“The McFly boys are coming over in a minute. They’re coming up to help with the bedtime routine… with these two. And I’m not sure…they’re… ready. I don’t think they know what they’ve let themselves in for.”

Holiday, Home and Monsters | Tom Fletcher (May 21, 2017)

Very, very, special thanks to the ever lovely @effulgentcorruptedpov who helped me figure out what Tom really said. You’re the best! <3 


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2,13,24,49 Keith my cinnamon roll

Yay! (the old picture because I don’t have anything else but he looks hot here right)

2. What is their voice like?

Calm and smooth, even when he’s angry. If he had a singing voice, I’ve always imagined it to be like in Chasing Cars, it’s perfect for him!

13. How do they react to feelings of guilt?

He prefers keeping these feelings to himself, even though they’re eating him inside which he wouldn’t admit :(

24. Do they prefer either hot or cold weather more?

He thinks there’s some special charm in every season.

49. Do they like surprises?

When they’re pleasant he definitely does! Especially when he comes home and smells Jena’s delicious cakes. After the accident took place, his kids would bring him cute inspiring cards from school saying he’s their hero and it almost made him cry.

Thank you! Feel free to send me more, these questions are fun :D

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OC Asks 21, 77, 83, 86, 91 - for Nabias :) <3

Ahh thank you! 

21. Favorite kind of weather?

Tobias likes summer, but starts complaining when it’s too hot. Nate’s favourite season is spring, so he enjoys the warm May weather with a bit of rain.

77. Favorite insult? Do they insult people often?

Nate hardly ever does, he’s a kind soul. When it comes to Tobias, he wouldn’t insult anyone seriously, just can be a grump quite often, or in some cases doesn’t put a lot of effort into watching his mouth which can result into awkward situations. Of course they’re often playfully rude to each other :D

83. Are they comfortable with the way they look?

Nate is more relaxed in this aspect, he’s only mildly insecure about his freckles. Tobias has spent a lot of time on developing his style to become completely satisfied with himself, now the thing he’s most proud of is his tattoos.

86. Do they like sweet foods?

I can imagine Tobias being more of a sweet-tooth, and eater in general :D Nate’s an athlete so he’s restricted in food he’s allowed to consume, and sweets aren’t in the shortlist but he doesn’t mind.

91. What is their sense of humor like?

Of course over the years they’ve developed a lot of inside jokes, and they basically grew up together so their sense of humor is quite similar. They can randomly laugh at something only they can understand. If they’re in a company together they tend to entertain the audience and make people laugh - especially Nate, because Tobias quickly gets bored among people (our moody little thing).

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20,33,69 Irene

Thanks! <3

20. Fears?

Her greatest fear is something bad happening to Milo, and she feels like she really has to protect him.

31. Are they more messy or more organized?

She likes everything to be in order, this helps her in life greatly. In this aspect she takes after her father Nate. However, there are moments when she suddenly starts panicking uncontrollably and the only thing she needs is a big hug.

69. Is there anything that they find really gross?

Bullying, because it affected her and her significant other personally and she wouldn’t wish it to be happening to anyone.

Feel free to send me more about my characters, I’m always open to answering!

Jack and Aishi Age Gap Discussion

Okay, before people talk about the whole age difference between Aishi and Jack, keep in mind:

Ferb and vanessa hooked up and there was like a 4 year age difference

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Aang and Katara hooked up, and Aang was older then her by a 100 years 

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And Rose is older then Greg by over 5000 years!!!!

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Flynn is older then Rapunzel by 6 years  

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Thor is older then Jane by 1000′s of years 

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Note: I’m honestly not sure how to feel about the Jack and Aishi romance