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Dating Tyler Scheid Would Include

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- Him being a total gentleman at the beginning of the relationship

- Kisses on the back of your hand

- Small gifts for whenever he saw you

- Cute dinner dates

- But then skip to a few months into the relationship

- Stupid insults

- *pointing at something gross/ugly* “That’s you.”

- Him receiving lots of playful punches

- You could just stare into his eyes all day

- Him totally being fine with that except he has work to do

- Mark teasing Tyler but also being your number one fan

- You often find yourself drooling over his muscles when you think he isn’t looking

- Except he always notices

- He’ll flex slightly, causing you to blush

- And he’ll just laugh

- LOTS of dirty jokes

- Most of them unintentional

- “This game is really hard.”

‘ “That’s not the only thing that’s hard.”

- “wHAT?”

- When he’s recording with Mark and Ethan you’ll watch them and try not to mess up the audio by laughing too loud

- Mark and Ethan dragging you on camera so you could be in the video with Tyler

- Kathryn just sending you looks of pity as you’re forced to join in

- The fanbase going NUTS when the video’s thumbnail is you and Tyler kissing on the sofa with everyone else pretending to be grossed out

- Tyler being able to lift you up effortlessly

- So sometimes he just catches you off guard and picks you up whenever you’re least expecting it

- Some days he’s really busy, so you’ll make him breakfast and kiss him goodbye without saying a word

- He’ll arrive home at the end of the day and you’ll be curled up on the sofa, watching tv

- So he’ll silently sit beside you and wrap his arms around you

- It’s only at dinnertime do you two talk

- And Holy Hell do you two talk

- Sometimes you won’t go to sleep until early in the morning because you can’t shut up

- Kisses on the top of your head

- Forehead kisses

- Cheek kisses

- If he leans down slightly you’ll even get a nose kiss

- Lots of short, sweet pecks to the lips

- But get you two alone and loooong make out sessions

- Him always being the big spoon

- Until he has a particularly bad day

- So you cuddled him instead

- Now you take turns being the little spoon

- Teamiplier teaching you how to edit and you teasing Tyler because you picked it up faster than him

- Now he has secret lessons from Kathryn every week so he can beat you

- Being besties with Ethan

- It’s absolute chaos whenever you’re in a video together

- Tyler just watching the shit storm because he’s happy you’re having fun

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An open letter to Chat Noir

(The companion piece to “An open letter to Ladybug”)

I’m onto you, Chat Noir.  You know what I’m talking about…

  • First of all
  • What the hell are you supposed to be doing?
  • I mean, I don’t wanna tell you how to handle your rod…
  • …*snerk* hehehe…
  • …but this lackluster performance isn’t like you
  • plus, the civilian had to give you the obvious solution
  • you know what I think?
  • when you first met her as Chat Noir
  • you were…not subtle…
  • that’s a lot of flexing, my guy
  • see, here’s what I think The Plan was
  • you’re alone in a romantic setting
  • the Titanic is sinking and there you are, stalling until the last possible minute
  • and then just in time, Chat Noir saves the day with a crowning moment of awesome and becomes the big damn hero!
  • (by doing exactly what Mari ended up suggesting…eventually)
  • and, therefore, the damsel in distress would swoon into your arms
  • unfortunately, the target stole your thunder before The Plan could come to fruition
  • …not that it stopped you…
  • didn’t quite work out the way you planned, did it?
  • lemme tell you what you did wrong
  • first, that’s a badass in distress, not a damsel
  • second, did you see all of those links up there?
  • stop getting your dating advice from anime and superhero movies
  • you may think it helps you get the girl
  • but you’re about as slick as a Slip ‘N Slide during a drought
  • Also, being trapped in a clear akuma-created 3D shape-o-doom is not the time to unveil this plan
  • just sayin’

You, my friend, are a very cute, overly romantic pop-culture NERD.

