fleur delacour is so important i can’t even put it into words

badass girl whose “most precious” was her sister, who despite what anyone might think of her (cough molly cough ron cough hermione cough) looks past any aesthetic unpleasantries because she is completely and irrevocably in love with bill, who willingly risks her life for harry (the seven harrys, anyone???), who manages to create a spot of brightness in the middle of war (wedding!!!), who is feminine and badass at the same time, who opens her home to an entitled goblin and multiple refugees/runaways, who doesn’t sacrifice one bit of her integrity or character despite the looming threat of war

did everyone just forget about when bill was attacked by greyback and he had a ton of scars and mrs weasley was like “oh better call off the wedding” and fleur was like “why the fuck would we do that” and mrs weasley basically said that fleur only liked bill bc of his looks and fleur totally told her and was like “i love him no matter what he looks like” and she turned out to be really cool
I feel like fleur is underrated

Things people forget about Fleur Delacour
  • She is 7 years younger than Bill
  • She worked for Gringotts
  • She fought alongside the Order in the final battle
  • She loved Bill unconditionally
  • She did not blame Harry in any way for the war and the things she went through during it
  • She risked her life alongside everyone else when she Polyjuiced herself into Harry
  • She received medals of honor from the French and British ministries of magic for the part she played in the war
  • She cared about Harry as a person, unlike most people he met
  • She never forgot that Harry saved her sister during the Second Task, and she was forever grateful
  • She is completely and utterly perfect in every way

I firmly believe that Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum remained friends after the triwizard tournament and that one night while they were celebrating Fleur and Bills engagement a very drunk Fleur bet a not as drunk Viktor that she could catch a snitch before him and so they competed and he won and Fluer lost her end of the bet saying that she would name her first born after him

and that is why their kid is named Victoire and the only reason it isn’t spelled with a k is to annoy Viktor

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Book 4 is probably my favorite simply because I love the Triwizard champions. You guys have no idea how much I want to see an AU where Cedric doesn’t die and Harry teams up with the other Triwizard champions to kick Voldemort’s ass. Fleur can be the fabulous badass who won’t take shit from anyone, Viktor is the brooding awkward boy, Cedric would be the one keeping the peace, and Harry is the baby who’s either confused or secretly judging as he watches the older three bicker.

The only romance involves Krum occasionally cornering Cedric for advice on how to woo Hermione when everything’s done.

Headcanon: Fleur was the only one of Molly’s daughters (because all her daughters-in-law became her daughters) who carried on the tradition of Weasley Jumpers. Hermione liked to use what little free time she had reading or spending time with her family, Ginny absolutely hated knitting and Angelina had never learned to knit.

Fleur’s last Christmas gift to Molly was a beautiful purple jumper with a gold ’M’ on it and a card that read: “Mum - After all those years of making them for everyone else, I thought it was about time someone made you your very own Weasley Jumper. All my love, Fleur.”

To the end of her days, it was Molly’s favourite item of clothing.

Fleur Delacour though 

like omg this girl willingly entered a deadly competition, knowing full well that she could die and she fought so hard and the thing she would miss most was her baby sister like how precious is that

and then she moved to a different country on her own do you even know how hard that is and she basically didnt know anyone besides Bill, who she couldnt really know all that well

she got a job, she worked hard to improve her English, so that she wouldnt be discriminated against, but still was and she had to deal with her fiances misogynistic family, had to deal with Mrs. Weasley, Ginny and Hermione being so incredibly against her and I bet she just really wanted to be friends with them, to earn their respect and not be seen only as a pretty dumb girl because she was so much more than that!!!!!

Fleur Delacour, who spoke her mind even though she knew most of the Weasley family would like her even less because of that, who never backed down, who stood up for herself, who proved to everyone that she wasnt shallow, that she truly loved Bill and wouldnt even let a fucking werewolf attack come between them

Fleur Delacour, who had a wedding in the middle of a war, making at least one day happy in the midst of death and destruction

She took in fugitives, she took care of an ungrateful goblin, when she had absolutely no obligation to, she made her tiny home a safe place for the Trio and Luna and, I mean, they showed up in such a bad condition, Hermiones been tortured, Luna and Griphook have obviously been starved and possibly tortured as well (as far as she knew), Dobby died not far from her home and she asked no questions, she took care of them all

Fucking Fleur Delacour man, shes my hero

and im so angry that I used to dislike her so much, I used to find her annoying and I wished she would just go away and now im like ????????

shes literally amazing why is she portrayed in such a bad light

i have this headcanon that by the time all of her grandchildren were born molly weasley was knitting more christmas sweaters than she ever thought possible but still she kept knitting

and one day fleur is looking over the christmas photos from last year and notices that every single person is wearing a weasley christmas sweater… except molly

so that year molly opens her christmas presents from bill, fleur and the kids and there’s a hand-crocheted sweater with an “M” on it from her daughter-in-law don’t fucking look at me