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“Seriously though, it’s Gerome. I’m not completely against humoring Owain when it counts.”

Gerard Way Talks New DC Comics Imprint: 'I'm Here for the Long Haul'
Former My Chemical Romance singer will launch Young Animal line in September

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and Umbrella Academy fame is working with DC Comics to create a new imprint called “Young Animals,” which are “comics for dangerous humans.” 

Way will be writing, co-writing, and be leading the creative development for this new imprint. He will be writing a new Doom Patrol book, co-writing two new books called Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye and Mother Panic. Young Animals will also be producing a new take Shade the Changing Man with Shade the Changing Girl written by Cecil Castellucci, art by Marley Zarcone, and covers by Becky Cloonan.

This is probably one of the better ideas that DC has in a while as we are big fans of Way’s on both his comics and his music. Under Way’s vision, we could easily see a resurgence of the spirit of the early days of the Veritgo Imprint. We are also very excited to see the return of Flex Mentallo.