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fuckin loki.

being half fish is not as fun as it may sound. and it doesnt sound very fun to start with, so…

im really craving sushi.

(He’s transparent, swimming in a sea of tumblr blue. Happy Mermay! -Mod Hell)

Why your MBTI type is so cool:

ENFP: You’re outgoing in a childish-yet likeable way. Your energy is youthful and it’s refreshing to others.

INFP: You’re chill to hang around. If i had a stressful day, I’d go chill with an INFP. You guys always have food + comfort.

ENTP: You always have new ideas and new thoughts. You guys are flexible and easy to get along with, super funny.

INFJ: You can always relate in some way, and you guys are really easy to vent to and you give the best comfort.

ISFJ: You all are so warm and kind. You all always offer to do things for others and dont really expect much in return.

INTP: You all have a dark energy, you can always handle talking about ‘dark’ subjects and dark things.

ISTJ: You are practical and real, you’re honest in a kind way and very mature and grounded.

ESFP: You guys are wild and hard to keep up with, but in a fun way! There’s never a dull moment with you.

ESTJ: No other type can get things done as easy, practical and fast as you can. Also you are very loyal.

ESFJ: You usually know what’s best for others, which makes you very capable of being of useful help which people appreciates.

ENFJ: You encourage other people and know how to bring out the potential in others.

ISTP: You don’t care for shallow things, you’re real and fun in a weird way.

INTJ: You know how to tell puns that aren’t too dry and how to keep them coming. Thanks for always brightening the sometimes awkward mood you create by clever puns.

ISFP: Competetive, a trait that makes you ideal as a teammate and ensures victory.

“Well, as weird as this movie has been, I’ll give it props for one thing... it didn’t end with an ‘it was all just a dream’ cliché.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, Ted, guess what this next storyboard is.”

Ted the Animator: “…no way.”

Carl the Animator: “Yes way.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, come on!”

Carl the Animator: “Everything after they passed out from the teacups ride was a dream.”

Ted the Animator: “That’s so– wait, what about the earlier shenanigans with the bad guy? A lot of crazy stuff happened before they slept!”

Carl the Animator: “She was revealed to just be a security lady who stole a KISS laboratory prototype zero-G belt.”

Ted the Animator: “…well, that’s definitely the weirdest sentence I’ve heard all week.”

Carl the Animator: “And I hadn’t even gotten to the prototype smelly red fog emitter.”

Ted the Animator: “What I want to know is how she could so perfectly contr–… hold up, didn’t she shoot energy blasts before Shaggy and Scooby slept?” 

Carl the Animator: “Actually, I think she did, yeah.”

Ted the Animator: “…didn’t KISS have magical powers before that, too?”

Carl the Animator: “I, uh… ah, yup, here we go. In the next scene, they reveal ‘em again to Shag and Scoob.”

Ted the Animator: “So, they did have those powers after all, and the movie went with the ‘It Was All Just A Dream (Or Was It?!?)’ motif just as an excuse to have all that crazy stuff towards the end.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m guessing in the writers’ room, they started with ‘let’s have a scene where Gene Simmons is proud of Shaggy and Scooby for breathing fire’ and worked backwards from there.”

Ted the Animator: “…ironically, all this insane nonsense is starting to make me feel like this experience w–”


Ted the Animator: “Wait, really? …wait, who?”

Carl the Animator: “The guy with the star over his eye!”

Ted the Animator: “Oh, him? That’s random.”

Carl the Animator: “I mean, Daphne was flirting with him nonstop.”

Ted the Animator: “She was? When?”

Carl the Animator: “…literally any scene they were together throughout the entire movie?”

Ted the Animator: “Ok, admittedly, I’m not the most observant in such areas.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m just confused about Daphne and Fred’s relationship… I mean, I’m no expert in Scooby-Doo canon, but from what I was told, it seemed they were semi-officially an item in the newer shows.”

Ted the Animator: “Yeah, I’m not exactly well-versed in the ‘shipping lore of this later stuff.”

Carl the Animator: “I mean, this whole movie, Fred’s been freaking out at Daphne fawning over Paul, and then she straight-up snogs ‘em for a good while… sure doesn’t look like she and Fred are a thing.”

