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Yet another reason for a Supergirl/Brooklyn Nine Nine crossover fic...


Kara and Jake get along SO WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kara starts saying noice and ‘cool cool cool’ and shit and like holy crap im crying just thinking about it. Jake shows Kara all his comic books and Kara flies him around the city and when they land he vomits into a trashcan. They spend their whole afternoon making up team-up nicknames.

Alex gets along with all the girls, Rosa bc of the badass thing, Amy bc they’re both hardworking and respect each other’s work ethics, Gina bc she is genuinely so intrigued by her and like wants to study her. 

Boyle is in love bc he makes a feast and Kara like inhales his food and fucking loves it and he brings his son in to meet her and they take photos together and Kara talks to him about being adopted and like floats him around the precinct and they become best buds

Ray Holt and J’onn J’onzz staring at all of their Children working together, speaking in monosyllables, bonding over unusual weather patterns. Ray asks about the different types of tulips that can be found on Mars.


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How about Alex actually immediately going find Maggie after the NCPD was attacked? That was so ooc for her to just wait at the bar without knowing she was okay!

“Kara, Maggie’s at the precinct,” she shouts to her sister, even though their faces are only inches apart, as Kara flies her through the city, holding her with one arm like she weighs nothing.

Kara spares a sidelong glance at her sister and nods, just once, before veering off toward the other love of Alex’s life.

She listens for Maggie like she’d listened for Alex just a week ago, and this time, she hears something.

This time, she hears a crying child and a soothing voice, and she flies faster.

“It’s gonna be okay, I promise,” Maggie is telling a child no older than four when Kara lands with Alex.

“Danvers, what the hell are you – “

“The phone disconnected, I thought – “

“You shouldn’t be out here, I – “

“I’ll never not come find you, Maggie, I – “

“Um, guys, not to be too on the nose, but the city’s kind of burning, and I think you’re scarring this kid with your… um… kissing… more than the explosions. Come here, little one. Do you know me? I’m Supergirl. You’re going to be safe, I promise.”

And she means it, as she wraps her cape around all four of them to protect them from a spray of debris from a nearby building.

“Alex, Maggie, can you get this brave little one to safety? I’ll watch your backs from up there. Meet you at – “

“The bar.”

“The bar.”

Kara puts a firm hand on both of their shoulders so they don’t make out again, inspired by their synchronicity. 

“I love you,” she tells Alex, and Alex returns it, teary and tired.

Tired of fighting wars by her sister’s side. 

Wondering how hard it would be for the multiverse to let them just eat ice cream by each other’s sides instead.

Tired of constantly being afraid for her sister’s life.

Tired, but not done.

Far from done.

Because Kara is flying above them, providing the cover that Alex and Maggie need to bring the child to the nearest safe haven, Alex laying down extra cover fire with her favorite gun and Maggie carrying the child, faster, faster – safe, safe – and with Kara above her and Maggie by her side?

Alex Danvers can do anything.

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can I know a random fact about your oc's, I feel like you don't really give much info on them.

-Vito likes to paint. Barrett brought some in one day and the lil robot just got hooked on painting.
-Barrett has framed every painting Vito’s made for him and hung them around his room. He’s so proud of him.
-Pam lives in her little flower shop by herself. She gets a little lonely so she appreciates whenever friends can stop by. She’d go out herself but she feels safest at home.
-Box very mush enjoys music and whenever he’s alone he just turns the volume high and dances while no ones watching, that is until someone walks in on him and he rushes to turn off the radio and try to play it cool like someone didn’t walk in on him doing something embarrassing.
-Whenever Jamie is stressed, she goes out and just flies over the city to calm down. Her magic broom is incredibly worn out.

Back in June of 2007 it kind of started on a whim. My parents were away for the weekend, and wanting to be loud and make some noise and whatever, I began writing versions of what became my first, self released digital EP – Of June. I put it up on MySpace the following month and didn’t tell anyone. — Adam Young

Of June || Owl City
Released: August 29, 2007 (Self-released)

Happy Anniversary!


Hello, my name is Adam.
I prefer daydreams over reality.
Music is my muse.
I write and record in my basement.
I have trouble sleeping.
These songs are all I have to show for my sleepless nights.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.
It means the world to know someone is out there listening.
You have no idea how much I appreciate you.
Thank you.
I follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly. He is my life, my strength, my all.
— Adam’s original Myspace page description (2007)

Adam Randal Young
Birth Date: July 5, 1986

Happy 30th Birthday!

Vietnam’s Gay Scene

Vietnam’s gay scenes may be lacking in nightlife, but as David Mann reports, things are (slowly) changing for the better.

It’s Saturday night and the boys are ready to hit the town. Binh, 25, is a personal trainer, Alex, 23, is a mixed-race marketing executive and Duong, 26, is a successful Viet Kieu entrepreneur.

Our destination is the suggestively named Golden Cock “G.C” Bar. It lays claim to being the oldest gay bar in Vietnam. It’s also the only gay bar in Hanoi. Just steps from Hoan Kiem Lake, G.C. Bar is pretty much empty during the week except for two hours each Saturday night, when it’s packed to the rafters with gentlemen seeking the company of other gentlemen.

Gay rights supporters cycle through Hanoi as part of the city’s annual Viet Pride festival. 

Inside we join a scrum of sweaty bodies waiting in line for drinks as Kesha’s We R Who We R blares on the speakers. The bar occupies the first floor of a traditional Hanoi tube house: long and narrow, with no dance floor and a lone pool table.

After collecting our reasonably priced G&Ts, the boys and I head to a corner where we can safely peruse the local talent. “Do any of these look familiar?” I ask watching Binh’s eyes scan the room, which is filled predominately with locals and a handful of expats.

