Do you want to hear a secret?

Come closer.

You’re beautiful and amazing and now matter what you’ve done I’m very proud of you.

Weather you’ve gotten out of bed to day or not, I’m proud of you.

I know life is hard but you’re strong and I know you’ll make it.

I love you very extremely much and your really important to me. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not, have a wonderful day.

Even if it’s not wonderful, it will be tomorrow.


BadBoy!Luke Part Six

A/N: It’s the moment you have all been waiting for, I think so enjoy also I think this is the longest chapter I’ve written so- score!
Rating: R
Warnings: Smut (finally)
Requested: Yes
“She’s amazing man.” I told Michael as we sat on his couch playing video games.
“Is this like amazing in bed or amazing personality?” He asked not looking up from the screen in front of him.
“Both. But I meant all together she’s just the most amazing person I’ve ever met.” I said and Michael chuckled.
“Your so whipped.” He responded, pausing the game to look at me.
“Maybe.” I sighed, smiling as I thought of her.
“What are you gonna do about her parents?” Michael asked, arching an eyebrow.
“Uhh meet them?” I said.
“No dude. Her parents are strict, they want her with somebody who has a lot of money, super smart, not anything like you dude.” He replied shaking his head.
“Hey! I’m smart!” I defended.
“Yeah dude but you want our band to travel the world, you would rather spend your time partying than studying. Her parents aren’t gonna like you at all.” He admitted and I sighed as I thought about it.
“Whatever, I have to head home, Y/N’s coming over so I can help her study for her math final.” I said as I stood up.
Michael nodded simply and I shook my head as I walked out of the house and headed home
“Hey princess.” I smiled as she walked into my bedroom.
“Hi.” She replied sitting next to me on the bed.
I smiled as I looked her outfit over. She was so simple yet the most gorgeous person I’ve ever met.
“What are you looking at?” She giggled as she tilted her head to the side and looked me over.
“You. You look really good today.” I said and the heat on her cheeks made me giggle as she made her way closer to me, swinging her leg over me so she was straddling me.
“Not such a bad boy now are you lover boy?” She smirked and I chuckled.
“Never for you princess.” I smirked and she shook her head as she rolled her eyes before kissing me softly.
This was the moment. I had to tell her. I couldn’t keep it from her anymore.
I pulled away and she frowned softly as I moved nervously.
“What’s wrong?” She asked quietly and I bit my lip as I looked her face over.
“I’m in love with you.” I said barley above a whisper.
Her eyes grew wide and she looked at me for a couple seconds, causing me to become more nervous than I already was before a smile broke out on her face.
“I’m in love with you too.” You said after a couple seconds. You couldn’t believe he said that. You couldn’t believe that he was in love with you.
“R-Really?” He said and you nodded before kissing him softly at first. The kiss grew deeper and more passionate as it went on. His weight shifted beneath you as he moved your position so you were straddling him.
He pulled your shirt over your head and tossed it aside, his hands roaming your body as he kissed your neck. Your shorts were second to go and you noticed Lukes eyes skimming your body with his lust filled eyes. “You’re wearing way too many clothes, Hemmings…” You mumble against his lips.
He looked down and giggled awkwardly when he realised you were almost naked and he still had most of his clothes on. You smiled and helped him unbutton his shirt and pull down his jeans until he was left in his boxers.
“Calum won’t be home any time soon, right?” You whispered to Luke as you began to place kisses up and down his jaw line.
“No, he said he was going to some birthday thing for a few hours. We’ve got plenty of time.”
It didn’t matter how many times Luke attempted to reassure you that Calum wasn’t going to be home soon, you were still worried. Only days ago you found out that calum had lived with Luke and you didn’t know how you had gone so many months without knowing. Because of this, he was trying to rush this along as much as he could.
You groaned when he tried to pull you down onto his lap. His arms were resting lazily between the two of you, not doing anything, which you found displeasing. You took one of his hands in your own and placed it over your breast, nodding to let him know that’s what you needed. He continued his massaging until you climbed off of his lap and laid down on the bed, letting him take control. Although, he stopped above you with his hands either side of your head, just looking at you.
