flesh spell

  • Last Sacrifice: “She looks kind of uptight.”
  • Bloodlines: “You’re a solid person, Sage.”
  • The Golden Lily: “I look at you, and you’re like… like light made into flesh.”
  • The Indigo Spell: “You’re my flame in the dark.”
  • The Fiery Heart: “Sydney Sage, the aforementioned girlfriend and light of my life,”
  • Silver Shadows: “Sydney Katherine Sage,” he said, his green eyes full of love and earnestness. “Would you do a brooding, deadbeat Moroi the honor of being his wife?”
  • The Ruby Circle: “Being with you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, the one perfect decision I’ve made in a lifetime of fumbling and poor judgment.“
🍖 Spell: Pound of Flesh 🍖

This spell is used to get something back that someone borrowed from you, or to get someone to pay back a debt. Be careful, though, as the energy can be harsh on the debtor.


  • Meat (hamburger patty, hot dog, etc.), tofu, or something that is like meat. This is the metaphorical/slightly literal pound of flesh; it represents what the other person owes you.
  • A metal fork.
  • A piece of paper and a pen with red ink.

Optional ingredients:

  • A red candle


  1. Make sure the meat item is cooked.
  2. Sit at a table at sunrise. Place the meat item on a plate and set it on the other side of the table.
  3. Light the candle, if you have it.
  4. Write the debtor’s name on the paper and put it under the meat item, but on the plate.
  5. Grit your teeth. Look stubborn and absolute. 
  6. Reach across the table and stab the meat item with the fork, then yank it over to your side of the table, leaving the plate. If the paper has stuck to the meat item, burn the paper over the red candle flame.
  7. Eat or dispose of the meat item, and clean up. 

I hope this was helpful! Have a magickal day! ✨

anonymous asked:

I have just been asked to do something that makes me really anxious. But it'll help me with my career goals in the long run. Do you know of any way to boost my confidence or calm my nerves? Thanks so much!

I have [this giant masterpost of spells and sigils for anxiety]. :D

As for confidence…

There’s a lot for you to go through there - I threw in some for strength and courage as well, because that can’t hurt. Good luck anon, I hope the thing goes well! (Remember that you can say no to something at work if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe as well!)

thunderchaser  asked:

Let's assume it is justified, is it technically speaking hard to turn a pony into stone? Could you do it? And if so, what prevents other ponies from using it?

Well, the only cases I know of are when the Elements of Harmony turned Discord into stone or when a cockatrice does so. Obviously a pony can’t use cockatrice magic, though, and the Elements of Harmony are no longer available, at least not in a concrete sense, and wouldn’t be usable by just anypony.

I suppose it’s possible to recreate the effect using a spell, though such a spell would be highly complex and not something anypony could pull off. Transmutation spells do something similar but even basic ones are difficult. Maybe a mutatio praecupia focused on the basic molecular structure, while maintaining the morphology?

I have tried frog-to-orange spells and such, but that’s more a morphological change. I could probably do a flesh-to-stone spell, though the scale might be a problem, since the subject in question is an entire pony. With some practice I think it would be possible.

As for what prevents ponies from doing it, well, primarily their motivations and sense of right and wrong, presumably. There are a lot of terrible things ponies could do to each other if they wanted, but of course they don’t. Unless we’re again assuming any usage would be justified, in which case what’s keeping them from using it is mostly lack of such situations.

spacequnari  asked:

“Try to limit your movements.”

you didn’t give me a pairing so i hope you don’t mind i chose adele and cullen for you!!

thanks for the prompt!!

Adele tutted, resting her weight on Cullen’s chest by pressing an open palm against his bare chest. He groaned, shifting as if to get up but she only applied more pressure and gave him a pointed look.

“You’re going to hurt yourself even more, Cullen,” she muttered with nearly clinical detachment, inspecting his torso, “and you’ve already done a number on yourself.”

The Commander winced, going to pry her fingers off of himself. Adele sighed and ran cold fingers over the puckered wound on his side. She watched his flesh knit under her spell, but it wasn’t a shallow gash by any means.

“If you don’t stop squirming you’ll split yourself right back open.”

“Adele.” His voice was gravelly and she met his heavily-lidded, amber gaze. “I am fine.”

She scoffed and he felt the coolness spreading, creeping through his veins and he felt the magic thrumming in time with his blasted headache.

“Right. I’m not stupid - you’re not going anywhere yet, let alone down to do work. You’ll need rest.”

Adele seized up as callused fingertips brushed against her cheek, feeling it grow warm with the contact. “Thank you, really. It was foolish, charging off like that.”

Her lips curled. “Won’t contest that. I was…very concerned. The attack on the temple was intense, yet you insisted on throwing yourself about like you did.”

