fletcher and olive


Tonight is the launch of @wbtourlondon ‘s new expansion of the Hogwart’s Express! Although I can’t be there tonight as I’m working at Les Mis, I was invited along to explore it last week and interview Stuart Craig, production designer on all eight films and James and Oliver Phelps who played Fred and George Weasley! Lovely, lovely boys! If you get a chance, go along and see it. It’s really, seriously awesome and thank you to the lovely Warner Brother’s Studio Tour Team for inviting me along to explore it all! 


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One Shots

Everyone needs to read Gotham Academy

At dragon con last weekend I was at Babs Tarr’s booth and was admiring her prints. I saw her gorgeous Gotham Academy print, and turned to my best friend and said, “I love that comic, it’s one of my favorites.” All of a sudden a voice goes, “Seriously?? I’d never thought I’d hear anyone say that, that means so much to me!” I looked up and there was Brenden Fletcher. I was in shock for a moment because I had somehow totally missed him

I quickly got my shit together and gushed about how much I loved the comic and how I always recommend it to all my friends (and anyone who will listen).

He then began to explain that DC has tried to cancel the book several times, but Brenden has begged them to let him continue because there are so many more stories he feels he needs to write. Long story short: BUY THE COMIC. READ THE COMIC. SUPPORT WRITERS WHO ARE IN LOVE WITH THE CHARACTERS THEY’VE CREATED AND WANT TO GIVE BACK TO FANS. so yeah. there we go. 

The cast of Les Mis London singing “Let the Sunshine In” in their warm up (x)