fleshed out some characters more

I touched on it briefly in my larger fan reaction/review of DG as a whole but I wanted to again mention how much I liked this portrayal of Snow White.

She’s supposed to be THE ‘big good’ of the EAH universe and fleshing her out by showing her as more grey - manipulative, deceitful, conniving, vain, wanting a perception of perfection - not only fleshes her out more as a character but gives us some great insight into what Apple is growing away from.  Not to mention it shows great parallels with EQ and how, despite their differences, just how similar their personalities are.

‘Good is not nice’ is a great thing to teach children as is allowing ‘good’ characters to be wrong or even just unpleasant to deal with at times. Showing heroes to be just a dimensional & flawed as villains only enhances the entire experience of spending time with/around both and I’m glad its something we’re seeing more & more in childrens’ media.

Advice: Character Focused Novel

 asked: Can you focus too much on the characters and make the story too dark? My novel’s tone contrasts its premise. At the surface, the novel sounds like a fun science fantasy. However, I wrote more on the characters (motives, morality, emotional struggles) as opposed to the science fantasy parts of my novel. Themes of selfishness, desire, guilt and redemption are becoming too prominent, so I’m afraid it might make the novel less enjoyable. I enjoy writing about the characters though… What do I do?

It’s perfectly alright to have a character driven novel that focuses more on the characters than the actual environment. Make sure not to ignore the environment–it should still be functional and fleshed out to some degree–but if the characters are more important to the world, that’s what you should focus on. And there are lots of dark stories out there. They have a place in fiction like every other kind of story. :)
A Thing for the future

I believe the remaining episodes of adventure time are going to deal with Lemongrabs unresolved arc. Based on the fact that JM stated he wished he could air them all on the same day.

The first couple might not deal with him outwardly, but could instead deal with lemonhope as build-up for LG’s next appearance.

Currently, there are two arc’s that are unresolved at this time.

-Lemongrab Tyrannical arc.


-Zombie James arc

Now this is a bit of a stretch. But I believe that both will play a part in the seasons fanalie.

Here’s what I think.

    Currently, the shows creators have been fleshing out PB’s character, by giving us some insight on on PB’s more sinister behaviours. They’ve also been showing us other characters opinions on her. Why? Well I believe it’s to build up for Lemongrabs next appearance. I mean think about it; Lemongrab’s method of punishment appears suspiciously like a twisted reflection of princess bubblegums (as of recent episodes). 

Because in order to be able to understand his character, we must first learn of the circumstances that has lead him to this point. If they just revealed it all on the last episode, no one would think of it as believable.


     Since “You made me” the creators defined a specific problem in Lemongrab’s overall character- He is in the middle of a mental breakdown.

You see, Lemongrab is a stickler for law and order. Not to mention he doesn’t express his emotions properly, and little to never shows them. Realize that for him to rip off his clothes like that is something he would never ordinarily do. It was a blightant explosion of his inner emotions, and for this to occur, he had to be VERY. VERY. Genuinely upset.

“No way! He is evil, and a monster!” Some of you scream.

No, Lemongrab didn’t become a dictator for no reason. To believe that means that you think he is written poorly. And when watching his episodes, you instead thought “Wtf just happened”. But this in a way, proves that Lemongrab is actually very masterfully written. Because hes not a predictable character, and is complex in such a way that the audience have the same point of view of him as the shows characters.

 In my last analysis back when “Too Old” aired. I went over why I didn’t think Lemongrab was a one-dimensional evil. To save on time and words, I’ll link you to it here:


However, since then It has more recently been stated by a comedic professional that Lemongrab “Is the most complex comedic character in television history since "Basil Fawlty”. This comment was liked by much of the shows staff, including Pen Ward himself.

If you read up on Basil Fawlty, the circumstances of his character are almost on the dot with what I’ve been saying about Lemongrab all a long. I stand by it 100%. Give it a read;



Now, I believe the coming episodes will be connected to Lemongrab and Lemonhope. Before LG appears, we HAVE to know about Lemonhope more- and what his significance to the story really is. Right now, we have little to go on; other than he is supposed to be the “Hope” of his people, which is not enough to justify much.

After that, there will probably be a clash between the Candy kingdom and Castle Lemongrab. And if I am correct, they may end up resolving this somehow and the real fun begins.

Why do I think this? Because the episodes up until now have been foreshadowing a war. Think about it. We have been meeting and coming to know characters both new and old with Military level strength. Rattleballs was discovered, Flame princess has liberated her kingdom, CB has become a powerful knight, Finn has gained a new powerful(and cursed) weapon, RootBeer Guy became a police officer in the candy kingdom, ect.

People still often forget that James is still on his way with a growing army. And that very well may be our fanalie.

Based on what JM said on the ending to lemongrab’s arc being “Heart warming but creepy”- It is likely that with the coming of a formidable common enemy, he and PB will resolve their differences, and will likely have to join forces to fend off the coming zombie apocalypse.

Despite his flaws, Lemongrab is a great source of Military strength. Having defended his kingdom solely by himself.

If this zombie apocalypse is indeed coming, the candy kingdom is going to need him to help fight it off.

Of course there are many other scenarios that could happen. But that is my grain of salt! Hope you enjoyed reading it.