Ted the Animator: “Guess not… wouldn’t you know it, the one script that gets sent to us in Polish is the one with all these mysterious plot details.”

Carl the Animator: “Wait wait wait, there’s more!”

Ted the Animator: “Ooh?”

Carl the Animator: “Fred’s all mopey, and they talk for a little bit…”

Carl the Animator: “…then she kisses him…”

Carl the Animator: “…after, I might add, flirting nonstop and making out in front of him, intensely, with the rhythm guitarist of KISS…”

Carl the Animator: “…and now he’s perfectly happy again?

Ted the Animator: “Oh.”

Carl the Animator: “And then the movie just ends?!

Ted the Animator: “I feel like this is gonna send conflicting messages to the kids watching at home.”

Carl the Animator: “All things considered… I wasn’t expecting ‘it’s ok if your love interest wants to also make out with a 65-year-old guitarist in facepaint’ to be the moral of the story, but hey, I guess Freddy’s a flexible guy.”

Ted the Animator: “…I…”

Carl the Animator: “…huh?”

Ted the Animator: “…I just… thought of something….”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah?”

Ted the Animator: “…if everything after Shaggy and Scooby passed out was a dream… then the first time they ‘woke up’ was a dream as well…”

Carl the Animator: “…uh-huh?”

Ted the Animator: “…so, does that mean they both dreamed this scene, too?”

Carl the Animator: “I… uh…”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know… some questions just shouldn’t have answers.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m gonna take the plot’s advice, and pretend that us being hired to animate this movie was all just a dream.”

Yoga for beginners?

Hey guys! 🌈✨

I really want to seriously get into yoga, but I don’t really know where to start (plus i have little flexibility)! So if you guys could recommend your favorite beginners yoga videos/images or challenges i’d apreciate! I have some stuff about the sun salutations, and i’m going to begin with that.

So if you could help me to help improve my flexibility and learn some yoga skills, that would be super cool!! 🙌🌺🌿

if yall are gonna ignore that yoongi Pointed at hoseok while hoseok pointed at himself when yoongi said ‘like yall know my voice will turn people on, whether it’s a guy or girl my tongue will make you come’ im gnna Jump yoongi sucked hoseok’s dick im tellin yall

From Con to Con (Part Eleven)


Part Ten

A/N: Holy shit guys. Look at that word count, look at it! This is a loooooong ass chapter. Sorry, not sorry. 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: language, drinking, sexual talk, discussion of oral sex

Word Count: 11,230 (WHAT?) 

Tags: @dont-hate-relate-pls, @nekodresden85, @baritonechick, @i-dont-understand-that-url, @sympathyforluci, @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll, @authoressskr@your-not-invisible-to-me, @cantchoosejustonefandom, @chelseypaigeake@crowleysminion, @laffytaffyhumor, @smoothdogsgirl, @destiel-addict-forever@multifandomlove2002, @agent-superwholockian, @b-northington,  @waywardswain, @prettyboy-spn, @oriona75, @thatone67chevyimpala, @kazchester-fanfiction, @atc74, @derivedfromapho, @shititskatelyn, @spnackleholicswainer@bloodstained-porcelain-doll, @multi-fan-dom-madness, @ebeers1673

Forever tags: @eileenlikesyou-maybe

The rest of the day passed on, your high from showing off to your friends kept you in a wonderful mood. Your photo ops were more interesting this go around since more fans asked you to do some dancer moves in your poses. You even did some in your double op with Misha which was interesting watching him attempt to do some of the same moves. While he was a flexible guy, he didn’t have the same kind of grace as most dancers did. 

Ruth, Briana, Kim and you decided to go get Chinese food for dinner after you finished with your autographs. There had been some extra time so you changed into a winter green dress that had long sleeves with black tights and black booty shoes on. Since your breakup with Jordan, you had promised yourself to dress up for the little events in your life more and you found that it started to grow your confidence. Plus, you would look great when you were on stage for the final song of the Saturday Night Special. 

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ask : ❝ 2P!s respond to a sexual s/o. ❞

2p! america : believe me, he’d be all for it. there is no way he wouldn’t be okay with it. i mean, he’d most likely prefer an s/o that is alike him, anyway. so, look at it this way … he has a high sex drive, so does she. i doubt he’d be bothered.

