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There is an “us”? It seems imagined, like secrets in the fifth grade. People with mysterious and dark lineages. It doesn’t seem as if it should be the true shape of the world. That’s a hangover from an extinct reality. Now, the Guardians of the Faithful and American soldiers still fight with tanks in the remains of Chicago. Now, Anchorage is the capital of what’s left of the United States. And the flag that flies over that city has only two stars. Now, darkness and secrets are everywhere. Now, there has to be an “us”. Because, now, there is a “them”.

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Yet another reason for a Supergirl/Brooklyn Nine Nine crossover fic...


Kara and Jake get along SO WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kara starts saying noice and ‘cool cool cool’ and shit and like holy crap im crying just thinking about it. Jake shows Kara all his comic books and Kara flies him around the city and when they land he vomits into a trashcan. They spend their whole afternoon making up team-up nicknames.

Alex gets along with all the girls, Rosa bc of the badass thing, Amy bc they’re both hardworking and respect each other’s work ethics, Gina bc she is genuinely so intrigued by her and like wants to study her. 

Boyle is in love bc he makes a feast and Kara like inhales his food and fucking loves it and he brings his son in to meet her and they take photos together and Kara talks to him about being adopted and like floats him around the precinct and they become best buds

Ray Holt and J’onn J’onzz staring at all of their Children working together, speaking in monosyllables, bonding over unusual weather patterns. Ray asks about the different types of tulips that can be found on Mars.


Voltron as the types of people at disneyland

Hunk: The one always buying food, he did research on the best places to eat at disney before they went. Hes Also never forgets to get fast passes although he never goes on the rides because he gets sick.

pidge: She absoulutly loves that one peter pan ride that flies over the city. She always scares everyone by telling them how people have died on rides, shes not scared though because she knows how unlikely it is. Everyone used to mistake her for being a lost kid and she would get super mad so she wears a shirt that says “Im not lost, fuck off.” or something like that on it. She always gets sunburt no matter how much sunscreen she puts on. 

keith: Knows all of those conspircys and secrets about disneyland and is always trying to find them with pidge. He says he hates theme parks but when he gets there he can never stop smiling. He also says he hates the ears but lance got him a pair and he secretly never wants to take them off (hes not as secret about it as he thinks tho). he also loves the rides but no one needs to know that.

Lance: He and Allura have fanfuckingtastic outfits. He wears a snow white themed outfit and it has like yellow overall shorts with a blue crop top and princess crown. Is an absoulute slut for roller costers and makes keith go on them with him. He always makes the group to dumb poses on roller-coasters for the picture. Space mountain is his fav ride and makes keith go on it with him over and over again (keith enjoys it, lance knows it). He also really like rides that get you wet. Makes the group take pics with all the characters walking around. He also snapchats EVERYTHING.

Shiro: Shiro is wild at disney but he still takes care of his kids™. He loves the tower of terror. Lance also got him a pair of ears and hes glad he did. He always goes to the tarzan treehouse and does ninja shit on it to impress the kids because hes six. Hes so goddamn pretty the princesses want to take pics with him, allura usually doesnt let this happen tho. Hes always the one to get snacks for long lines. He also gets a little tipsy to let himself have a bit more fun. tbut no one ever needs to know that. 

Allura: HER OUTFITS ROCK BRO. She wore a little purple crop top with high wasted green shorts to look like the little mermaid. She LOVES cotton candy, she had so much she got a stomach ache, coran had to stop her from buying more. She loves the story telling ride where you go through the whale because she thinks its cute. She also highly fucks with roller-coasters but gets scared right before she gets on, once shes on she has fun though. She loves winnie the pooh and bought like 4 stuffed animals. The water show makes her cry, She and lance also cry when they have to leave. 

Coran: He really likes splash mountain. He screams so loudly on roller-coasters and everyone but lance is embarassed about it. He loves the food. He also really like the light up ears and he says that “Its like a party on my head”. He always tells the groups stories when waiting in lines. He likes space space mountain because he said it reminds him of speeding through space.


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Circumstance (Part 10)

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This time, Cade makes sure to savor the feeling of his mate in his arms. She fits there so perfectly, tucked against his body as he flies over the city. Her hands are cupping the back of his neck, her fingers just brushing the ends of his hair. He doesn’t look down at her but he knows she is looking at him.

“Enjoying the view, bunny?” He asks, a small smile on his face.

