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Remember you

I was always imagining how it would be to spend a day with you. I wanted to talk about everything with you; life, death, life after death, love, hate, space, us. I remember imagining how it would feel having your hands touching my skin. My flesh against yours. Your lips against mine. I was imagining all of these while your words were stuck in my head. “We will be forever” you said. Everything was so beautiful in my mind.. but then; suddenly reality hit me. And it wasn’t beautiful, it wasn’t how I imagined everything. Reality was painful. Your words were lies. You didn’t love me. You didn’t care about me. You didn’t want me. And the worst part of this, is that I hate hate hate myself for believing those beautiful lies.

‘Click’ (M)


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut? I guess?, drabble

Word count: 757

A/N: something that randomly popped into my head, based on this scene from the movie Burlesque.

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Sharing Isn't Caring (Leonard x Reader)

Leonard doesn’t like how you’re getting along with the goody-two-shoes, Ray Palmer. So, he made it his business to remind you who you belonged to…


“You’re mine.”

Lacing his fingers through your hair, Leonard gently tugged your head back, forcing you to reveal the bare flesh of your neck. Lips parting slightly, his surprisingly hot, steamy breath brushed over your skin and caused you to shiver.

The familiar scent of powdered snow and cigarette smoke filling your senses, Leonard leaned in and planted his lips on your collarbone - a sensitive spot that he knew and loved all too well.

You couldn’t help but whimper at the feeling of his teeth grazing against your skin. 

“L-Leonard,” you stammered, hands gripping on your boyfriend’s arms tightly as you tried to push away. “We shouldn’t do this here. We’re in a public place and-”

“Does it look like I care?” He trailed a hot, heated tongue all around the front of your throat, along your jaw line and then all the way to the sweet spot just under your ear.

An embarrassed moan escaped from your lips as you felt him suck needlessly - so much so that you were sure to develop patches of bruises everywhere. It was something he always did to ruin you, ensure that no one else could have you.

“L-Leonard,” you whimpered once more, your head now dizzy from the intense sensations. “Why are you doing this…?”

He growled against your skin. “Don’t ever let me catch you spending time with that boy scout…”

Boy scout…? Your breath hitched, when a sudden realization dawned on you. Is he taking about Ray?

Gliding your hands up, traveling across his stomach, to his very broad chest, around his shoulders, and up his neck, you cupped his face gently. Leonard reader back obligingly, letting himself rest against your soft touch as he pinned you under his dark, intense gaze.

You swallowed.

“Are you…are you jealous?” You asked, searching.

For a moment, he didn’t respond.

Then, a sarcastic, teasing smirk appeared on his lips.

“Don’t you know my rule, ________?” He asked, just before leaning in and nuzzling against your neck, breathing in the very essence of his love. “Sharing isn’t caring, and I sure as hell don’t want to share you…”

Reaction to seeing you naked/almost naked


Both Tae and you were playing on the floor. When V loses, he playfully tackles you to the ground refusing to accept his defeat. Both arms are pinned down, held tightly by large hands above your head. Your shirt rides up your torso exposing soft flesh. Licking his lips, his eyes pierce through you as he looks at your body underneath his. Keeping your arms pinned with one hand, he begins kissing your neck, making his way down your body. His free hand glides over your clothes gripping at the unwanted fabric and pulling it off your body. Next he discarded your pants and underwear. He sits up, body between your legs, he stares. Smiling he bites his bottom lip. Leaning down to whisper in your ear.

The deep velvet voice asks, “how about we play another game?”


Yoongi sits on the bed eyeing you from the corner of his eye. They way you took off your shirt, slide down your pants, his breath hitched in his throat at the way your fingers wrapped around the delicate fabric. Biting his bottom lip he breathed out in a deep voice.
“come here baby girl.”
He pulled you down on his lap, kissing your collarbone, trailing his kisses to your jaw. He pulled back to look you in the eyes. And placed a sweet kiss on those perfect lips.


