Victoire Weasley loved her family. She ignored many students at school in favour of them. 

 Her boyfriend, her sister, her brother, her uncles, her aunts, her father, her mother. They were always her first priority, even when she was stressing over piles upon piles of parchment that she had to turn in by the next day. 

 Her boyfriend Teddy was a rather obnoxious soul. His hair was constantly bright colours ranging from blue to pink and his eyes were always a striking hot pink or silver. He would sneak into the Ravenclaw common room using the disguise of different Ravenclaw students he saw running through the corridors, and would stay in this disguise until it was his time to leave. That was usually when the student he was disguised as found his way back to the common room. He was always a year older than her, but she wouldn’t let those years apart ruin their relationship. Sometimes Teddy even sneaked onto Hogwarts grounds when the nights were foggy so the two of them could feed the Giant Squid or explore the Forbidden Forest together. 

 Her little sister Dominique always had her face buried in a book, usually ones Victoire had finished reading and was willing to hand down to her little sister. Others were cheap discounted books Victoire had found at muggle stores like that one old copy of The Hobbit Dominique cherished. Dominique never cared much for potions or herbology like Victoire did. She was more of a Muggle Studies and Divination kind of student, even if Victoire found the practise of Trelawney’s style of Divination student. Victoire had always enjoyed speaking to spirits of the casualties of war instead. Dominique always looked much more like her mother. Round face, no freckles, silvery eyes and dark eyebrows. She wore a nice pair of glasses and usually threw on a violet and silver sweater with a ‘D’ on the front. Dominique always prioritized comfort over anything else. Thick socks with fur liners, pajama pants with fluffy black and red checkers and knitted violet blankets. 

 Louis was always an outcast. A male veela with rather feminine features. He cut his silver hair decently short and sometimes wore makeup just to make himself look more masculine. He wore loose clothing to hide his thinner figure and sun glasses and scarves to hide his face. Victoire couldn’t help but frown each time Louis refused to remove these items in class because he was afraid of being bullied. One day Victoire found a note left on her bed stating that Louis would be in detention for not listening to the professor when she asked him to take off his scarf. Louis was also a Ravenclaw, and would usually invite Victoire to the boy’s dorms so that they could talk. A lot of the time, the two ended up falling asleep this way, but the prefects would always shrug it off. They knew how Louis was and how being male with veela blood affected him negatively. 

 Victoire’s favourite uncle was Uncle Charlie. His hair was cut shoulder length and had strands of a silvery grey slowly forming alongside the ginger. His face was weather beaten and so freckled it was tanned, and sometimes these freckles would distract her from his slowly aging complexion. But despite this, he moved like a teenager. He leaped from stair to stair, he flew dragons in the strangest of fashions and he would scoop up Victoire’s mother and throw her to Norberta where she would proceed to run away screaming. Victoire’s dad would even toughen up and ignore the stabbing like pains covering his body each full moon just to stay up late with his little brother. Victoire would peer through her blue curtains to watch the two middle aged men sit on the birch fence surrounding the house, a bottle of firewhisky in their hands. They would sometimes stay up laughing until the sun rose, and when her father stumbled into the house, face flushed from the firewhisky, her mother would scold him and send both him and Charlie off to bed. 

 Her favourite aunt, however, had always been Aunt Ginny. She was always so energetic, just like her eldest brothers. She was a famous Quidditch player as well, and though Victoire sometimes got caught up with Teddy during these matches, her father would always correct her, even if at the time she wanted to punch him in his scarred face. Aunt Ginny would also visit late at night to chat with Victoire’s mother and father. Victoire loved when she brought over her youngest, Lily Luna, a fellow Ravenclaw and art lover. Lily Luna learnt a lot of what she knew from Victoire and her namesake, Luna Lovegood. James Sirius and Albus, however, were always to much for Victoire to handle and she ended up leaving the two with Dominique and Louis to deal with. 

 Roxanne was always her favourite cousin. The two girls would chat quite a bit at Hogwarts, usually gossiping about different boys and girls around the school. They would chat about the latest news of the cute boys and girls, the antics of Fred the Second, the adventures of Victoire’s father and sometimes even Albus and his little gang’s journeys. Roxanne loved playing with Victoire’s waist length silvery hair, but Victoire always found Roxanne’s dark curls too much to handle. Especially since Roxanne had quit brushing her hair a while back. She always said her mum had cursed her with a mane that couldn’t be tamed. Victoire would have to agree. 