2p! canada : well, he wouldn’t be against it. that said, though, he wouldn’t be for it either. he’s a pretty flexible guy. sure, he still cares and whatnot BUT — he’s more laid back than most. he’s just glad to be with her, he wouldn’t care.

2p! england : he’d be a little … innocent when it comes to having an s/o like her. so, he’d try his very best to keep up but, more often than not, he’d end up getting frustrated. although, if his s/o slowed it down just a little, he’d be fine.

2p! france : fine by him. he’d prefer her be, in all honesty. because, let’s face it, he is more of a sexual guy. so, having an s/o who is alike him in that way would be pretty useful for the both of them. they’d definitely suit one another very well.

2p! china : this might come as a surprise but — he would not be all that into it. sure, he’s sexual and all that. but would he want his s/o to be, too? … maybe. he’s just known to chase after the “good-girl” types, not overtly seductive ones.

2p! italy : he’d act as though he wouldn’t be into it ( ❝ a woman who behaves as such is no lady. ❞ ) but, god, he totally would! BUT, he’d rather have the best of both worlds. a girl who only brings out that side of her behind closed doors.

2p! romano : loves it! most likely, he’ll urge his s/o to be herself and never shy away from her own sexuality. honestly, he just wants her to feel good in her own skin and be comfortable with who she is. his s/o should expect a lot of praise.

2p! germany : all for it. honestly? it’s just as simple as that. he’d be fine with a sexual s/o, he’d really enjoy it. anyway, he’d probably look for someone who could keep up with him, if you know what i mean. she’d be just perfect for him.

2p! japan : he wouldn’t be super open about it but, trust me, he’d like it. in fact, he’d absolutely love for his s/o to be sexual. he’d probably keep his hopes up and just daydream about all the things he’d like to try out with her, god willing.

2p! austria : where to begin? well, for one — he’s pretty sexual, too. so, they would definitely have that in common, if nothing else. all that aside, he’d be for it. ( of course. ) honestly, i can’t think of a single problem he would have with it.

Seventeen MBTI Types

Originally posted by 17-gif

Request: Since you do a lot of MBTI typed stuff, what do you think the members of Seventeen are typed as?
A/N: Ok this took me awhile bc I was really looking into all the different types and after contemplating this for weeks I have finally came up with this list! Enjoy! (Also this is embarrassingly long, forgive me T^T) 
 -Admin Madi

Seungcheol: ESTJ

Jeonghan: ISFJ

Joshua: INFP


Hoshi: ENFJ

Wonwoo: INTJ

Woozi: ISTJ


Mingyu: ESFJ

Minghao: ISTP

Seungkwan: ESFP

Vernon: ISFP

Dino: ESFP

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Dean Winchester's Lyrics Part 5

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated: NC-17 for smut! And then there’s lots of cheesy fluff

Tagging: @daydreamingintheimpala with some birthday fluff with a hefty side of smut. I hope you’ve had a great birthday! I’ll tag the rest of you guys later!

And the prompt was “You’re still here… And you’re making pancakes.” From @creatively-charlie‘s Anniversary Writing Challenge.

Part 5

He grunted in surprise, but didn’t hesitate to catch you against him and return that kiss with fervor. One of his hands cradled the back of your head, his fingers threading through your hair. He kissed you until you were breathless and vibrating with want. He continued the onslaught of words against your mouth, his voice rough and choppy. You’d never heard him sound so desperate and at first you were stunned. “I’ll do whatever you want me to… I’ll quit hunting too… I’ll come stay with you… Fuck, I’ll-”

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Ever see a crazy-long, indecipherable reblog chain on your dashboard? Not ideal, right?

Starting tomorrow, reblogs will have a new look—one that showcases all comments as equals, not buried under an impossible stack of blockquote indents. Our change to reblog captions last month laid the necessary groundwork for us to arrive here, at a place where the dashboard will be a lot easier to read and cleaner-looking.

