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Betsy DeVos cannot name an example of discrimination that would cause her to cut federal funding from a school
Trump's education secretary apparently sees no problem with giving federal money to schools that reject queer kids.

Here she goes again! In a House subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos essentially said that she sees no problem with giving federal funds to schools that openly discriminate – against LGBTQ students, students of color, students with disabilities, or possibly any other group that faces discrimination in education.

The details of this conversation are borderline unbelievable, so I’m going to spare you a click and include much of HuffPost’s writeup (above) here:

Rep. Katherine Clark (D-Mass.) told DeVos about Lighthouse Christian Academy, a private school in Indiana that receives state voucher money but denies admission to students from families where there is “homosexual or bisexual activity” or someone “practicing alternate gender identity.” Clark asked DeVos, whose budget seeks a $250 million increase for projects that include vouchers for private schools, if she would step in if that Indiana school applied for such federal funding.

DeVos replied by saying she supports giving flexibility to states.

“For states who have programs that allow for parents to make choices, they set up the rules around that,” she said.

Clark, who appeared baffled, pressed DeVos on whether she could see any situation in which she would overrule a school requesting federal voucher money ― if the school discriminated against students based on sexual orientation, race or special needs, for example.

“The Office of Civil Rights and our Title IX protections are broadly applicable across the board,” DeVos said. “But when it comes to parents making choices on behalf of their students….”

“This isn’t about parents making choices. This is about use of federal dollars,” Clark interrupted. “You would put the state flexibility over our students.”

“I think a hypothetical―” DeVos said.

“It’s not a hypothetical,” Clark snapped. “It’s a real school.”

As they talked over each other, the chairman stepped in and gave DeVos a chance to fully answer Clark, whose time was up.

“The bottom line is we believe that parents are the best equipped to make choices for their children’s schooling and education decisions,” DeVos said. “States and local communities are best equipped to make these decisions and framework.”

Clark managed to get in a parting comment: “I am shocked that you cannot come up with one example of discrimination that you would stand up for students.”

I will never stop being baffled at her incompetence, her utter disdain for kids who aren’t wealthy and white and Christian and straight and cisgender, and the fact that she wields so much power in 2017. This is unreal. And yet. 

Tritype finder

First set


You are energetic and aim to benefit from the world. You appear independent and focus on your own desires. You can become overly aggressive and narcissistic.


You are driven and aim to improve the world. You appear mature, because of your moral focus. You can become overly repressed and controlled.


You are introspective and aim to balance and understand yourself. You appear deep and focus on your inner world. You can become overly withdrawn and inactive.

Second set


You are unemotional and serious, often appearing intellectual. You can put your emotions aside to work logically more easily than the other types. But your emotions can end up being ignored and overlooked.


You are cheerful and sociable, often appearing extroverted. You avoid negative emotions, preferring to maintain a positive inner world. But you can end up being compulsively positive.


You are emotional and alert to problems, often appearing intense. You are highly aware of the value of emotion and are emotionally intelligent. But you can end up being overly dramatic.

Third set


You are flexible, seeking support and approval. You are people-oriented and socially aware. But you can become wavering and easily swayed, unable to break social norms, even for the greater good.


You are idealistic, seeking perfection in everything. You are passionate about your ideal world. But you can become overly critical of the flawed real world.


You are realistic, seeking power and control. You are independent and self-focused. But you can become controlling and aggressive, unable to relinquish control, even for the greater good.



You cannot choose any of these 9 combinations:

  • CCF
  • CPR
  • ACA
  • WRF
  • WCR
  • CRA
  • APF
  • ARR
  • WPA

But you can choose balanced (x) on 0 or 2 of the sets, but NOT 1.

The MLM industry can be a wake-up call to communities and companies. Women are so motivated to work that they’ll do it for next to nothing and will bring their friends, relatives, and neighbors into their businesses. Imagine how successful they’d be if they were given the adequate support, flexibility, and training to do it in your office.
Analysis of the Lions and their Pilots

With the switch of Pilots in Season 3, I was wondering how the Lions choose their Pilot. Since the switch involves Black, Red and Blue, I’ll focus on those three. It’s rather Lance-centric I admit, because he’s my boy and the reason why I was thinking about this in the first place.