 Hugo was always pretty adorable. He would waddle around her house and hesitantly slide down the railing of the spinning stairs in her house. While Rose would talk to her father, Victoire and Hugo would play with Louis in the back garden. Louis felt comfortable around Hugo, most likely because they were around the same age. Louis was only a year older than him. Hugo’s hair was usually in a short ponytail that puffed up like a rabbit’s tail. It was so curly and ginger Victoire couldn’t help but laugh at the resemblance he had to his bratty Uncle Percy. 

 James Sirius and Victoire never got along. He was obnoxious, nosey and got involved in something that was just not his business. He would watch Teddy and Victoire enjoy their privacy in dark corners. He would send letters using both owls and the muggle phones Harry had introduced to him asking Victoire about Teddy and different inappropriate comments. When Victoire reported these antics to Professor McGonagall, she didn’t see James Sirius for an entire week. When he finally got released from wherever McGonagall had kept him, he looked weary, weak and scared and didn’t bother Victoire for the rest of his years. 

 Her mother was always so kind, but just didn’t know how to verbally show it. A lot of the time she said things that made others who didn’t know her personally raise an eyebrow or groan in disgust. But her family knew that she meant well and she was just used to talking trash about others. It was her only defense mechanism before meeting Victoire’s father. Her mother always loved cooking, and could probably master any meal that was thrown at her. Her father had always joked that her mother made the best meat, even though he was the one who hunted it and ate it raw. Victoire’s favourite meals were always the pies and cakes that her mother made. They were always chocolate or vanilla, and though her father sometimes got sick because of his lycanthrope blood’s reaction to chocolate, he still ate it despite her mother’s constant attempts to get him not to. Her mother was a succubi, and Victoire always feared that one day older men would flock around her like they did with her mother. She saw the videos from the Triwizard Tournament. She saw how they treated her mother, and it terrified her. But she soon realised that she only inherited the beauty and unnatural glow from her mother, not the succubi curse. 

 Her father was certainly different. Victoire and her siblings had always been afraid of inviting friends from Hogwarts to Shell Cottage out of fear of how they’d react to her father drinking blood straight from a glass like some sort of psychotic madman. Or how he came home with animal blood staining his shirt. But when Albus invited Scorpius Malfoy (Draco Malfoy’s kid) over, he seemed fairly comfortable around Victoire’s father. Victoire’s father was always a kind man. He cared a lot about others, and was as selfless as someone could be. He seemed to have befriended Madame Pomfrey during the sessions where she would come to Shell Cottage to make sure her father was okay, and Victoire even started calling her Poppy instead of Madame Pomfrey out of nothing but habit. Her father had taken a desk job at the bank for a short period of time before jumping right back onto the Curse Breaking train, even if now he just stayed in Western Europe. 

if lemony snicket wrote harry potter

Krum attacked Fleur, who responded with “Sacré bleu!” This exclamation is a phrase with many possible meanings and connotations. Literally, it translates to ‘sacred blue’, a phrase which does not appear to make much literal sense, and might lead an earwitness to suspect that the speaker is invoking some kind of nefarious coded phrase. The French invented it as a way to swear without invoking the name of God, as ‘bleu’ and ‘Dieu’ are similar sounding words, such as ‘look’ and ‘book’, or ‘code’ and ‘forebode’, or even ‘last breath’ and ‘painful death’.

This history, while fascinating, is not in fact relevant to this situation. For I, dear reader, happen to be privy to exactly what the young Miss Delacour meant when she exclaimed “Sacré bleu!”, thanks to a chance interview in a crowded fish statue three years after the fact. And so “Sacré bleu” in fact here means ‘oh fucking shit’.

*After announcing the three champions that will compete in the triwizard tournament, Dumbledore grabs a fourth paper that just came out of the goblet of fire*

Dumbledore: Harry Potter





Fred, George and Lee Jordan:









The Teachers Table:


“Fleur Delacour, Harry noticed, was eyeing Bill with great interest over her mother’s shoulder. Harry could tell she had no objection whatsoever to long hair or earrings with fangs on them.”

