Replies I got when I asked: What do you do when you get a cracked nail?

  1. xflowergirlx answered: i’m not really one to tend to my nails often. if one does something as simple as chip, i have to cut them all off. haha
  2. ismellwetpolish answered: I try to clip it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get a chance to crack even more then I file and apply a coal of nail strengthener. :)
  3. inesheartsit answered: it hurts, but in this case i cut all my nails…!
  4. sugarcoatednails answered: I just give in and use the nail clippers
  5. nailiac answered: If it’s possible, I glue it. Otherwise I cut all of them off. I hate it when one is shorter than the others!
  6. c-nicole- answered: I cut, then cut the rest of my nails as well to have them all at the same length
  7. courtneysmindgrapes answered: i start by filing down to maximize the length, but usually end up resorting to cutting it down to be even
  8. fleuryrosenails answered: Fiberglass wrap!
  9. moniquejoy answered: i cut them off.
  10. lionesslacquer answered: I usually crack the corner of nail because I keep them square. When it cracks I’ll file them to ovals.
  11. champagnefilledwithnails said: I always glue them with a teabag. I just can’t stand having short nails. Besides, mine usually starts to crack in a painful place.
  12. missrainbowkami answered: I tend to end up picking and picking and picking until it’s gone. Or filing until there’s nothing left of it. Oops.

Awh thanks everyone who answered! 

As for me, I do the tea bag method, and hope it last till I am done with whatever event, party, etc. that may be going on where, I wouldn’t want short nail issues.  Right now…it’s Halloween!  It’s a really small crack that is near the nail plate area.  Gonna be painful if I cut it :( Not even sure what happened.  Woke up with it haha.  So hopefully it doesn’t increase in size!  BETTER NOT!  haha. 

Two of the lovely ladies at Tomahawk Salon both in MessQueen Leggings. @fleuryrosenails & Chantal Sevaresse (owner). Last Wednesday NY1 News came to the salon to film part of a segment on the growing neighborhood of Bushwick and a few cool places it has to offer, one being the salon. Chantal asked me to be interviewed as one of the designers being sold at the salon. Thanks guh!

It should air sometime in May and when it does you will know! I believe i was told that this may also play in the taxi tv’s, but i could be wrong. Either way, woo!


Got my nails done by Miss Fleury Rose of Blood Rose Nails! The design patterns were inspired by my Ethnic Legging fabric. Follow her blog and make an appointment with her at the Tomahawk Salon in the Shops at the Loom in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where yours truly, also sells her leggings!

Thanks to @fleuryrosenails for the cute snake skin. Now I’m off to get wild in the streets, wild in the city of Baltimore. Be back on Tuesday NYC.