You and jin are in the kitchen making dessert for the holiday party. When you go to turn in the blender you forgot the lid, and fruit juice got all over you. Jin got a towel and began to clean you up. He started at your jaw and ended up between your breasts. He gently wiped them. His face turned to look at yours. Blushing a bright pink, he smiled softly. Looking at your wet skin he noticed you missed a chunk of fruit next to your mouth. His tongue lapped at the fruit. He made sure to lick it all up. He sucked in the sticky skin around your collarbone.
Breathing in the sweet scent he whispered into your flesh, “Well jagiya, might as well take it all off.”
With a flop, the wet clothes were thrown carelessly to the side. His lips red form ravishing your skin, his eyes were fixated in you. Taking in the sight before him. He could barely breath.
“Let’s get you cleaned up.”
Large hands wrapped around you, as he lifted you off the floor. You both made your way into the bathroom.

~ SugaDaddy


Jungkook walks in and sees you about to change clothes and decides to help you. He saunters in and gently lifts your shirt over your head, humming in appreciation. He slides down your shorts and just gazes at your naked form.

“Oh Jagiya, you are so beautifully sexy.” He murmurs, voice low.

He begins to place kisses down your stomach, causing you to shiver. He chuckles and proceeds to kiss you lower and lower.

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would walk to the entrance of the bedroom and his eyes would nearly bulge out of his skull.
“Oh damn.” He breathes, voice low.
He looks your body up and down, frowning at the thin fabric covering your breasts and ass. He would softly walk up behind you and snake his strong arms around your waist. He would kiss your neck until he reached your ear.
“Can I take these off?” He would ask lightly touching your breasts through your bra.
You would nod and allow him to bathe in you.


J-hope and you were practicing your dance moves together. You were both wasting time until your date for later that evening. And he decided he wanted to show you a few moves, you happily said yes and spent the afternoon with him in the dance studio. When it was time for you two to leave you were changing in the bathroom when he peeked in through the cracked door. His eyes grew wide as he saw the light glow of your skin as you took off your shirt. You heard his audible gasp and decided to put on a show for him. You started your own little strip tease for J-hope and by the end he was pushing the door open to touch your soft skin.
“Looks like we may be missing that date tonight.” He smiles wickedly and bites your shoulder playfully.


Jimin would be getting ready for bed when you decide that tonight was the night. You were feeling confident and decided it was time for him to see you. So you walk out of the bathroom wearing nothing but matching black underwear. He looks up at you from his seat on the bed and a sly grin spreads across his face.
“Well hello my pretty princess.”
You smile as he beckons you towards him. He kisses your lips deeply and then kisses both of your breasts. He holds an ass cheek in each hand as he drinks in the sight of you, the bulge in his pants growing.
“Thank you for putting on a show for daddy, now are you going to fix the problem you caused?”

~ Kookiesandcream

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Newt Scamander Drabble

Newt’s lips are soft. Warm. They brush against yours with ease, absorbing any word or worry and instead replacing it with a dizziness. You melt into his arms, once again in shock at how much of a good kisser this man is, as you marvel each and every time. His mouth guides yours, lips clashing with lips in the most delicious of ways. His tongue glides against the tender, plump flesh of your bottom lip before he completely ravishes you. 

Often times you couldn’t find the strength to not kiss him; hours tick by regrettably slow if you haven’t felt his mouth on yours. The taste of him makes you shiver: sweet and sugary like the smell of vanilla. Although Newt is the exact opposite of vanilla. You bring out a different side of him; he utterly worships you and can’t hold himself back from showing you which is precisely why with you two there’s no such thing as a “short and sweet kisses.” 

His hands slide along your thighs,  slender fingers digging into them before moving them apart, allowing his hip to rest against yours. You move a finger to his lips which makes him pull away. “What’s wrong?” The worry in his voice is well hidden. 

“I wanted to see your eyes again.” 

Newt admires your features while you admire his. Each of you have swollen lips and flushed cheeks. Newt’s hair is in disarray from you combing your hands through it again and again. Yours is splayed out against the pillows and grass of the makeshift bed you’ve made somewhere in the case. 

“I love you,” Newt murmurs. You have no time to tell him the same when his mouth is on yours. But he knows. 

With fluttering eyes, Newt pulls you close. The feeling of your hands around the back of his neck excites him, your nails pressing against his skin in a way that doesn’t hurt but still sends shocks down his spine. 

But your eyes are open; open and tear filled: open because every time you close your eyes the happiest memories of him play. All that your mind can see is Newt Scamander; in every possibility of a future you see, Newt always remains.You kiss him back hardly and happily, releasing every emotion you feel into that very kiss. Your eyes are locked on the stars above. The stars that remain imprinted on the blue velvet sky, always and forever, burning because they have no other purpose. As they twinkled indefinitely, you and Newt would age and grow old and eventually die. The thought made you ache, but why dwell in the future?

