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Katie, if you don't mind, can you please give us some totally random and ridiculous headcanons about Shiro? please? :3c

I can’t believe Shiro is in Dream Daddy: a Dad Dating Simulator™

  • Pre-Kerberos, one of Shiro’s goals in life was to flex and have the sleeves of his shirt fall off. Matt and Keith have like, so many blackmail videos of Shiro grunting in front of a mirror like a caveman. Sadly, he never did quite manage it before his big mission.
    • Post-Kerberos, Shiro is definitely able to flex his sleeves off, but he unfortunately doesn’t have any clothes to do so in :( Another tragedy to add to the list known as his life.
  • Shiro thought Keith was 11 for like three years (they first met when Keith was 13)
  • As a kid, Shiro went back and forth between living with his grandmother or his two dads.
    • His grandmother is the one who taught him how to fly and instilled his love for it.
  • His Thing is putting glow-in-the-dark stars everywhere, and he and Lance bond over it. But they also get into massive arguments about how the stars should be arranged (they love different constellations)
  • He can chop onions without crying
  • Shiro: (doing regular push-ups in the training room)
    Shiro: (hears footsteps approaching the door)
    Shiro: (switches to doing one-armed push-ups right before the door opens) oh, hey
    Person: Wow, that’s amazing!
    Shiro: Oh, this? It’s nothing. Whatever it takes to beat Zarkon, you know?
  • He looks calm during horror movies but in reality, his fight-or-flight instincts are so triggered that he’s basically frozen in place. Watching the TV with a serene smile.
  • Shiro loves yelling at contestants whenever he watches cooking shows and everyone else is like ‘… you can’t even cook, lmao’
  • Finals week always killed Shiro lmao
    • Shiro: (stumbles out of the classroom wearing his uniform top and sweatpants)
    • Matt: Sooooooo how’d it go?
    • Shiro: (with bloodshot eyes) stupid science bitch couldn’t even make I more smarter
  • Shiro is a hula hoop GOD
Sharing Can’t Be Wrong... - Dean x Reader x Sam (One Shot)

A/N: So, you all wanted this to continue. I left it open as a teaser, and it went over really well. Now, the full thing is here. Who doesn’t want the Winchesters to share them? Hope you all enjoy! As always feedback appreciated!

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Warnings: Smut. No plot here what so ever. Just sex. Not much editing.

Word Count: Roughly 3500

“Dean?” You looked at him in confusion as he pulled back. Leaving you sitting on the large wooden table near the entrance of the bunker. Lips swollen. Confusion dancing in your darkened eyes.

“You know I love you, right?” His hand rubbed against your thigh, pushing up your skirt further. You’d dressed up a bit for date night.

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Monsta X Reaction to You Being Oblivious to People Checking You Out

Request: I just read that you need more Monsta X requests. I don’t know if you’re doing reactions but if you are… Monsta X reaction to you looking really sexy and them noticing guys checking you out while you’re completely oblivious to the looks.

A/N: I hope I understood the request correctly, and I hope you enjoy! (sorry for the delay~)


Three words: jealous as fuck. Shownu would growl under his breath and tug you closer by your waist, being sure to glare in the direction of your ‘audience.’ A soft smile would curve on his lips as he looked at your confused expression.

“Just making sure those buffoons know you’re off the market…”

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He would get an odd sense of pride from this. He’d crack his knuckles while not so subtly flexing his arms, showing off that you’re not the only one worth looking at. Wonho would shoot a wink at your onlookers while wrapping his exposed arm around your neck.

“Yeah, that’s right. This is all mine.”

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This poor boy would be flustered with so many emotions. Jealousy, confusion, embarrassment, you name it. Eventually he would let out a nervous laugh while attempting to block you from their view.

“I know you’re sexy, but do they really have to stare so obviously?”

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Initially Kihyun would react similarly to Hyunwoo; pulling you closer to himself and glaring at the others. He’d then turn to you and throw his jacket over your shoulders, jokingly scolding you for being so attractive.

“I can’t go anywhere with you. I’ll have to lock you up for being so perfect.”

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Hyungwon’s brows would narrow in confusion as he noticed the group’s lingering gaze. He’d overhear the sly remarks being made about you and roll his eyes, feigning disgust.

“Please. As if you would ever have a chance with my Y/n…”

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Not gonna lie, I’m not 100% sure how Jooheon would react. It would either be the ultimate ego boost for him; only reminding him of what a catch you are. Or it would completely wreck his self-esteem, making him feel inadequate to be dating you. Either way, it would be quite the reality check for him.