As a preliminary, it’s pretty clear that one main way the Lions select their Pilot is through a match of personality between them and their Pilot. However, I’m sure it goes beyond having a similar personality, given how Season 3′s switch doesn’t completely follow that pattern. The most obvious example for me was Black and Keith. As per Allura’s description of the Lions in the pilot episode, Black requires a pilot who “is a born leader and in control at all times, someone whose men will follow without hesitation”. Based on this description, absent Shiro, Allura would be the Black Paladin. Pidge even describes her as the “decision maker”. Yet, Keith, resident hothead, is who Black chooses. In fact, as the former Red Paladin, Keith would be described as “temperamental” and “unstable”. While one could argue that he had character development since the pilot episode (and I agree), I wouldn’t exactly describe someone who lost his temper at a diplomatic meeting in control of his emotions. 

Even for Lance and Red, there is a difference in how they approach fights as well. Rather than relying heavily on instincts, Lance thinks through his actions before delving into them. He’s not fiery in battle to the same extent Keith is, choosing to attack at what he perceives to be the right moment instead. 

In any event, it would be superficial if the “mystical bond” between Lion and Pilot was based on personality alone. Certainly, individuals do not require a similar personality to work with each other. Hence, beyond a personality test, I think the Lions look out for the candidate whom they can trust to carry out the nuanced roles played by the different Lions. This is based on a few observations - how Shiro had to compete with Zarkon to prove himself to Black on the metaphysical plain, how Keith and Lance had to prove themselves to Red (albeit in different ways). Additionally, trust is an important cornerstone for any relationship, what more a strong mystical bond. Hence, while a similar personality fit is an ideal situation for the smoothest teamwork, if a Lion ultimately feels that she can trust a particular Paladin despite some differences in working styles, I believe that concessions can be made. 

The question then is how the Lions decide whom to trust.

I’ll start with Red. For Red, I think the lion’s nuanced role is supporting Black. As mentioned by Allura to Lance in Red Paladin, Red accepted Lance when he “proved that [he] valued a strong team over [his] own need for glory”. Similar to Alfor, Lance was able to set aside feelings of pride in order to support someone else as the leader. As neatly phrased in Lance’s Voltron Wikia page, Red takes a pilot who is capable of being “a trusted right hand, putting the power to command in the hands of a great leader in battle, giving his assistance where it is needed, and stoking the fire for his friends“. 

However, if it was simply a matter of being willing to be the right hand of the leader, it doesn’t explain why Allura wasn’t selected. Rather, I think the edge Lance has over Allura is because of his relationship with Keith. In my opinion, the Red Paladin has to be someone who not only sincerely supports the Black Paladin, but whom the Black Paladin sees as their second, because trust has to go both ways. One cannot be a self-proclaimed right hand. Looking at Season 3, Keith saw Lance as a second-in-command, whether consciously or not. While the rest of the team did congratulate Keith, it had been Lance’s words that pushed him to accept his new role. Objectively, this makes sense, given how they have worked together as a pair and make a good team when they put their minds to it. 

Not only do they have a good dynamic, Lance has also reined Keith’s rashness in battle. 

As much as Keith sees Lance as a “goofball”, he should know that Lance is someone who is skilled to make quick and smart decisions in the heat of battle.

As a new leader who doesn’t trust his own ability to lead, I can see how he would at least subconsciously view Lance as a second to support him. Similarly,  Shiro likely viewed Keith as his second-in-command, as evidenced from how he told Keith to step up as the leader should he fall. 