“Yeah, most of them I’ve seen before, either here or on Grindr,” he says, referring to the popular gay dating app. “But I prefer to go out. I like meeting guys in person and talking with them out in the open — this is really the only place to do that.”

Soon enough, it’s standing only as more boys pack into the already crammed bar to navigate the safari of twinks, muscle Marys and the odd bear. No dancing, though, which is immensely frustrating given the music is perhaps the most, ahem, fabulous in all of Hanoi.

But then at 12am the curfew hits, the lights come on and the bar closes. Some pack into cabs bound for all-night bars, the rest hop on their motorcycles and head home.

Hanoi’s Emerging Scene

Coming from Sydney, widely considered one of the great gay capitals of the world, I initially found myself disappointed with the absence of a vibrant gay scene in Hanoi. Back home, my Saturday nights were happily spent bouncing between the half-a-dozen or so gay bars on Sydney’s iconic Oxford Street.

Indeed, the more time I spent in Hanoi, the more I realised that Vietnam’s conservative social mores had resulted in same-sex people fraternising mostly behind closed doors, rather than out in the open, in the kinds of bars and trendy gaybourhoods that I was accustomed to.

“There has been a gay boom in Vietnam — in both cities,” says Minh. “Twenty years ago, you would have struggled to see openly gay people or couples walking down the street, or even in bars.”

“People are still very discreet because of the community environment. They’re worried about what people think,” Duong tells me over coffee. “Probably like how Sydney or London was 30 years ago.”

An image from “The Pink Choice” a compilation of photos of same-sex couples in Vietnam compiled by Vietnamese photographer Maika Elan.

However, none of this is to say that Hanoi has nothing to offer its gay residents and visitors. In fact, Minh, 35, says that compared with when he first came out 20 years ago, things have improved dramatically.

“There has been a gay boom in Vietnam — in both cities,” he says. “20 years ago, you would have struggled to see openly gay people or couples walking down the street, or even in bars.”

Indeed, there’s a lot of evidence to show that Hanoi’s gay scene is developing. At Com Ga Café in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, owner Anh-Thuan Nguyen has dedicated the fourth floor to The Closet, a gay-friendly café and lounge that hosts bi-monthly events.

Music and cocktail venue CAMA ATK, tucked away on Mai Hac De Street in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung District, hosts a monthly Queer Disco where gay icons Beyonce, Kylie, Lady Gaga and Madonna are the main soundtrack and drag queens proudly strut their stuff for the audience. May’s Queer Disco also saw the launch of Hanoi’s first LGBT zine (hipster speak for “magazine”), Hanoi Panic, which is now stocked at cafes Joma, Daluva and La Bicicleta. The publication’s founders have also, as of September, opened the Hanoi Panic Bar, hosting everything from after parties to speaker events and weekly themed parties. 

“I think more spaces to meet other gay people would really improve the scene here,” he says. “Especially another bar or club with a dance floor to go dancing with friends — that would be amazing.”

There is also the US Embassy-sponsored ASEAN Pride Festival, which for the second consecutive year, saw around 5000 Hanoians gather to watch queer-friendly live music acts from around Southeast Asia perform to raise awareness of LGBT issues and celebrate sexual diversity. [Openly gay U.S. Ambassador - the first openly gay U.S. Ambassador to be posted to Southeast Asia - Ted Osius and husband Clayton Bond also attended the event, accompanied by other members of the diplomatic community.]

Revellers at this year’s Halloween Queer Disco Party at Club CAMA ATK in Hanoi. 

Of course, there are plenty of LGBT-friendly cafés found throughout Hanoi. In Tay Ho District, Maison de Tet Décor is popular with the brunching crowd, while Puku, Boo Cafe and the Hanoi Social Club show their fervent support of gay clientele with rainbow flags on the walls as a sign of proud solidarity.

But for Alex, an American expat who moved to Hanoi six months ago from Phnom Penh, the capital’s gay scene still lags behind other parts of Asia, including neighbouring Cambodia and Thailand.

“I think more spaces to meet other gay people would really improve the scene here,” he says. “Especially another bar or club with a dance floor to go dancing with friends — that would be amazing.”

Meanwhile, in Saigon

Down south, however, a slightly different story emerges. More developed, wealthier and with a larger contingent of expats and openly gay Vietnamese, Ho Chi Minh City flies the rainbow flag moderately higher than its northern sister.

In comparison with Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City boasts a marginally more developed scene. Its comparatively high concentration of LGBT residents, including those who have relocated from the countryside or overseas, has also helped the tolerance levels, creating a more open and liberal environment where locals can be more open about their sexual preference.

“It’s not really hard to meet guys or girls here — whether it’s at the office, mixed bars or gyms like California Wow. People are less discreet here than they are in Hanoi,” he says.

“Ho Chi Minh City is more happening and open in terms of gay venues and the visibility of the gay community,” says Huy, an executive at a hip digital marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1.

For the younger crowds, Saturday nights are typically split between Centro Lounge, near Lam Son Square, the Republic Lounge in District 1, or Papa Café, a café-cum-double-storey-club overlooking Turtle Lake.

“Older guys tend to go to Apocalypse, a gay-straight bar, but overall the scene is pretty mixed in terms of where different tribes — twinks, jocks, bears — hang out. It’s not really that segregated.”

Huy also says that Le Pub and THI Lounge in District 1 cater to mixed gay-straight crowds, with a strong patronage from gay clientele on weekends.

“It’s not really hard to meet guys or girls here — whether it’s at the office, mixed bars or gyms like California Wow. People are less discreet here than they are in Hanoi,” he says.

Of course, not everyone likes to be scene queen. “I don’t really frequent the ‘scene’ anymore,” explains former Saigon scenester Josh Nguyen. “I did get into it at one point but soon got tired of the stereotypical attitudes. The music is also a terrible mix between Vinahouse and Top 40.”