I’ve been worried about getting rusty with animation, so I decided to rig up ma boi and practice with him. :3 Here’s my first little test, done in Toonboom Harmony v14. I haven’t animated in a couple years so it was definitely a good muscle flex for that, but I had lots of fun! I’m looking forward to finishing rigging his body and doing more complicated stuff, and I would like to eventually try and learn some compositing to add to these too. Anyway, hope you like it!

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32.“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”(sobbing, hiccuping)//50.Writer’s preference. The last blue in anxiety, a bit of constant rambling, the aqua/teal in cool sundays and a tad of subtle melancholy. the colours in sodas and skateboards and conversation hearts are sorta wrong but their tonal relationship is perfectly representing

That anon of the two prompts. Sorry I didn’t mention. To your preference, I had nothing in mind and do write (whe)never you want. Thanks for asking

I went with BillyJason and 32. Hope you like it! (I’m so sorry for taking so long, this week’s just been hectic. ALSO I SAW THE POWER RANGERS TONIGHT AND CRIED FOR SEVEN YEARS BEFORE CHOOSING THEM TO WRITE THIS SO)

Note: If you are autistic and you find the way I wrote Billy as being off, I’m so sorry and please let me know where I went wrong and how I can do better!


Billy’s voice was tentative and subdued which Jason immediately took into account when he glanced up at him. Billy’s face was drawn in tight, hands fisted as his side and he wasn’t looking at him. Just the ground, his eyes narrowed.

He also wasn’t speaking.

Worried, Jason shifted to a stand from the bench. “What’s up?”

Billy’s eyes scowered Jason for a moment before dropping and his fingers twitched agitatedly. He opened his mouth then clamped it shut and glanced away, frowning.

By now, Jason knew to let him breathe, let him form together the thoughts in his head. Billy could talk for hours if he was allowed but sometimes he went quiet. Sometimes words didn’t make as much sense to him, didn’t flow as well and he needed a few seconds to work them out in his head.

Jason waited.

He’d always wait.

Finally, minutes later, Billy sighed and relaxed his body, swallowing thickly. The gulping sound echoed quietly in the locker room. “I think,” he began, pausing as he frowned. “You can’t make fun of me.”

Jason nodded. “Of course not, Billy.”

Billy nodded with him, flexing his fingers. “I just. Mmm, I’ve been thinking a lot about this and it’s weird but I think I know what it means but ya know, feelings are weird sometimes and I don’t- I don’t really understand what it’s my head or my heart all the time but I know when I do and it’s-” He flapped his hand at his side rapidly and dropped his eyes to the floor again. A couple seconds passed by in awkward silence before he matched his eyes to Jason’s, holding them tight and hard, and said, “I think I’m in love with you.”

Jason’s heart stopped.

Billy continued. His voice shook. “And I’m a little terrified.”

Jason stared at him. “What?” he asked, a little faint. He’d misheard, misunderstood. Billy meant something else.


Platonic love.

Anything but what Jason was praying for. Begging to God for.

Billy frowned. “I’m in love with you and I’m terrified because of that,” he repeated, point blank and blunt as ever.

“Why?” Jason said quickly. He took a step forward and stopped, despite how deeply he wanted to cross that bridge, take Billy into his arms and kiss the everlasting life out of him. “Why are you scared? How- how do you know, Billy?” He squeezed his shirt in his hands and closed his eyes. “Tell me what you mean.”

Was he shaking? He felt like he was shaking but this… this was so wildly out of what he’d been expecting. Billy…

Billy had never expressed romantic feelings for anyone. He understood why couples kissed in public but still frowned and called it unnecessary. Still shied away from too much contact, too much touch and not enough space.

They’d all talked about crushes before but Billy hadn’t mentioned one, had insisted that he couldn’t think of any one he liked and when he’d said that all of Jason’s hopes had gone flying out the window.

And yet, here he was. Confessing.

