fleurs noires

a bunch of tiny duos 
i drew this really quick n no reference ;_; watch out for errors 
choose your duo and put them in your pocket and bring them everywhere you go

Faesthetic Board / LB #4 / Ciel  – ✦✦✦ Check Sebele’s version HERE

Kiki Hair (✤✤✤) by @darkosims3

Rose Eyeliner (✤✤✤) by @pralinesims

Fishnet Camisole Dress (✤✤✤) by @i-dsims

Vetements socks (✤✤✤) & Fleur Noir Earrings ( ✤✤✤ ) by @by2ol

Lace Up Choker (✤✤✤) salem2342 - tsr

Boots  (✤✤✤) conversion ts3to4 by @astya96cc


MadMarx commissioned from the great and wonderful Cake!!!

Whenever I think of MadMarx I think of the relationship between a valkyrie and a war torn hero on a bleak battlefield…. Which I think this piece captures beautifully ^^

I also really wanted to see Madora and Marx in Greek/Roman clothing!

… Maria le dévore du regard, dévore du regard ce prodige tangible, cette fleur noire poussée cette nuit dans les désordres de l'amour.
—  M. Duras, Dix heures et demie du soir en été

ma fleur

Note: Since this was really popular on Wattpad I decided to upload it here! And this amazing piece of art is made by @hit-mon-what


Vignette 1 : fleur noir

thomas crunched the leaves as he left campus. he loved fall unlike james who preferred winter and how each snowflake was different and how they slowly and gracefully fell.

he didn’t get it. he walked to his dorm which he shared with his best friend and his boyfriend is a few rooms down.

james coughed and coughed trying to breath. The black petals kept coming the didn’t stop until he heard the door open.

“jemmy! i’m home!” his heart started pounding. he could only hear his heartbeat. his and thomas’ voice. “ i need help with a all nighter. you don’t have to help just thought you should know!”

hot tears start running down his face. He loves him so much,so much that it’s killing him.

“so um do you like me back?”

“um no sorry..”

a few months later and thomas had said

“i’m dating Alexander and i just want to know if you’re okay jem.”

“ i’m okay i got over it.”

he never did.

he called aaron telling him that he has to go to the hospital. He needs to