“I’m so lucky to be with you.”

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Being totally honest, you would most definitely notice the people checking you out before he did. However if he did notice first, Changkyun would smirk to himself and cock his head to the side, lacing his fingers with yours.

“It seems I’m not the only one who knows how sexy you are.”

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-Admin Yeonie

I was watching Future Vision to help make my point and there’s so many good scenes but I love that scene at the beginning where Garnet protects Steven from a coffee spill and it’s like

Lars: are you okay that coffee was really hot?

Garnet: I drink coffee for breakfast! *flexes to dry herself off*

It was so funny and cute and I miss this garnet

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what if..... rfa summer dlc?!?!?!

That would be kinda cute. Like going to see fireworks or something with MC?
Or going swimming! THAT would be fun, actually. An RFA beach outing! All of them in their swimwear. Zen is flexing everywhere.
Yoosung is like “wow! I never realized that you actually had muscles?!”
Zens like, “what do you mean? Of course I do I work out everyday”
And Yoosungs all, “umm I was actually talking about saeyoung” *points to him as he takes his shirt off*
Saeyoung flexes, “it’s all thanks to Honey Buddha chips!! And my beautiful PHD pepper”

Now Yoosungs getting discouraged about his thin frame.
Jaehee is laying on her towel sipping a cocktail and ignoring everyone.
Jumin is off collecting as many shells as he can find, “each one is so different from the next…like a gift from nature, how curious.”

Saeran has a sun hat on and sunblock on his nose, sitting under the umbrella reading a book and, like jaehee, pretending no one else exists.

Saeyoung, Yoosung and Zen now making it a challenge to see who can swim out the farthest, and MC is like….“guys that’s a bad idea…please don’t die today”

All American Asphyxiation (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Chap. 9

A/N: hey guys!! This is the final chappie of AAA and I’m shook af. I’m sorry it’s not as good as my computer is down at the moment. I’ll update this as soon as I get home from class! 😔 I hope you guys like it! Enjoy! - Delilah

Warnings: Smut. Threesomes. M/M/F. Swearing. Nswf.


Ever since your little game with Steve, you and Bucky had invited him back numerous times. Recently, there was a giant threat in Australia by the name of Loki. Thor required assistance, as the last time he was here, he nearly caused a giant catastrophe. So Steve, being the mighty Captain America he was, took it upon himself to help capture the demi god.

But when he came back, you couldn’t help but notice how stressed out he looked. His eyes had begun to grow dull and lifeless, his hair lost that shine it used to have, even his smiles were tight and rarely reached his eyes. Steve was suffering, but from what?

That very night, just as you and Bucky finished a very intense lovemaking session, you could tell something was off with him as well.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” You asked, peering up at him through your lashes. Bucky let out a sigh as he stared at the ceiling.

“Steve’s been a little off lately.” You nodded silently. You knew exactly what he meant. It was silently eating away at him that his best friend was having a hard time, yet he had no idea how to approach him about it.

“He hasn’t played with us in a long time.” You commented, tracing small imaginary patterns onto his metal arm.

Bucky nodded, staring intensely at the ceiling as if it had all the answers. He peered down at you after a while and gave you a small smile.

One that you’ve seen before many times.

“Doll.” He said.

“Bucky.” You replied.

“Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?” He asked with a sly grin. You smiled back at him, nodding your head.

“Lets help out Stevie.”


The next day, you and Bucky made your way into the large gym.

You watched as Steve lifted the large weights, pulling them up with ease. His arms flexed, showing off his amazing biceps. This was an amazing idea.

As you both approached him, he gave you both a small, welcoming smile before setting the weight down.

“Hey Stevie,” Bucky chimed, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. You smiled innocently and began rocking back and forth, your hands behind your back.

“What’s up, guys?” He asked, eyeing the both of you.

“We miss you,” you informed him, stepping closer to him and placing your hand on his chest. He inhaled sharply, his baby blue eyes darkening as his eyes rested on the black sports bra that hugged your breasts tightly.

“You haven’t played with us in a while, punk,” Bucky chimed in. “What’s up with you lately?”

“I guess I’ve just been a bit tense lately.” He answered, his face breaking out in a blush. You peered over to Bucky briefly before looking back at the blond.

You gently took his hands in yours and began leading him out of the room, followed by Bucky, who wrapped his arm around his friend’s shoulders.

