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the best part of atoc is when obi-wan is in padme’s bedroom and he sees the killer robot and he just fucking jumps out of the window and decks the thing


Hello, my name is Adam.
I prefer daydreams over reality.
Music is my muse.
I write and record in my basement.
I have trouble sleeping.
These songs are all I have to show for my sleepless nights.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.
It means the world to know someone is out there listening.
You have no idea how much I appreciate you.
Thank you.
I follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. He is my life, my strength, my all.
— Adam’s original Myspace page description (2007)

Adam Randal Young
Birth Date: July 5, 1986

Happy 30th Birthday!

Supercorp: Supergirl, Thats a window!

Kara smiles as she flies over the city lights becoming brighter as the sun begins to set. Today was a hard and long day, she was working at Catco working on a new piece then got called in around 3pm at the DEO where she had to wrestle some prisoners back into their cells then Alex wanted to try some more workouts and weapons out with her superhero sister. Then around 6pm Kara was sent out to go stop a car chase and give back the money that they had stolen. So finally at 7:45pm when Kara was told she could go home for the day she jumped up and flew before anyone could say Supergirl.

Closing her eyes the hero flew up high and then just stopped letting herself fall and let herself enjoy the feeling of the window in her hair, the cold air washing over her face. 
Suddenly Kara thinks of Lena, the brunette who’s taken over Kara’s thoughts ever since she met the CEO when she was with her cousin. Thoughts of her smile, her lips take over Kara’s brain. She smiles thinking of Lena’s voice, the way it captivates her and has slowly become Kara’s favourite sound. The bright colour of her eyes that have now become her favourite colour. All Kara can think is how she wants to be around the other woman all the time, how she wants to take her out on dates, make her smile with stupid jokes and how she wants to be the first thought of the beautiful woman when she wakes, how she wants to kiss her.

Kara is snapped out her thoughts when she’s suddenly falling faster then she thought she would be, how she’s not high up in the sky anymore, how she is now suddenly face to face with a huge clear window. In a split second Kara is slamming straight into a window and is now laying on the floor of someone’s balcony.

Jumping Lena spills her wine at the sound of a huge crash, jumping to her feet Lena rushes over to her balcony to see Supergirl laying on her floor having just crash face on with her window. The blonde is adorably rubbing her nose and Lena can’t help but think she still looks beautiful even though she has just facepalmed straight into her window.
Opening her door “Supergirl? Are you okay?” Lena says watching the blonde.

Kara snaps her head up at the sound of Lena’s worried voice, ‘oh god I’ve just flown straight into the woman I was thinking about window’
“Lena, oh god I’m so sorry” She stutters out “God come in, what happened?” Lena says looking up at the sky to make sure no one is planning on coming to blow up her building.
“I am so sorry, I was thinking about y-stuff and just got carried away” Kara says following the other woman who has now walked back into her office.
Lena stops in front of Kara checking her over even know she know’s that the blonde hero can’t be hurt from a window, well apart from her ego. And it melts Kara’s heart to think that Lena actually worries about her.

Kara notices the spilled wine and rushes over to clean it up “I’m so sorry” she repeats and franticly cleans the drink up but stops when Lena places a hand on Kara’s back “Hey, Kara stop” Suddenly Kara freezes “What, how-I’m not Kara” she says making Lena smile “It’s okay I won’t tell a soul, if I was going too I would of already” She smirks “How-how do you know? Am I that obvious?” She says franticly trying to now think of how many others know who she is really.
“Kara, I only know cause I pay attention too you, how when you’re waring glasses you always push them up but when you aren’t you scrunch up you’re nose adorably” she says smiling at a now blushing Kara “I knew because of your eyes, they are the same beautiful colour and how you’re never in the same room together even know you’re ‘friends’ and how protective you are over Supergirl” Lena finishes now having Kara facing her fully.

Kara blushes and scrunches up her nose “Yeah that” Lena laughs she watches as Kara see’s the doughnuts on her desk “Do you want one?” she says and watches as Kara stutters out a “No I’m fine thankyou” but she gives it away by not looking at her and licking her lips. Slowly Lena picks one up and hands it to Kara, who’s eyes light up. “Here” she whispers and smiles at the blonde as she takes the sugary treat eagerly.
Lena leans back and picks one up herself. She captivated by the strong women who suddenly becomes a puppy when sugar is in the equation. Lena smiles as Kara licks her fingers and hums in approval “Kara you have a little-” Lena says noticing the sugar on the corner of her lips.

Kara blushes and moves her hand to wipe it away but is stopped by Lena “Let me” she whispers and Lena leans forward and kisses Kara. Kara gasps at the feeling of having the woman she is slowly falling in love with lips on hers. Suddenly Lena pulls back “I’m sorry” Lena says and Kara smiles “No” she says and carefully takes her face in her hands and pulls Lena back in for a kiss who is now smiling.

Resting their foreheads together after 10 minutes of kissing and smiling Kara speaks up “I should of flown into your window earlier.”
Laughing Lena nods “Maybe but you have now and you should do it more so we can do this more” she says kissing Kara again who grins.
“Only if I can take you out on a date” She says nervously.

