Doing the dishes & contemplating life in general I realised that there was nothing in that sink but a mountain of cups. So I came to the conclusion, my friends and i are pissheads. #sink #cups #blackandwhite #bnw #dishes #cleaning #instamood #instachill #instadaily #instamusic #random #bored #boredasfuck #daily #amman #jordan #tumblr #fleshandmemories #follow (Taken with Instagram)

Let me start by saying this is not an endorsement or anything. Also, I am not super girly about products and skin care in general. Having said that, I stumbled across The Face Shop and fell in love…instantly. They build their products around natural things like a specific berry or plant and emphasize its natural properties. More importantly, their products are (as far as I know) all natural, reasonably priced, and the packaging is made from recycled material. The stuff all smells so fresh and subtle- none of that super sweet fake perfumed crap. For me, I love their products cause your skin really absorbs them, they dont make your skin all gooey and sticky. Honestly, since i started using their stuff I get a lot of compliments, and more importantly, I feel really good about my skin!

I complied a list of my family favs in this photo. My mom raved about the Collagen Ampoule filler, and the Raspberry Roots Sleeping mask on the far right which makes you wake up refreshed. As for me, I love the Peeling Day Honey Black Sugar scrub which is actual honey.. its amazing. The Brighting Rice Water Make up remover is amazing, so gentle and smells really nice. Lastly, the Herb Day Cleaning Foam in Acerola, really cleans and brightens your skin!

Enjoy and let me know if you try their stuff.