Bricks by the Million - Filmed at Fletton, 1933

Found this video and a few others on British Pathe, a site with 90,000 historic films. The Fletton one is of particular interest since we are looking into the history of the London brick for name inspiration and may be using ‘Fletton’.

It’s in black and white and with no sound - interesting to see how everything worked and really like the aesthetic of the video and the fonts they used back then. Perhaps we could use a similar black and white 'old-timey’ aesthetic as backgrounds etc when branding, to emphasise the value and story of the bricks we are reclaiming.

Source: http://www.britishpathe.com/video/bricks-by-the-million-filmed-at-fletton

Get your summer henna fix!

So after the success of the last Henna Open House we will be bringing you another this Sunday!

Pop along anytime between 1pm-9pm on Sunday 26th July for your Henna Fix this summer!

Share with friends and family! You will get the chance to try some new products!
And even give henna applying a go!

No appointment needed to jus pop along! Fletton, Peterborough. Inbox for the full address details.