Immediately, Ember averts her gaze. “I was,” she grumbles, “Until you ruined it with that stupid nickname.”

“I think you’re lying,” Cade muses. Ember raises her eyebrows. “I think you like the nicknames, I just think you’re jealous that you can’t come up with any good ones.”

She rolls her eyes but Cade can see that she is accepting the challenge. “Where are you taking me anyway, cuddle-bear?” His ears turn pink with embarrassment. So two can play at this game.

He shifts her weight awkwardly in his arms as they start gliding down. “Well crumpet,” she scowls, “we’re taking a trip to the Rainbow first.” Bracing his knees for impact, Cade lands smoothly along the cobblestone street, easily tucking away his wings. His fingers press against her body just a bit tighter before finally setting Ember on the ground. Her hands slip away from his neck and Cadewyn immediately feels the loss.

Lesser fae and high fae alike bustle around them on their regular duties, barely noticing the pair. A group of paint-smattered children scramble between them, separating Cade and Ember long enough that he loses sight of her. When she reappears, he reaches for her hand, grasping it firmly in his own. “Let’s go, we don’t want to be late.”

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An Unexpected Discovery

Pairing: Tom Holland Peter Parker x You!

Summary: You’re told by your best friend, Ned Leeds, to confess your feelings to Peter Parker, your longtime crush. However, a surprise rendezvous with Spider-man himself results in an unforgettable date and a very surprising discovery.

Warnings: really light swearing

A/N: This is my first Marvel fic, and since Spiderman has been my favorite Marvel hero since I was little, I had to make my first fanfic about him! Repost, like, or comment what you think, guys! I really love feedback from readers. -V

Ned was right…you needed to tell Peter how you felt.

God, you hated it when he was right about this. You were still a little annoyed at how Ned found out: he found out while looking through your notebook, which housed many doodles of your crush and Ned’s best friend, Peter Parker.

Damn, you really needed to keep that habit in check.

“You really think he likes me? Because it’s not like I know him myself,” you pressed, still apprehensive that he might say no. Ned was a mutual friend of you and Peter, but you often found yourself talking to Ned alone, or just sending smiles and polite “Hi”s to Peter when he sat with you and Ned.

Ned gave you a warm smile, reassuring you that Peter’s feelings were mutual, but you were still hesitant to do this. What if what he said was a lie? You’ve never risked your feelings for someone before, so why start now?

At your hesitation, Ned started to become visibly annoyed, and playfully pushed you up off the park bench. “Now go, already!”

“Okay, okay, fine, shit,” you rolled your eyes in defeat.

Neither of you had any idea that Spider-man himself was watching your conversation this whole time.

It was noon, but you knew you needed to take the subway station home, because walking to Queens all the way from Times Square would be horrible. You got home within half an hour, opened the window for some breeze, and plopped down on your bed, letting out a loud sigh. You promised Ned you would tell Peter about your feelings for him, but you were having second thoughts, again.

Your mind was on Peter, as usual: you could stare into his dark brown eyes forever, and his awkward demeanor was endearing. You found yourself going red whenever he laughed, completely smitten with the way he leaned his body back when laughing.

Your thoughts were interrupted quickly as you heard a small shuffling. Warily, you pushed yourself out of your bed and looked out the window, thinking that a squirrel got in. You pushed it down, completely unaware that there was a person in your room.

You almost turned back to fall back onto your bed. Almost. However, something familiar caught your eye: something red and blue. You whipped your head up to your left, and almost let out a surprised yelp when Spider-man covered your mouth with his hands.

Oh god! Shit! What am I gonna do? Should I tell Ned? Or Peter? Your mind started to spin, but you gained control of yourself just in time to shoot him a look that had a mix of anger and confusion. You could see he reached for a paper as you sent him a dirty look. You ignored your thoughts as you saw him scrawl out a sentence on a piece of paper from your many notebooks. Thank heavens it wasn’t one of the pages you doodled on, Y/N.

Staring at you, Spider-man held out the arm that held the piece of paper. You read it aloud.

‘Sorry for barging in. The window was open.’ What the FUCK,” you shoot him a mean look, and he looked away. “That doesn’t give you rights to sneak into someone’s apartment!” You were almost yelling at this point. But something stopped you from losing it entirely:

How did he know you lived in Queens?