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter “The Third Task”

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  • Ginny doesn’t start dating Luna until after she breaks up with Harry
  • Luna was always there to comfort her at hogwarts, so when Ginny asks her to stay over the night after she and Harry broke up, how could she say no?
  • But that morning when Ginny wakes up, Luna is gone
  • She eventually finds her in the garden, eyes red from crying
  • Luna hadn’t been able to sleep in a closed off space since she’d been locked up in the Malfoy basement
  • She’d been sitting outside for hours, afraid to wake up Ginny
  • Ginny promises she doesn’t have to sleep indoors after that
  • Now they sleep outside, their intertwined hands illuminated by the stars
  • But when winter comes and the snow starts to fall, even the most powerful heating charms won’t work against the cold
  • Ginny decides this won’t do, and asks everyone she knows to come over for new years
  • And all of Luna’s friends arrive to finally make her feel safe and at home
  • Dean, Seamus and Dennis Creevey paint the ground floor to look like the open parts of the forbidden forest
  • Percy and Oliver Wood make the laundry room look like a quidditch pitch
  • Fred and George draw the most ridiculous creatures they can think of in the hallways of their new house
  • Harry, Ron and Hermione paint the bathroom to look like a huge coral reef
  • Ginny and Neville transform the guest room into a moorland
  • The attic was turned into a meadow filled with flowers by Bill, Fleur and Cho  
  • Only one room was done by just one person
  • Because Ginny knew he regretted not saving Luna from his basement more than anything
  • And he wanted to show her how sorry he was
  • So when midnight neared, and Luna came home to find all of her friends there
  • In a house where she finally didn’t feel trapped
  • She met a boy with pale blond hair
  • And scars across his chest
  • Sitting in the middle of her bedroom
  • Covered in paint, surrounded by the night sky
  • And Luna smiled, because she had the most perfect girlfriend
  • And Draco smiled, because he knew he’d made up for at least one of his mistakes
  • And Harry smiled, because he now finally knew who to kiss at midnight.
  • And they were happy
  • And all was well

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fleur delacour was always too pretty to be smart. 

she is cooed over and admired, dressed like a doll and adorned like a mannequin, intended to smile and stand in the corner and bring honor to her family through her silent beauty. her chubby cheeks take precedent over her razor sharp mind, her glacial eyes over her loving heart, her delicate hands over her strongheaded determination.

she confesses one time, hesitantly, to her first friend at eight years old that sometimes she feels like people don’t even want to get to know her before dismissing her as airheaded, only to have nathalie scornfully dismiss her misfortune to be born so pretty, oh no, what a hardship. she keeps her doubts to herself after that.

she arrives at beauxbatons amidst hushed whispers and widened eyes, stalks down hallways through murmurs of veela and look at her, all beauty and no brains. her very first class, she completes the transfiguration task within the first five minutes of instruction. her classmates call it a fluke. so she finishes first in charms. potions. defense. herbology. she is not given respect, so she snatches it out of clenched hands, airily forces it out of gritted teeth, wins it from the begrudging.

she stands, on the triwizard stage, the only female among four champions, facing a new crowd of doubters and naysayers, who look incredulously at her flowing hair and fine features, not her fierce spirit and sharp mind. let them be fooled by her appearance, let them underestimate and undervalue and undermine her. she would disprove them, this time and every time, by showing them just how much more she could be.

after all, fleur delacour was always too smart to be only pretty. 

Some Bill Weasley headcanons

sometimes Bill pops up in my head, it happens.

here some headcanon

  • He assisted his mother giving birth to his 6 siblings
  • Yes he was only 2 yo when Charlie was born but that didn’t stop him
  • His siblings take his words into consideration better than their parents’
  • “but Bill said this is lame so leave it”, said Fred and George once. “If Bill isn’t going to sleep, I am not going to sleep too!”, said Ginny once. “no, I’m actually going to sleep, Ginny.” “prove it!” he then proves it.
  • He’s very smart so he was a great help during his siblings’ basic education: how to do math, to write, to read. he even tought a 2 yo Ron how to make sandwiches
  • Bill was an example for his brothers and sister to not complain about their parents financial reality.
  • “shut up you little shits there are people in worse situation and you won’t see them whining about it.”
  • When Bill went to Egypt, they missed him so much but that didn’t stop them from exchanging brief letters. “Bill, mum is really pissed off, please send help.”
  • Next morning, Molly and Arthur receive a mail from Egypt and she’s all smiling again, distracted with whatever Bill’s got for her
  • Bill is like very chill. Someone stole his golds from work? It’s all good, I’ll bring six times more next time. Got attacked by Fenrir Greyback? That was just a scratch.
  • When Fleur asked him to help with her English, he said. “I won’t teach you grammar and all this bullshit. let’s have dinner and talk.” that’s how he effortlessly, smoothly went out with Fleur Delacour.
Fleur delacour

Reading hp and the half blood prince and then I get to the part where Bill gets attacked and has a scar and molly just jumps in saying “oh well I guess that’s the wedding cancelled” and all I think is fleur looking her dead in the eye and saying “I think the fuck not” just this girl is amazing don’t think she’s some stuck up bitch cause she’s just amazing and I love her