"Being gay wouldn't be as hard if I was White."

The “phenomenon” of this prevalent natural preference for mainly whites (or white-looking Hispanics), and blatant disapproval of Blacks or Asians in the gay community has always puzzled me, i.e. with Tumblr, porn, online hookup sites, or in real life. Especially worse and even hypocritical, being a non-white person myself, I’ve been guilty of this same sentiment in preference, for whatever reason I’m not 100% aware. Maybe as a harsh reality “white” features are innately more beautiful, or maybe society is to blame for this fabricated idea of beauty. Maybe a mixture of both. Whatever the case, all I know is that an extremely uneven playing field exists, and the underdogs have to rely on “luck” or other people’s “fetishes” to score some points here and there.

I’ll admit I don’t find the idea of having a preference racist, since people are free to be sexually attracted to whoever they want (no one has a gun against your penis forcing it to get hard). Though generalizing an entire people and not giving them the time of day IS discriminatory. An intellectual, sexy mind is not based on color (or shape or masculinity).

Being a minority WITHIN a minority is certainly rust on a razor blade, salt on a wound, especially in a shallow community that is the gay one. Advice I desperately need to take myself and would pass on to others is to simply fuck these ideals and be confident in yourself the best you can, despite these drawbacks. In the end, the final score doesn’t matter.

Here are the articles from The Sword (which shamelessly defends the right for preference) and Fleshbot (sites are NSFW) that brought up this rant.