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Genim really doesn’t make much sense anyway, because how’s that difficult to pronounce?

Hahaha yeah, that’s my resistance to it for sure. Two syllables? WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT.

My favorite fan guess so far has been Aloysius; that is a pretty easy name to pronounce if you’ve heard it before, but it’s sufficiently embarrassing and actually sort of fits him :D


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6. Idea that you always wanted to write but could never make work?

Hahaha well my auction fics are stubbornly refusing to be easy *cough* but I’m not abandoning those, lol, so they don’t count.

I’d really love to write a giant Regency masterpiece with arranged marriages and pining and waistcoats and things, and I still might but I’m totally awful at research and so it’s probably never going to be as like, historically-accurate as I would like.

Man I’m gonna have to get better at stuff like that if I ever want to publish things. I’m so lazy.

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That kind of reminds me at my first experiences in yaoi fandom (quite some time ago), where that was a really big thing as well. Didn’t see it so much in slash, but that might have been the people I mostly chat with. Also, I’m not really a writer, so I probably don’t see…

From what little I know about yaoi, I understand that YAOI DUDES DO NOT SWITCH. And it seems like their sexual roles always have to correspond in a certain way to their personality. (And you can definitely tell when a fanfic writer is influenced primarily through yaoi, because they end up squeezing the characters into these seme/uke stereotypes whether they actually fit them or not. I HAVE A LOT OF BEEF WITH YAOI.)

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I refuse to tag for bottom!derek. REFUSE. In fact, sometimes I am tempted to write a string of surprise!bottom!derek fics. mwahaha

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…i really wanna write a ton of filthy porn, have them do a ton of shit both ways, not tag roles at all, post it up and see what happens.