Tonight I got down to my elbows for the first time ever. I know plenty of people way more flexible than me but this is really big to me because it’s a symbol of how far I’ve come. As recently as six months ago I had severe chronic back pain, I was taking painkillers every day and I couldn’t even push myself off the floor into a backbend. It was affecting not only my cirque training but also my daily life. After physical therapy and a hell of a lot of effort, I’ve gotten exponentially more flexible and my pain has been reduced to almost nothing. So to everyone struggling with back flexibility: never give up. You can do it.

@calibur-death i just imagined a whole ehlers danlos community similar to what you find when you look up any eating disorder related tag on tumblr

“flexspo,” black and white pictures of people bending their knees backward and stretching out their skin

“10 superfoods that help you weaken your collagen”

“eds is not glamorous! i can’t walk and i have severe chronic pain, also you can’t develop it it’s a genetic condition”