There is only now: Newt’s mouth on yours, your bare bodies pressed together. There was a distant ringing, like tolling of light bells. For a moment you imagined the stars were laughing; speaking to you. Maybe they were. 

All you knew for sure is that the bells were a prophecy.
One for a happy ending with Newt.

Eternity. | jooheon

Member: Lee Jooheon / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 500+
Genre/Warning(s): fluff, romance, drabble…soft jooheony.

Originally posted by yixingen


“I could kiss you all day.”

Whispering against the soft flesh of Jooheon’s lips is the easiest thing you’ve done since the morning sun had broken over the horizon…It’s the easiest thing you’ve done in a while, and quite honestly, Jooheon makes everything easier. The lingering, fresh mint of his toothpaste settles on the tip of your tongue when you smile at his bashfulness, fingers tugging his hoodie’s hood down in favor of carding through his adorably mussed hair. 

He always loves that, you remember.

Tilting your chin up once more, you lean in, pecking his heart-shaped lips, completely addicted. “I really could.”

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How are you feeling?
They ask

“A cataclysmic thunderstorm of epic proportions grips my skull and rains its crops for a winter of solemnity”
he says
“Blood drips from the cavern wall and I taste my own flesh between my lips, ‘masochistic tendencies’ but the doctors couldn't label daddys favorite toy”
she says
“I don’t know but my tummy hurts and I want to go home”
he says

I say
Shoving faces down, trying to puke their way out of a body they have to unwillingly call home

—  us

“Mingyu” you breath heavily, feeling him nips a skin in your neck, closing your eyes tightly, the tingling sensation was starting to be evident.

smirking for a reply and breaks the intensity, kissing your shoulders to your neck and cheeks down to your lips. “i love you.” said he, seeing how dark his eyes were.

butterfly were flying in your stomach, licking your lips and burries your face at his neck, slightly biting his skin. “i love you too.” licking a spot and sucks his neck softly, grazing your teeth that made him shudder.

hands in your waist, pulling you closely at his body, making you sit at his lap. tilting his head and lets you do your magic, he perfectly loves how you work your tounge on his. knowing everything more than he knews his self.

A thing he mades him love you even more. slightly pulling your head away from his and nips your lower lip, bitting it gently allowing his tounge to tickle your lips flesh.

breaths on each other faces, loving the atmosphere.

“i just love you.” he said once again, leaving some wet trails spot in your neck. Marking you like his masterpiece. putting his hand inside of your shirt. slowly caressing your skin.

Hearing how sincere he was and angles your hips, wanting to give him some friction since you can feel him under the clothe you’ve been wearing. his shirt and an underwear.

“ah shit” breathing unsteadily that made him shuts his eyes. looking at you with adoration and Lust. smilling at yourself and starts to grind painfully slow.

setting your hands at his shoulder, kissing his jaw. “i love you too more.” you utter, feeling the pressure increase. bitting your lip to shut up. wanting his Groans for you to hear.

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The Mother Hen and The Warrior (DwalinXReader)

A request for my dear @everyjourneyloveReader is human who somehow ends up on the quest with the company. Learns to fight and help out and comes to care for them and they for her. But she falls in love with Dwalin, and he is in love with her! But they both think there is no way the other would love them, so they say nothing. Until they both almost get hurt trying to save the other during a fight!

Word Count: 850

Your eyes settled on the purple haze clothing the distant mountains, a familiar feeling of longing encompassed your heart as your mind envisioned the beauty of your home splayed across they valley like a dream.

Rohan. Your home…..A home that was so close yet seemed miles away.

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He heard the key turn in the lock, though his eyes never left the lightly glowing screen.

He had been staring at images flitting across it for God only knows how long but he hadn’t been able to really focus on them. His mind had been too preoccupied with wondering about you. Who was holding you so tightly like his body longed to do? Who was littering kisses across your soft flesh like his lips yearned to do? Who was worshipping your body and soul so completely like his entire being desperately craved to do? Who was claiming as you as theirs, despite his heart’s insistence that you were only his? Who was he losing to in this seemingly neverending Russian roulette of love? Those questions still weighed heavily on him even as you stepped through the door, a soft gasp of shock leaving your pillowy lips at the unexpected sight of him.