Here’s how this will look (original on the left, new look on the right):

Questions about all this? Keep reading for the answers…


Q: Will this show up for all posts on the dashboard, or just the posts published from here on out?
A: All posts! So you can scroll back in time and see your older reblogs in this format too.

Q: Will it look like this on my blog?
A: Not necessarily: your public blog will continue to display reblogs according to however your chosen theme displays them. The new look is on the dashboard only, for now.

Q: How do I reblog starting from a certain post in the reblog thread?
A: Same as before: Just click the username of whoever made the reblog you want to reblog from. It’ll open up, and you can click or tap its reblog icon to reblog that post. Got it?

Q: Can I edit earlier reblogs, or the original post, in my reblog?
A: You can choose whether or not you want to include that stuff in your own reblog, but you can’t really go in and edit other people’s text. We know—that level of flexibility allowed you guys do some pretty interesting stuff, but it also made misattribution way too easy.

Q: Can I remove all captions on a post that I’m reblogging?
A: Sure. Click or tap the reblog button and click on the X that appears when you hover over the comments.

Q: Can I delete a single reblog caption within the thread?
A: No, it’s an all-or-nothing thing.

Q: How can I be sure my posts are credited properly?
A: Use the content source field! No matter how many times an original post of yours gets reblogged, you’ll always be credited as the source. Rebloggers might add a gif, or some commentary, or take out the caption entirely, but your username will always, always be stuck to the bottom of the post. Click on that source link any time you want to see what was originally posted.

Q: Can I send you my feedback on this change?
A: Yes. And for the record, even when you receive a simple thank-you response (which is necessary since there are millions of you and only a few of us), every word of your feedback is read lovingly by human eyes, then passed along to our engineers.

anonymous asked:

do you guys have any sexting fic recs? or just like texting in general? preferably sterek but eh im flexible 😋 thanks guys!

I know you said you prefered sterek, but since you also said you were flexible I threw in a few other pairings as well. - Anastasia

Originally posted by comedycentral

Ain’t Sayin’ He’s a Gold Digger by taylorpotato

(42/42 I Explicit I Steter)

Peter and Stiles hook up on a sugar daddy dating website. Here’s the ensuing love story, told through chat screenshots and text messages

You’re Welcome In My Inbox by SushiOwl

(6/? I 48 I Explicit I Steter)

Stiles is at college and accidentally texts Peter Hale one night–instead of an entirely different Peter–and they don’t hate each other as much with a whole state between them.

Optimist Ace by LadyDrace

(1/1 I 748 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek is asexual, Stiles is not. They make it work.

Unplanned Break by triggeringthehealing (froggydarren)

(1/1 I 1,116 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek is at his desk in the station when his phone buzzes in his pocket. He knows before he checks it that it’s a text from Stiles, because everyone else knows and respects that Derek isn’t supposed to be texting or calling anyone on his personal phone. Especially not while Stiles’ father has a clear view of Derek’s desk, and would know exactly why Derek isn’t focused on his work. He risks opening the message anyway, and miraculously manages to not drop it or groan in frustration when he reads the text.

“What are you wearing?”

Sext It Up by Anonymous

(1/1 I 1,794 I Not Rated I Steter)

I’m bored, he typed into a new text message. He scrolled through his contacts and picked out Peter’s name. He hadn’t talked to Peter in any form other than a few niceties at pack meetings since defeating the incubus. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t want to talk to the older man, it was just never the opportune moment. He couldn’t just go up to him and say, “Hey, remember that time you fucked me for the good of the pack and it was the best orgasm I ever had? Wanna do that again?“ But if the opportune moment wouldn’t present itself, he’d just have to make one.

Chimera Needs by HeiligStern

(1/1 I 2,086 I Not Rated I Steo)

Theo has become rather insatiable after finally popping his cherry. Stiles is only happy to help though he wishes he had the Chimera’s stamina.

Something Different by dragon_temeraire

(1/1 I 2,661 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles is having some trouble with this whole ‘casual relationship’ thing. Especially with Derek staying at his apartment.

Drunken Confessions by ShipperExtraordinaire (PromisesOfTheDarkSide)

(1/1 I 4,801 I Mature I Melissa/Stiles)

“When your best friend gets told by his girlfriend you’re taking a break, you get your best friend drunk.”