(*cue cute hugging scene*)

For Blue, I see her almost as a Jack of all trades, capable of holding her own in both defence and attack. She plays a support role which requires flexibility in order to “[provide] what’s needed at the time” (Mitch Iverson’s explanation from the Let’s Voltron podcast). Indeed, as the legs of Voltron, Yellow and Blue both provide greater overall support functions than Red and Green (I don’t count Green’s cloaking ability as that was added by Pidge, and not part of the original lion). However, Yellow differs from Blue by taking a greater defence function, such as armour and anchoring. Blue’s support function is more fluid, where she has a diverse set of weapons for attack and support, providing what’s needed in as many different situations as possible. For example, her Sonic Cannon, other than being used as an attack weapon underwater, has a support function via echolocation and mapping. Undisputedly, this has been a crucial weapon, as seen from episodes Escape from Beta Traz and The Hunted. 

Blue recognised the capability of playing a flexible support role in Lance and Season 3 Allura. For Lance, one example of how this capability was reflected is the form his bayard took. Beyond his natural sharp shooting abilities, his Blue bayard was an energy rifle, flexible as a long and short ranged weapon. Given how the bayard complements the Paladin’s fighting skill and style, Lance’s rifle reflects his fluid fighting style. Other than his bayard, his flexibility in fighting style is also shown through his situational awareness, where he is quick to adapt his tactics in view of different environments

Additionally, Lance is the sort of person who looks out for his team, even if he isn’t especially close to them. For example, he instinctively jumped to cover Coran once he realised “Rover” was a fake. In that split second, his decision was not to cover himself, but to cover an alien he just met. 

This character trait was likely especially significant at that time of the pilot episode, as Blue needed a Pilot who would stand by a new team they hardly knew. Fundamentally, Lance is that type of person. Similarly, Season 3 Allura showed that same drive to support the team in any capacity she could. At the Red Paladin episode, she expresses, “how can I allow others to risk their lives in battle and not be prepared to do so myself? I must try”, “others are risking their lives in this fight and I can’t continue to …” 

Although Black’s role seems the most obvious - “the decisive head of Voltron”- it was more difficult for me to pinpoint how Black chooses its Pilot. I didn’t understand why Keith was chosen as the leader over Allura. Not to say that Keith isn’t a born leader as well, because he is. He just appeared less ready to be the leader, compared to Allura. 

To me, one huge edge Keith had over Allura was that Shiro had chosen Keith as his successor. With that, I think Black’s relationship with her Pilot runs on a deeper level than the relationship the other Lions have with their Pilots. She keeps that deep bond with her former Pilot unless the circumstances are exceptional, and because of that bond, she takes her former Pilot’s decision into account. One example of how deep the bond runs was Black’s bond with Zarkon, where Zarkon could continue to commune with Black, despite Black’s simultaneous strong bond with Shiro (as evidenced from Shiro’s successful blind dive which “is an expert level drill that [one] really shouldn’t be attempted unless [one’s] been flying for years”.)

It showed how Black remained loyal to her former Pilot, even as her former and current Pilot fight against each other. Zarkon’s commune only stopped when Shiro won Black’s trust and respect completely by proving his respect for her sentience (after being thrown around like a rag doll and almost dying). 

Hence, although Allura was an equally worthy leader, Shiro’s choice ultimately led Black to choose Keith, to trust Keith as Shiro did.

SO, that’s me trying to rationalise why the Lions made the choices they did. As Allura explained, “The quintessence of the pilot is mirrored in his lion”. Other than personality, I think it boils down to how much the Lions trust a particular Paladin, which partly depends on the relationships between different Paladins.

Do many of us agree that Midoriya inheriting One For All was very disappointing? like I’m not the only one who wanted to see him grow and succeed without a quirk? to watch him rely mainly on his brain and analyse his way out of problems? to learn how to fight and to work on his physical abilities (agility, flexibility, strength …) to support his intellectual side. To become a hero even when everyone told him it wasn’t possible to become one the way he was? then he gets accepted into UA against all expectations and imagine class dynamics with a quirkless Izuku, he’d stand out bc he’s different at first then it’ll change into him standing out bc of his intelligence and he’d be the genius of class 1-A and people learn the hard way to not underestimate the tiny green haired blob of cheerfulness .. just Midoriya being a total badass without a quirk bc that boy does not need one

What is in a Tail?