“I mean that I think I love you,” Billy said. He frowned. “I don’t think I can be any clearer, Jason. I mean maybe I’m not saying it right but I watched a lot of videos about love before now and I also asked my mom. And she was surprised and told me to be careful because you might not feel the same, which is okay. I can’t control your feelings but if you did feel the same, it would be really cool but not as cool as being Rangers but still as good, I guess. I mean, I can’t really be sure because I don’t have a range of reference but I did ask Kim how it felt when Trini asked her out and she said she felt like she was floating the whole day after and I don’t think you make me float but you make me happy but that’s not really the same thing as floating but I asked my mom and I asked Trini and they both agreed, in different terms, that happiness is like floating but in a different way then actually floating, and I-”

Overwhelmed, Jason held up a hand. “Billy, time out, please.”

Billy nodded, patient. “Okay.”

Jason licked his lips. “You like me?”

“Yes,” Billy said firmly.

Jason relaxed. “But you’re scared that you do?”

Billy bit his lip for a second then nodded. “Yes.”

Jason took a couple steps forward. He needed to be closer to him, needed to make the conversation more intimate, quieter and closer and better. Billy didn’t back away. Just stood his ground and waited.

“You’re not gonna hit me, right?” Billy asked.

“No,” Jason breathed, smiling. “I’m not, Billy. I’d never.”

Billy sighed and rocked his hands at his side. “Good because some of those videos ended poorly and I was just worried-”

“Is that what you were scared about?” Jason asked quickly. “That I’d hit you?”

“No,” Billy said a little too loudly. “It’s something else.”

Jason waited for him to explain, to overexplain in that rapid and fired way he always did and frowned when he didn’t. “Then what is it?”

“I don’t know,” Billy admitted. His voice quivered slightly but Jason noticed.

Jason always noticed.

He took another step forward. Billy’s eyes blanched over Jason’s face then he took his own step back. Jason followed, asking, “Then why are you afraid?”

“I-” Billy shook his head, skirting backwards.

Jason chased him, twisting until he had Billy pressed up against a locker, trapped. He felt a little bit wired, a little bit desperate.

Why was Billy afraid of loving him?”

“I love you too,” he said quickly. Maybe that was it. He didn’t respond in the affirmative right away and that tended to snag Billy’s anxiety sometimes. When people didn’t respond quick enough. “I do. I swear.”

Billy kept shaking his head. “That’s not it, Jason. I don’t know why I’m scared, I just am.”

“Okay.” Jason understood this. Emotions were always weird and hard to explain. They were just a little weirder and a little harder to explain for Billy. “Okay. What does that mean for us?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, can I kiss you?” Jason asked, maybe a little bit too needy but he’d been dreaming about this, obsessing over the way Billy’s lips might feel, the way he might taste, how it would be.

Billy made a face, thinking. “I- No.” He shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

Jason groaned, taking a step back. “You’re killing me here, Billy.”

There was a brief moment of panic in Billy’s eyes before it died out and he flapped his hands out a couple times. “That was a joke.” Jason nodded. Billy relaxed back. “A joke, okay. I’m sorry?”

Jason sighed. “It’s okay, buddy. I- I get it. You don’t know right now.” Coldness shamed down deep into his chest. “You don’t-”

Jason’d known.

The moment Billy had gone, the moment that green light had eclipsed him, he’d known. Realized it.

Figured out what the shifting feelings in his stomach, the shakiness in his chest, what it all meant, the moment Billy vanished and Jason’s heart had sunk into his chest, into his stomach. He’d been unable to breathe, unable to think, to process anything. He’d rescued Billy and Billy had, in turn, saved him and everyone else and in the end, it wasn’t enough.

He’d been terrified too. Ever since.

What if it happened again? Loving someone from a distance was one thing.

Loving them closely, getting to be with them? That would be so much harder and it could ruin him.

Ruin both of them. 

He never wanted to see Billy die again and he knew Billy would never want to see him or any of them die either.

“Billy?” Jason started quietly and he hated the way his voice shook, the way it trembled, weak and exposed. “Are you afraid of loving me because you’re worried I might die?”

Billy shrugged. “I guess? I don’t know. I don’t like to think about because it hurts but not in like a physical way but in an emotional way. Sorta like when my dad died but different than that because when he died I was sorta numb for a while but when I think about how much I think I might love you, I think it hurts worse.” He gestured outwardly. “Sorta like when Rita killed me but different.”