“I am sorry if I caused you alarm.”

“No. I-…I’m being stupid.” Adele’s shoulders slumped as the faint glow of her healing spell faded. “You needn’t listen to my admonishment - you’re only doing your duty.”

“Duty does not detract from care.” Cullen said as she lay by his side, curling up near enough for him to hold her. His lips brushed against the edge of her ear. “I promise not to be so careless in the future.”

“You better, Cullen Rutherford,” she murmured, “or I’ll break down the Maker-forsaken Veil myself to kick you up your dead arse.”

“I can believe that.” He chuckled. They fell into a comfortable silence, her breaths soon filling it, slow and steady. Adele just didn’t want to lose him, Cullen knew that, so he was going to try his best not to let that happen.

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Spell Directory

I have decided to move the sigils-only posts to a separate list, as a way to save space and prevent clutter. I will try and keep it updated fairly often, but for now it is still in my drafts. I will publish it when I feel it’s ready for a first posting, and will provide a link to it on this post for easy access.

This is still nowhere near completion. This is probably around 15 hours of work so far, maybe even more. Please don’t copy-paste this to your own blog or posts, reblog this post and keep the source. I am doing this in my free time, without any sort of recompense, to help out you guys and provide a HUGE resource for spells of all kinds. Please respect myself and this post by reblogging and not reposting / copying it.

Updated 06/16/15

* If you see any of your own spells on here and you would like them removed, please inform me and I will delete them immediately for the next update.

** Please also inform me of any spelling mistakes or broken links.


  • A Spell to Promote Ambition and to Increase Prosperity [nightshadeandroses]


  • Match Spell for Anger [thesigilwitch]

Anxiety / Stress

  • Anti-Anxiety Amulet [windvexer]
  • Anti-Anxiety Pouch [witchoncampus]
  • Anti Anxiety Spell Charm [witchy-tips]
  • Anxiety Reduction Oil Blends [original post removed]
  • Anxiety Relief Spell - Jar Spell [original post removed]
  • A Sea Spell for Anxiety and Panic Attacks [calledbythesea]
  • “I Can Get Through the Day” Spell [thewhimsicalwolf]
  • Soothing Bath Spell [natural-magics]
  • “Strawberries & Cream” Potion and Bath [oldmotherredcap]
  • Stress Fix Bath [blessedbemyway]
  • The Jar of Fucks [polar-solstice]
  • Vanilla Anti-Anxiety Spell [natural-magics]
  • Water Spell to Soothe Anxiety [original post removed]

Banishing / Binding

  • Coffee Grounds Banishing Spell [the-coffee-witch]
  • Creating Banishing Stones [autumnsnaketongue]
  • Intrusive Thought Banishing Spell [starrylamb]
  • Paint the Mirrors Black [thesigilwitch]
  • Psychic Parasite Pesticide Paper Charm [breelandwalker]
  • Self Binding Spell [bohemianwitchcraft]

Calming / Peace

  • Calming Doll [original post removed]
  • Calming Pouch [witchcraftings]
  • Calming Spell [christowitch]
  • Calming Summer Rain Sachet [natural-magics]
  • Inner Peace Spell [original post removed]
  • Lavender’s Calm Jar Spell [lavenderwrath]
  • Simple Calming Room Spell [medievalwitch]

Career / Employment

  • Choose Me Jar [althara]
  • “Making Connections / Career Success” Charm Bag [starrylamb]
  • Safe Employment Sachet [original post removed]

Cleansing / Purification

  • Animist Reset Ritual [windvexer]
  • Cheap Ways to Cleanse Yourself [low-budget-witches]
  • Cleanse & Purify Spell Bottle [witchfit]
  • Cleansing Spell [artemis-witchcraft]
  • Dorm Room Cleansing Salt [honeycoyote]
  • Easy Cleansing Spray [honeycoyote]
  • How to Energetically Cleanse an Item [windvexer]
  • Purification Bath for Samhain [quoththeravennvm]
  • Purification Powder [graycloakgrimoires]
  • Rosemary & Lavender: Smokeless Cleansing [candles-and-courtmaidens]
  • Sea Salt Purification Jar [windvexer]
  • Self-Cleansing [diviningdusk]
  • Self-Cleansing Through Ritual Bathing [windvexer]
  • Simple Cleansing Tea Potion [birch-hallow]
  • Simple Protective Cleansing Bath [honeycoyote]


  • A Charm for Confidence [natural-magics]
  • Confidence Spell Jar [some-witchy-bits]
  • Self-Confidence Powder [appleglimmer-during-moonlight]
  • Simple Self Confidence and Attraction Spell [saltwater-phoenix]
  • The Pearl Spell: Confidence & Beauty [fuckyeahpaganism]


