Wicked Warmups: Crescent Lunge To Side Plank

Love this move! It’s great to throw into any circuit, and is especially awesome for your warm up: the dynamic motion pumps blood into your whole body, gets your heart rate up, and provides a gentle stretch all at the same time. 

Modification: come to your knees for the side plank, or omit it all together. Instead, try adding two swivels: in plank, cross your knee to the opposite elbow.

Not flexible enough to step your foot through? Try this with your hands slightly elevated on a sandbag, dumbbells or a small bench. It makes it easier to step through to crescent pose, and when you get better you can lower down.

How To Do It

A. Start in plank: hands directly under your shoulders, butt is down and core is tight. Flex your quads and work to keep your hips from sinking (keep your eye line just between your hands and try to look forward a few feet).

B. Keep your butt down as you step one foot forward into a runners lunge. Some people MAY need to help their foot forward with their hands: totally okay. As you get more flexible, it will become easier to do it in one step. (see modifications for other suggestions)

C. Plant your foot firmly into the ground as you lift your hands into the sky. Keep hips facing forward. BEGINNERS: no need to lift your hands up if it’s too difficult. Place them by your hips; just get them off the floor into a high lunge.

D. Replace hands to the ground and step the front foot back to plank. Rotate your body open to one side, keeping your shoulder in line with the hand (my feet are staggered, with the top foot in front of the bottom foot). Hold for a moment, then come back to plank. That’s one rep. Repeat with the crescent lunge and side plank on the opposite side. 

Try for 10-20 reps in your warm up on your next workout! :)