Jason stared at him. “Loving me hurts as much as when you died?”

Billy stared at him back. “I said something wrong again, didn’t I?”


“Let me start over!” Billy said quickly, raising his hands, defensive.

Vaguely, Jason relaxed back. Heat was bursting in the back of his head. It burned in the back of his eyes and he shook.

Jason was not the type of person to cry in public or to cry at all. He’d been told he cried ugly and he’d been told he wasn’t supposed to cry, that it was weak and girly and not for men and as much as he’d tried not to, he’d reigned everything in and held in his emotions, those miserable biting feelings, until he could break them out in the field, tackle a man down or rage out on a heavy bag.

But here he was, suddenly exposed and open, and those tears he’d spent years learning to keep back were threatening to break over his face and release a waterfall.

Billy’s jaw worked open, titching itself to the side while he thought. His hands stayed up, eyes to ground and Jason couldn’t help but love him more.

“I think I love you. I don’t know what that’s like. I know what it’s like with my mom and I know that loving her is different from loving Zack and Trini and Kimberly and that loving them is different from how I love you but I do and I love you different from them and I-I need you to know that,” Billy said.

“I know,” Jason said. “I understand, Billy.”

Billy nodded. “I don’t know why I’m scared,” he said. “I just feel weird in my stomach and it’s angry and all kinds of messed up that I don’t know how to deal with and sometimes I think about you not liking me back or you stopping and I think that scares me but I don’t-” Billy stopped. A look of panicked horror encompassed his face. “Are you crying?”

Jason was. The tears were warm and they were dripping slow and infrequent. He shooke his head, pressing his hand to his face, to his eyes, and turning around. “No! I’m just-”

“I made you cry!” Billy said and he sounded miserable and resigned and utterly destroyed by that fact. “I made you cry, Jason, don’t cry, Jason!”

“Billy, I’m just-”

Billy was shaking his head rapidly and his hands were clenched tight to his side and he was stiff and shaking all at the same time. “I can’t-”

“Billy,” Jason whispered, cupping his face. “I’m here, I’m here. Breathe, okay? I need you to breathe for me.”

“I just-” Billy hiccuped. “I’m scared because I don’t know what I feel and I don’t- I don’t like not knowing.”

The admission seemed to tear out of him and Jason shook his head, sniffling. “Billy, you don’t have to know everything.” He let out a little broken laugh. “God, you are so smart and perfect and it’s okay not to know how you feel about me. I’m okay with that.”

“You’ll still like me?” Billy whispered.

“Of course,” Jason breathed. He pressed his forehead to Billy’s and inhaled. “I was- I was terrified when you died because I- I couldn’t.” He swallowed around his tongue and closed his eyes. “I couldn’t imagine life without you anymore. I’d only known you for ten days and I couldn’t imagine not being with you.” Tears dripped out of his eyes again, thicker and heavier. His voice quavered. “I can’t lose you, Billy. Not again. So you have to tell me what you want, okay? Tell me your boundaries.” He opened his eyes and Billy’s were shinily staring back at him. “Is this okay?”

“Yes,” Billy said. “I like this.” He smiled. “Feels… warm almost.” He frowned. “It’s weird. But. A good weird. Like french fries with chocolate milk on them.”

Jason snorted. “What do you want, Billy? From me?”

Billy watched him and then tilted his mouth up and caught Jason’s into a small and brief kiss. He pulled back and said, “That.” He smiled wider. “I liked that.”

“Again?” Jason asked, a little too hopeful.

Billy nodded firmly and placed both hands on Jason’s damp cheeks. “Again.”

