fletcher c. johnson


Fletcher C. Johnson – “Messin’ Up My Mind”

My favorite song of the year.

There’s something sincere about it, and I’m seriously relieved a band from Brooklyn is capable of not making a gross video for it.

Can you sincerely rock? 

An excerpt:

I’ve been known for sinking like a stone…

but I will SWIM this time…

(…this time!!!)

‘Cause I Know…

You were my own…

I tried sharing this via bandcamp quite a while ago, but the link wasn’t entered correctly and for whatever reason I couldn’t fix it. Turn it up loud. Trust me. Turn it up.

Fletcher C. Johnson "Gone Down the River" - YouTube

This…this song holds perhaps the most heart sinking, and memorable nostalgia of my winter. I remember thinking I was so in love listening to this song. Laying in bed, sleeping, the heater keeping us warm, and me. Willing to do anything to not have to go home. My chest aches just thinking about it.


Fletcher C. Johnson LIVE at KUCI! 


Fletcher C. Johnson - Happy Birthday Live on Sonic Sandwich,

KUCI 88.9FM.

Recorded 4/27/2013. 

NEW // OKAAAAAAAYYY I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG – “Send Me Your Love” by Fletcher C. Johnson (I bet this is what summer felt like in the ‘50s). And that’s the sunniest riff I’ve heard in a while. This sounds like all those hot girl groups like The Shirelles and The Supremes, etc!! 

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