  • A Spell to Inspire Courage and Bravery [nightshadeandroses]
  • Courage Charm [booksandtails]
  • “Courage in a Bag” Spell [oldmotherredcap]


  • An Anti-Depression Spell [seashellies]
  • Anti-Depressant Jar [original post removed]
  • A Spell for Depression [thesigilwitch]
  • Charm Bag Spell to Alleviate Depression [original post removed]
  • Simple Anti-Depression Pill Bottle Charm [scarletgloves]


  • Find What You Need [windvexer]
  • Location Spell - Help Me Find the Thing [stormbornwitch]
  • Thu’um Magix: Aura Whisper [thecoffeecoyote]


  • Avoiding Dissociation Spell [broomcorner]

Divination / Psychic

  • A Simple Jar to Aid in Divination [honey-amber]
  • Open Your Third Eye Spell [witchcraftings]


  • Dream Message Spell [witchcraftings]
  • Remember Your Dreams/Have Precognitive Dreams [foresthoney]
  • Spell for Prophetic Dreams [witchcraftings]
  • Sweet Dreams Charm Bag [original post removed]
  • Sweet Dreams Herbal Pillow [honeycoyote]


  • Dispelling Dysphoria, by Cousinnick [queerpagans]


  • End of Term School Success Spell [wood-fires]
  • “Good Luck On That Test!” Charm [spooksayer]
  • Knowledge Candle Spell [natural-magics]
  • Knowledge Spell [stereotypicalwitch]
  • Spell for School [original post removed]
  • Study-Aid & Test Success Spell [original post removed]
  • Study Buddy Charm/Test-Taking Charm [scarletgloves]
  • Study Success Spell [natural-magics]
  • Witch Tea: Going to Class [honeycoyote]


  • Energy Gain Spell [natural-magics]
  • “I’m Tired, I’m Dying” Spell [fuckyeahpaganism]
  • Overworked Pick Me Up Spell [booksandtails]
  • The Extra Spoon Spell [lunar-lavender]


  • Snow White and Rose Red: A Spell to Find a True Friend [original post removed]
  • Mending the Bond: A “Brave” Spell for Rekindling Friendships [original post removed]


  • Enchanted Mirror Spell [lilfairyboy]
  • Glamored Masculinity Potion [thepunkgreenwitch]
  • Goddess Glamour Spell [recreationalwitchcraft]
  • Thu’um Magix: Animal Allegiance [thecoffeecoyote]

Happiness / Joy

  • Happiness Bundle [windvexer]
  • Happiness Charm Bottle [asphodel-grimoire]
  • Happy Atmosphere Bag / Jar [original post removed]
  • Happy Oil [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Joyful Candle Spell [natural-magics]


  • Autumn Stone Healing Spell [witchcraftings]
  • Emotional Healing - Bottle Magic [liberumbrarum]
  • Facial Mask— Healing the Heart Spell [pomegranateandivy]
  • Healing Herbal Sachet [thedruidsteaparty]
  • Healing of Mind and Body Spell [lavenderspells]
  • Peppermint Healing Spell [natural-magics]
  • Physical Healing Bottle Charm [liberumbrarum]
  • Spell for Good Health & Healing [original post removed]
  • Spell for Healing [cladinscarlet]

Intuition / Decision Making

  • A Sea Witch’s Intuition Jar Spell [sea-sorceress]
  • A Spell for Wise Decisions [natural-magics]

Inspiration / Creativity

  • A Spell To Promote Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity [nightshadeandroses]
  • Dance Magic Dance Jar [original post removed]
  • For Inspiration [natural-magics]


  • A Spell to Encourage Kindness and Patience [nightshadeandroses]

Love / Lust

  • A Spell for Romance and Sensuality [original post removed]
  • Love-Drawing Jar [natural-magics]
  • Love-Drawing Spell [original post removed]
  • Love Drawing Spell [witchoncampus]
  • Love Salt Recipe [honeycoyote]
  • Traveler’s Luck Powder [breelandwalker]


  • Easy Luck Powder with Household Herbs [fuckyeahpaganism]
  • Fast Luck Oil [natural-magics]
  • Luck Spell [natural-magics]
  • Luck Spell [spirit-magick-nature]
  • Stone of Luck [witchcraftings]

Memory / Concentration

  • Concentration Sachet [follow-at-pansy-flower]
  • Concentration 64 Concentration Spell [bitchstitchwitch]
  • Memory Bottle Charm [liberumbrarum]