Macropus rufus

By John Wible

Those with pet dogs or cats at home are familiar with what a mammal’s tail can do. It acts as a counterbalance for your cat in executing amazing leaps and bounds. It is used for communication, more so by your dog, expressing a broad range of emotions by its action or lack thereof. Cows and horses use their tails to swat flies. Some mammals have a prehensile tail, which acts like a fifth appendage and is used in grasping, supporting, or in the case of a spider monkey even swinging from a tree branch. For marine mammals (whales, seals, and walruses), the tail is the major propulsive organ for swimming. 

But what is in a tail? Your back is made of a series of small bones stacked together called vertebra (plural is vertebrae). This is the reason why animals with vertebrae, such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, are called vertebrates. A typical mammalian back shows five regional variants or types of vertebrae. These are neck (cervical) vertebrae supporting the head, thoracic vertebrae anchoring the ribcage, lumbar vertebrae with the abdomen, sacral vertebrae with the pelvis, and caudal vertebrae with the tail. These five types are readily distinguished from each other, with their structure reflective of their function and position within the spine or vertebral column. A back walks a delicate balance between two seemingly incongruent functions—strength to provide support and flexibility to allow movement. It is the battle between these that in bipeds like us often ends in back pain.

Regarding the numbers of vertebrae in different regions, the most stable is the neck, with the vast majority of mammals having seven cervical vertebrae. Even the giraffe with its incredibly long neck has the same number of cervical vertebrae as you and me. However, the numbers in the other regions differ considerably across mammalian species, with the thorax between 11 and 23, lumbar between two and eight, and the sacrum between one and nine. But it is the tail that wins the prize with a range between two and 49! The red kangaroo, Macropus rufus, pictured above has a vertebral count from head to tail of seven cervical, 13 thoracic, six lumbar, two sacral, and 21 caudal. 

But wait a minute. Some mammals, including us, do not have tails. Why isn’t the range for caudal vertebra between zero and 49. The fact is that even tailless mammals have some very reduced caudal vertebrae. In the case of humans, our “tail” is composed of three to five greatly reduced caudal vertebrae that are collectively referred to as the coccyx (Greek for cuckoo, from the resemblance of these bones to this bird’s beak).

How should I end my tale? Given our penchant for world records, I would be remiss if I did not announce the winner of the living mammal with the highest number of caudal vertebrae at a whopping 49. It is the aptly named long-tailed pangolin, Phataginus tetradactyla, from West Africa (the tags in the photo above are attached to the hind foot, giving you some idea of tail length). It is one of the eight species of pangolins or scaly anteaters found in parts of Africa and Asia. It is the most arboreal of the pangolins, the reason why its tail is prehensile, and a good swimmer to boot. Pangolin scales are made of keratin, like your fingernails, and provide protection from predators and prey (they feed on biting social insects). Sadly, the scales are also a reason why pangolins are critically endangered as they are used in traditional medicine practices.

John Wible, PhD, is the curator of the Section of Mammals at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. John’s research is focused on the tree of life of mammals, understanding the evolutionary relationships between living and extinct taxa, and how the mammalian fauna on Earth got to be the way it is today. He uses his expertise on the anatomy of living mammals to reconstruct the lifeways of extinct mammals. John lives with his wife and two sons in a house full of cats and rabbits in Ross Township.

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for the character meme of you haven't been asked, how about Panchito?

1: sexuality headcanon: My first instinct is to say ‘considers himself straight but ends up finding out he’s not when he finds love with another gender’. Mica was right, this IS one of my go to preferences. …. Just because it’s pointed out to me doesn’t mean I’m changing my answer, though. I support flexible sexuality, and being on a spectrum. 

2: otp: YOOOOOOO, it’s yo boys– Jose’ and Panchito! Bringing to ya all the fun and excitement you’ll ever need. 

