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being half fish is not as fun as it may sound. and it doesnt sound very fun to start with, so…

im really craving sushi.

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Why your MBTI type is so cool:

ENFP: You’re outgoing in a childish-yet likeable way. Your energy is youthful and it’s refreshing to others.

INFP: You’re chill to hang around. If i had a stressful day, I’d go chill with an INFP. You guys always have food + comfort.

ENTP: You always have new ideas and new thoughts. You guys are flexible and easy to get along with, super funny.

INFJ: You can always relate in some way, and you guys are really easy to vent to and you give the best comfort.

ISFJ: You all are so warm and kind. You all always offer to do things for others and dont really expect much in return.

INTP: You all have a dark energy, you can always handle talking about ‘dark’ subjects and dark things.

ISTJ: You are practical and real, you’re honest in a kind way and very mature and grounded.

ESFP: You guys are wild and hard to keep up with, but in a fun way! There’s never a dull moment with you.

ESTJ: No other type can get things done as easy, practical and fast as you can. Also you are very loyal.

ESFJ: You usually know what’s best for others, which makes you very capable of being of useful help which people appreciates.

ENFJ: You encourage other people and know how to bring out the potential in others.

ISTP: You don’t care for shallow things, you’re real and fun in a weird way.

INTJ: You know how to tell puns that aren’t too dry and how to keep them coming. Thanks for always brightening the sometimes awkward mood you create by clever puns.

ISFP: Competetive, a trait that makes you ideal as a teammate and ensures victory.


Luffy FLEXIBILITY Workout | One Piece Tough Like The Toonz: EP 29

Monkey D. Luffy, The Straw Hat Pirate made of Rubber who’s gonna be king of the PIRATES!! 

He packs a punch and is one flexible guy so today’s tough like the toonz is going to be a workout to help you get Nice loose and flexible

 just like our lovable food loving Goofball. BUT BE SURE TO WARMUP FIRST


“Well, as weird as this movie has been, I’ll give it props for one thing... it didn’t end with an ‘it was all just a dream’ cliché.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, Ted, guess what this next storyboard is.”

Ted the Animator: “…no way.”

Carl the Animator: “Yes way.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, come on!”

Carl the Animator: “Everything after they passed out from the teacups ride was a dream.”

Ted the Animator: “That’s so– wait, what about the earlier shenanigans with the bad guy? A lot of crazy stuff happened before they slept!”

Carl the Animator: “She was revealed to just be a security lady who stole a KISS laboratory prototype zero-G belt.”

Ted the Animator: “…well, that’s definitely the weirdest sentence I’ve heard all week.”

Carl the Animator: “And I hadn’t even gotten to the prototype smelly red fog emitter.”

Ted the Animator: “What I want to know is how she could so perfectly contr–… hold up, didn’t she shoot energy blasts before Shaggy and Scooby slept?” 

Carl the Animator: “Actually, I think she did, yeah.”

Ted the Animator: “…didn’t KISS have magical powers before that, too?”

Carl the Animator: “I, uh… ah, yup, here we go. In the next scene, they reveal ‘em again to Shag and Scoob.”

Ted the Animator: “So, they did have those powers after all, and the movie went with the ‘It Was All Just A Dream (Or Was It?!?)’ motif just as an excuse to have all that crazy stuff towards the end.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m guessing in the writers’ room, they started with ‘let’s have a scene where Gene Simmons is proud of Shaggy and Scooby for breathing fire’ and worked backwards from there.”

Ted the Animator: “…ironically, all this insane nonsense is starting to make me feel like this experience w–”


Ted the Animator: “Wait, really? …wait, who?”

Carl the Animator: “The guy with the star over his eye!”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, him? That’s random.”

Carl the Animator: “I mean, Daphne was flirting with him nonstop.”

Ted the Animator: “She was? When?”

Carl the Animator: “…literally any scene they were together throughout the entire movie?”

Ted the Animator: “Ok, admittedly, I’m not the most observant in such areas.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m just confused about Daphne and Fred’s relationship… I mean, I’m no expert in Scooby-Doo canon, but from what I was told, it seemed they were semi-officially an item in the newer shows.”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, I’m not exactly well-versed in the ‘shipping lore of this later stuff.”

Carl the Animator: “I mean, this whole movie, Fred’s been freaking out at Daphne fawning over Paul, and then she straight-up snogs ‘em for a good while… sure doesn’t look like she and Fred are a thing.”