Miscellaneous Spells

  • A Simple Braiding Spell [talesfromthebroomcloset]
  • A Spell for Making Other People See Through Somebody’s Bullshit [5firtrees]
  • A Spell to Reveal the Lies of Another [the-weatherwitch]
  • A Spell to Reverse a Curse/Hex Placed on You [applesaucebro]
  • Autumn Faerie Spell [witchcraftings]
  • Be a Better Writer Spell Bag [carbonlyingnexttome]
  • Burning Bridges Spell [royalautumnfrost]
  • Enchantment Water Spell [nonwiccanwitch]
  • Flesh to Stone [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Four all-Purpose Spells [natural-magics]
  • Fuck No Jar [lavenderwrath]
  • Kitchen Cabinet Abundance Jar [natural-magics]
  • Mood Marbles [witchcraftings]
  • “My Body is a Weapon” Spell [blacklikemagic]
  • Pokemon Card Invocation Spells [dog-rose]
  • Restorative Spell [karaxin]
  • Simple Beach Sea Spell [sea-sorceress]
  • Spell to Make a Curse Undetectable [applesaucebro]
  • Spell to See Things Clearly [witchcraftings]
  • Three Pretty Poisons Empowerment Bottle [karaxin]
  • To Ground: To Stay Put [starlitcrow]
  • Wrath Needs Patience: A Spell Jar [lavenderwrath]

Money / Prosperity

  • A Sea Witch’s Prosperity Jar Spell [sea-sorceress]
  • “Four Corners of the $$ Tree” Money Spell [feather-set]
  • Mint and Copper Money Spell Jar [herbs-and-journals]
  • Money Jar [liberumbrarum]
  • Not-So-Pretty Prosperity Spell [ofearthandtarot]
  • Prosperity & Success Jar [bekkathyst]
  • Prosperity Bottle [thelittleboxofmagic]
  • Prosperity Knot Spell [natural-magics]
  • Simple Money/Prosperity Charms [natural-magics]
  • Straw Into Gold - A Spell to Bring Wealth [breelandwalker]
  • Super Easy Poppet Money Spell [talesfromthebroomcloset]
  • Swimming In a Sea of Green Spell [honey-amber]
  • Wax Talisman of Prosperity [althara]
  • Witch Bottle for Money [original post removed]

Motivation / Productivity

  • Charm to Light a Fire Under Your Ass [gritmagic]
  • Flames Within (Motivation, Passion) [natural-magics]
  • “Get Shit Done” Bottle [original post removed]
  • Motivation Charm Bag [recreationalwitchcraft]
  • Motivation Potpourri [original post removed]
  • Motivation Sachet [thesigilwitch]
  • Motivation Spell [swampseer]
  • Stop Scrolling and Do Stuff Productivity Spell [ofearthandtarot]
  • Worker Bee Spell for Productivity [lavenderwrath]

Moving On / New Beginnings

  • Adventure Time “Now It’s Gone” Spell [chaosundone]
  • A Spell For New Beginnings and New Self [dearqueerlings]
  • New Moon New Beginning [fumbletongue]
  • “Towards the Sun” Spell to Move on From Your Past [chaosundone]


  • Basic Warding Jar [original post removed]
  • Brain Bleach: Spell to Remove Unpleasant Thoughts [little-urban-witch]
  • Burn Away Negativity Spell [original post removed]
  • Spell for Banishing Negative Emotions [royalautumnfrost]


  • Nightmare Guardian [windvexer]
  • Nightmare Jar [witchsmoke]
  • Simple Nightmare Ward [swampseer]

Protection / Shielding

  • Anti-Intruder Charm [original post removed]
  • Black Salt - Spell for Protection and Absorbing Negative Energy [sacred-chaotic-geometry]
  • Blood Magic—Protection Jar [pomegranateandivy]
  • Candle Spell: To Protect Your Home [gardenofthequeen]
  • Charm for Safe Travel [witchcraftings]
  • Complex Bramble Protection Spell [thelivingwiccan]
  • Dark as Night Protection Powder [honeycoyote]
  • “Do Not Want” Online Protection Spell [ofearthandtarot]
  • Easy Protection Charm [original post removed]
  • Fishcraft: Protecting Your Space [saltwater-phoenix]
  • Herbal Protection Bath [thewoodlinds]
  • Home Protection - Delineate Your Boundaries [windvexer]
  • Home Protection Spell [fuckyeahpaganism]
  • House Guardian [anon-barefoot]
  • Keep Out Prying Eyes Room Protection Pouch [honeycoyote]
  • Magically Protecting Your Home - Cairn Method [windvexer]
  • Make a Protection Charm Bag [christowitch]
  • Making a Witch Bottle (Protection Charm) [witchsoul]
  • Peacock Key Ward [lavenderwrath]
  • Pet Protection Spell [brujitamae]
  • Protection Amulet [cladinscarlet]
  • Protection Amulet [thebluechicory]
  • Protection Bottle [thebluechicory]
  • Protection Bottle Charm [liberumbrarum]
  • Protection Charm [natural-magics]
  • Protection Sachet [natural-magics]
  • Protection Satchel to Ward Off Ex-Lovers [feather-set]
  • Protection Spell [appleglimmer-during-moonlight]
  • Protection Spell [royalautumnfrost]
  • Protection Spell “My Blood is Armour” [wild-ruin]
  • Protection Witches’ Ladder [shalottlives]
  • Protective Charm [spellbookofwitches]
  • Retreat Into Your Shell Shielding Spell [stagkingswife]
  • -Screw You Anon- Spell [ofearthandtarot]
  • Simple Protection Spell With a Strong Kick [adviceforwitches]
  • Simple Protective Cleansing Bath [honeycoyote]
  • Spell to Give Some Protection to a Loved One [brujitamae]
  • Strong Protection Spell: For Your Home [adviceforwitches]
  • Threshold Protection Spell [thepathofthewise]
  • Thu’um Magix: Become Ethereal [thecoffeecoyote]
  • Travel Pouch/Charm [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Travel Protection Satchel [feather-set]
  • Wall of Fire Property & House Protection Spell [breelandwalker]
  • Winter Protection Spell [original post removed]
  • Witch-Bottle to Protect From Negative Energies [thorandaine]


