Nobody - Barry Allen x Reader

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“Hey Y/n, I brought you some coffee.” You looked up from your work as Cisco handed you a Star Labs mug filled with steaming coffee. “Thanks, Cisco.” You replied, smiling brightly. Cisco left and you continued with your work. 

You’re a meta, a good one, not that there are many of those. You work with Team Flash to keep Central City safe. You have many powers, including being able to bend and stretch as much as you wanted. You could take your head to the top of Star Labs whilst leaving your body at the bottom. Cisco had named you, FlexiGirl. It was cheesy but it was yours. Whilst Barry and Wally ran, you would extend your steps to keep up with them, it wasn’t hard. You guys made a great team. 

After Cisco had left you decided to train for a little bit, Cisco and Julian had set up an impressive set of obstacles to weave through, jump over, slide under; that sort of thing. You were practically doing a backwards limbo under one of the bars when Barry walked in. 

“Hi Y/n" 

You lifted your head to respond but forgetting what you were doing, smashed your head on the bar. "Ouch” you said rubbing your head as you stood up, safely. Barry whizzed over, “Are you okay?” He questioned, a look of worry set on his face as he searched yours. 

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. You’re not the only one with healing powers." 

He laughed causing you to smile at him. You’d never noticed how beautiful Barry’s features were, his sharp jawline, his dimples when he smiled, the way his hair swept across his forehead. You were taking it all in when suddenly the alarm sounded, Barry whizzed off to where the others were, you following sharply behind. 

When you got there, Barry, Julian, Cisco and HR were all looking worried. They all had a sympathetic look towards you. 

"Y/n,” Barry started, coming towards you, “It’s…It’s your sister." 

You gasped, it couldn’t be. Your sister was dead, she died in your arms. She had been in league with Savatar but he killed her just to spite you. You could still feel her lifeless body in your arms, remembering it now. 

"It’s okay Y/n, Barry and I can handle this one. You can stay here.” Wally said gently. 

“No, I need to see her.” If it even is her, you thought. 

“Y/n, Savitar might just be playing games, she could be your sister from Earth 2 or 8 or 64 for all we know. Savitar will go to any length.” Barry said holding your hands, looking deep into your eyes. 

“I know,” you whispered, “but still. I need to do this." 

 "Okay, if that’s what you want." 

Julian took his place next to Cisco at the computers. "We’ll be with you the whole time,” Julian confirmed. 

You went outside, Barry and Wally looked at you and you nodded. They whizzed off with you bounding behind them, flipping and tumbling through the air to keep up.

“She’s at Central City Bank.” You heard Cisco say in your ear. 

“Ugh, how original.” You muttered, jumping building to building, swinging. You got to the bank a few seconds after the boys. 

Your sister was here. You could feel it; you shared a connection. You were with each other when the particle accelerator exploded, meaning you were linked. You didn’t have the same abilities though, she had a force of heat. She could send fireballs your way and scorch a skyscraper in seconds. She wasn’t one of the good ones, no matter how hard you had tried before she was killed. She never changed sides. 

“Y/n, are you sure about this?” Barry questioned, anxiously. You nodded your head and walked through the door. 

“Oh, hello sister.” You looked up and there she was. Her body no longer lifeless, no longer still and no longer in your arms. 

“Who are you?” You questioned, as the boys took all the people left in the bank outside, safe. 

“What? It’s me, Y/n. Don’t you remember your own sister?" 

"My sister is dead, she died in my arms. So who are you?" 

"Oh, wouldn’t you like to know.” She said, her hands lit up, red. She hurled a fireball your way but you dodged it. 

“Why are you doing this?” You shouted, dodging more of her fireballs. 

“Because it’s fun!” She said laughing maniacally. You felt your cheeks flush red with anger. This wasn’t your sister. Your sister was bad but you knew she had good in her deep down. As you dodged another fireball, Barry came to your side. 

“Where’s Wally?” You asked him, still dodging the fire thrown by your sister. 

“He’s dealing with the people left inside.” Barry returned, focused on my sister. 

“Oh look, I must be special. I have the Flash and FlexiGirl!” She said sarcastically. “Where’s Kid Flash? Or is this party adults only?” She giggled. 

“Stop it. Why are you here?” You questioned further. 

“I told you!” She said, her voice climbed in volume, “It’s fun!” She screamed. “It’s fun to watch things crash and burn, the whole city will when I’m done.” She was crazy, she wasn’t your sister. 

“Not if we can help it.” Barry created a wind to blow the fire away from you as you jumped and leapt towards her. You got close enough and put the handcuffs on her. She looked you right in the eye. You knew those eyes so well. 

“Just you wait. Savitar will come and he will kill everyone you love. You think he killed me before? That was just a rouse to show you that a God has no mercy and there is no limit to his power.” She finished, never breaking eye contact. 

“He will kill everyone. But wait, huh. How could I be so silly? You don’t have anybody left Y/n. Nobody left in the entire world who loves you. You are so alone. I can feel it through our connection. So who would he kill? Cisco? Julian? HR? Barry?" 

Your cheeks flushed red with anger once again. 

"Oops. Did I strike a nerve there? You always were one with a temper.” She stated still smiling maniacally.

“Barry, take her back to Star Labs and lock her up." 

Doing as he was told, Barry grabbed her and whizzed away. You sunk to the floor, removing your mask. It was true, you had nobody. Before you could stop them, the tears started. You held your head between your knees, crying. You stayed like that for a few minutes, until you heard Cisco. "Y/n? You coming back?" 

"Yep, coming now.” You replied, trying to sound cheerful but drastically failing.

You stood up, walking out of the bank, putting your mask back on. You leapt over the cars, onto the buildings. Jumping from one to the other. You landed neatly in front of Star Labs. You went straight to my training room. You didn’t want the others to see you like this. You began your circuit but you couldn’t do it. Your legs were tired, your muscles ached and your head throbbed. You sat on the floor once again with your head in between your knees. Breathing deeply. 

You heard footsteps and looked up to meet Barry. He had changed out of his suit and was wearing his Star Labs Jumper like you. “Y/n.” He whispered softly. “It’s not true. There are people in this world who love you more than anything." 

"Really?” You snapped back at him, “could you name some because I don’t think they exist!” You said the tears spilling even more. 

“Well, there’s Julian, Cisco, HR, Wally, Joe, Iris and well… Me. I… I love you Y/n.” He whispered, you looked up to meet his eyes again. He was staring deep into yours. He placed his hand on your cheek, wiping the tears away. 

“I love you Y/n. And I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner.” He said sighing deeply. 

“I love you too, Barry” you whispered between sharp breaths. He lifted your head up to face him and slowly pulled your head towards him. Your lips connected, sharing a gentle kiss. He pulled you in closer and you nestled your head into him. You did have someone, you had Barry and he had you.