#transformationtuesday it has been a hot minute since I posted one of these before and after flexing! I have been getting a lot of messages asking how I keep such a “lean” stomach and the truth is it’s not that “lean”. In most photos I am flexing and have good lighting, but when I sit and slouch I have little squishy rolls! My stomach has been the HARDEST part of me to accept and love in recovery because society put in my head that In order to be beautiful I needed to be super skinny with a tight stomach. BUT even at my lowest weight I never achieved the no rolls I saw others have. It made me feel like I still wasn’t thin enough or good enough, and would punish myself until I had no strength left in me to move. Just because I didn’t look the same as someone els. I now embrace my body and love it no matter what it looks like! I stoped comparing myself to others because we are completely two different people with two different body types! There is so much more to life than comparing yourself to others and worrying about what you look like, and I have learned that the hard way. Embrace and love your body just the way it is, we are all beautiful no matter the shape or size❤

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how the paladins flirt with their s/o??

It’s mod Enki! Sorry for the wait on the asks! Everyone is busy with things so we haven’t had time to get on! ; n ;


Shiro: Awful at flirting. He’s completely oblivious like a nerd so his s/o would have to do most of the flirting. When he actually tries to flirt he ends up just stuttering or making a complete fool of himself. He’s awful at coming up with things to talk about. He’ll just talk about their clothes or some random topic that comes to mind. He messes with his hands a lot. Either that or he cant stop rubbing the back of his neck or running his hand through his hair. He’s prone to a lot of grooming himself while flirting for some reason. He will also slowly get closer to them as he talks and accidentally gets his s/o flustered when he’s right up on them. He’s surprisingly passionate about plants?? It’s his way of flirting when he tries to get his s/o some sort of space plant from one of the planets they visit. 

Lance: He can be super good flirting when’s he’s not really thinking about it. But anything past a one liner towards his s/o and he’s actually kinda bad at flirting. He’ll get a little flustered and really excited if his s/o actually starts to flirt back or shows a lot of interest in him. He subconsciously chews on his lips a lot when he tries to flirt and tries to make himself look bigger by stretching a lot. Also tries to flex or something to that caliber. Although his s/o might be put off at first by him constantly trying to show off and talk about himself. It might take him a while to realize he needs to talk about his s/o too when he flirts. He tries to specially flirt with his s/o by trying to pamper them and showing his cosmetic knowledge. 

Keith: Worse than Shiro at flirting. He has no idea what to talk about and ends up only talking about things like sparring, fighting, and probably survival stuff. His special flirting is also those things unsurprisingly enough. He’s surprisingly good at bouncing off of what his s/o is talking about though so at least he’s good at listening. Tilts his a lot when he’s trying to thinking of what to say or when he’s trying to make sense of what his s/o is saying. When he flirts he tries to compliment his s/o more than usual but can’t seem to get his compliments to sound… normal. He might say things like: “You don’t smell bad” or “You have good muscles.” It’s charming to his s/o but can be a little weird at first. He’ll get flustered if his s/o compliment him back.

Hunk: Surprisingly good at flirting when he gets the hang of it mostly because he’s very genuine with his flirting. His special way of flirting is with cooking obviously but he’s good with regular flirting too. He’s a crazy good listener so he’s good at appealing to his s/o feelings and emotions. While they flirt he usually finds the end of his shirt or something to mess with since he’s always a bit nervous. He can flirt with them for a while because honestly he gets kind of lost when he’s flirting with them?? It goes back and forth for hours sometimes that the others have to tell them to get a room. When he realizes how long they’ve been talking for he gets embarrassed and apologizes to his s/o for flirting with them. He’s such a good and wholesome child. 

Pidge: What is flirting??? Honestly she doesn’t know how to flirt and refuses to. Although it’s pretty easy for her s/o to accidentally get her to flirt. They’ll be having a great conversation where she’s giggling and genuinely having a good time when she’ll stop and be like, “Are we flirting right now??” CAN’T believe herself. Blushes around 5000 shades of red and runs off. She’s like super fussy around her s/o. She will occasionally flirt with her s/o by letting them see her new gadgets before anyone else. She also with be more fussy with how they’re feeling and their general well being. If they say they’re feeling bad she’ll bug them until they can feel better. 

Hacking a Cheap Wacom Tablet

When I received my Intuos5 in 2012, I expected it to turn me into a drawing grand master with all the cool extra functions it had.