Wanted: More Lesbians

But while the gay fellas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City might bemoan their lack of romantic options, women have it even harder.

“I did notice that it’s much, much easier to meet gay men in Ho Chi Minh City, and that the bigger expat community and maybe more outgoing locals meant I was meeting more gay people in general,” says Karen Hewell, an American expat who arrived in Vietnam nearly three years ago, and has lived in both cities.

“Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are not far apart in terms of a community for women,” she says, adding that after some fruitless searches online and asking around, she posted something on The New Hanoian, an English language community site in Vietnam.

“Meeting queer women can be difficult because of local traditions that stipulate children live with their parents until marriage. Had I not met her, I could imagine I would have reached a point of dire frustration”

“I had two ladies respond saying they also had a hard time finding places to meet like-minded women, and we sort of bonded over that.”

Karen, who now lives with her Vietnamese girlfriend in Hanoi, says the two met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. She says that initially cultural barriers made it tricky to meet other women, regardless of whether they were open about their sexuality or not.

“Meeting queer women can be difficult because of local traditions that stipulate children live with their parents until marriage. Had I not met her, I could imagine I would have reached a point of dire frustration.

“I know that people also use apps like Brenda and OkCupid, and Le Pub attracts a decent crowd of women on weekends, same with trendy coffee shops — but it moves around.”

However, in spite of the challenges, she’s optimistic that a shift in attitudes, along with bigger pride events, will deliver a more open and active gay scene for both men and women.

“Having now moved back to Hanoi after doing a long stint in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s so refreshing to see things like Queer Disco — that gays actually go to — pop up.”

The Apps

While Hanoi may be a little behind the times in regards to gay nightlife, it’s right on cue with its use of high-tech dating apps such as Grindr, Tindr, Jack’d and Her (for women) that employ GPS-tracking to connect you with other like-minded people nearby. Since arriving on the market around four years ago, use of the apps has skyrocketed along with the purchase of smartphones.

“In the past, people would have gone to gyms or saunas to meet people. Now, the apps mean you can meet other LGBT people even more discreetly — whether it’s other Vietnamese, tourists or expats,” says Tuan

“In the past, people would have gone to gyms or saunas to meet people. Now, the apps mean you can meet other LGBT people even more discreetly — whether it’s other Vietnamese, tourists or expats,” says Tuan, a 29-year-old business development manager.

But while the emergence of networking apps such as Grindr and Jack’d means Tuan has no trouble finding dates, he says it’s been harder to find someone to settle down with.

“Most people on networking apps, whether it’s hookup apps like Grindr or matchmaking apps like Tinder, aren’t really interested in a relationship,” says Tuan.

“I don’t like using the apps. But I still know a lot of people enjoy using them.”

Whether you’re heading out for the night or searching for love, it seems like there are increasingly more options on the table for gay people in Vietnam. For young guys like Binh, Alex and Duong, the current trends are encouraging.

“We know things are changing. And it’s definitely changing for the better — albeit slowly.

“As Vietnam develops and becomes more open, we know the gay scene will, too.”

**Disclaimer: This article was originally slated to run in the June edition of Word magazine but was pulled by Vietnam’s censors. 

≪ A Light In The Crack ≫

Pairing: Johnny Storm/Reader
Word Count: 5,698
Warnings: Smut, A/B/O Dynamics
Request: “ my own prompt fill for the badlands verse ”, “  what if johnny can sleep around but not knot other girls until you? ” 
Summery: Johnny Storm loves being an alpha – he’s the highest on the food chain and he can have anyone that he wants. He’s on top of the world, especially when he becomes a superhero. But then he realizes it comes with a price; suddenly he can’t knot, and it leads to him feeling empty and depressed until Ben kicks him out of the Tower, and he meets his Omega in the most unusual but beautiful place. He still can’t knot though, and he fear of disappointing his omega is almost enough to make him run. And Johnny Storm never runs.

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Hey friend, i know you said a while ago that you werent the person to come to asking for headcanons, but i was wondering if you have some? even if its just like "kara likes to wear socks to bed on summer", please, i got 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted at once and im a little miserable. whatever is fine. or lets talk about krypto an supercorp because gosh was that the cutest shit ever

i didn’t realize that krypto stuff was headcannons? i’m not really sure what i thought headcannons were, but it wasn’t that. but sure, i can do that again!

