fleshed out some characters more

Just some thoughts on DDADDS now that the “hype” has quieted down

Dream Daddy feels like more of a proof of concept than a fully-fledged dating simulator. And even then, with the structure of the game is more like a visual novel than a dating game. The fact that each character only has three dates reminded me of the support system in Fire Emblem games. The characters have three normal/friendly conversations, then suddenly they’re romantic, then they’re married. The actual “romance” aspect of DDADDS seems limited and there doesn’t seem to be enough time to get to know everyone.

Also, I feel like the devs didn’t really know what they wanted to do…

They wanted to make a dating game but gave the player little choice to really be “romantic” and outright made one character un-datable.

They wanted to make the game humorous and light-hearted but also wanted to include a violent “edgy” twist ending.

They wanted to have a good-sized cast but some characters are obviously more fleshed out than others.

They wanted to make a positive game for the LGBT community but included content and themes that, although were cut, are still triggering to those who have been around such environments.

They wanted to make characters that represent a commonly ignored minority group, single gay fathers with families, one of whom is a transgender man, and one of whom is outwardly religious; yet they either only dip their toe into the deeper issue or avoid it altogether. And I’m all for having a purely positive game that offers a sort of escapism from the issues in the real world, the player is still punished for having casual sex and trying to resolve a failing marriage, a marriage where its problems are likely due to the religious background of the two characters.

They made things too complicated and refused to delve deeper into the very themes they brought up, and that bit them in the ass.

Dream Daddy was a fun game, I’ve already spent 9 hours in it and I plan to spend more. But it also has so much missed potential that I really hope it is either expanded upon and fixed in a sequel/DLC or at least inspires other LGBT creators to make their own games and learn from the mistakes in Dream Daddy.


SKT T1 Nami - Fashion Concept…. SHE HAS LEGS … I drew Nami with legs. In I bought the skin and she just seems so sassy so I had to draw her getting caught taking a selfie. Thought I would draw a character other than Monster High in this style :) I plan to do some sketches to practice and flesh out her character a bit more :)

I love the red hair :) And her legs go on for days!

I will be doing some more Monster High soon I promise!!

Speedpaint here :

ღ for saiede week 2017
day 3: talent swap

“Nngh,” Kaede lets a rather frustrated groan escape through gritted teeth when she looks through an empty classroom. “Not here, too, then,” she leaves the classroom, closing the door behind her with a sigh.

It’s been a few days since she began her school life at the Ultimate Inmates Academy. The school is meticulously layered, with a layout that’s a little too particular for its own good——and it’s ridiculous. Rather than a school, Kaede would say it resembles a maze more, yet she feels sort of ridiculous about the fact that it’s taking her this long to know her way around the school, really. For goodness’ sake, she handles murder cases as an Ultimate Detective. She’s able to know her way around the roots of a case within a day, yet she loses to a school.

She tentatively holds a piece of paper scrap her friend had given to her earlier in front of her face——frankly, she can’t really understand a word that’s written on it——before she looks around the hallway she’s in. There are plenty of classrooms lined down the hall, and hard as it might be for her to admit, but she might be a little lost looking for the classroom her friend had told her there’d be an educational demonstration in tomorrow.

“Hm,” she scrunches her nose for a bit, closing her eyes briefly to think. “Let’s see. If I remember correctly, Chabashira-san said it was this hall. Look for the classroom that has gym equipment set up in, she said.”

The hallway is awfully quiet. Time is transitioning to late afternoon, after all, when most students have finished class for the day. Each footstep she takes easily reverberates throughout the place. 

“Is it this classroom?” She wonders aloud, stopping in front of a numbered classroom. She walks down further to peek into the classroom through the windows. There’s not a single equipment in sight. “Not this one, then.”

Kaede sighs. There isn’t anyone around she could ask for directions or help, either. What bad luck, really. Or maybe she warranted this; after all, it has been a few days since she started classes at this school, after all——almost a week, if you’re going to count——and she still got lost.

“Well, I hope I’m not lost,” she murmurs to herself, walking faster down the broad, hollow hallway.

And that’s when she hears it.

She stops dead in her tracks and the world around her stills. All of a sudden, she feels as if she was the only one left in this world——her, and that melody.

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Looking back, I think that Breezie was handled pretty well in the Archie Comics in spite of the redesign.

If you asked me a month ago I would have agreed, but I’ve since boomeranged on Breezie in the Archie book, and I realise why I didn’t really care for her to begin with. Now, this is all my own opinion so take this all with a good grain of salt. In fact, don’t take a grain of salt; this article is salty enough and you’ll need it to reply when you’re done reading.