3: brotp: And then you add Donald to the mix. Wash, rinse, repeat– YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A GOOD TIME

4: notp: None

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: He’s amazing with his shooting skills. He can hit a target even if he’s not looking at it. Also in the Adult Cartoon AU that @micaxiii and I have, he Jose’ and Donald play at the bar Jose’ works at. Their band name is, you guessed it, ‘The Three Caballeros’. 

Also this isn’t a headcanon, it’s just fact: Panchito thinks Donald is amazing. He’s the responsible family man. He looks up to Donald for being able to do that. And I think that’s sweet. To Jose’ and him they just see the best guy around.

6: one way in which I relate to this character: I also get excited whenever I see Donald Duck

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: He needs to not laugh off possible dangers. You’re gonna get yourself killed with that YOLO life style, buddy.

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Problematic Pistol Popper

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since we're apparently bribing you via caprisuns *slides a box your way*, don't suppose you've got the Miranda and Krory profiles?

are you sending me an entire box of capri suns or are you implying that capri sun comes in a juice box as opposed to a pouch

either way, p much every character you could possibly think of has a profile, which is why i want requests instead of just trying to figure out how to post all 80 of them on my own, so yes, miranda and krory got theirs too~

Miranda Lotto
Affiliation: Black Order, Exorcist
Innocence: Time Record (Equipment type/Clock)
Age: 26
Nationality: German
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Birthday: January 1
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Training, studying her Innocence
Likes: Head Chef Jeryy’s nutritional drinks, chatting with her friends, sewing
Dislikes: Her useless self, her unruly hair
Necessities: Candy, sleep medication

Sophistication: 4
Humanity: 4
Combat Ability: 0.5
Mental: 4.5 (+2.5)
Flexibility: 2 (-1)
Supportiveness: 5 (+1)

Arystar Krory III
Affiliation: Black Order, Exorcist
Innocence: Unnamed (Parasite type/Fangs)
Age: 29
Nationality: Romanian
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Birthday: December 1
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Blood type: Unmeasurable¹
Hobbies: Gardening, brushing his teeth
Likes: Eliade, the forelock he inherited from his grandfather
Dislikes: Ghosts
Necessities: A ribbon he got from Lenalee as a lucky charm
(¹Previously AB, but mixing with Akuma blood has made it difficult to determine)

Sophistication: 5 (+4)
Humanity: 4
Combat Ability: 5 (+1)
Mental: 4
Flexibility: 2
Romance: 3 (-2)

Hello my wonderful fellow barduilings!

So I have an idea and I kind of want to gauge interest and the tag has been quite actively the last couple of days so I decided now was the time.

I want to organise a Barduil Round Robin.

A round robin is when we each write a chapter and then pass it on to the next writer. So, I would decide (or indeed consult with any participants) on a theme and we would work out a writer order and just go for it!

It would be very chill because I do not approve of stressful things, you would have plenty of time to do your bit I would make absolutely sure of it, and if you don’t manage it, or your life goes cray for a while that’s okay, you just pass it onto the next person and it can come back to you at a better time.

The end result though guys.

Have you thought about the end result?

Because the way I see it, if enough people get involved, then what we’re going to end up with it this:

A barduil fic written by the barduil fandom.

And idk about you guys but that idea just tickles me.

Do not worry if you’re not confident in your writing or as experienced as others or indeed have never written barduil before, after all, what better environment than being surrounded by other writers on a collaborative project to hone your writing?

After all, we’re the barduil fandom, we support each other ;)

But you don’t just need to be a writer to get involved!

If you’re a beta, great! You can help make the whole fic sound uniform with your mad beta-ing skills! If you’re an artist, sweet! You are more than welcome to ask to see the fic so far and art-ify a scene! 

In fact whatever you do if you wanna get involved just let me know and I will find a way.