“Well,” Bucky spoke as you all walked.

“Let’s go relieve some of that tension.”


You spread your legs wide, giving him an entire view of your dripping core. You were completely soaked now as you watched Steve’s eyes on your pussy, licking his lips.

He’d seen that part of the female body before, he wasn’t that innocent. But being up close and personal like this was entirely different, he could see every little detail on your body and this time he was allowed to touch it.

“Stevie,” Bucky spoke from behind you. You felt his hands roaming your front, his hands cupping your breasts and pinching your nipples.

Steve tore his eyes away from your body and looked over at his best friend. “Yeah?” He replied, licking his lips.

“Have you done this before?” He asked, his eyes darkening. Steve felt himself blush. He hadn’t done this before. His relationship with Sharon ended before it really could start.

“N-No,” he stuttered, shaking his head. “I don’t really know what I’m doing.”

You giggled at his coyness, leaning forward and pressing a small kiss onto his lips. Your hands grasped his and guided them onto your chest. Steven let out a small gasp as your tongue dominated his.

You reached between the two of you and gently tugged on his length, enjoying the hardness of it. He was almost as big as Bucky, almost. But he was still far bigger than average.

You scooted forward, so that your hips were nearly resting against his. Bucky uncapped the bottle of lube beside him and applied the substance onto his metal fingers.

You felt the two of you gently maneuver so that you were resting on Steve’s chest, with Bucky behind you.

You watched lustfully as Steve slid the condom onto his erect cock, letting out a small sigh once it was on completely.

You felt Bucky insert a digit into the small ring of muscle behind you, stretching you out. You let out a small groan as he began finger fucking you, while Steve aligned himself up with your folds.

With a deep breath, you nodded at Steven and spread your legs as far as they could go. He gently bucked his hips upwards, feeling your Pusey with his large, erect cock in one move.

You gently rocked against Bucky’s fingers, hissing once he pulled them out. You felt the head of his cock gently pressing against your hole, easing its way in.

They both began rocking their hips, hitting deeper and deeper inside your body. Soon, they were both fully inside you and thrusting forcefully.

You let out a cry as the two super soldiers had their way with you. The dual sensations of Bucky and Steve nearly made you see stars. Steve was so soft and careful, where Bucky knew your body so well and was not afraid to take charge.

Steve’s head fell onto your shoulder as his thrusts began to grow sloppy. He planted his hands on your hips and began pounding away, desperate for his release.

“Y/N,” he moaned, his eyes screwing shut. “I-I’m not gonna last long, I’m sorry.”

You reached your hand around his head and tugged his head back, your fingers tugging on his hair forcefully. You crashed your mouth onto his, letting him take charge this time.

You felt Bucky’s pace quicken as he watched the two of you below him. He snapped his hips forward sharply, causing you to gasp into the kiss and reach behind you and grab onto his arm for support.

Steven began breathing harder, his voice bringing rougher and rougher with each second, until, with a gasp, he spilled himself inside the condom.

“FUCK!” He groaned, his body trembling beneath yours as he rode out his orgasm. You let out a cry as Bucky fucked you, his nails digging into your hips.

You collapsed on top of the blond below you as Bucky pounded you into him. He gritted his teeth as you began clenching around him.

“That’s it, daddy!” You screamed, feeling your eyes pool with tears of pleasure. Your head fell onto Steven’s chest, your breaths coming out in erratic patterns.

Suddenly, you felt your legs being spread from beneath you. You looked down just in time to see Steve’s hand traveling between the two of you and begin rubbing harsh circles into your clit.

“Oh my god!” You cried, your eyes screwing shut form the intense pleasure.

“Am I doing this right?” He whispered into your ear. You nodded, digging your nails into his shoulder.

“Yes, baby!” You cried. “Just like that!”

“Oh, fuck!” Bucky gasped as he felt himself growing closer and closer to the edge. You met his thrusts with your own small ones, gently rocking your hips into his as he fucked you mercilessly.

You let out a bloodcurdling scream as your orgasm hit you like a freight train, making you see nothing but white behind your lids.

Bucky collapsed on top of you, having found his own release as soon as you did.


“So this is what sex is like?” Steven spoke, smiling up at the ceiling with a dorky, lopsided grin. His hair was the definition of post sex hair, standing up in several places.

You nodded, snuggling in between the two men. They were both like giant sexy teddy bears. “Mhmm,” you hummed, closing your eyes.