  • do you know how much exercise a superdog needs??
    • it’s a lot. a ton. 
    • throwing the frisbee only does so much
      • someone called it space catch. i love it and i’m stealing that, thank you
  • lena tries throwing the ball for him
    • it doesn’t go well
    • like at all
    • she throws it and- he’s just already sitting there, tail wagging with the ball in his mouth. she throws as hard as she can and for as many times as she can
      • nothing changes?? krypto gets it immediately, looking fine while lena is sweating and her arm hurts and kara, there has to be a better way
  • kara, with all her amazing ideas- no, trust me lena. it’s great- decides to test krypto
    • she flies across the city in the hugest game of hide and seek
    • lena gets dragged around the city while krypto tries to track down kara
        • she’s not sure why she agreed to this
        • yes she is. kara had smiled and said please and lena, oh she’s running out the door that very second
    • and krypto? he’s so happy when he finds kara. there’s a lot of jumping and hugging and you’re such a good boy, krypto 
  • next kara tries to hide one of krypto’s toys to find
    • when he finds it, he doesn’t appreciate kara snaching his toys
    • as a fuck you he sneaks off with kara’s shoes and lets her search through the city for it, see how she likes it
  • bath time is a mess. which is the complete opposite of what it should be??
    • but have you ever tried bathing a dog bigger than you? when both of you have superstrength??
      • minus the superstrength, i did it a lot at an animal shelter. it was awful. i was no match for the doggos
    • krypto, bless his heart, can’t sit still
      • there’s bubbles and soap to eat. kara throws in squeaky toys despite lena commenting i don’t think that’s a good idea darling
      • it’s not a good idea
  • kara and lena get thoroughly soaked
    • krypto not so much
  • not to mention, he doesn’t really like it when they have to scrub in the shampoo
    • if you stop jumping in every mud puddle you find we wouldn’t have to do this
    • so he maybe bites at kara’s shirt and pulls her in
      • it’s so ridiculous
      • kara flails and falls face first into the tub
        • lena laughs until a splash of water smacks her
    • it becomes a free for all after that
  • lena brings a lot of work home, because she still has so much to do, but it’s so much nicer working and being able to hear kara humming in the kitchen and krypto pressed against her leg
    • when kara decides lena’s done enough, she turns on the radio and holds out her hand to lena
    • lena just shakes her head, because she’s still got some more to get through so kara goes to the next best thing
    • lena can’t hold back her laughter as kara sways around the room with krypto’s paws at her hip. krypto barks along with the song, he’s got better rhythm than kara
    • eventually lena, because oh, she’s a lovesick fool and she knows it, joins in. krypto plops down in her place on the couch and lena and kara spin around the room
      • give me kara crooning sappy love songs to lena while they dance
        • i’m not sure if i’d survive that but what a way to go, am i right??
    • lena just smiling softly and setting her head on kara’s shoulder
  • they go to midvale when lena can take time off and kara’s got a few things she can work on at home
    • they just let krypto run free and he takes off across the beach, kara and lena walking hand in hand over his pawsteps in the sand
    • eliza Loves him. he’s so sweet. he’ll get up early with her and follow her around. when she sits down to drink her coffee, he’ll curl up in her lap, and it’s a little tough, but she manages just fine
    • alex and maggie come. they take krypto swimming and surfing?? krypto loves it. he sits right on the board in front of alex and it’s great
    • they make sure to get a ton of pictures
    • lena’s favorite is one eliza hands her right before they leave
      • it was one afternoon when they were sitting on the porchswing
      • kara’s feet are in the air, smile oh so tender as it’s directed down at her
      • her face is pressed against kara’s neck, but still the smile on her face is clear. hand scratching krypto’s head from his place on her lap
      • lena doesn’t have many pictures, but it doesn’t matter because that one? it’s the best
Warren Worthington iii

-Warren loves when you help him clean his metal wings since they obviously can’t fit in the shower. You clean them water and soap trying not get the mixture all down his back and arms. Even though he says he doesn’t mind.

-You love to hold Warren’s head in your lap. Even though his wings are larger than you. He tries to fold them but it never works and yo tell him to just stretch them out.

-Warren loves when you sit on his lap. He loves to hold you really close to his chest and duck his head down and listen to your heart beat. 

-You always go get grocery’s for the two of you. It bothers Warren that your the only one who can do anything far out away from the house. But, you always remind him that your okay with it. 

-Warren secretly wants a kid but, would never say anything to you. Only because he isn’t used to people reacting well to what he has to say.

-Warren gives you little nicknames as a cute and small dominant reminders that your his and will be for a long time. Maybe forever if he could get enough courage to ask.

-You and Warren spend a lot of time listening to his music and resting. It helps him calm down. You just love it because it shows a more gentle side of Warren.

-Warren flies you around the city at night. Since your the only one who can work and get grocery’s he feels like your trapped in your own cage. Flying you around makes him feel like he’s setting you free.

-On Warren’s birthday you got a tattoo of angel wings on your wrist. He loved it.

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Can I Kiss You?

For the Anon who requesting 291 (can I kiss you) with Tony Stark.