Ted the Animator: “Guess not… wouldn’t you know it, the one script that gets sent to us in Polish is the one with all these mysterious plot details.”

Carl the Animator: “Wait wait wait, there’s more!”

Ted the Animator: “Ooh?”

Carl the Animator: “Fred’s all mopey, and they talk for a little bit…”

Carl the Animator: “…then she kisses him…”

Carl the Animator: “…after, I might add, flirting nonstop and making out in front of him, intensely, with the rhythm guitarist of KISS…”

Carl the Animator: “…and now he’s perfectly happy again?

Ted the Animator: “Oh.”

Carl the Animator: “And then the movie just ends?!

Ted the Animator: “I feel like this is gonna send conflicting messages to the kids watching at home.”

Carl the Animator: “All things considered… I wasn’t expecting ‘it’s ok if your love interest wants to also make out with a 65-year-old guitarist in facepaint’ to be the moral of the story, but hey, I guess Freddy’s a flexible guy.”

Ted the Animator: “…I…”

Carl the Animator: “…huh?”

Ted the Animator: “…I just… thought of something….”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah?”

Ted the Animator: “…if everything after Shaggy and Scooby passed out was a dream… then the first time they ‘woke up’ was a dream as well…”

Carl the Animator: “…uh-huh?”

Ted the Animator: “…so, does that mean they both dreamed this scene, too?”

Carl the Animator: “I… uh…”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know… some questions just shouldn’t have answers.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m gonna take the plot’s advice, and pretend that us being hired to animate this movie was all just a dream.”

sweet hog billionaires: behind the scenes


                                     KINGS OF THE JUNGLE

Story by @frickssexywrestling                  Art by @mggm99

The blonde muscle boy saw the opening as his opportunity to take control. He ran fast and lunged forward to tackle the other guy down. But his opponent turned just in time and went low, lifting the blonde hunk off the ground and flying over his head, getting his back slammed hard into the ground dirt. The black ex-football player also collapsed into the ground, exhaustion setting in.
The two muscle boys from the Northeast had extensive wrestling experience but nothing compared to this. This wasn’t mere wrestling based on rules. It was not even the pro version. It was beyond that. Way beyond that. It took skills, improvisation, tenacity, desire, conditioning, strength, adaptation, mental power and so much more. It was the first day and they already felt the energy from their bodies drained from all the other stuff they had done during the earlier part of the day.

And here they were, both lying flat on the ground breathing hard, exhausted, 20 minutes into what they thought was a simple wrestling match based in a jungle setting. But they knew that it wasn’t that simple. The two boys had been at The Kings Nexus in prior years, and knew that there was always something different every year. They had failed to pass to the next level each and every time, but this year, they wanted it. Bad. Only thing, that this year, The Nexus, had been changed completely. Before it was just guys wrestling, fighting it out, a game of pure physical domination.  That’s what Michael Dean and Blake expected. No matter what changed around it, the basic element of wrestling was the determining factor.

They had come in, to the match with that mindset, in simple gear. Blake had chose black trunks while Michael went with a pair of beach shorts.They had come in, to the match in simple gear. Blake had chose black trunks while Michael went with a pair of beach shorts. Their minds in the past not realizing that the future was right on them.

So those outfits were great for other years. But not for the 20th version of The Kings Nexus. Not this crazy jungle setting, in which they could walk, use props, climb ropes and so much more to get an edge over the opponent. It wasn’t a clean air conditioned room with a simple wrestling mat or wrestling ring and a crowd of people sitting around. No. It was a Jungle. A hot, humid, wet and dirty jungle. That changed the whole game. Including their outfits. Before the match started they had to change into Tarzan like loin cloths that revealed much of their bodies. Their beautiful, muscular legs and asses in full display for everyone to see. That was the one thing that made them realize, more than anything, that this was different. That was why throughout their match,  they had been forced, by their own desire to win, by themselves, to keep pushing the envelope and find new ways to win. Just being a good wrestler was not going to get you a victory. During the matches or at the rest of the challenges in The Nexus

It was Michael Dean that first broke out of the wrestling rules. The heavier and more muscular Blake had dominated him in the ground, for the first few minutes. They knew that the rules allowed the use of anything in the area as a weapon or as a tool to defeat their opponent. None of what was around could be used for any permanent damage. But both of them had made a decision in their own mind to just wrestle. They didn’t talk about it between them. They just knew they were wrestlers of similar caliber that could just wrestle it out old school. Besides, they just wrestled in their previous Nexus, why not this time?