“What?” You asked, breaking him out of his thoughts.
“Nothing… You’re just… Wow,” He muttered, slightly out of breath.
“Come here, lover boy,” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down so your lips embraced.
Since you were only left in your underwear and you were growing impatient, you let your hands trail down his chest to the top of his boxers and snapped the elastic against his skin. He chuckled and pulled away from your kiss to nudge his face into your neck, placing a few small kisses there.
Luke nibbled lightly on your earlobe as he ground your bodies together, making you moan and rake your nails down his back. This was torturing and you were growing tired of it.
“So much for studying.” You breathed and Luke chuckled before continuing his work. You let out a few whimpers when he found your sweet spot and began to leave his first mark. Within a few seconds, a bruise had formed and he blew on it lightly, sending shivers down your spine.
“L-Luke…” You mumbled between moans while he continued to grind against you.
“Yeah, babe?”
“Do something, please.”
With your words, something triggered in him and you could almost feel the smirk he had on his face pressed up against your neck. He reached one hand down in between the both of you and began to rub you over your panties.
You bucked your hips into his hand on instinct and was met with a wave of euphoria as his fingers pressed harder against your. By this time, the bulge in Luke’s boxers had grown until it was obviously straining to break free. You took charge and pushed Luke away slightly, taking off your bra and slowly sliding your panties down your legs. When you were completely naked, you turned to see he had removed his boxers and was stroking himself.
“Isn’t that my job?” You tease, taking him into your hands.
He sucked in a harsh breath and let his head fall back. “Uh, yeah, maybe.”
You smirked to yourself , knowing you could do this to him. Knowing you could have him writhing underneath you. Knowing you could control him in this way if you wanted.
Within a few minutes, Luke’s legs began to tense up and he gripped the bed sheets, mumbling things you couldn’t understand. He took your wrist in his own and pulled you off of him.
“I can’t wait any longer,” He explained as he kissed your forehead, pushing you into a position so he could be above you. He leaned over and grabbed a condom, ripping it open with his teeth and rolled it onto himself.
You wrapped your legs around his waist and let him line up with your entrance, running his top over your heat a few times before thrusting in quickly. Screams of pleasure left both of your mouths as he thrust into you hard and fast. Your hips ground against his own and you snaked your hands into his hair, tugging roughly at the tips, causing him to moan and kiss you roughly. Your wrists were pinned above your head before you knew what Luke was doing you moaned loudly as he hit your g-spot. Luke released your wrists after some minutes and snuggled his head into the crook of your neck again, leaving another love bite there. Multiple actually. You could feel the pit of your stomach burning with that all too familiar sensation. You were close and so was Luke. Your high was coming closer and you thought Luke could tell as he focused on hitting your g-spot over and over again. Sweat began to form on his forehead and his hair swept into his eyes. It would only take you a few more thrusts to come undone. He began to pick up his pace, slamming into you and then pulling out, only to thrust back in harder.
“Holy shit.” You moaned as you reached your high, arching your back, Luke coming right after you. He road out both your highs before pulling out and laying down next too you.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into his arms.
“I think I just fell even more in love with you.” He whispered before pressing a kiss to your neck. You giggled and squeezed his hand that you were holding.
“I’m gonna hop in the shower, care to join?” Luke smirked as he stood up.
“Yeah I mean I guess I could.” You teased and he rolled his eyes before making his way to the bathroom.
You threw on one of his shirts before following him.
He started the shower but claimed it took a couple minutes for it too warm up. You hoped up on counter and Luke stood between your legs, kissing you roughly.
