fleuve saint laurent


“Did You Get My Good Side”/”Birds of a Feather”

© Sharon Boswall

Just some young starlings I met one day on the way to the bird sanctuary which is about a 45 minute walk, along the river path, from my house (takes me longer though because I never walk a straight line there).  Just goes to show if you stray from the path you never know who you might meet.  A small break from the butterflies because … bird is the word y’all.


Cardinal Rule by Sharon
Via Flickr:
I spent a little time by the river the past few days - it was nice and there were not too many people around except for the odd person x-country skiing or just out strolling like me. It was still relatively mild unlike today (and the return to work) - temps are hovering around -25C with the windchill. Must say I am glad to be indoors - not necessarily happy to be back at work but it is quiet and the traffic was light this morning. I imagine there are many who are still enjoying some remaining days of vacation. This lovely evergreen is one I have taken photos of many times. I would venture to say it is probably my second favourite tree by the river after my willow - oh, wait, since the willow was cut down last year and no longer exists as a cool spot to read on sultry summer days, I guess this officially makes the pine my fave. Oh, yeah, we finally got snow. Lots and lots of snow. C'est l'hiver.