But once Michael knew he was in trouble, it was time to change the game. He didn’t plan it or think about it. He just reacted. The blonde young man saw the hanging vine from the tree dragging on the dirt ground. He pulled it towards him taking Blake by surprise, and making him trip, slamming the back of his head on the ground.

The people around them shouted in excitement. Finally the real fight had begun. This is what they were there for. The guests loved the wrestling, the muscular bodies grinding on each other, on the perpetual and eternal game of give and take. But when the paradigm was changed, it opened a whole new door to fresh action. They had seen Michael and Blake before, but it was stoic, stale. But now, they were both reaching deep into their arsenal of weapons, physical, spiritual and psychological. This Nexus would create a new breed of champions. A new more improved version. More aggressive, creative, stronger, open, sexual, dominant, flexible. Guys able to think on their feet, and to find ways to obtain the victory. If you could not win one way, then adapt and find another way, a secret passageway, the secret level, to win in another way. And in return the prize would be even larger than to any other previous Nexus winners.
Blake had not taken that lying down. He also got into the game that Michael opened. That is why they now found themselves, bruised and battered, but having the time of their life.  As they lay on their backs they just began to laugh.

Through the salty sweat falling on his eyes, Blake saw one of the various old school wooden ladders a few feet away from him. It was  nailed into the tree going upwards to the system of walkways that they had to figure out in order to get into the Tree House. It was not the only way up, they could also use the vines and ropes, or even the tree branches. But the ladders were the easiest way.
He saw that Michael was still down so he took a few deep breaths and  mustered all his energy and willed himself back on his feet and without hesitating began going up the ladder. Every step on the ladder took effort, as his massive powerful legs shook from exhaustion. His sweat covered face grimaced, as the black hunk grunted with every move.
The young blonde man noticed that Blake was already going up the stairs. The other stairs were in a tree farther away. Besides he was sure that the tree house was close by. He couldn’t afford to get lost in the maze of walkways and platforms. Michael saw the vine. He had done thousands of these throughout his life, for training during his years as a wrestler. His muscular body was exhausted, but it was the only way.
Michael Dean stood up and took deep breaths. He looked at Blake almost at the top.
“FUCK NO. HE’S NOT FUCKING GOING ANYWHERE!” he said to himself as his beautiful face contorted into one of focus and determination.
And without hesitation began climbing the vine, He didn’t know where he got the strength from. But he went up those 24 feet blazing fast. Every arm and length movement elicited a loud shout, that sounded like cannon balls being shot from deep within his body.

The men around him in the crowd lost their collective mind.
The shouting coming from the audience was loud and powerful, as some of them decided to follow the guys up into the walkways. As long as they didn’t interfere or block the two competitors they could go anywhere and be as close as they wanted to be to them. Some took the ladders and some like Jeff Seid had to show off and use another set of vines to go up towards the walkway.

Once Michael was in the wooden platform above he got on his hands and knees in pure exhaustion. He had put every bit of energy that he had on climbing the rope. But he had done it. Michael had cut his opponents path.
Blake forced air out of his lungs in frustration. His eyes squinting with anger and determination as he looked at the hot and muscular white boy giving his back to him. The muscular and exposed legs and the barely covered gorgeous muscle ass aiming straight at him, on hands and knees.
Blake’s mind wandered for a few seconds as the natural manly desires kicked in. The nostrils flared as he took in more oxygen, his heart rate increasing even more, the cock between his legs now pressing against the leather loincloth.   The young black man’s eyes were transfixed as he travelled to another time and another place, where there was no spectators, just play fight and sexual pleasure.
He came back into place. There was time for that later. Maybe. For now the game was still on.

Blake felt more rested and took advantage of the younger man’s carelessness. He walked quietly, jumped up and crashed landed on him with an elbow to the back. The whole metal and wood structure shook from the 200+ pound of muscle body slamming unto the other man.

The people below clapped and shouted, loving the extreme action. The other guys in the platform stood just feet away from them shouting.

Blake was pissed off now. That guy was right. He had to punish Michael for cheating. His opponent had changed the rules and he was going to make him pay for it.
You fucking like these fucking piece of shit vines too much. If the rules had been like every other time, you know I’d have kicked your ass all over this place. ” said Blake.
The buff black man grabbed the vine and began tugging on it until it finally broke off the tree branch high above.
But no. You couldn’t beat me on a one on one so you had to go dirty. And since last guys finish last, I guess I’m gonna have to go dirty on your ass too.” he said to Michael.
Blake grabbed the vine, stood in front of  Michael Dean and wrapped it around his neck. The young blonde responded by putting one hand in between the vine and his throat. The dominating man used his superior position to overpower his kneeling opponent, the blonde’s chiseled face was now red, full of veins and desperate. He raised his arm and slammed it on the balls in front of him. Immediately Blake let go of the vine, as he cried out in pain, coughing, and bending over.