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some more bass drops i drew to flesh out her character a bit more!

she’s been a collector of pow cards since she was little, so when she started training and unlocked her own she was super excited to see it! (top left)

(right) bass drop rarely (if ever) does her hair so it’s out of her eyes. plaza prom was a rare exception where she really put time and effort into her hair

(bottom left) her super power is super sonic barks! she can bark and cause mass destruction! unfortunately, it doesn’t work well in small spaces, so she is training to improve her strength

Okay, so I just watched the episode and it wasn’t bad. Oddly enough, I actually really liked it. Obviously, the Bilquis stuff was on point. But you probably already knew that though, right? I’m sure something may have given that away. Yetide Badaki is amazing! She knows how to do a lot with a little, and I’m so proud because this makes me want to know more about Bilquis. It makes me want to know what it is that the New Gods want from her. I just hope she gets a chance to be fleshed out more in S2 like some of the other tertiary characters have been. And I really liked Easter. I gravitate towards bubbly characters more often than not; they’re a weakness of mine, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Kristin was absolutely perfect for this role.

I’m trying to figure out what the fuck happened in the middle of the season though. It started off strong and it ended strong, but those middle episodes were .. enough to make me quit. Those middle episodes weren’t compelling at all. Here’s to hoping S2 is a lot like the beginning and the end of this season, because those episodes work. They just do. When the show revolves around different characters in the ensemble cast and not just the same ones, it’s more enjoyable. 


It’s been a long journey for me, but I finally did it!

Since doing a proper review of this would take me too long (as well as me not being knowledgable enough about the Tales series to be a definitive source) I’ll instead do what I usually do and write things I liked about the game, things I didn’t like about it and then finish it off with my general thoughts!


-The voice acting. Honnestly, I think the english VAs did a fantastic job here. I give massive props to Christina Valenzuela for her performance here as Velvet, as I think she really does a good job of expressing the subtle emotional aspects of her character through her voice. Also, Taliesin Jaffe, Amber Connor, Benjamin Diskin, Erica Mendez and Erica Lindbeck all did a fantastic job as Eizen, Laphicet, Rokurou, Eleanor and Magilou respectively (Erika Linbeck especially seemed to have had the time of her life doing Magilou’s voice X D) There were really only a few instances where some performances felt a little hammy and “soap opera-ish”, but they really didn’t bother me at all.

-The characters, especially the main party. The way they interact with each other is very similar to how the “The Guardians of the Galaxy” characters interacted with each other: they’re not all instantly buddies at first, and there’s even some tension between them, but throughout the game, seeing them warm up to each other was very satisfying and heartwarming to me. It helps that the voice acting is so good and adds a lot of weight to the characters. Not only that, there are a ton of optional dialogue prompts, called “Skits” that pop up on the bottom right of the screen that flesh out the characters even more, and they were all fantastic. Some were insightful, some were heartwarming, and some were downright hilarious! I highly recommed checking them all out, they’re really worth it!

-The combat. It’s fun, it’s fast paced, it’s flashy, it’s simple to learn and hard to master, and best of all YOU CAN PLAY 4-PLAYER LOCAL CO-OP. While the game is perfectly playable alone, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you play this game with a group of 2-4 people for the absolute best experience; it’s the most fun you’ll ever get out of the combat system from this game.

-Customizing the looks of your character. As you progress through the game, you can unlock various outfits and accesories for your characters to wear, which range from cool looking to downright ridiculous. I admit I had a lot of fun dressing up my characters and seeing their costumes show up in in-game cutscenes and during battle. Just be careful not to dress them too ridiculously if you want to follow the story carefully, cause certain dramatic scenes might lose some impact if your character is wearing a mascot-like costume with a funny moustache X D


-The overall world map, town and dungeon layout design. Barring a few exceptions like the final dungeon and Yseult (which may have to do with me loving beach settings in games), a lot of dungeons and towns felt very plain looking and samey. Not only that, the game felt very “corridor-like”, and I didn’t feel as much of a sense of exploration and discovery as I did with previous “Tales of” games, which is ironic since exploration and discovery is a big theme in this game. There was also WAY too much backtracking, and although there are some things to help you travel faster (and keep it from being a total bore), I felt like it wasn’t enough and it still felt like a slog sometimes.


I really liked this game! I’ve been craving for a good action JRPG with good voice acting, and this game did the job! The characters were definetly the main highlight of this game for me, and all the problems I had with this game were overshadowed by how much I cared about the lives of the characters I was playing. They made me want to spend hours on sidequests and completing optional stuff just to see more dialogue out of them, and I don’t regret any of that time spent. And re-living that fun I had when I played my first “Tales of” game with my friend when I was a lad brought me much joy to my life : )

So bottom line, I definetly recommend playing this game! It doesn’t do anything too new or revolutionary in terms of game design and story, but it’s a damn good Action JRPG!