  • Banishing and Cleansing Powder [ivysbookofshadows]
  • “Black as Night” Curse Removal Body Scrub [oldmotherredcap]
  • Blood, Sweat, and Tears Potion [fumbletongue]
  • Cascarilla Powder [graycloakgrimoires]
  • Dragon’s Bite (Warfare Powder) [honeycoyote]
  • Dream Pillow Blends [natural-magics]
  • Elemental Salt: Air [snwitch]
  • Elemental Salt: Fire [original post removed]
  • Elemental Salt: Water [snwitch]
  • Fire Salts [pomegranateandivy]
  • Full Moon Water [sstoness]
  • Go Away Powder [althara]
  • Green Salt [thedruidsteaparty]
  • Hands Off Spell- Body Scrub to Prevent Unwanted Touching [pomegranateandivy]
  • “Hell Hath No Fury” Protection Powder [thelivingwiccan]
  • Herbal Bath for Pain Relief [breelandwalker]
  • Herbal Powders [blackivywitch]
  • Hit the Road Jack Powder [witchcraftings]
  • Hot Foot Powder [confessionsofagreywitch]
  • Luck & Money Powder [recreationalwitchcraft]
  • Money and Customer Drawing Oil [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Moon Water Ritual [original post removed]
  • “Outta My Way” Powder [breelandwalker]
  • Persuasion Powder [breelandwalker]
  • Potion of Extreme Stamina [thecoffeecoyote]
  • Powdered Kelpie Hair [pomegranateandivy]
  • Prosperity and Luck Salt [honeycoyote]
  • Purifying Lemon Bay Salt [honeycoyote]
  • Violation Bath Salts [recreationalwitchcraft]

Sadness / Grief

  • Sage Drops Spell [appleglimmer-during-moonlight]
  • The Sorrow Pot - A Spell for Sadness [breelandwalker]

Self Love

  • A Self Love Spell [priestessintraining]
  • Magic Mirror (Self-Love) Exercise [cladinscarlet]
  • Self-Love Folder Charm [ofearthandtarot]
  • Self-Love Spell [blusilkworld]
  • Self-Love Spell [diviningdusk]
  • Self-Love Spell Jar with Protection and Luck [original post removed]
  • Self Love- To Promote Self Love in Yourself or Another [pomegranateandivy]
  • Self-Love Transformation Spell [booksandtails]
  • True to Yourself- Spell [pomegranateandivy]

Sleep / Insomnia

  • Deep Sleep Herbal Pillow [honeycoyote]
  • For Restful Sleep [fuckyeahpaganism]
  • “Restful Sleep” Charm Bag [starrylamb]
  • Sleep Charm [natural-magics]
  • Sleep Spell [original post removed]
  • Sleep Well Spell [natural-magics]
  • To Rid Yourself of Insomnia [belladonnaswitchblog]


  • Aid with Speech Charm [tinyrosemarysparrows]
  • Sweet Speech Lip Balm [funnylittlewitchgirl]


  • Sachet for Success [thedruidsbell]

Transformation / Changes

  • A Spell to Transform Destructive Feelings [thedruidsteaparty]
  • Autumn Spell for Personal Change [funnylittlewitchgirl]
  • Emergency Emotional Transformation Spell [cicadinae]
  • Thorns Transformation [thelivingwiccan]


  • Basic Uncrossing [windvexer]
  • ‘Clear My Path’ Uncrossing [windvexer]