In the meantime the audience below and next to them gave themselves hi-fives as they hollered and shouted.

The two guys fed from the energy that the guys in the audience were giving them. It was so loud, intense, powerful that they felt enclosed and trapped by them. And they liked it. It was not just about the crowd, it was who was in the crowd. The who’s who in the fitness and entertainment industry. From CEO’s to athletes, from photographers to writers. A select but powerful group that would determine the winners of The Kings NEXUS. And they were not here being fake. No. In the Nexus everyone was free and raw and real. Everyone was able to express and do whatever they wanted. They could unleash themselves without fear or concern in every way  they wanted. Lots of things happened in the NEXUS. LOTS OF THINGS.

Michael saw the strong legs in front of him and pulled on them, but Blake pulled them out fast from his grasp.
FUCK OFF. NOT THIS TIME YOU FUCKING PUNK!” he shouted at Michael Dean and began walking on the walkway towards where he thought the tree house was. Blake could have attacked Michael but didn’t and the white young man was not going to let him get too far in front.
It was like they were playing a game. They both wanted to win, but they also wanted to be in action with one another. They didn’t want the match to end. The energy and sheer passion between them was too intense, too powerful, too attractive to just end it.

Michael got up and began to walk about five feet behind Blake, almost in a stalking mode. The two guys were drenched in sweat, as it poured out from every inch of their body. The loin cloths were a dark brown, and clung to their body not doing a very good job at hiding the cocks that were under it. Their muscular asses moved powerfully with every step they took. The blonde stud was now the one staring, at the man in front of him. That firm bubble ass, calling him to get closer, to take it to own it. It made him breathe more, walk faster, get closer to it.

Blake reached the next platform and as soon as he was there, Michael who had gotten closer and closer, grabbed him in a reverse bearhug and tried to lift him and throw him down. But the ex-football player  grabbed onto one of the side railings and shoved Michael to the side. They looked at each other. They saw the tree house. It was just one walkway away. Whoever got there first, was A King of the Jungle.
They walked around in circles. They both knew this was it. After such a long battle, it was going to end, exactly the way it started. Wrestling. But only this time in a smaller place, and 25 feet high above the ground. The only thing below them, the safety net.

The two hunks pressed their powerful muscular bodies hard against each other, their heads connecting, staring eye to eye. Their hands played with each other, both looking for an opening as they circled the small  platform. The two wrestlers breathed heavily, as they broke and then reengaged clashing their bodies hard together, the sweat exploding off them and raining on the welcoming spectators below and on the guys close to them. Their mouths were open as they grunted, moaned. Their heads rubbed one another.
The muscle grinding was intense, the action slowly increasing in speed. They went in circles and circles while pushing each other. Their hands grabbing their necks for control.
At this moment everyone in the crowd realized that this was no longer about skill, it was about wanting to win. They were sloppy, careless, they were not thinking at all about what move they were going to do next. They were tired, exhausted, and it was impossible to think with all the shouting around them. It was about not giving up, about holding your ground, about not letting your desire, to stop, to take control of your mind.  It would just take a one second slip for your opponent to take advantage and it would all be over.
Blake was always confident in that he was the superior wrestler, stronger, and more skilled. But Michael just had a lot more stamina. In fact, he was the stronger wrestler at that point after such a long struggle.
Michael went low and grabbed Blake with a classic wrestling single leg. The black stud jumped in one leg fast as he pulled on the leg to free himself from his opponent. The blonde boy was fast and powerful overcoming Blake’s defense and taking him down. But the bigger man got himself in a classic Jiu Jitsu guard and from there he kicked hard connecting with Michael’s lean chest sending him backwards  a couple of feet.
Blake got back up on his feet but Michael was on him as soon as his two feet were solid flat. The blonde wrestler once again grabbed him in a single leg, but this time he easily picked him up and slammed him chest first into the platform.

HELLLLL YEAH!” “WHAT THE..!"THIS THING IS GONNA FALL THE FUCK DOWN!” Every single guy there was enraged by the action.

