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OC Development: Supernatural Powers

Aw nah dawg, here we go again! I’m back with some more tips for fleshing out and rounding your character(s). This time I’ll be covering some things about supernatural powers that can help you keep your character from being over powered. To make things clear, this is supernatural powers, not psychic powers. That’ll be another post.

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Last year I wanted to make a armored core manga so I started giving some of the npc character actual designs to flesh out the characters more
Some of them are pretty good others are meh
I should redraw These later this year

This is my writing blog for DA. I need a couple of you to head over there and send me some prompts from the top couple of posts!

P.S. anyone is welcome to send me a prompt, not just mutuals. I’m not looking for RP partners right now, just some creative folks to send me prompts so I can flesh out this character some more!

evilfaeriequeen therangerslegalguardian

✢ I like your characters
✣ I like the way you express your muse(s)
✡ I agree on all your headcanons
❋ Your blog is one of my favs
✦ I like seeing you on my dash
✪ You seem like a cool person
❆ I love your art
# I’m too shy to approach to you

I’m bringing this over to my main blog. 

I really appreciate the feedback with my muse and how I roleplay. I’m inexperienced, plus Vergil is my first-ever character. ;x I’ve been fleshing him out some more with some random Google Doc, though I’d love to interact with you guys some more!

(And I completely understand the shyness. I’m just a scumbag Elezen. ;p)

allons-yharkness replied to your post “Chapter 1- Untitled Mafia Story”

THIS IS SO GOOD. I AM SO INVESTED IN THEIR LIVES AND THAT WAS JUST THE FIRST CHAPTER! AHH!! Seriously though, that was so good. I was hanging on the words. So do they move place to place just in NY, or across the country?

They basically stick to their area of NYC… They’re very territorial for people with no home ;)

But I’m really glad you like them! I really love Vi and Eli… I have some of the other characters to flesh out a bit more though.. :) Hopefully I can do some touch ups and then post the second chapter soon. 

So The CW released the Legends of Tomorrow teaser and I’ve got so much to say but I’m not entirely sure how to say them, so here goes nothing:

For starters I’m really excited to see Brandon Routh as Atom and see that character fleshed out some more. I’m also really excited, under any circumstance, to see Caity Lotz back in the role of Sara Lance. However above all else I think I’m most excited to see more quality TV from DC Comics, especially with them bringing new characters like Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter into the mix.