“I could do this all day.” He hummed causing you to smile softly at his softer side.
“Me too.” You said quietly and he kissed your forehead before you both got in the shower.
“I’m not happy about having to use boy shampoo.” You whined, pouting out your bottom lip.
“Poor baby.” He teased kissing you softly.
“Yeah I am actually.” You huffed.
You guys showered and talked about random stuff, giggling and sharing short kisses. When you finally got out you pulled his t-shirt over your head, catching the scent of smoke and cologne overwhelming you.
You smiled when you noticed the shirt you were wearing was the one he was wearing when you two first met.
“So do you wanna order in food?” Luke asked as his arms wrapped around your waist when you got back to his room.
You knew you should’ve been getting home. You had school in the morning and your parents would be pissed but you didn’t care. You were on cloud nine right now and you wouldn’t give it up for the world. Plus you were both 18- what could they possibly do?
“Yeah that sounds good.” You smiled. He pressed a kiss to your neck before leaving the room, you assumed to order food for the two of you.
You made your way to his bedroom where he sat on his phone. He looked up and smiled at you.
“You look good in my shirt by the way.” He smirked pulling you next to him.
“Not as good as you though.” You winked and he chuckled, pressing a kiss to your temple as he turned on the tv, going to Netflix.
“What do you wanna watch?” He asked, his other hand that wasn’t holding the remote, rubbing patterns softly on your exposed hip.
“mm I don’t care.” You said quietly and he chuckled before putting on How I Met Your Mother.
You squealed with excitement and looked up at him as he laughed at your recation.
“I love this show!” You said and he smiled.
“Me too.” He grinned and you kissed him softly, forgetting about the show before it even started.
As he pushed his tongue into your mouth the doorbell rang and he groaned.
“Thankful for the food- not thankful for the buzz kill.” He sighed standing up as you giggled.
“Will you get the food while I grab money from calums room?” He asked and you laughed but nodded nonetheless. You made your way downstairs, quickly realizing you weren’t wearing pants. You were thankful the shirt went down to your mid thigh but you still felt uncomfortable as you opened the door, revealing a boy around your age.
“Here you go ma'am.” He said handing you the food.
You smiled and started to thank him when you noticed his eyes travel down your body, licking his lips slowly.
“So, not sharing the food with anybody? Nobody wanted to spend the night with you because I would.” He smirked and you looked anywhere at his eyes as he ogled you.
“My boyfriend is sharing with me.” You said but you were wincing on the inside. Was Luke your boyfriend? You didn’t care you just wanted out of this situation.
“I don’t see him.” He said stepping closer.
You rolled your eyes before you felt familiar arms wrap around your waist.
“Now you do.” He said towering over the guy, his jaw clenched, his eyes filled with anger.
“I-I’m sorry man. I didn’t know y'all were a thing. I thought she was dating Jake I didn’t know you were her boyfriend I-I never would’ve even said anything if I had known.” He said quickly as he tried not to look Luke in the eye.
“Don’t ever come near my girl again or your gonna have bigger issues.” Luke growled and the guy nodded, accepting Lukes money and running off.
You closed the door and giggled at Lukes protectiveness although you were glad he was there.
“So I’m your boyfriend now?” Luke smirked as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you.
“Depends. Am I your girlfriend?” You asked and he smiled as you stood on your toes, your noses brushing as he smiled.
“Totally.” He replied before closing the gap between you two with a kiss. You smiled into the kiss before pulling away and grabbing the food off the table and making your way back to his room.
You sent your mom a quick text telling her you were staying at Gabi’s and you knew she would object but she would have to deal. You turned your phone off and slid into the covers beside Luke, allowing him to pull you closer and kiss your temple.
You watched TV for a couple hours until your eyelids started to fall tired. Luke leaned away from you to turn off the light and you whined at the loss of warmth.
“It’s okay baby.” He chuckled before leaning back down and pulling you even closer if it was possible.
“I’m tired.” You mumbled and he smiled.
“I know princess. Go to sleep.” He whispered before pressing his lips to your hairline.