  • Birthday Wish Spell [wiccanink]
  • Full Moon Wishing Spell [the-darkest-of-lights]
  • Make a Wish Spell [original post removed]
  • Northeastern Magic: Winter Wishes [stormsorceress]
  • Simple Wish Spell [thesigilwitch]

im alive guys and bringing in a former dust bunny enjoy ( ◜◡^)っ

    The tone of the violin’s strings, echoing through the large hall provided quite the melodic tone. Soon afterwards, the delicate addition of the piano mixed in, along with other wind instruments that eventually drew up the orchestra that set along one end of the hall. It was typical dance music: soft, harmonious, and it provided for much of the ball’s central theme. Couples quickly – yet elegantly – arrived to the dance floor of the large hall, beginning to crowd up as they danced in rhythm to the music.

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It’s been two years. The Inquisitor reunites with his companions (sans Solas)

Cassandra is still with the Inquisition. The Seekers of Truth have become an elite force within the army of the Inquisition. Cassandra has built them up from scratch and reformed them. No more questionable rituals, no more shady activities. The Seekers of Truth have finally become a beacon of goodness for the world. She seems calmer, happier, smiles hushing across her face far more often than before. Until the madness started all over again, she was genuinely happy. Now she sees how the Inquisitor suffers, how he wants to hide it from her, but nothing can decieve her. But she knows this is how he wants to deal with the situation, by pretending nothing is wrong. At night though, when the pain in his hand becomes stronger, she feels how he holds her tighter than usual, as if clinging to her for his life. It makes her sad.

The wooden doors creak ominously as the Inquisitor enters the rebuilt Hanged Man in Kirkwallt. The light inside is a dark orange and flickers across the room, accompanied by the smell of booze and smoke and the sound of muffled conversation. One voice though is booming throughout the tavern, catching everybody’s attention, every guest clinging to the words coming from Varric: “So there we were, finally entering the Inner temple, when - and I shit you not - the witch suddenly turns into a raven and flies after the ancient elf!” He pauses dramatically and lets his gaze glide through the room, until it lingers on the new guest. “Well, my friends, it appears this is a tale for next time. Looks like the world needs me back”, he sighs and drains his cup. “Not the world”, the Inquisitor says and holds his hand up, a faint green glow shining even through the thick leather gloves, “Just me”.

Something seems weird, when Sera enters the tiny hut in the slums outside of Val Royeaux, where she sleeps when on Red Jenny business. Something’s off and she can’t quite tell what, until she spots the glass jar on the tiny table in the middle of the room, filled to the brim with cookies and the letter placed neatly next to it, reading I‘m sorry to drag you into this mess all over again. I know how much you hate demons and magic but I must ask you to return to Skyhold once more. I need you, Sera, more than you may think, but if you don’t want to return, I can understand that as well… Sera never finishes reading the rest of the letter, she simply grabs her bow and arrows and heads out of the city, wild determination in her eyes.

Warden Thom Rainier, Blackwall no more, enters his quarters in Weisshaupt after a long day on the battlements. It’s been two years, but he still chooses to sleep in the tiny barracks he was given on his first day. He notices the shadow in the corner of the room, but pretends not to, he simply takes his helm off, leaving his long hair to fall over his shoulders. Without turning around, he grins slightly, as he says: “It’s been a while”, and the figure in the corner steps out of the shadows. “My lady”, is all he can whisper, before his voice breaks away and he pulls her into a longing embrace.

Another brawl in a tavern, the Iron Bull reminds himself never to let Skinner wander off drunkenly again, now the Chargers find themselves surrounded by a dozen extremely angry thugs. “Ah for fuck’s sake, we’re just trying to have a drink! Don’t turn this into a bloodbath again!”, he calls out to them, but too late, they attack. The fight is short and bloody, at the end of it, the tavern is filled with a dozen corpses and the Chargers find themselves thrown out. Not having a place to stay the rest of the night, they stalk the streets of the city, searching for a comfy backalley, until all of a sudden Bull hears a rather familiar voice: “What’s this? A lost Bull and his kids?” He smiles widely as he turns towards the owner of the voice. “YOU!”, he shouts with a booming voice and runs towards the Inquisitor. “Bull, don’t!”, somebody shouts, but he doesn’t care, he hoists the Inquisitor up and pulls him into a passionate kiss, not noticing the eyes of the entire street on them. They part from each other panting and he says “It’s been far too long, Kadan”.

The floors of the Imperial Palace in Val Royeaux is filled with the clacking of high heeled shoes, as two women hurry down a corridor. One of them is holding a staff, walking confidently, head held high, the other hushes behind her, trying to convince her to stay ”But… Madame Vivienne! You can’t leave! The Empress specifically said…!” “Hush, darling, Celene knows rather well that she cannot refuse the Inquisition. Nor will I let her step between me and my friend.” “But she said...” “Now now, dear, don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. Just run along now and let me do what I do best.” The handmaiden frowns beneath her mask and suddenly she doesn’t hide the spite in her voice anymore: “And what would that be, Madame de Fer?” The Imperial Enchantress simply chuckles, turns away, continues her stride and answers: “Saving the world, darling”.