You took your time in writing out this thought, and handed the paper back to him. He hastily grabbed it from you, and chuckled. It sounds familiar…have you heard this laugh before? He handed you the paper, and looked away, his hand on the back of his head in a sheepish manner. You looked down to see what he had written. 

‘Trust me,’” it said. Plain and simple, and your eyebrows knotted in confusion. You looked up, expecting to see him, but he wasn’t there. You looked everywhere until you found him opening your window, motioning for you to come near him. 

“You better be glad my parents aren’t home this week,” you said, sighing and playfully glaring at him while coming to his side. He grabbed your waist, and swung off the window, ignoring your surprised look as he flew through Queens.

“Close your eyes,” he yelled into your ear, and you did exactly that, while holding on for your dear life, of course.

“Hey, Y/N,” Spider-man whispered. “You can open your eyes now.”

“We stopped moving, right?” Your eyes were scrunched shut, and your breath was shaky.

“Yeah, but you still might wanna hold onto me,” he chuckled again. Where did you hear that laugh before?

You slowly opened up your eyes, and your breath hitched as you took in the splendid sight before you. You were in New York City!! And not just anywhere in New York City, but on the Empire State Building! An excited you was about to peck Spider-man’s cheek before your foot slipped and you looked down, fear washing over you.

Holy. Fuck. You weren’t just on the Empire State Building, no. YOU WERE ON THE TIP OF THE SKYSCRAPER ITSELF!

Your head was fixed to the street below you. You hugged Spider-man as hard as you could, muttering to yourself that you were gonna die. Those sounds were so small that you assumed he couldn’t hear this, but he did, and he looked at you.

“You scared of heights?” he asked nonchalantly. Of course, he isn’t scared. He’s Spider-man for crying out loud! The guy flies across the city practically every day!

Pushing your thoughts out of your mind, you nodded weakly, looking up to him. He held you tighter against him, and your breath hitched for the second time in that moment, your arms wrapping around his waist. What he said next was sweet.

“Keep looking ahead, not below,” he whispered. “You’ll really enjoy the view.”

It took everything within you not to think of looking down, and you had to admit, the view was MUCH better up at the tip than at the topmost floor of the skyscraper. You spent a good half an hour taking in everything there was to take in from New York City: Times Square, multiple patches of greenery that were parks, the Avengers tower (which you had always wanted to visit). You could feel Spider-man’s breath against your hair and his chest rise and fall with each breath. You smiled, thinking about how you wanted this with Peter.

Ah, Peter…wait, Peter! Oh my god! Is it…no way!

Your eyes widened in surprise, looking at the boy in the mask next to you. How could you not see it? His chuckles, his voice, and how he knew your name should have given it away!

“P-p-p…Peter?” you stuttered, frozen in your position. You were glad you did, because as soon as he heard you, you could see his eyes widen through the mask. The web holding you two to the building was gone, and he was soon aiming for another building, then another, and another, flying you back to Queens and into your room, you being too shocked to scream.

Your feet landed softly on the ground, feeling soft carpet underneath you. As Peter let go of your waist, you fell back on your bed, exhausted from tonight’s escapades. You looked to your right to see Peter lift you up. However, no matter how much strength you mustered up to stand, you were falling again as soon as you saw Peter underneath that mask.

“Y/N? Y/N! Shit,” he reached out to hold you, his tone quite nervous. “I can explain.”

But you couldn’t. Not when you found out something like this!

“I AM CALM,” you almost yelled, but turned away, pacing back and forth. “Oh my god, Y/N, what have you done?” Your tone was anxious as you tried to piece together the puzzle in front of you.

You were about to walk with your back to Peter before he webbed your wrist and pulled you to him, turning you to face him in the process.

“Hey,” he spoke, his voice a bit raspy, and you felt short of breath. “You wanna know something?”

You looked up into his eyes with confusion, but his eyes were mischievous as he continued to speak.

“This is the only alone time we’ve had in awhile.”

What? You didn’t know what to say, so you chose to just listen to him.

“I’ve liked you from the day we met, Y/N,” he blurted out, not catching your shocked face.

“You’ve never been that vocal with me, but I’ve seen you with your other friends, and god,” he said, emphasizing the word “god”. “Everything about you, everything, from your smarts to how awkward you are, makes me speechless. Plus, you’re hot,” he rattled on.

You found yourself blushing at that statement, but playfully smacked his shoulders while rolling your eyes.