10… The countdown has begun. Another year over a new one beginning. You glance around the room. Last year had been a hell of a year, not necessarily in a bad way. You’d joined the Avengers and had found people that weren’t afraid of you but accepted you.
9… Tony catches your eye and raises a glass and an eyebrow causing you to smile. You nod and he brings over a flute of champagne, he hands it over and gives you a soft smile. “My dear.”
“Merci.” You mutter. Tony had been one of the only members of the team that you had been able to communicate with for a while. Your English still wasn’t great but the group of you could communicate well enough. Tony and Natasha would translate for you when it was needed and Steve’s French was passable.
8… “You look beautiful tonight. Great dress. Did I buy that?” He asks talking a little too fast, you look at him puzzled.
“Thank you?” You ask and he laughs softly.
“I’m sorry. Did I speak too quickly?” He smiles over at you and you nod taking a sip of the champagne. “You look beautiful. Did I buy that dress?”
“Ah, thank you and yes. I believe so, F.R.I.D.A.Y. said it was a gift from you.”
“I have good taste.”
7… “Dance with me?” He says quietly.
“Oh. Uh, I’m all feet. Is that the expression?” Tony grins, he tries not to laugh at you when you say something wrong but he doesn’t always succeed.
“No, it’s I have two left feet.” You furrow your brow, “I know it’s weird. It’s okay if you’re not very good. We can just sway.”
“Okay.” You say hesitantly. He wraps your smaller hand in his and leads you out to the small dance floor. Natasha and Clint are there, moving beautifully, Bucky has convinced Wanda to join him and he’s much better than you would have thought a man his size would be. Scott and Hope are attempting to dance but you can’t really tell whose leading. Typical in their relationship.
6… His hand is warm on the open back of your dress. It’s like heat you’ve never felt before which is strange considering you’re able to light things on fire with a flick of your wrist. Fire can’t harm you, at least you thought that until you felt the heat coming off of Tony.
“Are you okay?” He whispers those brown eyes full of concern.
“Just trying not to fall.” You whisper back and he throws his head back in a laugh. People stare but Tony’s never been one to care about that.
5… “You wanna get out of here?” You’ve heard the line before, just never from him.
“What do you have in mind?”
“I want to show you something.” You give a small nod and he takes your hand and leads you to a back room where he’s storing an Iron Man suit.
“Tony I’ve seen your suit before.” You say with a laugh as he lets go of your hand and steps into the mold.
“I know. But have you ever flown?”
“What?” The suit has encased him now and he holds a hand out to you. “Are you sure you won’t drop me?”
“You don’t trust me?” The face shield snaps back and he looks hurt.
“Of course I do Tony. But that does not mean I have no fear.”
“You’re scared.”
“Yes. That is what I mean.”
“I’ve got you.”
4… He cradles you in his arms and you hold tightly to his neck. “Ready?” His voice is muffled and you can’t see his face but you can tell he’s watching you closely.
“Yes.” The two of you launch into the air and as the ground falls away from you the breath leaves your lungs.
“Breathe!” He calls over the pounding of your ears. You’re really not too high, higher than any of the buildings but still, you can see the cars moving.
“Tony! C'est incroyable!”
“Et vous êtes trop.” You look at him in surprise. He thinks you’re incredible?
3… He doesn’t say anything after that, just flies you over the city. You’re glad you decided to come out to California for the New Year, New York City was so cold. A few minutes later you see where you’re going, to the top of the Stark building. He sets you down on shaky legs and when you stumble his hands are there to catch your waist and help steady you.
“Language.” He chides knowing you swore.
“Oh please, you’re the last person to scold me for language. How many of them do you know how to say fuck in?”
“Six.” You laugh and turn toward the ocean.
“Where do they shoot off the fireworks?” You hear the suit opening and his hand brushes the small of your back.
“There.” He points.
2… Moments later the sky lights up.
“Is it midnight?”
“Do they always go early?” A cool breeze goes by and you slide closer to him. You could just start a small fire but this way seems to have less damage and more comfort. He wraps an arm around you and you sigh softly.
“They start at the one minute mark then they get way amped up when it hits midnight.”
“Amped up?” You ask in confusion.
“Like they go crazy.”
“Ah.” He laughs softly, “What?” You question.
“I just love teaching you English. You’ve come a long way in six months.”
“I’ve had good teachers. My accent is still bad though.”
“No. Your accent is adorable.”
1… You like how his arms are wrapped around you. You lean against him as the fireworks continue and he sighs softly causing you to look up at him.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I’m just really enjoying being up here with you. It’s a beautiful night. I’m here with a beautiful woman. Things couldn’t get much better.”
“Oh Tony!” You laugh but when you look up at him you instantly sober. There’s something in his eyes you can’t read.
“Puis-je t'embrasser?”
“Oui.” His lips are soft but demanding, they demand every ounce of your attention. His tongue sweeps the inside of your mouth and you’re sure you’ve started on fire. You don’t even notice the fireworks exploding across the sky, you don’t notice the cheers from below as the new year rolls in. All you notice is Tony.

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College AU with Yoosung and Saeran

Okay SO. I just… couldn’t figure out how to write an easy drabble with this because in order for Saeran to actually go to college I would have to change his entire childhood? So… here’s the result of starting down that route. It’s… like an introduction, a first chapter, if there’s interest in me continuing it…and it’s told in first person because I felt like it, okay? Anyway. It’s not edited, yet, I plan to do that in a bit on my phone so forgive any mistakes… Anyway, here we go…

The Star in the SKY

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I first met my best friend and my boyfriend when I was 12 years old. Not that I knew it at the time, but there they both were, following my cousin Rika’s boyfriend into her house, matching sets of red hair and golden eyes staring at me. They were identical and I was in awe; I’d never seen twins in real life before that moment. The only physical feature that distinguished one from the other was the set of round glasses one wore, but their personalities were another matter. The one with glasses had a wide grin on his face and was nearly vibrating with excitement while his brother stood behind both him and V, watching me with an expression I didn’t understand at the time. I definitely did not hide behind her legs at the intrusion, and I certainly didn’t stutter when one of them spoke to me.

Let me back up a bit. My name is Yoosung Kim and I’m a 22-year-old college student at SKY University. My major is veterinary medicine, although I’ve lost a lot of my drive to complete my classes. In fact, the only reason I reliably come to school anymore is because of Seven driving to my house and dragging me there. I’m not sure why he’s so insistent since it’s not like he goes to many of his own, but every morning he’s at my place without fail. Well, he was, but recently his life has changed in a way that’s causing him to become even more reclusive than normal, which is not a good thing. I had hoped the days of me forcing him out of his apartment were long gone, but apparently not. He won’t even let me in to speak with him right now, something I find incredibly irritating since the only other way is to learn Arabic to get past the completely unnecessary lock he has on his door.

Honestly, what 23-year-old does that? Puts a password-coded lock in a different language on the door to their apartment on the 12th floor? My best friend, that’s who. Whatever.

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MORE of the things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!  (Part II)(Updates: 3/11/16, 9/8/16)

This is a follow up to my post on The things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!