 “Pain, green, glowing, crawling into my skin, burning, consuming, eating away at my flesh. How long have I still got? You need me and now I am here. I want to help you. Startled the Inquisitor looks up from the batch Elfroot she was just examining in the gardens of Skyhold. There he stands before her, as if not a day had past. “Cole? Is it really you?” The boy smiles. “I am me and you are you, though part of you is fighting the other. There’s a long path ahead, winding, warping, twisting through here and there and back here again, but don’t worry, you don’t have to walk it alone. I am here now. I can help”. And just like that, he walks to his old place in the attic of the tavern at Skyhold, as if he was never gone.

His brow quivers with rage as he stares at the Inquisitor angrily. “’You’ve grown your hair longer’?! Months of silence, no letter, no note, not even the slightest whisper from you and now that?! My hair is longer?!!!” “Dorian, I…” “’Hello Dorian, the weather is fine down here and by the way my hand is slowly killing me, please come immedietly’ There. Not so difficult now, is it?” The Inquisitor looks down at his glowing hand, avoiding Dorian’s gaze “I knew you’d come if you found out. After all you’ve built up in Minrathous, I didn’t want you to throw it all away for me”. At that Dorian can’t hold up the facade any more, he rushes through the room towards the Inquisitor and pulls him into an angry kiss. “For you I’d throw all of Thedas away, Amatus”, he whispers, blushing, then he turns away and starts unpacking several stacks of books and scrolls. “Now, I do hope you’ve finally restocked your library. I think there’s something by Partarus on flesh-consuming spells, we’ll have to have it sent here from the grand library in Minrathous, but no worries, the bookeeper there still owes me several favors, it’ll be here in no time” and with that Dorian heads straight to the library of Skyhold.
To Ward the Door

When you put magical protection around your home, you mustn’t ever forget about the door(s). 
Not just your door, but the door that it represents. It is the portal into your space. You need to enchant it and lock it. 
Knock on the door thrice.
Touch your tongue, then mark the a cross on the door. 
Blow on it once. 
“They that come to knock on thee, 
 Flesh or spell or spirit be, 
 shall face itself ‘for they meet me, 
 The good shall enter and the ill shall leave.”

*It wouldn’t hurt if you wanted to line your doorway with sprinkled pinches of salt, protective herbs, or cascarilla. If you’re going to be locking your door, might as well put an extra bolt or two in. 

So passed the sword of the Barrow-downs, work of Westernesse. But glad would he have been to know its fate who wrought it slowly long ago in the North-kingdom when the Dunedain were young, and chief among their foes was the dread realm of Angmar and its sorcerer king. No other blade, not though mightier hands had wielded it, would have dealt that foe a wound so bitter, cleaving the undead flesh, breaking the spell that knit his unseen sinews to his will.

-<i>Lord of the Rings: Return of the King</i>“Chapter 6: The Battle of The Pelennor Fields”

(In which we learn the importance of Merry stabbing the Witch King of Angmar, leader of the Nazgul. And how if he hadn’t Eowyn wouldn’t have succeeded in killing the head of the Ringwraiths. Proof that the other hobbits had a place in the story, actually served a purpose, were not just comic relief, deserve to be remembered and acknowledged.)

The Adventure Zone 53/?

“Bring it, hoss!”

“That’s 19 against AC.”

Okay it sounds like an absolute blast just to say the full names of these monsters.  How do you say “multiplying flying electrified dire bear” in a sentence like that’s an actual thing?  How, how do you do that Griffin?

So they got into an argument over?  Whether?  A flesh to stone spell would work on a slime?  And I mean.  Two arcs back Griffin let them use stoneskin (which I’m pretty sure does not literally turn your skin to stone) to temporarily petrify Magnus’ whole body, and then use a stone shaping spell to turn his lower body into a tube to get the Philosopher’s Stone out of his gut.  I mean after you’ve taken that degree of liberty with transmutation I think slime to stone is a very reasonable interpretation of the rules.  But oh well, he moved on to laser butt umbrella farts.  Disintegrate: for when you’re Done Fucking Around.  Also, Merle blasted some AoE spells, good job.

