flesh study


largely due to his  blunt  nature,       carl can often be perceived as  RUDE  or just downright  MEAN.      this is evident in numerous of his interactions.      one good example would be here.      now,      for those who  aren’t  familiar with the comics i’ll have to explain the context of carl’s statement:

in the earlier days when sophia had suffered the loss of her mother,      carol,      she began to pretend she didn’t  REMEMBER  her mother in hopes of doing so would make the loss easier to cope with.     so she wouldn’t miss her as much,      that maybe she wasn’t  really  gone.      she even pretends that maggie and glenn  ( who were her adoptive parents by this point )  were her  real  parents. 

now,       knowing this you must realize how  INSENSITIVE  that remark was.      that sophia had  every  right to be hurt by that     &    not want to speak with him.     right after he says this though,      there’s a change in his demeanor,       he looks almost sheepish.      carl even begins to apologize to her,     understanding just how  out of line      &     not okay his comment was.      this is  another  habit of his:     he never thinks before he speaks.     not realizing how his words may effect those around him until it’s  too late.  

carl is  not  a mean person at heart,      he absolutely loves sophia     &     his community.      but sometimes his words come across as too harsh.     or,    he simply crosses a line in the heat of the moment          but,     when this happens carl  ALWAYS  apologizes.      this can be seen here,      carl takes out his anger      &     frustration over the loss of his eye on his father.       but later that night after waking up from a nightmare he apologizes,      understanding he had been unfair.

though,     in more recent comics there is a noticeable  difference  in his treatment of friends     &     family.      he appears much more  open     &    softer to those around him.      this of course is to be expected for several reasons:     the change in environment,     all around lack of hostility     &     him just growing up.      he is a child after all             kids say shit they don’t mean,     they get moody     &    lash out.     it happens.     carl still has his moments of insensitivity     &     putting his foot in his mouth.      but not  nearly  as much has he used to.

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Got to rest during vacation this week. Here are some sketches/gouache/gifs/paintings i’ve done. Studies and imagination sketches. Trying to get better. The GIF is still a WIP. Still have to add some inbetween frames.. and work on the BG and finish up the char. So much work.. D: (and yet it still sucks!)

Painting from last few weeks ( Portrait is from “In the Flesh”. ). Will post a GIF when I am finished.. 

Excuse the shitty Iphone quality phones. No scanner here :(

Here’s another Yokai Pencil sketch done in color!. This is fun, I just lay back in the sofa, watch some futbol and drop random color blobs. All of these monsters are first take, it would require several studies to flesh these out, both in design and color. -Gabo

songs for cassandra

Demons by Imagine Dragons (covered by Jasmine Thompson)
I want to hide the truth, I want to shelter you, 
But with the beast inside there’s nowhere we can hide. 
No matter what we breed we still are made of greed. 
This is my kingdom come. 

Bad Blood by Sleeping at Last
You fixed your eyes on us, your flesh and blood…
We study our story arcs– inherently good?
Or were we broken right from the start?

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran (covered by Jasmine Thompson) 
I see fire, blood in the breeze, 
and I hope that you remember me. 
And I will cover my eyes, 
for if the dark returns
then my brother will die. 

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy
Burn everything you love then burn the ashes
In the end everything collides. 
My childhood spat back out the monster that you see. 

Culling of the Fold by the Decemberists
It might break your heart to break her bones.
  But someone’s got to do the culling of the fold. 
Cut ‘em up, girl, really cut 'em up, girl. 

Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde
They used to shout my name. 
Now they whisper it. 

Spiderlegs by Danny Malone
Is this skin I have?
No, this is a body bag…

Transcendental Youth by the Mountain Goats
Sing in the night, in the endless dark. 
Father long gone, but we bear his mark. 
Learn some secrets, never tell. 
Stay sick, don’t get well. 

We the Common by Thao and the Get Down Stay Down
All they wanted was a villain, a villain, 
And all they had was me. 

Falling in Love with Glaciers by Listener
She was born at too young of an age, 
And every night her dreams were touched by witch’s fingers
Until her heart was caged. 

When You Break by Bear’s Den
When you break it is too late for you to fall apart. 

My Medea by Vienna Teng
I can see what I’ve begun. 

Hurricane by the Hush Sound
You’re the finest thing I’ve ever done,
the hurricane I can never outrun.  
I could wait around for the dust to still,
but I don’t think it ever will. 

Monster Lead Me Home by Sara Hartman
We walk in shadow. Monster lead me home. 

World Spins Madly On by the Weepies
Woke up and wished that I was dead.
With an aching in my head, I lay motionless in bed… 
Thought of everything I said I’d do, 
Like make the world brand new
And take the time for you. 
I just got lost and slept right on through dawn. 

Heirloom by Sleeping at Last
You are so much more than your father’s son. 
You are so much more than what I have become. 


More sketches and whatnot. Even a full fledged comic page I never did anything with. And other concept sketches.