Smiling her beautiful smile Lena nods “Tomorrow, pick me up at 7pm and don’t fly into any other windows she says making Kara blush.

Back in June of 2007 it kind of started on a whim. My parents were away for the weekend, and wanting to be loud and make some noise and whatever, I began writing versions of what became my first, self released digital EP – Of June. I put it up on MySpace the following month and didn’t tell anyone. — Adam Young

Of June || Owl City
Released: August 29, 2007 (Self-released)

Happy Anniversary!

about ~에 대한 (adj. form)
Ex: 저는 과학에대 한 책을 쓰고 있어요 | I’m writing a book about science.

around 주위에
Ex: 우리는 집 주위에 놀기 좋아해요. | we like to play around the house.

Like/similar to ~처럼
Ex: “내 마음은 아이처럼” —아이유 | “my mind is like a child’s” —IU

Via ~(으)로
Ex: “한국어로 얘기하자!” | Let’s talk in/via Korean!

behind 뒤에
Ex: 제 집은 친구의 집 뒤에 있어요. | my house is behind my friend’s house.

Under 밑에
Ex: 연필은 의자 밑에 있어요. | the pencil is under the chair.

between 사이에
Ex: 남자와 여자 사이에 아이가 있어요. | there is a child between the man and woman.

over 위에
Ex: 비행기는 도시 위에 날아요. | the plane flies over the city.

for 를 위해
Ex: 부모를 위해 아침을 요리했어요. | I made breakfast for my parents.

from ~부터/에서
Ex: 월요일부터 금요일까지 일해 야 돼요. | I have to work from Monday through Friday.
Ex: 친구에서 편지를 받았어요. | I got a letter from my friend.

in/at/on/to ~에
Ex: 집에 있어요. | I’m at home.

to ~까지/에
Ex: 월요일부터 금요일까지 일해 야 돼요. | I have to work from Monday through Friday.
Ex: 제 친구에 편지를 보냈어요 | I sent a letter to my friend.

with ~와 함께/(이)랑
Ex: 친구와 함께 영화관에 갔어요./ 친구랑 영화관에 갔어요. | I went to the movie theater with my friend(s).

without 없이
Ex: 그녀는 소리 없이 잤어요. | she slept without a sound.

far 멀리
Ex: 학교는 여기에서 멀리 있어요. | School is far from here.

inside of ~안에
Ex: 저는 집안에 있어요. | I’m inside of the house.

near 가까이
Ex: 학교는 여기에서 가까이 있어요. | School is close to here.

next to ~옆에
Ex: 저는 집옆에 있어요. | I’m next to the house.

outside of ~의 밖에
Ex: 저는 집의 밖에 있어요. | I’m outside of the house.

in front of ~의 앞에
Ex: 저는 집 앞에 있어요. | I’m in front of the house.

~특별한 보라 ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

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DCBB 2016 Art Masterpost

City of Starlight

story by: @the-art-of-fangirling

art by: @gabester-sketch

By day, Castiel is a normal high school student, albeit a quiet one who avoids talking about his family if possible. But by night, he flies around the city of Lebanon, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. When he meets a boy with abilities like his, the two team up, only to find themselves dragged into the middle of a conflict between two warring crime lords. Amidst surviving high school, running from his past, and fighting criminals, Castiel must try to understand and trust in his partnership with this strange boy whose face he never sees.

Words: 44,070


fanfic: the afternoon itch

Title: the afternoon itch 

Rating: M 

Summary: Korra gets the afternoon itch. 

A/N: A stupid fic I wrote a stupid amount of time ago. 

Korra gets the afternoon itch during the second hour of council meetings.

Councilman Wong’s proposition for a new trade route in the West is blurred white noise, ticking into the third hour. Korra has to steady herself, forcing breathing exercises through the front of her teeth as quietly as she can so she doesn’t start openly salivating at the thought of Mako’s cock in her mouth.

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So basically a young girl (a deadly supernatural assassin), her dad (also a deadly supernatural assassin) and her mom (a talking human heart stuffed with gears) go on a vaction to dad’s place of birth (flesh-eating-flies-infested city), do sightseeing (break into people’s houses), eat local food (rats? fried flies?), socialize with locals (choke them into unconsciousness) and bring home some cool souvenirs (take everything that isn’t nailed down).

Rated E for Everyone!  (◕ᴗ◕✿)

mom: you know, when I was-
me: a yOUNG BOY [leaps onto couch] MY FATHER [spins on ceiling fan] TOOK ME INTO THE CITY [flies out window] TO SEE A MARCHING BAND

ts6 aesthetics: a storm brewing on the horizon, flickering candles, cracked panels of stained glass in old churches, oversized cashmere jumpers, discordant keys played on a piano, tangled curls, chipped scarlet nail polish, boots on the dashboard as the city flies past in a blur of lights, crumpled white silk sheets, renaissance paintings in monochrome rooms, midnight blue velvet, old rock music written before you were born, sunlight through net curtains, nostalgia in tidal waves