Blake stayed calmed. He had been in this position before in wrestling. And as he expected, Michael got off him. The fact was, he knew Michael was not going to win, how you usually win in wrestling. No referee to check for a pin. He turned around and looked at his opponent. Michael’s eyes completely zeroed on him.

Cmon. Get up Man. Get the fuck up!” mouthed Michael drowned out by the constant shouting of the other guys.
Blake planted his feet and as soon as he was with both feet down, he launched forward, slamming into Michael Dean’s body. But the white hunk was ready.
He grabbed Blake in a bear hug and used the black man’s momentum against him to lift and slam him even harder this time against the platform, the whole structure exploding in noise. Blake threw his head back, his body slumping, the energy leaving his body. Michael felt the change in Blake and his instinct took over as he immediately switched his right arm in between the muscular legs and in one swift move, he used his powerful back and legs lifting his opponent off the ground.
The boys around them were in rage.
Blake had no fight left in him. He felt as his body was put on top of the metal railing, and tried to put a struggle to not be thrown off to the safety net below. He began punching Michael’s side abs as hard as he could, and as bad as he wanted to punch the face, Blake knew that wasn’t allowed. Besides, one thing he knew was that there was nothing left in the tank, the arms felt like bricks.
The two eyes briefly stared at each other. They both knew it was over. Michael Dean felt the frustration, sadness, anger, that Blake had, knowing that his opportunity was over. He had missed another chance to go to the next level. The fact was, that there was a long line of guys waiting to come in and Blake felt like this was his last chance. Michael saw the last bits of hope leaving Blake’s eyes. The black muscle stud took a glance below and that was all Michael needed to shove him off the rail towards the safety net below.

As Blake flew down towards the safety net, Michael Dean Johnson exploded with a rage filled loud scream, flexing his muscles with a most muscular, and double biceps, his veins and muscles engorged with hot blood. He raised his arms in victory as he kept screaming. He looked around the stunning setting. This was much better than what he had expected. This was his Kingdom now. He was A KING OF THE JUNGLE

The guys around him and below, began to jump up and down, fist pumping, doing high fives, screaming at the top of their lungs.
FUCK YEAH BABY!” said Jeff Seid to Michael shuffling his sweat drenched hair, as everyone padded his shoulders in celebration.
The only thing left was to walk towards the tree house and take one of the four golden Talisman with the Emerald, representing A winner of the Kings of the Jungle.
The guests below hollered while the other ones followed him and shouted at the winner as he walked triumphantly into the tree house, and came out with the Golden Emerald Tablet of Hermes Talisman on his neck.
The match was over. Michael Dean Johnson was the winner of the first match in the 20th edition of The Kings Nexus and one of the four Kings of the Jungle.

In one hour the whole Jungle set would be back exactly the same way as when this match started. The location of the Golden Emerald Tablet of Hermes Talisman would be changed. The lighting, effects, changed.  And there would be two new muscle men to battle for A Kings of The Jungle spot. One from California, the other from the United Kingdom. Two big muscle powerhouses.

                                Eric Janicky vs Ryan John Baptiste

But before that, there is another hot muscle match already in the works.  But it’s far away, on the beach below the massive 17 building  compound overlooking the vast Ocean. They were guys from the other pool.

The first  KINGS OF THE SANDS match is already in the works:
It’s a match that is on pure fire as the two energetic muscle boys, one Eastern European, the other, Asian-American can’t seem to take their hands off each other. There is some powerful dislike for each other, knowing that they are battling not only here, but outside, in the real world o.
“You are not going anywhere Asian boy” grunted Andrei as he wrestled in close contact with his opponent.
“Well, can you say that again….because you still don’t even know how to speak good English…FAT BOYSteven Cao shot back  slamming a hard fist on the rock hard abs of Andrei Deiu.

The two boys broke off, their bodies pumped up and their rage against each other at full blast.

Cao flexed his guns at his opponent as Andrei answered back. They closed the distance, a couple of inches from each other and continued the flexing show, surrounded by the guests, who were thoroughly enjoying the cock show. 



if yall are gonna ignore that yoongi Pointed at hoseok while hoseok pointed at himself when yoongi said ‘like yall know my voice will turn people on, whether it’s a guy or girl my tongue will make you come’ im gnna Jump yoongi sucked hoseok’s dick im tellin yall

anonymous asked:

Hey Hey Hey! Imagine a 3rd year U.A. class with the haikyuu boys. How would the dynamics be? Who is what kind of hero? I really don't care which characters you write about. Feel free to use your favourite ones :) Love your writing keep up it up ❤️

I’m just going to do the third year captains. For the sake of length. 