So right now I’m just trying to work out whether or not any of you are actually interested in this idea, so if you are, let me know, you’re not tying yourself down for anything right now, just trying to see if this is a viable idea ^.^

Please reblog and spread the word and make sure to let me know if you are interested! I’m unfortunately not psychic and don’t know unless you actively come and tell me you want in, or even if you just have questions, fire them at me :D

Hopefully I will hear from you soon <3

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vine and dragon heartstring, 12 3/4 inches, supple flexibility

Vine and Dragon Heartstring, 12 3/4″, supple

Vine is the wandwood of those with hidden depths, of great intelligence, those who will astound even their closest friends when they wish to. A dragon heartstring core indicates considerable fierceness and some degree of flamboyance, a kind of magical rigidity towards a preference for action, which may sometimes be reckless. Backed with the intelligence of Vine you have a wand which will be used imaginatively; the wix this wand chooses is likely intelligent and a creative problem solver. The length and flexibility here support that, I think, indicating someone who is quite confident and who knows when to adapt to circumstances.

Nohrian Army Headcanons

 I like to imagine that the Nohrian army has a more regimental organization than its Hoshidan counterpart. In particular, I like to think that the army operates similarly to European armies from the late 1400s to the early 1600s (Renaissance, Wars of Religion, etc). 

  For the rank and file Nohrian, battles are probably formational in nature. Imagine pike and shot warfare- Swiss pikemen, landsknechts, Spanish tercios, etc.  Picture rows of halberds and lances interlocked in a tight phalanx, marching and turning in unison. This would be supported by the equivalent of rodeleros- Mercenaries and Fighters- who would form a flexible offensive supporting arm of the infantry corps. Similar to a tercio, fighting blocs would also include a handful of embedded ranged troops- likely Dark Mages and maybe the odd Outlaw (though they’re probably deployed as irregular scouts and spies tbh). 

   While disciplined infantry presents an indomitable core, the real killing arm of Nohr is it’s mighty cavalry. Swift and heavily armored, they are the hammer to the infantry’s anvil. In a single, well placed charge, they could plow through and crush the enemy between the weight of their charge and the immovable wall of spears of the Nohrian infantry. (In a way, I guess this form of warfare is also similar to that of the Hellenic Diadochi but Nohr’s aesthetic and armament is clearly late Medieval/early modern). 

   This might be the reason why Leo and Xander seem to be so obsessed with army drills, unit positioning, and formations. The Nohrian army is an efficient killing machine but it breaks down if it’s mishandled. Without discipline and clear command, the Nohrian phalanx breaks down. Without correct support, the pike line is too slow and inflexible and will get cut to shreds by missile fire or get outflanked. Too far outside of the phalanx, and Nohrian mages and Outlaws are vulnerable and outgunned. The cavalry are a mighty and decisive force, but a badly timed charge will get them bogged down and cut into pieces. 

 In short, Nohr’s military is an army of soldiers run by strict discipline, careful planning, and regimental synergy. 

 Next time: Hoshido and Muromachi/early Sengoku Jidai warfare (though this’ll prolly take a while and might change because i still need to play Birthright)

Yamamori Sensei's tweets Part 4

Hehe did you guys enjoy the last part? Yes? Well even more great news! This is the rest of Hirunaka no Ryuusei related old tweets from Yamamori Sensei. It’s a very long post, so for now we present you with another few gorgeous teaser sketches from this amazing manga-ka. If you want to see the rest, make sure you click the cut, you’ll regret it if you don’t!!


May 10, 2013



May 25, 2013

皆さん7巻の感想ありがとうございます。 スキャンしたデータがなぜかアップ出来ない…のでもう写メで失礼しますこのヤロー パソコン得意な友達が欲しいですこのヤロー

Thankyou for all the feedback on the 7th volume. I can’t seem to upload my scanned data..so my apologies for the photo. This bastard of a computer seems to want to make a special friend. This bastard~

*Text near Mamura: The glance that Suzume gets/recieves/sees in class is definitely like this.

* Mamura Speech Bubble: “What?”

* Under Speech Bubble (Mamura is speaking): “What are you doing?”