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I was in Gladio hell but then I kinda thought that all Gladio smut was the same, "daddy kink, big dick". (Although, I loved your "Fashion Sense" fic! Nice interpretation of Gladio) I fell into Ignis hell because the possibilities are endless. He can take his time with you, be lustful and crave you, gloves on or off, on the table, etc. And I just wanted to thank you for placing me in Ignis hell. (sorry if this sounds weird??? It's just a big compliment)

Aaahhh, bless you fam for the love! ❤️ You know, you’re not the only person who has told me that while they like Gladio, that they find the smut associated with him to be cliche and boring. I’m guilty of jumping on that trope myself with everything save for Fashion Sense… oh and the AU I did for LV. But it makes me think that I should give Gladio some more love in the future, flesh out his character more. He has a lot that can be done with him too, just gotta make it happen!

And of course, I’m always pleased to hear that I’ve successfully shown another curious soul the depths of Scientia. May what is trash never die. Valar Morgulis. *bows*

I really really liked the new Thor movie - I liked that they made Loki have some human moments and fleshed out his character some more to show that deep down he has a heart and cares - like this scene for instance: where Thor told him that he’s always thought of Loki highly and as much as says “I love you brother even through everything you’ve done” and Loki just looks so emotionally struck by this - disbelieving and still awed that his brother really does think that - and it broke my heart❤

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One of my protagonists is Korean-American. Both her parents are Korean but she was born and raised in America before moving to England. Do you have any tips for writing a Korean-American character?

Korean American Characters

Hey, Anon! So, this is a very general question. It’s general to the point where I’m finding it difficult to give a good answer.

Being Korean-American means different things to different people. My experiences growing up as a Korean-American in coastal Southern California are very different from a Korean-American who grew up in Northern California or Illinois or New York. The time period matters, too.

So I think a better use of your time is to flesh out your character some more. There are many resources that you can use to learn about the experiences of Korean-Americans, including magazines like KoreAm Journal

Another thing I highly recommend is reading books that feature Korean-American characters by Korean-Americans! Not every Korean-American author writes Korean-American characters into their works, but the ones on this list have: YA reads Featuring Korean and Korean-American Protagonists Written by Korean-American Authors 

If you’re not into YA, then here are some other options:

  • Native Speaker by Chang-Rae Lee
  • Leonard Chung’s Choice series
  • Edinburgh by Alexander Chee
  • Person of Interest by Susan Choi
  • I’m the One I Want and I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight by Margaret Cho (nonfiction/autobio)

If you like comics, Derek Kirk Kim’s Same Difference and Other Stories may be a good fit for you~

There are many many more Korean-American authors and comic book creators, but their works don’t involve Korean-American protagonists. And there are many works that feature Korean-American characters that aren’t written by Korean-Americans! 

Not all of our experiences are the same, but these might give you a better insight into how to create a well-written Korean-American character. Do your research, be respectful, and find a good beta reader. Good luck, Anon!

~mod Stella

A Thing for the future

I believe the remaining episodes of adventure time are going to deal with Lemongrabs unresolved arc. Based on the fact that JM stated he wished he could air them all on the same day.

The first couple might not deal with him outwardly, but could instead deal with lemonhope as build-up for LG’s next appearance.

Currently, there are two arc’s that are unresolved at this time.

-Lemongrab Tyrannical arc.


-Zombie James arc

Now this is a bit of a stretch. But I believe that both will play a part in the seasons fanalie.

Here’s what I think.

    Currently, the shows creators have been fleshing out PB’s character, by giving us some insight on on PB’s more sinister behaviours. They’ve also been showing us other characters opinions on her. Why? Well I believe it’s to build up for Lemongrabs next appearance. I mean think about it; Lemongrab’s method of punishment appears suspiciously like a twisted reflection of princess bubblegums (as of recent episodes). 

Because in order to be able to understand his character, we must first learn of the circumstances that has lead him to this point. If they just revealed it all on the last episode, no one would think of it as believable.


     Since “You made me” the creators defined a specific problem in Lemongrab’s overall character- He is in the middle of a mental breakdown.

You see, Lemongrab is a stickler for law and order. Not to mention he doesn’t express his emotions properly, and little to never shows them. Realize that for him to rip off his clothes like that is something he would never ordinarily do. It was a blightant explosion of his inner emotions, and for this to occur, he had to be VERY. VERY. Genuinely upset.

“No way! He is evil, and a monster!” Some of you scream.

No, Lemongrab didn’t become a dictator for no reason. To believe that means that you think he is written poorly. And when watching his episodes, you instead thought “Wtf just happened”. But this in a way, proves that Lemongrab is actually very masterfully written. Because hes not a predictable character, and is complex in such a way that the audience have the same point of view of him as the shows characters.