“‘You’re hot’? Smooth,” You quoted, chortling.

“What? I’m not wrong!” Peter defended himself, backing up a bit. And then…


“Hey,” he said, breaking the silence and lifting your chin up. “It’s okay if you don’t wanna talk to me, Y/N,” he looked to the blue of his suit and shrugged. “I kinda kept one of the biggest secrets of my life from you. But will you give me a chance? Please?” He looked desperate, and seemed as if he was going to cry soon.

You didn’t say anything. Instead, you just cupped his face in your hands, and slowly moved your face to his. You didn’t say anything until you were only centimeters apart from each other, Peter holding a chair to steady himself, and you standing on a stool to meet his eyes. 

“I don’t wanna talk, Peter.” You didn’t waste any time with gently pulling his face towards yours and kissing him softly. Peter kissed you back with such intensity that you leaned back, laughing against his lips as his right hand slid down to the smalls of your back. You were like that for what felt like seconds, even though it had been a few minutes. Finally, pulling back to get some much-needed oxygen back into your system, you stared at him, your mind on overdrive. Man, he was a great kisser.

“I love you, Spider-man,” you sing-songed. “Always have, always will,” and with that, Peter pulled you into a bone-crushing hug. “I guess you’re gonna have to talk to me around Ned now, huh?”

“Even if he’s not around, I’ll definitely see you around, Peter,” you smiled.

He smiled back and started towards the window. As he was about to fly out of your window, he heard you call his name softly.

“Thank you…for the date today. It was great,” you said, before you clarified. “This was a date, right?” You held uncertainty in your voice.

“Only if you want it to be, and we can go on many more of those,” Peter winked. “What do you say?”

Before you could think, you blurted out, “Friday night at 6? How ‘bout a movie?”

Peter chuckled again, and you could feel yourself falling harder for him. “Friday it is! See you then, Y/N.”

And he flew away, leaving you to wonder what you could have done that not only got you a date with the love of your life, but with Spider-man as well.

Back in June of 2007 it kind of started on a whim. My parents were away for the weekend, and wanting to be loud and make some noise and whatever, I began writing versions of what became my first, self released digital EP – Of June. I put it up on MySpace the following month and didn’t tell anyone. — Adam Young

Of June || Owl City
Released: August 29, 2007 (Self-released)

Happy Anniversary!

Circumstance (Part 9)

This took me all day and I’m not even that happy with it but I hope you guys like it. 

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Emberlei waits by the open window as Cadewyn raises an eyebrow at her. Slowly, she is getting over her shock and regaining her confidence. And at this moment, even though she is dreadfully worried about her sister, Ember is also not above using the knowledge of their bond to her own devices. Which is why she holds her arms out for Cadewyn to pick her up.

He hesitates for a moment and Ember briefly wonders if he knows her secret - she wouldn’t put it past Brexton to tell Cadewyn about her flying abilities - but then he just shrugs and scoops her up. The sensation of his arms wrapped around her is almost too overwhelming for Ember. And she notices Cade’s hold tighten a bit around her too, pulling her closer to his chest.

He looks down at her with a slight smile on his face. Ember realizes that she is close enough to kiss him if she wanted to, the bond slightly pulling at her to just move that extra couple inches, but she doesn’t. She refuses to let the bond force her into loving a man she doesn’t even know, although she feels like she does after the last three weeks of living in his room.

“Let’s go,” She orders, back to her Crown Princess mode. As far as she can tell, Cade doesn’t know about the bond yet and until she has talked to Gusty, she isn’t going to bring it up.

Suddenly, they’re up in the air and Ember’s arms hurriedly snake around Cade’s neck. She would like to say that flying with Cade is no different than flying with Cassian or Brex. But that would be a horrendous lie.

She is desperately trying to ignore the urge to tug the the ends of his hair that tickles her fingers. Ember cannot deny that he is extremely attractive. The dark blue-black hair, defined jawline, firm chest that she is being pulled into at this very moment. And his eyes, well, she has been dreaming of his eyes for years now and still, seeing them in person makes her mind spin. The violet-blue makes Ember realize that this is real. It’s all real.

“You’re staring at me,” Cade accuses, not looking down at her as he flies over the city. 

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Yesterday my dog got bit by a bug on the inside(?) of her paw. She was really freaking out and she's fine now. I'm still kinda worried. Could you write something where Kara gets a hurt dog from the street and she has to deal with it?