“Just wait until Buck buys you a collar. We’re gonna rock your world, Stevie.”

-Fin! ❤️

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Sophie Parson wasn’t destined to grow up into an athlete. Of her siblings, only one other played sports at a pro level. But for a child with athletic leanings, hers was the perfect household; the demands and habits of her vocation were fed to her with her formula. Literally.  She grew up demanding sips of her parents’ shakes, even though to her they all tasted uniformly gross.

Workouts were so ingrained in her household’s routine that she was an adult before she realized that her nanny, an ex-Marine, demanded sets of pushups out of her at random intervals because she had too much energy, not because she actually cared about a six-year-old’s muscle tone.

Sophie measured her growth, how “big” she was getting, by which of the adults in her life were no longer able to bench-press her or let her hang off their flexed biceps. She never tired of trying.

She didn’t give up afternoon naps as she grew, but made them a sacred touchstone of her day. When she was four, her daddy went back to playing hockey, and crawling in with him during his pregame nap felt like she was somehow involved in the resulting victory. Her childhood touchstone for safe and warm and cared about was the rare times P’pa joined the nap, and she crawled over him to lie between them and PawPaw covered her with the quilt.

“Naps are for babies,” a first grade classmate said quellingly, when she asked why there wasn’t one anymore.

“No,” Sophie said, stung. “They’re for people who got something really important to do after.”

Her first summer home from college she found her dad drowsing on the couch, and grabbed a blanket and joined him.

“What’s this?” he asked, bemused, then made a little “oof” noise when she landed an elbow in his chest.

“Sorry. Afternoon nap.” She rested her head on his chest, feet hanging off the end of the couch.  He had to reach down and flap the blanket to make it actually cover their legs.

“I taught you well,” he said, smoothing her hair down, and she closed her eyes and slept.

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Hello, ask box is open hooray!! Okay so, imagine this.. How will todoroki and katsuki react if the girl they are pinning after is actually into kirishima. Hahaha i imagine that katsuki and todoroki fighting in the bg but then the girl just what r they doing and continues ogling kiri's glorious abs (they r in their hero costumes) I am sorry this is funnier in my head lol

OMG This is amazing! I love this idea, so much! Thank you for this. I love you. [Admin Denki]

“You should just back the fuck off before your pussy feelings get hurt.” Bakugou growled at Todoroki as they all had to choose partners for the practice fights. It was so blatantly obvious that both boys were infatuated with you, but you were oblivious. It was painful for everyone in class.

“Me? I think (Y/n) is smart enough to decide who’s the better match. Besides, my quirk is a better match for hers. We’ll work better with each other.” Todoroki sighed, not wanting to get into another stupid argument that Bakugou instigates.

“Wah?!” Bakugou exclaims. “That blood quirk would be unstoppable with me!”

“At best, you would boil the blood and end up burning her. A partnership with you two would hurt each other more than help.” Todoroki argued.

“And you would just fucking freeze it! She’d get fucking frostbite.” Bakugou exclaimed. Although, as the two boys argued, you were ogling the pure masculinity that was Kirishima Eijirou. He was flexing in his hero outfit, like normal.

“Hey, Kiri, do you want to be partners? My blood hardening and your skin hardening quirk could work well together.” You went up to him, a light blush on your face.

“Seriously?! You want to partner up with me?” Kirishima asked.

“Yeah, I mean, we could be strong partners. Why wouldn’t I want to work with you?” You grinned.

“You’re just.  .  . strong and pretty and nice. Like, really pretty.” Kirishima’s face turned red as he complimented you. You practically fainted for how flattered you were.

“Well, you’re not so hard on your eyes. Your hero outfit really shows off your assets.” You smirked a little, gaining confidence.

“I should say the same for you.” Kirishima smiled, eyes running over your body.

“(Y/n) probably wants an actually man.” Bakugou scoffed.

“An actual man? You have more tantrums than my niece and nephew.” Todoroki rolled his eyes.

“I do fucking not have shitting tantrums, you shit face.” Bakugou growled.

“A real man would be able to tell what she enjoys and do his best to keep her in good spirits.” Todoroki said calmly.

“I make her laugh.” Bakugou said, proudly.

“She’s laughing at you.” Todoroki deadpanned.

“Why I oughta-”

“If you guys are done arguing, (Y/n) already found a partner.” Jirou informed the two boys, who continued to argue.


