fleury 29

To Marc-Andre Fleury

People will always judge you for your playoff performance but remember that you were the one who held it down every start you got and you were the one who bailed the Pens out when defense didn’t want to do their fucking jobs and you have made so many amazing accomplishments this season that you better not rip yourself apart and hold your head high because you are a damn good goaltender. 

How the NHL ruined my life:
  • Person: Do you know what time it is?
  • Me: Dan Girardi, Corey Crawford
  • Person: What?
  • Me: 5:50
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • Person: How much is that shirt?
  • Me: $ Marc-André Fleury
  • Person: What
  • Me: $29
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • Person: How many pages are left in this book?
  • Me: TJ Oshie
  • Person: What
  • Me: 74 pages