Flottant tranquillement sur le fleuve Saint - Laurent près de la Lachine Canal. What a feeling! #kayaking #fleuvesaintlaurent #onthewater #tranquille #relax (à Fleuve Saint-Laurent)

Tent City © Sharon Boswall (iammacgirl on Flickr).

We are enjoying a brief respite from the Arctic temps we’ve been experiencing of late. While we are still in the minuses, it’s a rather balmy -2C. Tomorrow the minus will disappear but likely only for the day. Alas, we are back to the deep freeze early next week. January and February are always the worst to get through. On the bright side, it’s only 56 more sleeps until Spring. This was from last year after an extended cold spell. I made it much further out onto the frozen river than I ever have before. And then, I turned around to look to see how far I was from the shore. According to my shaking legs, at that point, it was much, much too far.


A first timer turning into a kayaking pro! Thank you #Montréal #fleuvesaintlaurent #kayaking (à Lachine Canal)