May 10, 2013

一ミリも知らない私が描いてみました。進撃の巨人のキャラ。むちゃくちゃリクエスト多かったです。 洋服とか細かいところは誤魔化しつつで(^◇^;)

I tried to draw this without knowing anything. It’s a character from Shingeki no Kyojin. There were heaps of requests for this. So I drew it while tricking you guys with the small details such as the clothing (^◇^;)

May 28, 2013


Mamura waking up. The pajamas are on purpose. He probably sleeps in a T-shirt normally.

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Hi everyone! Sorry for being so secretive, we’ve all been scribbling away at our illustrations for The Raven Arcana zine! Here are a few selected WIPs, no promises that these will reflect the final designs! We all still have 2 weeks left until the final art deadline.

We just wanted to take a minute to thank the amazing artists who have been so supportive, flexible, and kind during this whole process. The zine is working up to be an amazing accomplishment for all of us, and from a place of complete sincerity, we wanted to say thanks. We all hope you like it!! 

NikeLab Free Inneva II

Nike struck (white) gold with the release of the Free Inneva a few years back, which has also seen a bit of resurgence amongst sneakerheads within the past year thanks to some clean colorways of the Free Inneva Mid. Following up on the momentum, the Swoosh has struck again with a surprise sequel to the silhouette, aptly dubbed the Free Inneva II. The follow-up sneaker preserves the woven upper from the first model, interrupting the nylon webbing with suede paneling through the midfoot. Of particular note, the webbing is hand-woven with threads of varying length to allow supportive flexibility. Available at select NikeLab locations on August 22.

Based off this (x) post

“Sam,” Dean struggles to speak while holding up his weight, “you’re out!” Sam huffs in response while he untangles his long legs and moves off of the twister mat.

“You win again, Dean.” Sam announces, a hint of defeat in his voice. This is the fifth time he’s won today. Dean hoots in response as he throws his arms into the air.

“Com-on Sammy, Cas, one more round!” he shouts as he jiggles his little brothers shoulder playfully. Sam rolls his eyes before nodding his head. Once again, Dean hollers in response. Cas slightly questions Dean’s matter of celebration, but moves quickly over to his spot on the dot-covered mat. Sam and Dean follow suit.

“Spin it, Cas!” Sam says as he punches Castiel’s shoulder lightly. Cas lifts his hand in the direction he wants and the spinner flicks around the board. It slowly comes to a stop. He stretches his head over to see.

“Put your right hand on red, Dean.” Cas says with a very serious expression on his face, as if this is no laughing matter. Dean plops his hand down, and then the real competition starts.

“Left foot green.” “Right hand blue.” “Right foot yellow.” “Right hand green.”

All of the commands spit out of Castiel’s mouth in an almost constant flow. Sam got out in almost minutes, due to legs not being flexible enough to support his body. It’s only Dean and Cas now, both stuck in ridiculous poses. Castiel is stuck in a crabwalk position, his arms shaking from holding up his weight.

Dean’s right leg in intertwined with Cas’s, his left leg jetting straight out behind him. Right now, Dean’s head is away from Castiel’s, both of his hands resting on the blue dots next to Cas’s torso. One small move from either of them and they will come crashing down.

Sam huffs and flicks the spinner. “Left hand red, Dean.” He says, trying to suppress a giggle because he knows exactly how this is going to pan out.

Dean leans all of his weight onto his right hand before smacking his hand onto the red circle next to Cas’s hand. He grunts as he tries to adjust his position, but ends up landing his face right in front of Castiel’s.

Both of their sweaty bodies are smack up against each other, their hearts racing. Their faces are so close that this is taking ‘no personal space’ to a whole new level. Cas’s eyes widen to the point where he almost looks scared. His breath shortens. Every racing thought that had been going through his mind this week disappears and it all rests soundly on the word Dean.

