep or to calm myself is to grab a book and start reading and fall into a world of words. So I thought, for my fellow bookworms out there, I would list my top reads that made me cry, laugh and left my eyes wide open until 2 am flicking through page after page:

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10 reasons why we still miss River Phoenix by SundanceTV.

Unbelievably, it’s been more than 20 years since River Phoenix was taken from us way too soon. Here are 10 reasons why we still miss seeing his mesmerizing performances onscreen.

1. He built a career out of indie flicks.
Although he was one of the hottest young actors of his day, Phoenix opted out of the mainstream route to fame and fortune. Instead, he appeared in several under-the-radar gems—such as Dogfight, an engrossing relationship drama about a Marine who connects with an unlikely woman (Lili Taylor), the night before he gets shipped out to Vietnam.

2. His transition from child actor to leading man was seamless.
In Explorers, his very first feature role, Phoenix shines as a child prodigy who works with a friend (Ethan Hawke) to construct a spacecraft. Hawke has said that Phoenix was a skilled actor even at such a young age. He was right!

3. He didn’t shy away from doing comedy (and doing it well).
Phoenix was known as one of the finest dramatic actors of his generation, but when he did comedy, he did so with gusto. In I Love You to Death from Lawrence Kasdan, Phoenix is deadpan funny as an oddball named Devo Nod who’s in love with a married housewife (Tracey Ullman).

4. He could hold his own in a blockbuster.
It takes screen presence to co-star with Harrison Ford, especially in his most famous franchises, but to play the younger version of Indy himself… That takes guts! Phoenix’s commitment and intensity (not to mention his good looks and sense of humor) made him perfect for the part in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

5. He never feared taking on reckless characters.
Playing a gay street hustler—as Phoenix did opposite Keanu Reeves in Gus Van Sant’sMy Own Private Idaho—was not something many young actors would’ve dared in the early ’90s. But Phoenix’s resume reads like a bold rebuke of the ’80s-era “Brat Pack” parts that seemed to exist just to make the actors look cool.

6. He could steal a scene from anyone.
Sidney Lumet’s Running on Empty gave top billing to Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti as parents who raised their children on the run after they bombed a napalm lab years ago. But it was Phoenix’s deep portrayal of their older son Danny, a piano prodigy who falls in love for the first time, that gave this movie its emotional resonance.

7. He was equally comfortable in an ensemble.
Sneakers is a super-cool movie about pre-Internet-era hackers that offered Phoenix a slightly kooky, fourth-banana role as a young computer whiz. But as he demonstrated time and again, Phoenix wasn’t overly concerned with top billing.

8. He knew what it was like to grow up too fast.
Phoenix’s unconventional childhood (he never attended school for starters) served him well in his breakout role in Rob Reiner’s coming-of-age classic Stand By Me. As Chris Chambers, the kid from the wrong side of the tracks, Phoenix exhibited a deep need to protect his naive best friend (Wil Wheaton), even though he knew it meant forsaking his own innocence.

9. He was the kind of actor other actors want to work with.
Study Phoenix’s resume and a pattern emerges: He often worked with directors and actors more than once. In Peter Weir’s The Mosquito Coast, for example, he stars opposite Harrison Ford (who he’d work with again in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and Martha Plimpton (who co-stars with him in Running on Empty). Clearly, Phoenix earned the peers’ respect.

10. He dedicated himself to working with innovative directors.
An actor can have a career three times as long and still never collaborate with the visionaries who directed Phoenix: Spielberg, Lumet, Weir, Reiner, Van Sant, etc. Although this isn’t considered the best movie of his career, Phoenix even got to work with heralded director Peter Bogdanovich in The Thing Called Love.

Typical day at Malfoy Manor
  • Draco: Mother, Father, I need to tell you something...
  • Lucius: what did I tell you Narcissa, 5th year he would finally profess his undying love for Potter, what did I tell you
  • Draco: what...
  • Narcissa: Fine, fine, I just thought it would take him a bit more time to realise how in love with Potter he is
  • Draco: wait, what! No I do-
  • Lucius: i just knew it was finally going to happen, I mean he's been obsessing over him since they met.
  • Draco: what are you talking about?! I just needed to tell you that I got an E in DADA and I hate Potter anyway, stupid potter, saint potter, everyone things he's so smart *continues to ramble on stupid potter*
  • Narcissa: looks like you haven't won yet
  • Draco: And did I tell you the other day in class, he flicked his stupid hair out of his stupid eyes and-
  • Lucius: if he keeps going on like this, he'll never realise, honestly This is the 12th time I've heard this speech and that's only this weekend
  • Draco: urg and the way he walks into the great hall like he owns the place, swishing his hips and-
  • Narcissa: he'll admit it someday
  • Draco: Now, do you understand how much I hate Potter, saint Potter, scarhead Potter...
  • Lucius and Narcissa: here we go again
12x08 Coda: The Worst Part

Or, the one where Sam and Dean are in a supermax and everybody’s sad about it.  Light Destiel.  Also available on ao3

This is nothing like the X-Files.

Angie yawns and slides forward on her hand, despite the fact that she had propped herself up against her keyboard in an attempt to stay awake.  The worst part is that she always gets stuck with the early bird shift. And she doesn’t have a young, hot Gillian Anderson to distract her, either.

Sighing, Angie flicks on the cameras at exactly five o’clock.  After thirty-five days of this, she has a pretty good idea of how the Winchesters operate.  Both of them, despite the fact that it’s been thirty-five days since they’ve been in contact, wake up at the same time.  The one time Angie had dared to sneak a peek at their file (her superiors think that only people who have fully gone through the limited supernatural-based training the US government provides should have access), she’d caught a glimpse of their father’s military record.  When she got home that day, she’d looked up the Marine wakeup time.  Sure enough, five o’clock.

They don’t go about their morning routines the same way.  The younger one—Sam, she thinks, it’s not really her place to know their names, just if they appear to be planning an escape attempt—sits cross-legged on the too-small pallet that they call a bed and sinks into some sort of weird meditative state.   Angie can’t really blame him.  It’s got to be boring as hell in there.

The other brother, Dean, doesn’t waste any time with that. He heads right into a routine that puts Angie’s fitness-nut older sister to shame.  Simple stuff like push-ups and sit-ups to start.  One time, Angie witnessed him literally climbing the wall—strong fingers searching out cracks to dig into for purchase.

By the time someone delivers breakfast at exactly 6:30, both of the brothers are done with round one.  Then it starts all over again.  Sam does the sun salute yoga routine that Angie’s sister swears up and down will stop the backaches Angie gets from sitting here like this all day before getting into the same push-up setup as his brother.  Dean takes the hour after breakfast to sit on the edge of the pallet, head in his hands.  For the life of her, Angie can’t figure it out.  It doesn’t look like it makes him feel any better, like the meditation does for Sam.  Every time he emerges, he looks a little more wane.

Angie knows she’s probably supposed to be scared of these guys, but they don’t look like the kind of men that she would expect to see in a maximum security prison.  Maybe because they’re good looking—even Angie, who had a poster of Dana Scully in her room instead of Mulder growing up can see that—or maybe because there’s a part of her that thinks that maybe it’s not so bad to have normal, ordinary people out there working against monsters.  Less red tape than government.

When her shift ends, though, the Winchesters leave her mind until the next morning.

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