flesh shield

The Signs as Weapons

Aries:The first spear thrown in the most important hunt for the tribe. The arrowhead sharpened to a point that cuts through wind, and more importantly, flesh.
Taurus:A shield used in the Colosseum. Perfectly round, its edges bare chips as scars from many close calls. A blade is only as strong as one who weilds it, a shield will always hold if built correctly.
Gemini:Two daggers, both forged by a self proclaimed God. One blessed by sunlight, the other cursed by moonlight. Where one is weak, the other is strong. Never to be separated, as you can not live solely in the day or the night.
Cancer:A war axe, crafted from diamond and metals passed down from the heavens. Incredibly heavy, when in the hands of the pure it swings with the speed and force of the northern winds.
Leo:A whip eight feet long, with thorns protruding from the aged leather. Legend says when cracked by one with a lion’s spirit, the animal kingdom is theirs to rule.
Virgo:The poison itself may not warrant the label weapon, but the needles dipped lightly in the vile before being perfectly placed in the nape of the victim’s neck might. Starting from there the poison slowly eats away the muscles and fat from the body, leaving its host a shriveled pile of skin and bone.
Libra:A shaman’s fan, made of large leaves bound in twine and blessed with drops of patchouli oil. Seemingly a flimsy decorative piece, when fanned as the ancestors did, the winds themselves bend to the control of the shaman.
Scorpio:A woodsman’s axe, two small chunks of opal tied tight to the handle. It’s intention is to forge through the darkest part of the woods, to clear any obstacles that the forest may present, but the blade is very familiar with the feeling of blood.
Sagittarius:The bow was carved from glass, engraved with the prayer of a lost civilization. The arrows, nine of them, found in the chest of a queen buried deep in an eleborate tomb. When used together, they say a man can become a God.
Capricorn:The old crone’s staff, an owl carved into the darkened wood. Decorated in stones, feathers, and totems of her people. She raises the tip to the setting sun, and transforms into her true form. Her night is spent soaring above the trees, moonlight illuminating her hunting grounds.
Aquarius:A gun can instill fear in anyone, but a water gun on the other hand brings people together with the power of nostalgia. Until, that is, they realize that’s not water they’re laughing off. It’s acid.
Pisces:A sword passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Once known as the sharpest blade in the world, it has been kept from bloodshed for a hundred years. Sheathed in an ornate sleeve it sleeps, and waits for the day its steel must save humanity again.

The Signs as Weapons

Aries:The first spear thrown in the most important hunt for the tribe. The arrowhead sharpened to a point that cuts through wind, and more importantly, flesh. 

Taurus:A shield used in the Colosseum. Perfectly round, its edges bare chips as scars from many close calls. A blade is only as strong as one who weilds it, a shield will always hold if built correctly. 

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Fanfiction is the madwoman in mainstream culture’s attic, but the attic won’t contain it forever. Writing and reading fanfiction isn’t just something you do; it’s a way of thinking critically about the media you consume, of being aware of all the implicit assumptions that a canonical work carries with it, and of considering the possibility that those assumptions might not be the only way things have to be.
—  Anne Jamison, Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World.

Class : Ironbrand

“To be branded, united with steel and iron, to harm one’s skin and flesh to be eternally shielded, is to be something extraordinary. Not many can stand the utter pain of being branded for the first time, but as time moves on, your body grows ever tougher and eventually it becomes part of you. Once you become branded, you cannot go back, you may remove your gifts but the consequences of receiving them will remain throughout the echoes of time. The burns and scars left by the plates which have been singed onto your being will be shown to everyone if you get rid of your blessing, to let everyone know you are or once were part of the ironbrand.” - Jemich, Ironbrand Preacher

Tied closely to metal and steel, ironbrand are people which put themselves into incredibly painful conditions to acquire the power of the deep earth. Through sacrificing their skin and charring their flesh by singeing metal plates onto their body they bond with the properties of the metals and gain the ability to manipulate it with will, allowing them to have the strength of a fighter but remain at a distance from enemies to ensure safety.

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What You Wanted

A/N: I screenshotted the prompt from my phone and I’m lucky that I did too, because Tumblr bugged out on me quite a while ago and I couldn’t find it in my inbox? Anyway, this prompt was sent in to me months ago and before I had my little meltdown, I did start it and I just never got the chance to finish it.

I’m not back by any means quite yet, but I finally got some time to myself today through all the hectic happenings in my life at the minute and I managed to get this prompt finished! I just wanna apologise to the requester for taking so long with this one and I also wanna thank them for being so patient with me, I hope this was worth the wait!

Pairing: The Shield x Reader

Word Count: 2,209

Warnings: Smut and swears!

Summary: After acting overly flirtatious with the boys during a match one night, you end up going back to their tour bus after the show and they give you exactly what you wanted from them.

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Black buckled boots; dark gray jeans with a sleak leather jacket, worn open to expose his torso beneath–the tender flesh shielded by a literal breastplate of molded bone. On his wrists, more bone molded into bracer-like bands that stretched halfway up his forearm; around his waist a chain and on his hands, fingerless leather gloves. Lastly, an orange full-coverage mask was tugged over his skull; white mesh enabling him to see the world outside.

This was the attire Alec had decided on taking up that evening. Being ‘indicted’ into the Joker’s personal ‘family’ had been a difficult thing to adjust too; but worse to Alec was the fear that the clown would find him boring if he didn’t step up his game from petty liquor store robberies. Armed with half of a femur molded to have several rounded ‘mounds’ on its head, and a skeletal ‘bodyguard’ at his side; Alec had made his way to a district of town he was familiar with. He knew a local trafficker frequented the area and his grand idea had been to ‘procure’ his supply of street pills. 

The mere sight of the ghastly man and a literal skeleton walking up had shaken the man to his core. When he didn’t hand over his baggie of pills, a quick strike to the skull from Alec’s ‘club’ changed his mind–pills dropping to the ground as the man darted away with a cracked eye socket. He frowned beneath his mask, but collected his bounty as his skeleton turned at the sound of someone approaching. “You might want to leave this area.” Alec said as he turned around. “This area’s got a new manager.”

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Dear Television,

I just want those characters to be happy.

Is that too much to ask?!


An Emotionally Fucked Over Viewer