flex fridays

Want to strengthen and build your back using only a resistance band? Take a resistance band and hold it about chest high straight in front of you grip about shoulder width apart, band taught but not stretched and elbows slightly bent (don’t lock them out) Now in a smooth motion stretch the band moving arms and hands outward to form a T. The stretched band should come toward or touch chest. Try to use your back and not your arms to stretch the band. Imagine trying to touch your shoulder blades together at the end making sure you are not overly bending your elbows and putting more work on arms than back. Think of it as a straight arm clapping motion with arms and hands chest height. Too tough? grip the band wider than shoulder width for less resistance, too easy grip the band closer. I use these as a finisher for back day usually 3 sets of 20 reps, as you can see it’s a great way to really squeeze and activate those back muscles. Give them a try and let me know what you think!


Arnold press:
40: 10
50: 10

Shoulder press:
60: 10
70: 5

Lat PD:
150: 10
170: 10
190: 10
210: 10

Lateral DB raise superset with Front raises:
20/20: 10x3

110: 10
125: 10

DB upright rows:
40: 10x3

35 minute workout

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