fleur deforce

The signs as youtuber

Cancer: Rebecca Black, Fleur de Force, Lauren Elizabeth.

Taurus: Jack and Finn Harries, Caspar Lee, Arden Rose.

Aries: Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg and Sam Pepper. 

Pisces: Ben Brown, Claire Marshall (aka HeyClaire), Will Darbyshire.

Gemini: Troye Sivan, Tanya Burr, Lohanthony. 

Leo: Sammi Maria (aka Thebeautycrush), Amanda Steele, Eva Gutowski. 

Sagittarius: Marcus Butler, Alexa Losey, Tiffany Alvord. 

Scorpio: Bethany Mota, Hannah Hart, Colleen Ballinger (aka Miranda sings).

Capricorn: Jim Chapman, Harrison Webb, Thatsojack.

Libra: Grace Helbig, Sam Pottorff, Charlie McDonnell.

Virgo: Joe Sugg, Mamrie Hart, Connor Franta.

Aquarius: Phil Lester, Oli White, Ingrid Nilsen. 


Since Natalie is on camp and doesn’t have her phone or internet access I thought I’d show y'all part of the present I got her. I got the one and only Marcus Butler and of course, Fleur DeForce to write her birthday messages. I absolutely cannot believe that they responded. These people are so awesome and they’re going to make Natalie’s day so special. I can’t wait to show her. She’s going to flip out!