flesh odium

Earlier this week, I mentioned wanting to do commissions based on 90′s video game print ads. I had an unfinished example of what I was trying to achieve, but thankfully, the awesome @flesh-odium-illustration let me use her character, Elorae, to create this. Here is a finished example for you all to see, and I think I worked out a fair pricing scheme:

1 Page (more like right side): $70

2 Page Spread (like this): +$50

3 Pages: +$35

4 Pages: +$20

Before you complain about how expensive this might seem, keep in mind these prices include art, logo, ‘screenshots’, description, and any additional details that fit what I am going for. We’ll discuss details on these fake ads if you decide to give it a go! Just email me at drake (.) lake at gmail without the parenthesis and the spaces.

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