 In that post, I identified eight types of “POTs” who are bad news.  It was a list of “POTs” that will NEVER treat you fairly and want only to deceive you and take advantage of you.  They are con men.   Nothing but trouble.  Radioactive. To be avoided at all costs! By identifying their tactics you can learn how to avoid them entirely and spend your time focusing on real POTs who can turn into real SDs.  That initial list consisted of the following:

The “Scientist” POT – the guy looking for “chemistry” and “compatibility” before “commitment”

The “Romantic” POT the guy who does not want an arrangement to be transactional

The “Puritan” POT – the guy who does not want to pay for sex because he’s not a John and you shouldn’t be an escort

The “Boyfriend” POT – He wants to “spoil” you, as long as that is cheaper than paying you

The “Doubting” POT – He wants to know what “he’s getting for his money”

The “Race Car Driver” POT – The “test drive” is all he’s after

The “Cautious Shopper” POT – He wants to “see the goods” first and wastes your time shamelessly, never wants to pay for the goods or your time

The “Penny Pincher” POT – The classic salt

When I finished that list, I knew that my work was not done.  I knew that I had not covered all of the “bad actors” who pollute the Sugar Bowl and hurt so many SBs.  Over the next couple of days, I continued to think about it and I am proud to provide you with a supplement to that list – four five six additional categories of men that are predators on the hunt.  And, I am also delighted that I had help with a two three four of the categories and I have provided the appropriate shout out to my collaborators!

The “Scammer” POT

The scammer is real scum. He plays to the SBs who let money cloud their judgment by making totally outlandish promises.  The naïve SB takes everything that this “older gentleman” says as the truth, and, to get that big hunk of sugar, she will literally do anything he wants.  He epitomizes the phrase “if it is too good to be true then it probably is”.  Signs to watch for:  

In his initial message, he says some shit like, “I am willing to pay 5k per month to start” or “I am willing to pay the right girl an allowance of 5k a month”.    Yeah, right!  No legitimate SD phrases an initial offer like that; that “language” is crafted by a man who has no money, but thinks he knows what you want to hear. And a lot of SBs fall for this nonsense because they let money cloud their judgment and they have on rose colored glasses, so they hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. If you get a substantial offer like that out of the blue, carefully read the language.  Forget about how badly you want it to be true!  Analyze the message critically.  Notice the grammar, the sentence structure and ask yourself, “would a gentleman who is truly schooled in “high finance” or business say something like this?  And if your conclusion is no, drop the guy!  If you ignore him for a bit, watch how he reacts!  He’ll show his true colors soon enough!

He promises to send you 10k via wire transfer and he coyly asks for some nudes or other initial tokens of your appreciation, and in your excitement, you are too happy to comply. Off go the nudes to him, but the money never comes in to you!  Or, along the same line, he meets you in person and gives you this song and dance about all his companies, all his money, all his houses and boats and how all of it can be yours!  Before you know it, you’re drunk from the wine and his sweet words, and you agree to his suggestion that you head back to his place to “celebrate” the huge allowance that is coming your way tomorrow.  The fact that his hotel is a 2-½ star joint kinda registers in the back of your head as being an odd place for such a rich man to stay, but, by then, it’s too late!  After a good fucking (for him), he sends you packing, and you never see a dime.  

Finally, there is a sinister scammer as well.  He is the guy who is typically located in another city and flies you to him.  He promises you 10k or more for a three day weekend.  You pack your stuff, get on that plane and fly off to him.  After he picks you up at the airport and whisks you to the hotel, you realize that you are his prisoner for the next couple of days and he gets his money’s worth out of you, but you get nothing from him.  

The “Employer” POT

@blondeblogginbeeyotch is the author of this category, and I thank her for coming up with this!.  Her description of the “Employer” POT is spot on and perfect and is quoted here in full:

“There is also the POT who says he will offer you a legitimate job as their ‘Personal or Executive Assistant’. They will have you uproot yourself and move to their city and state where you know no one and have no support systems in place. They will offer you an Employment Letter guaranteeing your compensation but the trick is they will never officially sign it for you. Once you are moved in and thoroughly out of your element THAT is when they will break out their perverted real predator mask and if you refuse to do their bidding - they will ‘fire ’ you and refuse to pay you your salary aka 'allowance’.

I think this is technically sexual trafficking across state lines? This particular guy should be in prison.”

The “Inquisitor” POT

My “inspiration” for this category comes from something I saw posted by @omgwtfmia recently, and, after I read her post, I realized I had to include this in my list!   So, the “Inquisitor” is super annoying, gross and creepy.  From your first exchange, all he can do is talk about sex and he asks you endless questions about the types of sex you “are into” and will engage in with him. He wants to talk details, I mean TMI details!  And, what makes it so … gross, unpleasant and distasteful .. is that you have never met the guy and, already, he is talking in such intimate, graphic, dirty, non-sexy terms that it is making you wish that you didn’t have a vagina!  The guy is real loquacious when it comes to talking about his kinks and fantasies and how he wants to “lick your clit till you explode”, or make you choke on his huge cock etc etc ad nauseum, but he gets real quiet and unresponsive if you can keep from barfing long enough to ask him what he intends to pay as an allowance for this freak show.  Do yourself a favor, block the Inquisitor as soon as he starts with his shit!

The “Browbeater” POT

This guy is just mean, rude and nasty.  From the get-go he is pushing you around, whether it is in his messages or at the initial meet and greet.  He is domineering, aggressive, demanding and obnoxious.  If he doesn’t like your response to his text he is like immediately in your face, demanding an explanation, an apology, a retraction. He argues endlessly.  He is possessive and jealous and accusatory. Dealing with him is like dealing with an abusive boyfriend or significant other.  He gets passive aggressive.  He uses money like he uses his dick:  as a weapon.  The shocking thing to me is that this guy does get laid!  So, please, when a Browbeater darkens your computer screen with an aggressive message, get out of his sight!

The “Ghost” POT

@soflasugar contributed this addition to the list.  She dubbed the guy as the “Ghost” POT, a type of POT that ends up being a real time-waster.  Here is her description:  “This is the man who leads you along and may give you small amounts of money but when it comes time for your full allowance he totally disappears. He won’t answer calls, texts, or emails. Frustrating and annoying.”