Bokuto Koutarou

  • Alias: Emoticon
  • Quirk: Emote
    • His Quirk is an emitter type that changes and fluctuates along with his emotions. Based on what he is feeling and how powerful his emotion is, his power can grow or dwindle exponentially. Different emotions evoke different abilities.  
    • Bokuto has an incredibly powerful Quirk when he is experiencing positive emotions, but his tendency to get down on himself which can be very dangerous in a combat situation. 
  • He is part of the Big 3 in his third year class.
    • Bokuto is the type to act first and ask questions later. He has great instincts and reflexes so his head-first attitude usually works out for him.
    • He has the smile and demeanor of a real hero. His grin has the ability to raise people up and give hope. 
    • But he has the tendency to get dejected which influences his Quirk
  • Bokuto gets along with almost everyone in his class. Although Ushijima finds him annoying

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Alias: Black Cat
  • Quirk: Shadow
    • Kuroo has an emitter-type Quirk that allows him to control and manipulate shadows. His Quirk provides him with strong attack and defense and stealth. Opposite to what people think, his weakness is not light. In fact, the stronger and brighter the light, the darker the shadow. His weakness is pitch blackness when there aren’t any shadows to manipulate. 
  • His biggest concern is that he doesn’t look enough like a hero. People say that he looks like a dishonest person, even though he is the friendliest person in his class.
  • He is a flexible guy and he is pretty crafty, capable of thinking up plans on the spot. His flexibilty allows him to be paired with anyone (anyone who can tolerate his sly, scheming nature)
  • Kuroo gets along well with Bokuto and they work well together when they’re in combat. 

Oikawa Tooru

  • Alias: Grand King
  • Quirk: Puppet Master
    • He has an emitter-type Quirk that allows him to control anything that he touches. He has small pads at his finger tips that allow him to activate his Quirk, and all five pads must touch the object that he wants to control. Oikawa can control anything, bringing even rocks and trees to life to fight for him. He can control non-sentient materials for a maximum of two hours. Controlling people or anything with its own will is much more difficult. He moves his fingers like a puppet master when he activates his Quirk.
  • Oikawa is more shady than his appearance would let on. It is said that he has the mental manipulation of a villain.
    • His classmates always joke about being glad that he’s on their side because he is such a formidable opponent.
  • He is another member of the Big 3 in his third year class. 
    • Oikawa is quite popular with most women and some men. 
    • He has a naturally charming smile and a sweet voice.
    • He has the perfect public personality of a hero. Charming. Kind. Heroic. 
  • He works well with anyone, but has a set team that he click the best with. Ushijima is definitely not on that list.

Sawamura Daichi

  • Alias: Lockdown; Dad (by classmates)
  • Quirk: Barrier
    • Sawamura has an emitter type Quirk that allows him to create force fields. He is able to create forcefields around anything that he can see. He can also manipulate the size of the shield by will. His forcefield can handle about 1000 N of force. He can make his barriers stronger by layering forcefield, but it wears him out. He can also use his forcefields to aid in maneuverability
  • If Bokuto’s smile inspires hope, then Sawamura’s smile is a reassuring one. A smile that will put you at ease. 
    • He is very reliable and he can fit into any team.
    • He is a glue that holds people together. 
    • Many people look to Sawamura for comfort and they rely on him
  • He specializes in defense and rescue.
  • Sawamura likes his hero name, but he ends up being referred to as Dad by his class and teammates. They say it so often that it ends up leaking into the media, and civilians start calling him “Dad”

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • Alias: Ace
  • Quirk: Bone
    • His Quirk is a transformation-type. Ushijima can manipulate the bones in his body, making them more dense for defense or lighter to increase his speed. Ushijima is a nearly impenetrable force in battle. He can handle over 4,000 N of force without flinching which is enough power to break a femur. He can also draw bones from his body to use them as weapons. Ushijima is nearly unbreakable as long as he has a sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D in his system.
  • He is the final member of the Big 3
    • Ushijima is very powerful, but he lacks the personality of a hero. 
    • He is very blunt about everything. 
    • He isn’t reassuring and can’t raise hope with his personality
    • But he is amazing at combat and this is what wins over a crowd: his strong will
  • Ushijima is a bit of a loner in class. He is a quiet person and doesn’t care for interactions that he deems are unnecessary
    • He isn’t excessively cruel to any of them, but he does say insensitive things at times