I was a bit disappointed to find out that it drew exactly like my old Bamboo, except the pen was nicer to hold. Since then, I’ve tried not to throw more money at Wacom than I absolutely have to. 

I’m currently using a medium Wacom ONE, which is Wacom’s cheapest tablet. The pressure sensitivity is great, and it draws perfectly well. However, it’s less comfortable to use compared to my previous Wacom tablets. Since I do use the tablet for hours every day I decided to do a bit of DIY!

1)     Changing the nib

The Wacom tablet pen comes with the default plastic nib which works but I like the other nibs better.

I found that the white-tipped flex nibs are nice for smooth, worn out tablet surfaces. I used them a lot last year when I did digital painting.

Nowadays, I spend a lot of time sketching and doing detailed lineart on the computer. I find the grey felt tips more suited for this task, for they provide a more pencil-like texture.

The nibs used to be marketed as only compatible with professional range tablets. Honestly, though, they work with any cheap Wacom tablet! I’ve tried these nibs on my old Bamboo Pen and Intuos Draw and they fit just fine.

2)     Protecting the surface with Bristol Board

Ever since I started working on my comic in 2015, I spend around 3 hours using my tablet every day. I managed to create a smooth shiny bald patch on this tablet in a month.

I couldn’t find any good surface protectors on the internet so I experimented with different types of papers.

So far, my favourite is the Bristol Board. It has an extremely fine paper texture that comes pretty close to the original surface texture of the tablet.

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Black Eyes and Bruised Hearts

Written for: @destielonfire ♥♥
Prompt:  I would really love a destiel drabble please ^^ can you do my absolute fav trope: enemies to lovers, maybe mixed with the soumate trope?
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 2,820
Tags/Warnings: enemies to lovers, soulmate AU, injuries, bar fights, drunkenness, happy ending


Dean was happy to drown his bad day with several beers and more than his fair share of fingers of whiskey. He had always thought that making a business of his enjoyable hobby would be the best thing that happened to him – except people were picky and people were hurtful when things didn’t go their way and people didn’t seem to want to pay Dean what he was owed for the time he spent on their restorations. So he was angry and most of the way to drunk and he knew Benny, the bartender, was giving him the eyebrow as he scowled into the fizz of his beer. He really wasn’t up for caring though, and only huffed at Benny as he handed him a glass of water along with his next beer.

The bar was heating up with the amount of people standing around and chatting. Dean sighed as he stood up and headed outside to get some fresh air. His step was wobbly as he navigated the people and it was only when he felt a shoulder bump into him, spilling his drink down his shirt that he stopped, turned and socked the first guy he saw, assuming it’d be the guy who knocked him.

The guy went down hard, clutching his face and wasn’t able to catch himself as he knocked into a table on the way down.

“Dean!” Someone yelled behind him. The pain in his knuckles seemed to sober him up some and he realised that the rest of the bar had gone silent around him, only the soft tune of atmosphere music was still playing. There was a hand gripping his upper arm, stopping him from going at the guy again.

The guy was completely floored, clutching his side with one hand and his eye with the other. Dean breathed heavily as he forced himself to loosen his fist at his side.

“Dean? C’mon brother, we don’t need none of that in ‘ere.” There was a tug at his arm but Dean didn’t move, he just stood and stared at the guy on the floor, shocked with himself more than anything. It wasn’t like Dean to lose his cool over such a minor thing.

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You wanna write something for Zarya? Could you do a first date with her and her s/o?

Thank you! I finally get to write for her :)

She wanted to go somewhere where she could show off her muscles. Seriously, it’d get you flustered and she always thought that was adorable.

But she wanted to go somewhere where you’d be able to talk. She wanted to know more about you and that’s when you suggested going for a walk.

(She might’ve said yes just because it was your idea)

It was a warm day and of course people were staring - I mean, a woman with muscles? But she didn’t care. She was here with you and no one else.

“But yeah, I train a lot” she smiled - and flexed to ‘prove it’. With a smile and a faint blush covering your cheeks you nodded, “I wish I could stick to a schedule like that…”. “Maybe ve can train together?” she suddenly suggested as the both of you came closer to the entrance of the park. (Have you really been walking that much?)