“Love you, Lukey.” You said quietly.
“Love you too, baby.” He replied and you quickly fell asleep in his arms to the soft sound of his heartbeat.
“I really have to go.” You mumbled but it wasn’t like you were moving. Luke had you pressed against his bedroom door and he kissed down your neck while pulling your shirt up slowly.
“No you don’t, you can stay.” He mumbled before kissing you again.
“I want too babe but I can’t. My mom is already pissed.” You say and he pouts but pulls away, sighing.
You let him walk you down to your car and he doesn’t let you leave without a short but steamy makeout session.
“Love you!” You call out and he grins.
“Love you too!” He says back and you smile before driving away, already feeling the pain of missing him.
When you get home you take a second to collect yourself from this mornings..events. You smiled as you thought of it but made your way inside, hoping that your mom had already gone to work.
“Who do you think you are! You can’t just disappear! I know you weren’t with Gabi!” She said as you walked past her bedroom.
You winced and turned on your heel to face him.
“I was with my boyfriend.” You said simply, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Jake?” She asked.
You were wondering if you should lie or be honest about it. What was there to loose now?
“No- Jake and I broke up.” You said and she gasped softly.
“Why? Is it that Luke boy that Jake talked about?” She asked disgust taking over her face.
“Yes actually.” You said.
“Y/N! What is wrong with you! You know that me and your father would never be okay with something like that!” She scolded and you rolled your eyes.
“You don’t have to be okay with it. I love him.” You admitted.
She scoffed and rolled her eyes.
“You can’t love him when you’ve been broken up with Jake for three weeks.” She said.
“I can and I am because I liked him while me and Jake were together.” You addressed the situation the only way you could think of how to.
“What has gotten into you?” She screeched and you wanted to pull your hair out.
“Nothing. I have to get ready for school.” You said before heading into your bedroom.
You sighed as you changed your outfit but kept Lukes shirt on, tucking it into your jeans and adding a scarf over it. After you got ready you made your way to school but of course your mother had yelled at you some more in the process.
You sighed as you stood at your locker, looking for Luke as it had only been two hours and you missed him more than anything.
“Who are you looking for?” Gabi asked and you smiled, as you went into detail quietly about what had been happening.
“Holy shit! Luke Hemmings is in love with you!” She screeched and you shushed her.
“I don’t know if he wants everyone to know or not.” You said.
“Who wants everyone to know what?” Luke asked as he wrapped his arm around your waist loosely.
“Nothing.” You said quietly.
“You want everyone to know that your in love with Y/N.” Gabi chirped and you gave her a quick glare.
“Why wouldn’t I want people to know that?” He asked chuckling like it was the dumbest thing you had ever said.
“I don’t know, there’s just a lot of girls interested in you and I didn’t know if you wanted to experince anything with any of them or-”
Luke cut you off by kissing you. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arm around his waist, fisting his shirt in your hand as you kissed him harder.
“I will shout it from the rooftops that I’m in love with you and that your my girlfriend and that you look sexy in anything you wear.” He whispered in your ear before pulling on his shirt that you were wearing. You smiled and kissed him again, not knowing how else to express your happiness.
“We have a slight problem.” You said and Luke simply raised his eyebrow at you waiting for you to continue.
“My parents. They know I was with you last night and they didn’t like it. But they want too meet you.” You replied quietly.
He smiled shyly and nodded.
“Bring it on.” He said and you giggled before pressing a kiss to his cheek.
You wanted to feel calmer by his words but somehow you knew that this wasn’t going to end well.

—————————————————– Here it is finally! Request for part 7!

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Sweaty cutie


Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)

The film adaptation of the famous “Suspense” radio play. The lead role of Mrs. Stevenson was always performed by Agnes Moorehead. When offered a small role in the film, she was highly insulted and turned it down. 


Speedart :)