flex defense

“You’re on!”

Request from anon: Can you do one where Sammy challenges you to a basketball game and it’s super cute and all?


“SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT! OHHH! What are you doing man?! You totally had it! Should’ve have drove in!” Sam yells from the sidelines of the basketball court at Hayes and Nate’s house. “Oh, like you could do better.” Nate tries to challenge Sam “I don’t know man. I think I can take you.” Sam smiles mischievously. “You can take him baby!” I yell, clapping my hands, cheering. “You hear that man? My girl is cheering for me!” Nate yells, jokingly. “That’s right! My one true love is Nathan! Sorry Sam!” “WHAT?!?!” Sam yells acting fake mad. “Win and maybe you can win me back.” I giggle. Sam smiles cutely, “OH, YOU’RE ON!!!!!!” He yells aggressively to Nate, taking off his shirt, and throwing it on the ground vigorously. Sam and Nate start playing 1 on 1. While they were playing, I started cheering like a little cheerleader, cheering for both of them. Johnson and Gilinsky stood next to me, pretending to be cheerleaders with me, making it more entertaining hanging out with them. “SHOOT IT!” I yelled to Sam but he hesitated and dribbled having Nate steal it from him. “Ahhhhh, you pusssy!” I sighed loud enough for him to hear me, laughing. “OH! OH! OHHHHHHHH!” The Jacks and I yell throughout the whole game. “I’m about to take your girl Wilkinson!” Nate yells before driving it in for a layup. “OOOOOOOO, can’t touch this, duhnnnn dun dun dun,” Nate starts singing and dancing after he makes the basket. 

“What’s the score?” Hayes walks up from behind, standing next to me. “6-6. Next basket wins.” I tell him watching Sam flex his back, on defense. “Bet you Sam wins.” Hayes stuck out his hand in front of me. “You’re on!” I shook it making our usual bet. The Jacks butt into our bet, “I’m game for Sam.” G said. “Me too.” J said. “3 against 1. Should be interesting.” I said. “SHOOT IT!” Hayes yells for Sam to shoot the 3. He does and misses. Nate grabs the rebound, clears it and bank shot it in, having Nate win the game. He throws his hands up in the air, him and I jumping up and down, cheering. Nate runs to me, picks me up bridal style while I’m cheering, “Time to celebrate with my new girl!” He jokes, jogging towards inside the house, while we both cheer. He runs to the door, then back, putting me down. Hayes, Johnson, and Gilinsky opens their wallets, each handing me $20. “You bet against me?!” A sweaty Sammy argues, hands on his hips. “What can I say?” I cheeky smiled, shrugging, handing Nate a 20. “Why I outta,” Sam says, throwing me over his shoulder running around. “You think it’s easy playing huh?” He laughs. “Me and you. 1 on 1!” He puts me down, running to grab the ball. “I don’t play Sam.” “Come on, it’ll be fun.” “Teach me how to play?” I asked innocently. He walks up to me, turns me around, and helps me shoot a basketball, making it in. He then lifted me up, letting me “dunk.” 

He put me down and tossed me the ball, “Shoot while I try to guard you. Don’t worry,” He smirks, “I’ll go easy on you.” “Okay!” I said sweetly, dribbling the ball, easily passing him, shooting a lay up. I caught the ball after it dropped through the net and turned around. His face looking shocked, the guys’ faces too. “Did you just con me?” He looked at me. “Maybe?” I tossed him the ball taking off my jacket. “Oooooooo,” The boys yells from the side. Sam laughed, passed me the ball and started defending me for real. 

We started playing and joking around on the court, laughing, touching. He would use his tallness to his advantage and just stand straight up, spreading his arms or I would hug him from behind while he would dribble the ball. 

The guys on the sideline yelling at us telling us what to do, cheering every time a basket was made. “Oh man Sam, she got you sweatin on the court!” Gilinsky yells, making Sam and I smile at each other as I was defending him. He tried shooting a floater but missed as I got the rebound and took it back court. He started jogging towards me as I dribbled in front of him. “You make this, you win. You win, I bow down to the queen forever. Do whatever, whenever.” I just smirked, “Is that a bet?” He just nods as he tries to step to me with his left foot and block me, but I shoot the 3. The boys’ hands on their heads, watching the ball go through the net. The crowd goes crazy, as Sam drops to his knees. 

The boys cheer and yell, running to me, lifting me up to their shoulders, chanting, “QUEEN! QUEEN! QUEEN! QUEEN!” Sam just laughing on the ground, watching us. They stop in front of him as he gets up and we stare at each other for a bit. He then drops his head, goes on his knees, and starts bowing, “MY QUEEN!” He sings at the top of his lungs. “QUEEN! QUEEN! QUEEN!” They start chanting again. They finally put me down and I walk up to Sam, giggling. He wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me against his bare chest, “That as hot. You’re hot.” He smirks, kissing my temple. “You didn’t tell me you got game!” “You never asked. There’s a lot about me you don’t know.” “Well,” He looks at me with these eyes, “We should change that, shouldn’t we?” He wiggles his eyebrows at me. “But first,” He leans in, pretending to kiss me but yells in my face instead, “I WANT A REMATCH! ME AND YOU! NOW!” He lets go of me, challenging me. All the guys hooting, “rematch, rematch, rematch,” fist pumping in the background. I just stand there, laughing hard, shaking my head, “You’re on!” I yell, taking off my shirt, leaving me in my sports bra as all the boys whistle at me. 

“Me, Johnson, and Nate versus you, Gilinsky, and Hayes, Double or nothing.” I stook my hand out in front of Sam. He smirks, grabbing my hand in his, shaking it. “You’re on!” Sam yells as the boys yell in the background. We started playing 3 on 3 till someone finally won.