fleur rebelle

Chi scrive è fuori, è fuori anche quando piove, si lascia piovere addosso, scrive sotto la pioggia, racconta di fiori mostruosi e di fate perverse.
Chi scrive non ha tempo di piacere agli altri, è troppo demonizzato da qualcosa, innamorato di qualcuno, sperduto in qualche luogo.
Chi scrive non deve… e se ne sbatte il cazzo!
—  Luigi Mancini

Hello guys! My first official blog post will be about the outfit that i put together for Wanderland 2015.

At first i got overly excited to come up with a “bohochic” look for wanderland like the moment my friends and i decided to attend the said event, ideas started pouring down my head like raindrops!

For my top, i opted for a white lace/crochet-ish cropped top which i bought at American Eagle Outfitters way back 2012 because it’s naturally the “go to” kind of top if you wish to have that “bohemian” get up. I’m actually very happy to be able to wear that top because it’s been sitting in my closet for a couple of years already and i’m quite hesitant to wear it whenever i’m going out until Wanderland. 

For my bottom i just decided to wear a faded denim highwaist shorts from H&M. Which is one of the items they just released for the H&M x Coachella Collection. I love wearing it like i could wear it everyday because it’s super comfortable to wear. It’s not like the usual denim shorts, the fabric is not rough and it’s not heavy to wear. Because  i usually get that heavy feeling whenever i’m wearing some of my old denim shorts.

For my cover up, at first i was thinking of wearing a printed chiffon kimono but i realized everyone will opt for that style already and i wanted to wear something light and simple so i just opted for a plain powder pink cardigan which i also bought from H&M.

For my accessories, well i’m not really good with accessories and i’m not that type who wears a lot of it either. So i just decided to wear a few pieces. Since i also wanted to make my whole outfit simple. So for the earrings, at first i was thinking of wearing dangling earrings until i saw that gorgeous ear cuff and i fell in love. I mean just look at it? who wouldn’t? For my bracelet, i opted for a hand chain ring bracelet instead of the usual which are “bangles” And lastly, i know those aren’t really accessories but c’mon gold tattoos? It’s just the cutest and prettiest thing ever!

For my footwear, I opted for a black gladiator sandals from Forever21. It’s the perfect footwear for festivals! It has that “bohemian vibe” in it, it’s comfortable to wear especially since we’ve been walking around all day and it gives any outfit a little edge into it.

Lastly for the head piece i was torn between a headband and a hairpiece chain because c’mon both are exceptionally pretty right? But i’m kind of in doubt if i could pull off the hairpiece chain or not so i just picked the headband instead. It matches my cardigan anyway and it has that gorgeous gold pattern in it! It brings the whole outfit together. It’s like the cherry on top of a sundae. 

Top: American Eagle Outfitters Shorts: H&M Cardigan: H&M Shoes: Forever21 Headband: H&M Ear Cuff: H&M Hand chain ring bracelet: H&M

So, that’s it! Thank you for taking the time to drop by my blog! Til’ my next post.

Love, RF ❤️