Dean’s eyes jet on the dominant features of Cas’s faces. His lips. His eyes. His pulse quickens. He shallowly breathes out the word Cas before he lets everything go in a sense of ‘why the hell not’. Dean’s body crashes on top of him. Castiel’s arms collapse under Dean’s weight. Castiel looses his breath, but he doesn’t mind.

Not this time.

Dean leans over and crashes his lips into his, resting his hands gently on the sides of Cas’s head. He ruffles his hair as he slips his tongue into Cas’s mouth. Castiel responds appropriately by doing the same back. Castiel lifts up his shaky arms and throws them around Dean’s neck, flipping him onto his back.

Castiel pulls away from the kiss, now sitting on the top of Dean’s pelvis. He smiles and laughs as he fumbles around with unbuttoning the top of his shirt.

“Com-ere.” Dean says as he grabs Castiel’s shoulders and pulls him down, this time their lips meeting hard and rough.

Sam sneaks out of the room, careful not to disturb their love.

“I think you won, Dean.” He whispers aloud to himself, laughing.


#PracticePracticePractice Day 13. As flexible as you are, you need strength in equal measure. It is one thing to be flexible and another thing entirely to have the strength to articulate, control and support your flexibility. So many of the deepest backbends rely o the strength and power in the legs and pelvis. Without that even the most naturally flexible person feels unstable. But if you have that strength you can remain calm and be courageous even while diving deeply into your backbends. What strength do you need to support your flexibility? 🌟
#practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 🙏
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anonymous asked:

Hey! I am new at Dota, people says that support is easy for begginers but i can't play it well.-. Can you give me advice about playing support?

Hello Honey!

Don’t panic! I’m sure you will do better next time! 3

I wouldn’t say support is easy though (you have more to care about). It suit beginners, mostly because it engages in battles in a different way.

Carry Hero practice on getting farmed competently, 

Support Hero practice on these:

You can find tons of videos about these, but practice is still the key

  1. When to Pull/Push.
  2. How to stack neutral creeps/Ancient creeps?
  3. Where to place wards. Wards vs. Dust?
  4. Who I should lane with? What is Tri-laning and Solo laning and how to?
  5. What hero skills/Items complement my hero?
  6. Which lane and who I should gank?

Support Hero Selections:

These highlighted heroes are usually play as support because they don’t necessarily need good items to strengthen their magic damage/control effectiveness.

You can play other heroes as support, but not as efficient.

(and of course, they get more powerful when they have good items)

Item Considerations (flexible):

Most support heroes benefit from getting these items in time, but there is no fix rule! There are many other items (e.g.. Scythe of Vyse) you can use to make your hero more powerful. I’m sure you will find them while playing.  <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Alright, still the quote - Practice makes perfect!

Have fun!

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This is a very big question, but, any other ideas?

"How do I make all of my dreams come true?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle & Kristin Say:

Allow yourself to fail, don’t put shit on the back burner, ask for help, & keep dreaming. Here’s what we mean: 

(1) Allow yourself to fail, because it happens. No one just comes up with a dream and then flies into the sky on a giant dog muppet and gets everything they want. It takes a ton of hard work, a bunch of mistakes you’ve got to learn from, and a crap load of pulling-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps. But you can do it. 

(2) Don’t put shit on the back burner. It’ll be so easy to take a shitty job that pays a little more, but doesn’t allow you the time to do what you love. SO EASY.  Don’t do that. Work the shitty low-paying job that gives you a flexible schedule and supports you following your dreams. Money is not more important than your happiness. Dannielle’s dad always says, “If you like making money now, just wait until you’re making it doin’ what you love.”

(3) Ask for help. People want to help you, they just don’t know how. Ask your friends to help you with a project. Ask your family to help support your newest venture. Ask your co-workers to help loosen up your schedule so you can take the time you need. Ask your old professor how they got started. Ask for help. You can not do it alone. 

(4) Don’t. Fucking. Stop. Dreaming. We don’t care how many goals you’ve achieved… don’t ever stop dreaming bigger. Dream the biggest shit you can possibly dream. You can do it. We promise you.