Travis I appreciate where you’re coming from with the “I’m setting this up during their turns” but that’s not.  Conceptually.  How rounds work.  Like it’s not person A takes a six second turn then person B takes a six second turn etc etc and by the time you work through an entire round of combatants it’s been like a minute.  It’s.  A round is six seconds, everyone’s turns are kind of simultaneous, but you take them in order by initiative just to make things easier ruleswise.  That said this was a pretty cool move, grounding the bear and all.
Washing machine fell on Taako.  No it’s good.  No it’s all good.  Just gonna blink out from under, and also almost die, AND ALSO.  And also.  Hundreds of Watcher Critters on the etherial plane apparently.  What what what.  What are those what are they doing.

So I don’t know which to be more concerned about: weakened healing (something interfering with divine power?) or healing is not allowed.  But Merle’s healing spell was significantly weakened, and then the elves running the place just negated it.  So that’s fun.  That’s great.  I’m being sarcastic can you tell.

And then they found a helpful severed head!  Good times.  "I seem to have misplaced my everything.“  Magnus is very nice to them, Taako not so much.  But Magnus you were granted one free head joke and ya blew it.  You blew it boy.  ("Liches get stitches” is much better.)  And we got a big talk on liches.  They kind of already had a lot of this information, but I guess they forgot?  They also forgot, I guess, that the red robe was (more or less) confirmed as a lich.  Anyway I was wrong about the soul thing!  It’s not souls being extracted by suffering it’s just, suffering.  Being used as an anchor for these liches.

So Cam thinks the game is rigged and Magnus immediately is like.  "Then we cheat.“  Heck yeah!  I love that Magnus is, typically, the nice, sweet guy, the guy who tries to be friendly and kind and helpful, but also that Magnus is the guy with no patience for bullshit.  Puts his foot down and holds a fucking line, and he gets mad.  I love that.

Meme Spell: “Flesh on Fire”, by reblogging this, for the next 3 hours, My Muse’s skin is hot and very sensitive, touching them will feel like hot, almost orgasmic, waves flooding through them. How will your Muse take advantage of this?

Back with more cosplay! From Tracon 9 what a great weekend~
This time having another wonderful Ovens cosplay from the comic “Delicious confections” or with other name “Flesh spell" 
I was really happy with this cosplay even thought i had many problems on the way, i got sick two times so i had to cut some corners to be able to get it done on time. I even got my friend to be in the part for Mr.Ray.
But besides all that it was great, i was happy to be able to cosplay another character from Ovens, i love her comics and characters more than anything. 
Please check out her tumblr here and share some love~

Merry and the Witch King

Officially, I’d say that Eowyn killed the Witch King, seeing as how she dealt the killing blow and all. But really, I’d say it was a joint effort, because Merry’s part was very important (more so than you really understand, unless you’ve read the books.) There was nothing particularly special about where Merry stabbed the Witch King - what’s important is what he stabbed him with.

Despite all the traveling and chaos that Merry’s gone through since he left the Shire, during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields he’s still using the sword that Tom Bombadil gave him at the Barrow Downs so many months ago. The sword (a knife, really, but whatever) was taken from one of the barrows, and originally belonged to one of the Dunedain men of Cardolan (descendants of the Numenoreans). Later, when Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli find Merry and Pippin’s swords among the pile of orc bodies, Aragorn says that the swords were “wound about with spells for the bane of Mordor.” In an older version of LotR, Gandalf even says that the barrow-swords were “the one kind of sword the Riders fear.”

This all culminates in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. After Merry stabs the Witch King, he notices that the sword basically disintegrates. Then Tolkien says:

Glad would he have been to know its fate who wrought it slowly long ago in the North-kingdom when the Dunedain were young, and chief among their foes was the dread realm of Angmar and its sorcerer king. No other blade, not though mightier hands had wielded it, would have dealt that foe a wound so bitter, cleaving the undead flesh, breaking the spell that knit his unseen sinews to his will.

This statement basically confirms and explains Aragorn and Gandalf’s earlier comments. The swords were made specifically to fight the nazgul, and with it Merry was able to do enough “magical” damage to the Witch King to allow Eowyn’s own attack to have such an effect. (Of course on top of all this you add the loophole in Glorfindel’s prophecy that “not by the hand of man will [the Witch King] fall.”)

But Eowyn’s part was still very important! In one of his letters, Tolkien says that, had Sam stabbed the Witch King with his own barrow sword when on Weathertop, the result would have been the same as when Merry stabbed him: “the Wraith would have fallen down and the sword would have been destroyed.” Which is to say that it would not have killed him, and that therefore Eowyn’s part in the fight was essential.

SOURCES: LOTR, LOTR Appendices, Tolkien’s Letter #210, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 6 (“At Rivendell”)

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I have been told I am a... What do you call it... Witch class! Yes that's it! I have the Prehensile Hair skill and the Flesh to Stone spell and a cute little snake familiar baby! I also have a propensity to kidnap children apparently, oh dear oh dear...