The “Prince Charming” POT

This category was inspired by an anon in What do you make of a POT who literally says "I am a good looking guy” in his About Me section? He says more but that simple sentence makes me feel like he’s just a douche waiting for his next free fuck…

This guy fancies himself to be a “Real Looker”; I mean, he believes that he is just so damn handsome and sexy that you will want to have sex with him just to be able to say, “yeah, I fucked this really hot guy!”  Forget about allowance!  The sheer enjoyment of fucking “a pretty boy” is payment enough!  

Before you meet him or see his photographs, he will tell you that he is a “good looking guy” and soon enough he will tell you that girls are always so attracted to him that he never has to pay for sex.  He’s a real “Lady’s Man”; when you meet him in person, he will turn on the charm, flatter you, give you his patented “disarming smile” and ask if you want to feel his muscles, lol.  He’ll be a lot of fun on a date.  The words that he says are almost as pretty as his face!  

However, his pretty words never include the topic of money; he never talks about allowance and artfully dodges the question when it is raised.  Instead,  he will work hard to charm the pants off of you!  And, if and when he succeeds, you’ll find that, unlike the real Prince Charming, this guy turns into a toad AFTER you kiss him!  He’ll be happy to hang out with you as often as you like as long as he gets to fuck for free!

I really think that this list, now consisting of 12 13 14 “personality” types represents a fairly comprehensive list! Let me know if you have encountered some ugly demon that I have not identified!  I will continue to update this list and will post a separate “Update Notice” to give all of you a “heads up” when something is added!

Update History:

03/11/16:  added “Ghost” POT

09/08/16: added “Prince Charming” POT


Loving routes with enemies detained undoing an arch

with new sorting fits, residents in a home,

a large lie flies, trapped in a city. Always illuminated

with the fires of joy and tables dressed with garnets in rows

Each one, good and dear.

After the chase, I recount a comment, holding their prisoners,

I have a point for you, who toil unchecked,

and those sailors without souls. His coffer is a little one,

adorned with feathers and gruel.

Do you understand the rustics?” He demands.

No, certainly not.”

Thrice defined, I have a fear of good men.

Those devil kings here saving poor subjects

and troubling all the world with pleasure.

anonymous asked:

supergirl goes to middle schools during standardized testing weeks and when she sees kids coming out crying (which is too often!!!) she flies them around the city and uses the time in the air to tell them that they're so much more than their test scores and that she knows they're gonna do really good things!

im suffering

fanfic: the afternoon itch

Title: the afternoon itch 

Rating: M 

Summary: Korra gets the afternoon itch. 

A/N: A stupid fic I wrote a stupid amount of time ago. 

Korra gets the afternoon itch during the second hour of council meetings.

Councilman Wong’s proposition for a new trade route in the West is blurred white noise, ticking into the third hour. Korra has to steady herself, forcing breathing exercises through the front of her teeth as quietly as she can so she doesn’t start openly salivating at the thought of Mako’s cock in her mouth.

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DCBB 2016 Art Masterpost

City of Starlight

story by: @the-art-of-fangirling

art by: @gabester-sketch

By day, Castiel is a normal high school student, albeit a quiet one who avoids talking about his family if possible. But by night, he flies around the city of Lebanon, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. When he meets a boy with abilities like his, the two team up, only to find themselves dragged into the middle of a conflict between two warring crime lords. Amidst surviving high school, running from his past, and fighting criminals, Castiel must try to understand and trust in his partnership with this strange boy whose face he never sees.

Words: 44,070


Your SD’s a married man!:  Some Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s set the stage:

You’re new to the game, but you’ve done your homework.  You’re walking into a busy lounge downtown to meet your first POT. The heads you turn as you walk by confirm what you already know: hell yeah, you look good!  And, you’re feeling it!  You recognize your POT at the bar; thankfully, he looks just like his pictures. You are warmed by the smile that spreads across his face as he sees you!  You sit down next to him, your favorite drink already there, waiting for you.  A song by Lana Del Rey is playing.  The lyrics hang between the two of you as you say your hellos:

My pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola,
My eyes are wide like cherry pies.
I gots a taste for men who’re older
It’s always been, so it’s no surprise.

Ah, he’s in the sky with diamonds and he’s making me crazy (I come alive, alive)
All he wants to do is party with his pretty baby.

Come on, baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine.
I know your wife, that she wouldn’t mind
We made it out to the other side
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Come on, baby.

Oh, he’s such a gentleman! He takes your hand in his and brings it to his lips to apply a light kiss of welcome.  His brown eyes looking into yours melt you instantly, and you know that he is going to be your Sugar Daddy.  And then you see it.  His ring!

You think:  well, this should be interesting!

The reality is that a lot of SDs are married.  Actually, if I were to guess, I would say that most of them are married.  And, if you spend enough time sugaring and are successful at what you do, I dare say that you will have one or more married SDs over the course of your career.

I don’t think that it matters one way or another if your SD is married, divorced, separated, widowed or single; an arrangement is an arrangement.  They all work the same way!  However, having a married SD does poses some interesting and unique challenges for a new SB and my purpose here is to provide some thoughts on that subject!

Avoid Drama

An arrangement is meant to be something discreet.  And, that is especially true if your SD is married.  Therefore, you must protect him from drama at all costs and he must do the same for you!  You definitely don’t want to get a call from his wife some evening and find out, contrary to the lyrics above, that she “definitely minds” that you are fucking her husband!  Lol! And, likewise, he doesn’t want to see your vanilla boyfriend at his office challenging him to a fight or getting a call from your parents asking him just what the hell you are doing with their daughter!

To avoid this, ahhh, unpleasantness, you should have a talk with your SD early in your arrangement to discuss the simple steps each of you should take to avoid drama.  And they include the following (and all of these go both ways!):

  • Both of you should delete the text messages you send each other before the end of the day!  The fact of the matter is, no matter how careful you think you are, at some point someone with no business to do so will get a hold of your phone and go through it.  Make sure you both agree to delete all text messages so that there is nothing to see when that occurs.

