Sins of the Flesh

Doom II - 2014/6 - by “zrrion the insect”

Originally made in 2014 for a more or less abandoned community project, zrrion split this off in 2016, sort of a sequel to 2012′s The Blood of Virgins. Sins of the Flesh is a very cool and pretty atmospheric medium-length Doom II level with flashes of lightning and over-and-under 3D geometry. It might feel a bit slow-going - the rocket launchers are in out-of-the-way places and the combat shotgun isn’t available until you’ve triggered the big ambush - but it’s worth checking out.


So I’ve been thinking about what a SEES/Persona verse would look like for Hidetoshi—problem being, I’m really not a fan of giving NPCs Personas/shoehorning them into established groups. But I figured out a way to reconcile it with my firm belief this guy would not actually enjoy becoming a teacher (though I’ll keep some teaching verses for the sake of canon compliance).

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     [ ♚ ] ❝ ドラゴン忍者 ❞

     ALREADY, Hayabusa had a look of disgust on his face. Unfortunately, it was mostly concealed

     by the jet black mask. The ninja clad in black glared with venomous eyes at the demon that

     stood before him.

     [ ♚ ] ❝ I’m starting to think that this no longer a coincidence…

     Dealing with demons was something that one should not do && yet, Ryu did so anyways.

     A huge mistake, but what happened – happened. It was impossible to change the past.

     [ ♚ ] ❝ You wish to speak ? ❞ 

     Maybe something would change this time. Chances were pretty much 50/50. It would be no

     surprise to The Dragon Ninja that they’d end up ‘bickering’ again.

               [ Yeah… ‘bickering’… ]

     Hayabusa could almost chuckle at his own thought but he held back, concealing whatever

     emotions he had except the one of pure bitterness, annoyance && disgust.