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Every family had some variation of Douchebag Jar. The Potters and Weasley-Delacours had the Swear Jar. In Potter family the jar started even before the kids, because Ginny, in Weasley-Delacour family it started when Victoire turned 14 and Louis was repeating all the bad words after his sister. It’s actually very fun because the Weasley-Delacours siblings mostly swore in French so while it worked in a all English environment, but never at home. At the Potter Manor with the help of Swear Jar were made a lot of economies, because till the culprit reached the jar they made their charge 6 time bigger. The Weasley-Johnson family had the Pun Jar. It started as well before the kids. Angelina was proud, because she contributed less then her husband and kids, but if you counted what amount of money was put in the Pun Jar by George and the kids, when you understood that less is more then normal. The Weasley-Grangers had the Douchebag Jar, which was for every nonsense, they even have a board on the fridge with Days Since the Least Nonsense. It started when Rose turned 12 and Hermione choose the name, how strange this sounds? Weasley-Smiths had the Shut up Jar, every time someone started dramatising something they were send to the jar. The Weasley-Smiths in generally were very dramatic and had the habit of making something bigger then it really was.

The Weasley-Grangers’ Douchebag Jar

Taken by Hugo. Summer 2019