Stiles and Scott get drunk and confess their secret lovers to each other.

Five Times Stiles Sent Scott A Dick Pic by taylorpotato

(1/1 I 4,862 I Explicit I Sciles)

Plus one time they boned.

will you love me by BabyMilk

(1/1 I 5,487 I Explicit I Steo)

Things aren’t going so well for Stiles Stilinski.
When a handsome man offers him "work”, will he take it?

until they found me by writergirl8

(1/1 I 6,112 I Explicit I Stydia)

“If you’re bored, Stiles, you can always make me come.”

She says it in a light, airy voice, as if it’s not enough to make him choke on his own spit. Which, for the record, it is. When he looks up, he sees Lydia’s eyes tracing his biceps appreciatively as he continues to crank the jack. And seriously, bless his arms for making up for the twigs that he calls legs, because without them he’s pretty sure his girlfriend would be able to outlift him.

“I’m bored,” he says immediately, setting down the jack and moving to stand up.

Wrong Number by bethesound

(9/? I 10,383 I Explicit I Sterek)


Is it possible to have a mid-life crisis at 17? Because I think that’s happening right now.


Who is this?


Also a midlife crisis requires you to be at the mid point of your life. You’re probably experiencing what everyone experiences at 17. It’s called high school.


Oh sorry man. Wrong number.

Beastly Lover by wafflesmakebabies

(15/? I 14,114 I Explicit I Sterek)

“So what does the name BeastlyLover mean anyways? Does it have something to do with the Disney movie? Are you a beast, Beast?”
“Actually, yeah. Something like that.
"Care to elaborate?
"To make it quick and to the point, it means that if you ever have the pleasure of having sex with me, I’m going to fuck you like a beast.”
“Getting shy on me, LittleRedRidingHard? Didn’t think you had it in you.”


Stiles signs up for a werewolf dating site and meets someone, but who he ends up with isn’t who he expected.

Live Another Day by princess_slash

(9/? I 16,384 I Explicit I Sterek)

Another year at BHHS is upon the McCall pack. Stiles is watching everyone around him pair off and still feels the loss of all that have died. Just when he thinks there is hope for him and Lydia, Jackson rolls back into town fresh from London. Moving on from the one you thought you loved more than anyone is tough. And Derek is one of the only people to realize just how depressed Stiles is. Along the way, feelings are forged between the two. Despite all this, it seems to be a quiet time in Beacon Hills. How long can that really last?

Silver-fox Psycho by JusticeBanana

(10/10 I 31,583 I Explicit I Steter)

After the whole shebang in Mexico with Berserkers, Kate being crazy, and Peter playing triple-spy confusing the living shit out of everyone they finally get a calm moment, Stiles and Scott go to college, Peter disappears with Derek, who then, of course, comes back again, without his creepy uncle. It’s not until Stiles sees the older wolf at the library he works at that he realizes that he actually missed the zombie-wolf. And doesn’t Peter seem Very interested?

Write Me Love Notes in Glitter Glue by pibroch (littleblackdog)

(34/? I 170,238 I Explicit I Steter)

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.

Stiles is a single dad with two kids, and a real contempt for the status quo. Peter is a kindergarten teacher with an army of loyal little minions, and maybe a few ulterior motives.

Eros - Bar AU Chapter 1, part 2

Disclaimer: This piece is a Mystic Messenger AU.  It is heavily inspired by the American sitcom Cheers, a show centered around a Boston bar called Cheers and it’s regulars.  Even though I have tried to keep as much of canon personalities with all the Mystic Messenger characters just remember that it is an AU and a few things may be different than in game or your headcanons. This has been fun to plan and I hope you find a bit of joy reading it!  

PG13+ for swearin’ and boozin’.

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  • Lance: *winks at Keith as a signal*
  • Keith: *ok Lance has given the signal* so how flexible do you guys reckon Voltron is?
  • Lance: good question Keith, only one way to find out!
  • Shiro, Pidge and Hunk: Lance wh-
  • Voltron: *holding one leg above it's head*
  • Lance and Keith: *crying of laughter*
  • Allura: *pinching the ark of her nose*
  • Coran: at least they are working as a team…