She’s not listening for anything in particular.

Whenever James or Winn ask her what it is that she strains her ears for while she flies above the city, she just shrugs. She doesn’t know how to explain it beyond, “I’ll know it when I hear it.”

Sometimes, it’s the sound of breaks screeching or a gun being cocked or a child calling up a tree for a snake named Fluffy that seems to enjoy heights.

Today, it’s a low, whimpering kind of whine emanating from an alleyway. 

And just like she tells James and Winn, she knows it when she hears it.

She puts on a burst of speed and soars down at a pace Barry Allen would be impressed by.

“Hey little buddy,” she says immediately on landing.

On landing and finding a husky with matted fur and sad eyes, whining and whimpering and alternately licking one of their front paws and squeaking and rubbing it against the ground.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” she says, not moving as the pup notices her and tries to back away. “I’m not going to hurt you. But I see something did.”

“Supergirl,” Alex’s voice rings out in her ear. “Our telemetry from your suit says you put on a lot of speed there: did something happen? You okay?”

Kara just smiles, more to herself than to the puppy.

“You see? My sister’s a great doctor. She can help you with that paw of yours.”

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A revolutionary, not a liberal: can a radical black mayor bring change to Mississippi?
34-year-old attorney Chokwe Lumumba sees his election win as proof that even in a red state in the age of Trump, many people are ready to be progressive
By Jamiles Lartey

The day Chokwe Lumumba’s father died in 2014, he asked for a moment to be alone in the room with the man he’d long considered his best friend. He told his dad, Chokwe Sr, then the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, all the last things he had to tell him. He prayed and asked god to put his father’s spirit into him. Then, he said, his next move became immediately apparent.

“I decided at that moment, though I shared it with nobody, that I was going to run for mayor,” Lumumba said. “There were a lot of people who were hopeful under his administration, and there was a lot of fear surrounding his loss, so I wanted to restore hope for people.”

The 34-year-old attorney who had “never run for junior class president, let alone mayor” now holds the keys to the state’s most populous city. He brings with him a progressive agenda and much of the leftover to-do list of his father’s administration. He sees his victory – collecting 93% of the vote in Jackson’s 6 June election – as proof that even in a deep red Republican state, and even in the age of Trump, the city’s residents are ready to move in a new progressive direction.

“The citizens of Jackson have demonstrated overwhelmingly a readiness to be a progressive city and not only to correct the ills as we see them, but to be a model for the nation of what progressive leadership and collective genius can accomplish.”

‘I describe myself as a revolutionary’

It’s hard not to conjure allusions to young Obama when Lumumba walks in the room. Perhaps it’s the African-sounding name, the slightness of build or the warm smile and effortless personability. Lumumba has a beard wisped with salt and pepper streaks, and a better fitting suit than Obama did circa 2004, but otherwise the nostalgia connects.

Like Obama, Lumumba spent much of his formative years around radical voices of black liberation, engrossed in community work and navigating a budding career as a gifted young black law professional before moving into the world of electoral politics.

Unlike Obama, Lumumba hasn’t found voice in the post-partisan and post-racial vernacular that propelled Obama to the presidency and onwards to international respect and appeal. Lumumba is still quite unapologetic both in his political and racial language and aspirations.

In explaining how he seeks to engage with his city’s police department, Lumumba quotes Malcolm X. Phrases like “self-determination”, a favorite of 1960s black power activists, enjoy a privileged place in his lexicon. Asked if he considers himself a “liberal”, Lumumba retorts, “I describe myself as a revolutionary.”

On the Mississippi state flag – one which still incorporates the confederate battle flag into its design and flies all over his city – Lumumba doesn’t equivocate. “We are against the Mississippi state flag. We are against oppression and all of those monuments, relics and images that promote it or memorialize it,” Lumumba said. “So long as we are shy about speaking up against that then we’re not pre pared to be the best of the new South. We’re still a part of the noose South.”

Jackson is deeply steeped in that that history. The city was all but burned to the ground by Union troops during the Civil War and during reconstruction the backlash from local whites was swift. Jackson was the home of the first Mississippi “red shirts”, a postbellum white supremacist organization served as the militarized wing of a broader “Mississippi Plan” to effectively purge black Mississippians from civic life through intimidation, violence and discriminatory “black code” and Jim Crow legislation.

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