my favourite thing about phineas and ferb is that perry being a secret agent is a secret to absolutely no one aside from the flynn-fletcher family and their circle of close friends, excluding stacy for whatever reason. even after they befriend vanessa doofenshmirtz, who tells anyone who listens about her dad being an evil scientist who fights a platypus named perry, they still dont know. this is the kind of dramatic irony i live for.


Although Paris didn’t smile a lot lately because of the recent events, it brought a nostalgic smile on her face thinking that her little Wendy is all grown up and has a boyfriend now. Wendy claimed he’s the best, and she mentioned something about him being different. Paris didn’t know what her daughter meant by this, but she knew for sure she had to organize a good family dinner. Even though there was one thing that still didn’t let her relax.


((I decided because I love these other shows so much that I wanted to draw them in this au… Uuugh… This always happens. But I really wanted to put them in this au… I don’t know… But I do have ideas for why they would be in Milo’s town though.))

((I think Ferb and Phineas would be there to repair the chaos Murphy’s law causes. They built a tower to the moon in less than a day. I think they can repair a couple of things. Or even set up precautions for Murphy’s law.))

((For Dipper and Mabel… I think Dipper would go to Milo’s town to study Murphy’s law and catalog different types of monsters. Mabel would tag along with her brother. Also I guess Dipper is now bound to Bill I guess… Also Ferb is a gargoyle btw.))

“Um, hello? Jena Fletcher is calling. Yeah, Keith’s wife. I wanted to know if spine surgery is possible in your clinic… you understand, his mental health went downhill since he’s stuck in a wheelchair, and I don’t see any other way than that, there must be a way for him to walk again…”


“Sorry? HOW MUCH? We don’t have so much money!”


“Yeah, he’s a footballer, but he doesn’t earn millions! I mean… didn’t! Are you even serious? Damn… Goodbye.”


“Another twenty regional clinics to go… wish me luck I guess,” she sighed, hanging up. She actually kept doing this since day one after the accident, no one knew about it because she didn’t interact with other family members a lot, and they perfectly understood her wish to be alone. The whole search history on her phone was about her husband’s possible treatment, but unfortunately all the clinics had very high financial requirements to start the surgery. All the phone calls were the same. She had a lot of numbers in reserve though, and tried not to lose hope, but it was fading with every day.


She couldn’t even see where she was running, cars beeped at her two or three times. She heard only constant drumming in her brain: I don’t want to be like her, I’m not like her and never gonna be. I’m able to stick with someone through thick and thin. I’d do anything to get my Keith back, and he needs to know about it before it’s too late. But she was so scared of his reaction. He might tell her to leave like he did with his parents whenever they checked on him and offered help. She wouldn’t even say a word if she faced him because her breath and mental state was unstable. She would start crying, and she knew that he hated this. He wouldn’t endure if she claimed to consider him disabled too, this would be a final nail in his coffin. Their double coffin.