“Really? Are you sure?” you grinned, hoping this meant a second date. “Yes, why not?” Zarya shrugged, “Maybe next Saturday?”. “I’d like that” you smiled as you both stopped at the entrance.

“Well, I should head home now” you smiled, “It’s getting dark”. “Maybe I should valk vith you, it might be unsafe if you valk alone” she asked you which made you stifle a chuckle, “You’ll protect me?”. “Of course” she nodded as she now followed you (to make sure you’d be safe, of course)

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Okay so you know in Dancetale how every monster has a different dance e.g. San breakdancing and Papyrus doing Latin. What do you headcannon Sans and Paps to dance in UF, US, SF and HT? xx

* Tbh I only like Dancetale and Mobtale because of the aesthetics oops
* You can obviously tell what’s my fav type of dance lol


Street hip hop for sure. He’ll still incorporate breakdance elements but he’s much more about the popping than all the swivel flying shit. Maybe he’s lazy but he likes to start with a lot of slow motion stuff, even if it takes a lot of control and strength. The way he dances, he makes it look like he’s not putting in much effort and doing things lazily. But if you tried it, you’d find his style to require a hella lot of strength training and know how for fluidity vs rigid popping.


Have you ever heard of ballet and hip hop as a fusion? Because you have now. Somehow Paps manages to be elegant, graceful and light while rough, intense and powerful all at once. He has the strength, precision and ridiculous training that comes with ballet. But also the free roughness of hip hop that makes you look badass. I don’t know how he does it man. But he’s gonna leap 5 feet in the air in a split then fucking murder you so…


BOLLYWOOD! Bollywood dancing is all about high energy and aggressively cheerful beats that test the fuck out of your stamina. Every move in Bollywood has an extroverted energy pushing out from it. When dancing Bollywood, there is very very rarely pointed toes. Instead, the focus is on flexed feet and a lot of heel movement. This is very similar to any form of martial arts or fighting where kicks focus on heels and flexed feet to inflict maximum amount of damage on the opponent and keep from breaking your own bones. I found this apt because of Sans’ enthusiasm for the Royal Guard. I think it’s perfect for this babe.


Contemporary with some ballet elements. As someone who is selfless to a fault, he’s a great supporter, hence amazing at lifts and support when doing partner dances. But lots of people tend to focus on the lifted dancer rather than the lifter, even though it’s a collaboration and both work just as hard. He prefers it that way though. Individually, he moves with lazy grace and flexibility. (Focus on Robert) ref1, ref2


Tap dance. Hey now, don’t look down on tap, Trin has tried learning tap before and it is fucking hardcore okay. I got leg cramps every session then had to quit because someone stepped on my hand and broke my finger. Tap dance is fucking metal. Okay lemme tell you, those shoes are fucking slippery, you HAVE TO be exactly on the beat not even one split second off because literally everyone can hear your footwork and look at how fast you gotta move, some tap angles are at what I call, “Ankle Spraining Optimum”. With tap, you have to be exact, precise and quick. Not to mention not clumsy because sO SLIPPERY. Exactly perfect for this bab.


Jazz-funk or soft hip hop. Basically Comtemp but angstier and with harsher movements. Isn’t that basically swapfell? Unlike Swap Pap, he’s as comfy dancing without a partner as he is with one. Less grace and more power. Less lifting and jumps too because when doing things like that with a partner, a lot of trust is required that you don’t injure each other. This is difficult for him because trust is a scary subject to him. Individually he doesn’t jump much either because it’s a very open movement and he’s a more guarded person.

Skip to 1:45 and imagine him trying to woo you like this.

Bonus: Imagine mobtale x dancetale and this is how monster battles for territory are like especially the group parts
Or imagine it looking like this with different gangs dancing different genres


Espresso by Oxygen
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here i’m writing a two chapter fic about junkrat and roadhog being old and sappy and adopting a kid or twenty.

they also like to flex their money and drink a lot of coffee and they’re trans! 

lil nod to Till Death Do Us Part at the end of the first chapter hehe.

