You know what you all should do??

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Today is a very special day for the site. Today is the birth of the man that sings like an angel, plays like a god and is a sweet and awesome human being. I don’t know where to begin, to be honest. I love him, I guess that’s what I need to say first, for so so so so many reasons. For his voice, his eyes, his hands that makes him play the piano, guitar and, sometimes, the drums… the way he is, yeah, how he treats the fans, how much of a Disney fan he is, and how he doesn’t care to tell you that he would cry during a movie, not to mention the love he process to his cats. I love him, I know I have told you already, but that’s the truth. He’s so incredible and so so so big in so so so many ways that it makes me big. He makes me a better person, somehow, and with his music I have learnt a lot of things in life! I have even love Harry Potter when I hated it because of his enthusiasm. I don’t know what else to say. I think it’s time to say what everyone of you have said already and wanting me to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!