  • He should never keep any pics you send him.  Like text messages, he should delete them immediately.  And, no, that doesn’t mean downloading them to his computer in a “super secret folder that nobody will see”!  Delete them.  He doesn’t need “trophies”!  You can always send them again if he has a “favorite” that he likes to see from time to time.

  • Figure out the best way to communicate.  Maybe text messages aren’t the way to go!  You may agree that sending each other emails from specifically created yahoo or gmail accounts is the best way to be discreet. And, even with emails, delete them!  Not just once, but twice!  Yes, go to the “trash bin”, where they will be stored for 30 or more days and delete them permanently!

  • Ask him his preference about whether you can or should wear perfume when you are together.  I know that a good perfume is sexy and smells great and can make a guy go weak in the knees, but, guess what, if your scent is on him when he goes home, you can bet his wife is going to be on your ass before long!  And, for god’s sake, no glitter!  Don’t wear eye shadow or makeup that glitters!  It takes two days and three showers to get that stuff off!!  lol!

  • If you are going to text or call, find out the “no-go times”; i.e., times when he is going to be at home and can’t take calls.  Likewise, if you have roommates or are in a relationship, you should establish “black outs” when the two of you agree not to contact each other.  

  • Before he leaves the hotel room after your rendez vous, check for lipstick smudges on his shirts! Seriously!  I know that sounds cliché, but, my goodness, it does happen, and if he goes home with your lip prints on his shirt, it’s lights out for him!

  • Similarly, don’t leave scratch marks on him, girl!  And if you bite, please don’t break skin or leave a mark!  Think about it!  Those are sure tells! How’s he going to explain those bruises and marks to his wife?  Believe me, I love fun rough sex as much as anybody, but I am always careful never to leave marks on my SB (that won’t fade away before we go our separate ways) ;-)

  • And, finally, remember the motto:  Deny Deny Deny.  If you get “caught” by your parents, your friends, your boyfriend, deny it!  It doesn’t matter how irrefutable the proof is against you; DENY IT and never give up your SD.  Likewise, he should follow this same pledge.  If he goes down, he does so alone!  He should never bring you into the flaming mess!

Out in public

If your married SD is local, you need to have a frank discussion about “going out in public” and whether that is advisable.  Look, professional men tend to have wide social circles, whether they are friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues or even friends of all of the above. Yeah, sure, you can pick a place to go that seems out of the way, but there is always a chance that someone you know or he knows will spot you and start to raise questions.  Meeting for lunch ameliorates some of the inherent problems, but dinners and nights out can be problematic!  

  • It may be better to just get a hotel room and hang out there for a couple of hours in the afternoon or evening!  I know, you may be deprived of a good dinner at a fancy restaurant (but there’s always room service for that, eh?) or a night on the town, but look at it this way, you’ll end up spending less time in the room before you go home for the night than if you did if you go out for dinner and drinks before heading back to the room! So, if the guy’s personality ain’t all that keen, you’ll have to spend less time with him!

  • If you do “venture out”, discuss how you will act in public.  Is he up for “public displays of affection” or should the two of you play it cool?  Personally, I don’t need to act like some horny teenager when I am out with my SB, so, I don’t need to have my arms around her or my hand on her ass as we walk down a street.  lol!  Save it for the bedroom!  And, discuss with him how the two of you should handle the glances and stares of other people when they see this older guy with this younger woman? 

  • My personal view is that the best place to spend time in public is when he is on a business trip to a different city and flies you out for the night/couple of days.  In a different city, the “recognition risk” approaches zero, usually, so it is much easier to have a “date experience”.  And, it frees you up to act more like a “couple in love” when you are in a different town.  I just don’t think that it is worth the risk for a married SD to spend a lot of time in public with his SB unless he is out of town. 

  • Here is another “tip” for married SDs out with their SBs:  Don’t bother to take off your ring, dude!  First, to the extent that the two of you draw attention, it will be based on your age difference, not the fact that you are wearing a wedding ring! Second, if you take your ring off, you run a very real risk of losing the damn thing, forgetting it in the room or leaving it somewhere.  How you gonna explain that to the Missus?

These are just some of my thoughts!  And, I think that this is one of those things that you should openly and directly talk about with your SD, especially if he doesn’t have a lot of experience.  Trust me, he may not even realize some of the risks that he potentially faces, so, if you bring them up and make him understand how important it is to be discreet, I’m sure he will appreciate it!

This post is getting overly long, even for my standards, lol, so, I’m going to end it here.  I think this is a subject that may be worth continued discussion, so, if I come up with more topics, I’ll do a part II or III! Also, if you have suggested questions you’d like addressed about this subject, let me know!  

The locations where D-Agency spies were dispatched to, from the “Joker Game” series.

● England, London [“Robinson,” “The Sleeping Man”]
● France, outskirts of rural Paris [“Miscalculation”]
● Germany, Berlin [“Coffin,” “Walküre”]
● Indochine (now Vietnam), Hanoi [“French Indo-China Strategy”]
● Singapore [“Lost Paradise”]
● China, North China [“Lord of the Flies”]
● China, Shanghai [“City of Temptation”]
● Manchuria (now China), Xīnjīng to Fèngtiān [“Asia Express”]
● Tokyo, Kanda [“Joker Game”]
● Tokyo, Akasaka [“Night of the Masquerade Ball”]
● Tokyo, unidentified city [“XX”]
● Tokyo, unidentified city [“Pursuit”]
● Kanagawa, Yokohama [“Ghost”]
● Shizuoka, Izu [“Double Joker”]
● San Francisco to Yokohama, across the Atlantic Ocean [“Codename Cerberus”]
● America, Los Angelos [“Blackbird”]