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Can you do a hc with Dally where you guys go on a date and then go to buck's afterwards? 😊❤️


-at the beginning of the date he is such an arrogant prick, like he tries to impress you with his promiscuity 

-he finally realizes that surprisingly its not impressing 

-he sucks up his pride because he hate to admit it but he actually really likes you so he apologizes 

-It is then a complete 180 degree turn completely different guy 

-yall go for a walk around town and he holds your hand in his and like some boring hand holding nah nah he has your hand wrapped around his arm and he ever so slightly flexes at times

-a lot of caring gazes at you when he thinks ur not paying attention

-you guys eventually wander around and end up at Bucks

-at first dally is really hesitant because he knows at least three girls he slept with were probably in there and he really didnt want to fuck up his chances with you

-You guys ended up going in either away

-dally was on edge the entire ten minutes u guys hung out by the bar

-between guys looking at you suggestively and spotting a few of his exes he knew he had to get you up to his room and alone before something happened and you ran for the hills

-after you guys made it upstairs safely dally finally feels he can trust you so he doesnt try as hard to keep up the tough guy act but its still there

-you start to notice and lowkey start to tease him a bit

-like you would cuddle up next to him or just randomly hug him

-you ended spending the night but you uys didnt do anything R rated 

-yall just talked all night and by morning you were laying in his arms with your back to his chest as the sun started to rise and you guys were still talking

-and if he was being completely honest with himself dallas enjoyed the feeling of fuzziness you gave him

going home

Dear Internet, I can’t sleep and can’t concentrate on my *real* work, so I wrote this Pynch fic for you. Logic not guaranteed. Feels definitely guaranteed. It picks up right after Gansey wakes up. now posted to AO3.

Adam almost offered to drive. Ronan was covered in blood that was too black to really be blood. Adam could see bruises already buried along Ronan’s throat where Adam’s hands had choked and clawed the life from him just hours ago.

Had it even been hours? Adam wondered. The clock on the BMW’s dash said it 3:47 pm, but the hazy pink fingers of dawn in the sky told Adam otherwise. Ronan’s hands were tight on the steering wheel, his body frenetic with emotion. His phone was still ringing, but Ronan didn’t seem to hear it. Adam closed his eyes against the sound.

“The fuck is Cheng doing?” Ronan said. His voice was a snarl.

Adam opened his eyes to see the Fisker ahead of them slowing down for a red light.

“Obeying traffic laws?” Adam said.

Ronan grunted.

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How does shownu react to his crush staring at his muscles?? I'm so weak for this boy pls

if its his crush:
• he’d be shy upon seeing her staring
• like outside he’ll be calm and collected but inside he’s really !!!!!!!
• he won’t make eye contact with her…
• but he’ll do things like lifting heavy things or reaching for some stuff so that she’ll keep on staring
• he’ll smile to himself a lot cos you know, its his crush

if its his gf:
• “yeah i’d been working out a lot, want to feel my arms?”
• *would flex a lot*
• initially he would wink at her and smirk when he sees her staring

I understand your weakness completely ;)

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Afterlife | An Adlock Drabble

“What do you miss the most?” he heard her say as she sipped her morning tea, her eyes still a bit dazed from waking to such a brightness.

He eyed her, curious as to what she means. “About?”

“Being alive.” she replied casually.

It has been a year since he cast his life as Sherlock Holmes down the roof of St. Barts, running off from place to place to put an end to his nemesis’ network. In Irene Adler’s company, he was able to ‘cope’ with the concept of living amidst death much more naturally.

Looking out the window, he mulled over her question, wondering if she meant anything else. Resigning the thought, he decided to answer straightly.

“My violin. It significantly helps me think, when a case is somewhat trying.” he answered, unconsciously flexing his fingers as he did.

“I guess being dead doesn’t have a lot of perks.” Irene stated with a laugh.

“It does.” Sherlock replied to her surprise, making her curious.

“Which is?”

Sherlock looked away, trying to keep his voice as expressionless as possible before answering.

“Being here with you.”