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Good evening my #Beautiful #Yogis. What songs make up your life soundtrack? I’d like to think mine consists of a plethora of Beyoncé songs. But there are interludes and bridges that are full of static and footsteps, people walking in and out. Sometimes we can’t cover the background noise with a dope track, sometimes we have to sit with the static and footsteps. So no clever music over this video. Just my focus and the static. Sometimes it’s necessary. Stay #light and #awesome

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A Ranger’s Arsenal: Arrowheads

The pointy end of an Arrow is the most functional part!

The Arrowhead plays the largest role in determining an Arrow’s purpose…

Some arrows may simply use a sharpened tip of the solid shaft, but it is far more common for separate arrowheads to be made, usually from metal, horn, or some other materials…

Arrowheads are usually separated by function:

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Hola hola my #Beautiful #Yogis. Happy #HumpDay. Have you guys ever seen Trolls?? The soundtrack was pretty amazing and the story had such a great message. Put your Hair Up! I hope you’re having an amazing day and remember:
___________________________________“In the long run, you make your own luck―good, bad, or indifferent.”. -Loretta Lynn
__________________________________ so what are you creating for yourself? Manifest and vibrate higher, you can do it! I believe in you! Stay #light and #awesome.

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Things I Want to See in Future LL Issues

1. Getaway being thwarted and brought to justice but not punished in a way that’s disproportionately cruel compared to Megatron’s relatively good outcome.

2. Rodimus taking his crew mates’ concerns to heart, using this experience to grow as a person and a leader and learning from his previous mistakes.

3. Gay.


Engineers at UC San Diego are using soft robotics technology to make light, flexible gloves that allow users to feel tactile feedback when they interact with virtual reality environments.

Watch on wonder-woman-o.tumblr.com

Goood morning my #Beautiful #Yogis. Someone asked me a question today and it triggered frustration. I admittedly had a moment but then realized, why would I be frustrated with them? It really was a simple question. So then began the work… the why? During my YTT my teachers spoke of Om Tat Sat. Basically translated to what is real and true? The why behind my frustration is something that I need to let go of. So today my mantra is “I am letting go of that which no longer serves me” Thank you guys for being a part of my journey and listening to my random musings. Oh and do the work!! Sometimes the smallest things reveal where we can grow and be better. Now carry on with your amazing self! Stay #light and #awesome.

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anstarx  asked:

Hi! Just want to say that your poses are super helpful! I actually want to ask about your background setting- How do you get a clean background (white paper? White wall?) like that? Also the lighting, did you use natural lighting since I struggled to get a good lighting when I take reference pictures.

Oh dude, you wouldn’t believe how bad my setup is. ^_^;  I’m hoping maybe someday if I can manage the funds, I can put together a better setup with more flexible lighting options, a turntable, props, and maybe even a better camera.

Right now, I’m using a folded piece of bristol board as a base and backdrop, a basic floor lamp with two daylight CFL bulbs, and the camera in my iPhone 5s.  I position or tilt the floor lamp until I get roughly the results I want.  It’s a pretty low budget operation.

But what I lack in a professional setup and photography skills, I make up for in Photoshop skills! :D  I’m an illustrator/comic person, and I do art in Photoshop for a living.  I use the Curves tool to balance out the lights and darks and remove color casts.  If you don’t have Photoshop, most art programs these days have some sort of equivalent.

Here’s a before and after:

In this case, I also edited out some props and composited a second photo of Orange-kun’s tape-covered foot.  I always note in my post whether or not something’s been edited, so people can know what’s actually doable with these figures and what isn’t.

So I hope that answers your question!  If anyone wants more info on how to use Photoshop curves, let me know.

(and btw, a new pose is coming up in a couple hours!)

Ever have trouble finding boots in the right color? Tried spray-painting them and ended up with a dry, cracked mess?

A fantastic friend recently advised me to paint leather boots (and any other leather goods) with floral paint. This is a spray paint that is light and flexible enough to use on live flowers. Above are the Poison Ivy boots I painted for a friend, which turned out fantastic.

One thing though: Wear them while you paint them, and maybe stretch your foot around in between coats. I didn’t think of this, and while the paint did not crack at all, it started to split where the boots were stretched from walking. Next time I paint some boots, I’ll let you know if I was able to fix this problem.

The paint I used is called Design Master, and you can find it at Michael’s or Joann Fabrics. In the stores near me, Michael’s had a better selection of colors and a slightly better price, but that may not be true everywhere. This color is “Holiday Green.”

How The actor who will play Nightwing in the movies has to be

1. Not to tall (Dick’s a gymnast, so he’s strong, but not to big. He has to be very light and flexible)

2. Not to old (Dick is the oldest Robin, so we get he’s not a teenager anymore, but he’s not even thirty yet. More like late twenties)

3. Not to white (it doesn’t has to be a Romani actor, but Dick has a slightly darker skin than Bruce. It’s more like a permanent tan)

4. Pretty (Above all, Dick’s a pretty boy, like a Disney prince or something. He has that delicate beauty that we can only find in Prince Charming or something like that).

5. Nice (that boy is the nicest person ever. He’s kind, good humored, selfless and caring, but charismatic nonetheless. He is someone you trust easily, just because he has an honest smile.)

Find me a man with those five and I’m sold.


(Red Lotus Korra turnaround by @aatkaw, design notes by @fell-dragon-domain)

Korra’s training outfit is simple—P’Li is a good seamstress, but lacks the dexterity for very complex designs—and bereft of any identifying adornments, such as the red lotus she’s learned so much of. What padding there is attached to the inside is minimal to encourage evasion rather than sticking around to take hits. The wolf tails and blue belt are nods to her Water Tribe heritage, mixed together with more practical elements like her pinned hair and the outfit’s brawler-like design.

Her later field outfit, by contrast, attempts to balance practicality with anonymity. The gray color and lack of identifying marks are designed to distance her from identification with any nation (both self-identification and identification by witnesses), while a lack of obvious bending implements obfuscates her further. Rather than carry water skins, she has to pull water from the air or nearby plant life. Instead of bulky metal cables, she has her lavabending to draw on. The light, fully flexible design is designed to allow a variety of bending styles, including her airbending unlocked after Harmonic Convergence.

The Mermaid Slayer Part ll (Taeyong - NCT) [Pirate!AU]

Ask     Part 1

(I seriously didn’t think anyone would like the last one, but here is part 2! Maybe part 3?) Hope you like it!

“A mermaid on board The Mermaid Slayer means instant death”

After the captain bargained your father’s life with yours, you became a worker for the crew. They would let you out only to clean, cook or work in whatever they needed, but in the end, you were always back in the cell. 

The first couple of times you had to work in the dress from the ball, which was rather inconvenient for obvious reasons. You were never able to open your mouth and protest since there was always a member of the crew and a gun in front of you.

After a while though, you found clothes around the ship. 

“This is the only time I will ever be grateful for those sewing classes” you murmured to yourself one night.

After trimming and sewing back together, you were finally wearing proper clothes. 

That’s when you had noticed the state of the dress. The pinks and purples were faded into a yellowish green. The gold was stained with the weird substance on the floor, which you later figured was some type of layer that fish have on their skin.

“Hey princess!” A voice rang.

You stood up and turned to the cell door. A boy stood there with a mocking smirk on his face. 

Without saying anything, he threw boots at you and left, but the only thing ringing in your brain was ‘princess’.

That was how they mocked you. They knew you were not royalty and that nobility was not your status, yet they used it against you in any way possible. 

You sighed in defeat and grabbed the boots.

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