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◉京 最新グッズ情報◉
◉ Kyo - new goods information ◉
A new hoodie. Shape supervised by Kyo, it has a very original cut! Sleeves especially are very characteristic, and black print also became a nice accent. You will be able to try it on in the venue, so don’t hesitate to ask to do it. (Goods staff)


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➳ 2 / ; all shades of pink i could find for @my-bobohu

Når teknologien setter oss milvis tilbake

Jeg har en amerikansk venn som ble hoppende glad da han flyttet til Oslo fordi man “Trenger ikke bil i en by som Oslo hvor man har et såvidt godt utbygget kollektivnett”. Han hadde jo egentlig rett. Tigerstaden og bilinfiserte Amerika kan ikke sammenlignes på dette punktet.

For akkurat ett år siden kvittet jeg meg med bilen min. Folk ble overrasket og spurte hvordan jeg skulle få mine to barn annenhver uke til og fra fotball-, håndball og skitreninger. Jeg syntes det blir feil å måtte ha bil i byen for å kjøre unga til trening, så isteden har transport de gangene det har trengs blitt koordinert med andre foreldre. Og sykle gjør jeg når været tilsier det, ellers så kan jeg jo benytte det godt utbygde kollektivsystemet vårt. Eller?

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Release five senses of the heart - the enjoyment of the raw world of poetry at the exhibition “Gasou”

Exhibition affected strongly all five senses. Kyo carefully selected his pieces of 18 years from DIR EN GREY and sukekiyo lyrics, and including newly written pieces for this occasion, “Gasou no shi” volume one includes 76 poems. To celebrate the release of the book an exhibition “Gasou” was held between 19th and 23rd of August in GALLERY LE DECO in Tokyo. Being perplexed by calling a poetry collection “gasou / my funeral”, the finishing of the extraordinary imagination touched upon loftiness (*), but becoming an exhibition that could be truly experienced in this space, also with Kyo being thorough down to the last detail, it became a perfect work.

Not only poems and photos included in the “Gasou no shi” were displayed. By the elevator visitors were greeted by mannequins wearing “flexus” clothes designed by Kyo; once inside the dark room there was a video in shooting of which Mika from sukekiyo was involved; there was a small room where one could hear Kyo reading poetry through headphones with attached molds of Kyo’s hands; there was a floating scent of “elisabeth addict” which was designed for this occasion - it wasn’t merely an exhibition. When about 40 minutes passed from entering the room, surrounded by red light and smoke appeared members of Banyu Inryoku - drama troupe known from sukekiyo performance, they danced with the impetus swallowing in spectators, we received a surprise like this. Kyo who always was saying that he is interested in other forms of expression besides singing. It was such a raw hospitality/reception, almost like peeking inside his head. It was so like him, the expression that seemed to be drawn by the slice of life and death (*), it’s always going beyond, even though there were also feelings of fear and tension, as well as the real intention that was being hidden behind, to always convey more.

Once you left the site, you had to face the usual and unchanged glare of the sun. It was like entering a totally different world during the midday in a normal city, being overcome in a surprise. But to tell the truth it’s not a different world. There is always the world of “our funeral” that is connected to this reality. Release five senses of heart - it felt like Kyo’s message could be heard.

Original text by Takahashi Miho /  高橋美穂

(*) I’m not sure about those parts, so comments on them appreciated m(_._)m

It’s time for Trilobite Tuesday! Perhaps nowhere else on the North American continent are trilobites more prevalent than in the majestic state of Utah. Ranging from the 510 million year old Middle Cambrian-age Wheeler shale through the 440 million year old Ordovician-age Fillmore formation, this western outpost brims with some of the most renowned and studied Paleozoic outcrops ever discovered. The region’s Cambrian trilobites include such species as Olenoides nevadensis (pictured), Modocia typicalis, Hemirhodon amplipyge, and Elrathia kingi. Ordovician species include Pseudeocyble lemurie, Presbynelius ibexensis, Ptycephalus yersini and Isotelodies flexus. Yet for all the paleontological work that has been done in Utah over the last 150 years, hidden amid the countless canyons and arroyos that cut through the Drum, House and Wellsville mountain ranges are new fossil-bearing locations– along with a corresponding array of new trilobite species– that are still being found on a regular basis.

Learn more about rich trilobite localities on the Museum’s Trilobite Website. 


shades of byun baekhyun

➳ 1 / ; platinum blonde