fleshed out some characters more

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Hey Ray, I just pulled Seliph and it seems they added some characterization as Seliph is really afraid of war and fighting and not living up to his father's name. To point where he has nightmares. I'm not sure where this came from but it is nice to flesh out his character more.

I saw that too from some others who pulled him. That little bit is quite welcome honestly, anything to set him apart from being a head who talks. (pretty sure he mentions something like this only once in FE4 proper)

I touched on it briefly in my larger fan reaction/review of DG as a whole but I wanted to again mention how much I liked this portrayal of Snow White.

She’s supposed to be THE ‘big good’ of the EAH universe and fleshing her out by showing her as more grey - manipulative, deceitful, conniving, vain, wanting a perception of perfection - not only fleshes her out more as a character but gives us some great insight into what Apple is growing away from.  Not to mention it shows great parallels with EQ and how, despite their differences, just how similar their personalities are.

‘Good is not nice’ is a great thing to teach children as is allowing ‘good’ characters to be wrong or even just unpleasant to deal with at times. Showing heroes to be just a dimensional & flawed as villains only enhances the entire experience of spending time with/around both and I’m glad its something we’re seeing more & more in childrens’ media.