flex it out


He doesn’t talk and acts all stoic as Zelda’s knight but hjfbkfshdbh it’s all an act…. like this fuckin nerd pats his tummy after eating, and will kick open a treasure chest with bare feet acting SURPRISED when it hurts, and makes lil shiver noises when he’s cold, and fucking flexes his muscles when shirtless…… like he’s not cool dont let him fool you

Based on @crystallinee-waters ‘s On The Edge

Progress in my conditioning cut. Currently 208 from 225ish. I haven’t posted a selfie in what feels like ages. So here you go. Yes, I know my headband is upside down. I wear it like that on propose. I am Tired.

Henry Cavill gets pumped for a photoshoot

Cavill with intense concentration uses exercise bands to pump his biceps, so that they appear swollen and imposing when he poses for a fitness magazine cover photo shoot.

Woke up in a very blah, sad-ish mood today. Idk why I just did. Good news is I still got a lot done on my day off. I did arms today at the gym for strength training. The overall pump was okay. Still got two more solid weeks of bulking. Anyways here’s a selfie.


Even though I went to crossfit today, I decided to have another lifting session for a special two-a-day Saturday. Didn’t have much else to do tonight (which is rare) so why the hell not. What was even better was my apartment gym empty. I went HARD IN THE PAINT tonight and the pump was unreal. I took a bunch of selfies just to show how the pump looked and to help with my down-ish mood. Fitness feels like it’s the only thing I got right now. Anyways hopefully y'all enjoy these photos.

P.s. I apologize for looking a hot mess. I need to shave and get a fade badly. Lol