 In my last analysis back when “Too Old” aired. I went over why I didn’t think Lemongrab was a one-dimensional evil. To save on time and words, I’ll link you to it here:


However, since then It has more recently been stated by a comedic professional that Lemongrab “Is the most complex comedic character in television history since "Basil Fawlty”. This comment was liked by much of the shows staff, including Pen Ward himself.

If you read up on Basil Fawlty, the circumstances of his character are almost on the dot with what I’ve been saying about Lemongrab all a long. I stand by it 100%. Give it a read;



Now, I believe the coming episodes will be connected to Lemongrab and Lemonhope. Before LG appears, we HAVE to know about Lemonhope more- and what his significance to the story really is. Right now, we have little to go on; other than he is supposed to be the “Hope” of his people, which is not enough to justify much.

After that, there will probably be a clash between the Candy kingdom and Castle Lemongrab. And if I am correct, they may end up resolving this somehow and the real fun begins.

Why do I think this? Because the episodes up until now have been foreshadowing a war. Think about it. We have been meeting and coming to know characters both new and old with Military level strength. Rattleballs was discovered, Flame princess has liberated her kingdom, CB has become a powerful knight, Finn has gained a new powerful(and cursed) weapon, RootBeer Guy became a police officer in the candy kingdom, ect.

People still often forget that James is still on his way with a growing army. And that very well may be our fanalie.

Based on what JM said on the ending to lemongrab’s arc being “Heart warming but creepy”- It is likely that with the coming of a formidable common enemy, he and PB will resolve their differences, and will likely have to join forces to fend off the coming zombie apocalypse.

Despite his flaws, Lemongrab is a great source of Military strength. Having defended his kingdom solely by himself.

If this zombie apocalypse is indeed coming, the candy kingdom is going to need him to help fight it off.

Of course there are many other scenarios that could happen. But that is my grain of salt! Hope you enjoyed reading it.

I touched on it briefly in my larger fan reaction/review of DG as a whole but I wanted to again mention how much I liked this portrayal of Snow White.

She’s supposed to be THE ‘big good’ of the EAH universe and fleshing her out by showing her as more grey - manipulative, deceitful, conniving, vain, wanting a perception of perfection - not only fleshes her out more as a character but gives us some great insight into what Apple is growing away from.  Not to mention it shows great parallels with EQ and how, despite their differences, just how similar their personalities are.

‘Good is not nice’ is a great thing to teach children as is allowing ‘good’ characters to be wrong or even just unpleasant to deal with at times. Showing heroes to be just a dimensional & flawed as villains only enhances the entire experience of spending time with/around both and I’m glad its something we’re seeing more & more in childrens’ media.

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RDJ said he's just a supporting actor in civil war bc it's basically captain america movie. This really worries me that they might be really fucking up every story potential comic can provide

i’m so torn abt this because on one hand, now people can finally stop bitching about how rdj ruined the movie and pushed his way in to steal time from everyone’s precious faves. 

but on the other hand like….. ok russos…… i’m still trusting u… but you better not make this a two dimensional story that gives all of the emotional emphasis to one camp and just barely grazes the surface with the other……………

I just came back from Suicide Squad and I am very happy with how it turned out. The characters were well portrayed, the action was great to watch, and the characters got quite a nice bit of development. It definitely added on to the DC Film Universe in a nice way.

Harley definitely stole the show and while we didn’t see much of it, her dynamics with the Joker were true to the source material.

Also, I have to say I enjoyed what was shown of Jared Leto’s Joker. It was definitely a different take but still very true to the mania of the character. I hope we’ll see more of him in the Batman solo film.

My only complaints are that they could have fleshed out the flashbacks more, some characters could have had more screen time, Harley could have shown a tad more independence, it was a bit soundtrack heavy at times, and you can definitely tell there was A LOT cut (which I’m sure we’ll get a Director’s Cut).

It’s definitely not a film for everyone, but for comic fans it’s definitely fun and a different experience than most comic films out right now. It was also a nice contrast to both Man of Steel and BvS.

I plan on seeing it again, overall I’d rank it above Man of Steel but below BvS.

In the end Suicide Squad accomplished what it set out to do; to be fun & different.

(Side note: El Diablo was the best surprise, I ended up loving his character the most by the end.)

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If you're gonna be a fact page, make sure your opinions are unbiased, because Gamzee needs some more fleshing out as a character and was controlled by Lil' Cal to kill his friends much like Bro was controlled, but I don't see that guy gettin' shit from you.

Well for one we haven’t gotten any questions about Bro lately and for two since Lil Cal contains LE’s soul and since Gamzee is a part of LE it’s kind of redundant to say he was controlled…by himself.