“What?! Who the fuck did she choose as a partner?!” Bakugou shouted. Jirou pointed over to where you stood with Kirishima, him flexing to show off to you. You giggled and blushed when Kirishima threaded his fingers through your hair, commenting on how soft it was.

“He does pride himself on his masculinity.” Todoroki muttered, face falling when he saw your ideal.

“That asshole.” Bakugou grumbled angrily.

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hii can I request the chocobros (minus Noctis) and Cor popping the question to their s/o after recovering from the loss of Noct and realizing they need their s/o since they were so supportive during their time of grieving? (I hope this remotely makes sense) ty

Yup- I felt many feels typing this one up! Again, these are short drabbles because I’m really trying to power through the official NINE requests I have left in my inbox! The other ones that are in there were submitted after I had closed my inbox to requests, so while I didn’t delete them, I’m treating them as submissions for round 2 of request submissions! Thanks for sending this lovely request in! <3 All these drabbles will end in the confession- and it’s up to the reader to kind of fill in the blanks from there LOL :D *INTERACTIVITY AND ALL! :D :D :D*

P.S: this took me SUCH a long time to type up :O I don’t know whyyyy! :O

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PERMALINK: https://themissimmortal.tumblr.com/post/160512655965/hii-can-i-request-the-chocobros-minus-noctis-and

Prompto: Prompto bit his lip as he glanced at you from under his blond fringe. It was raining down hard and you were holding your back pack limply in your hand. Fingers clasped tightly against the straps, you sighed out loud.

“I can’t believe you insisted we go on a photography expedition tonight of all nights!” you finally cried out, expressing your exasperation. Prompto laughed nervously and rubbed his palm against the back of his neck.

“Sorry- I just wanted to take you back to the spot we first met…” Prompto trailed off, coughing a little as he fumbled around in his pocket for something. He retrieved a small jewellery box and you couldn’t help but gasp, knowing exactly what it was. Prompto smiled up nervously at you and kneeled down on one knee, in the mud, before you. You gasped automatically and stared at your boyfriend of ten years, unable to believe what was happening.

Here you were, absolutely drenched outside at a camp ground you couldn’t even REMEMBER, with Prompto Argentum kneeling down on one knee with a goofy smile on his face, his clear blue eyes partially covered by his blond fringe. Prompto cleared his throat and nervously began to speak.

“So, y/n… you stayed by me through both the scariest and saddest parts of my life. You never gave up on me, and you supported me and helped me be the best person I could possibly hope to be. You helped me become a man and you allowed me to see the beauty in a world that had turned incredibly ugly. I want to spend my life with you, y/n… will you marry me? Please?”

Gladio: “Gladio? Gladiolus?” you whispered into your boyfriend’s ear as you laid beside him in bed early in the morning. You could feel the sun’s rays filtering in through your blinds and hitting your bedsheets with warm intensity. You sighed out in contentment and sat up, stretching your arms above your head with a yawn. Glancing at Gladio, you couldn’t help but smile fondly at the way he had his arm thrown over his face as he slept.

Leaning over the burly man, you nuzzled his cheek and pressed a soft kiss against his stubble. Gladio stirred at that and groaned slightly as he began to wake up. You grinned and bopped him on the nose in amusement. “About time! We’re going to be late for the memorial ceremony.” Your voice grew sombre at the mention of Noctis’ memorial ceremony. Gladio sat up immediately and sighed sadly.

“Yeah, right. Thanks babe.” Gladio ripped the covers off his bare, tone body and flexed involuntarily before heading off towards the bathroom. You watched him retreat into the bathroom and you let out a sad sigh of your own. You knew Gladio still beat himself up about Noctis’ death, even though he couldn’t have done anything about it- Noctis had been the Chosen King- his death had been written in the books the moment he was born.

Lost in your thoughts, you didn’t notice Gladio walk out of the bathroom. You didn’t notice him eying you, nor did you notice the small box enclosed in his palm. Gladio cleared his throat, and you glanced at him. Raising your eyebrows at the fact that he was only in a towel, you watched him make his way towards you. He brought the box up and opened it, showcasing a gorgeous engagement ring.

You were slow to react, so you merely blinked down at the ring and then back at Gladio. “What’s this?” you asked, knowing full well that you sounded dumb.

“Marry me. You’re everything to me. You always have been, you always will be. Please- I need you. I always have. If I didn’t have you when Noctis…” Gladio took in a ragged breath before continuing, “… I don’t know. I just… the world’s so much better with you by my side. Please, y/n, will you be my wife?”

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