He kept his voice even and devoid of emotion as he questioned, “You were with him, weren’t you?” He dared not say a name lest either face he detested invaded his thoughts. You didn’t answer; instead you quietly slipped off your tattered blue jean jacket. His eyes still trained straight ahead on the dimly blowing television, he added nonchalantly, “It’s fine if you did. It’s not like we’re exclusive or even anywhere near that.” Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t control the bitterness that seeped into his words. You hadn’t come to him. You hadn’t been with him. You hadn’t wanted him. You hadn’t chosen him. And no matter how many times he declared to you in the throes of passion, “You are mine,” you never reciprocated. So what would make tonight any different? His dangerously deceptive veil of calm slipped just slightly as he swiftly snatched up his coat and stormed towards the door. “Forget it. I’ll go.”

As he wrapped his hand around the doorknob, you caught his wrist and whispered, “Don’t.”

That single utterance breathed new life into him. He spun on his heel and crashed his plump lips onto yours in a bruising, passionate kiss. With every insistent press of your lips, the fires of desire and need were stoked higher and higher until the bright blue flames consumed you both. An urgent thrill spurred the rushed removal of clothes in between fiery kisses and gentle gropes, the haphazardly strewn articles marking the path to your bedroom. He lightly laid you down on the oversized bed and leaned back to sweep his loving gaze over your flushed figure, wordlessly admiring the goddess beneath him. Feeling uneasy under his intense stare, you hid your face behind your hand; gently, he swatted it away. “Don’t hide from me,” he rasped. “You are mine tonight and I want to see all of you.”

His eyes never left your body as he relentlessly rained sensual kisses over your flushed skin; or as his mouth explored and worshipped within your scorching temple, wicked tongue pushing and pulling you up the steep cliff of orgasmic bliss but never letting you fall over; or as his slender fingers teased and stretched your core until tears streamed from your eyes and desperate pleas of “More, fuck yes, more!” flowed from your mouth; or when his hips delivered smoothly powerful thrust after thrust to break down your inner most barriers to bring you closer and closer and closer to the edge of overwhelming pleasure until one final slam flung you into the chasm of ecstasy; or when he held you tightly to his chest and whispered sweet everythings into your ear, his own exhausted and sated body fighting the tempting clutches of sleep so he could watch you peacefully slumber; or when he untangled you from his arms and slipped out of bed, silently pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

It was only when he was fully dressed did he look away from you and towards your glowing phone screen, the two names he had tried to purge from your mind that night displayed brightly for all eyes to see. He roughly raked his hair back as he sent you a curt message, an intense surge of bitter triumph washing over him as he watched his name joined the other two on the screen. His message was clear just like his intentions and feelings had always been towards you:

“I’m here if you want me.”


Germany, Prussia, and Romano surprise neck kisses!:

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt-
He normally isn’t one for affections at a random place and time. He prefers waiting until you’re both in a comfortable situation to exchange kisses. But when he saw your skin peaking out from the sweater, he just couldn’t resist. He snuck up behind the couch, then roped his arms around you, burying his head into the exposed flesh. His lips left chilled marks as he led them into your hair.    
Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt-
It wasn’t difficult to know when Gilbert was around, so needless to say his kisses weren’t necessarily surprising. But the times he chose to present them to you very well could be. A smirk pulled at his lips as he came up behind you. You were pulling clothes from the dryer, he waited until you perfectly stood up to press you against it.
“Funny, I don‘t remember telling you to stop bending over…” He chuckled and moved your head to the side, trailing his mouth to your ear, and biting softly.    
Romano/Lovino Vargas-
It was either very early, or very late. Whichever it happened to be the sun was still nestled far away from the horizon. Your eyes fluttered open as you feel a pair of lips making their way up from your hip.
“Hm…?” You hum, wondering what exactly he thought he as doing. As he made his path across your shoulder his kisses turn to nips. But the time he made it just below your ear, he was biting.   

“Babe?” Liam whispers softly, voice trembling with each breath poured anxiously from his lips.

He grips the bunch of roses tightly, chewing uneasily at the flesh of his bottom lip as Zayn lifts his head from the cocoon of cushions he’s buried himself into.

Liam bites over a whimper clinging to the tip of his tongue as he notices tears streaking Zayn’s cheeks, eyes bloodshot and so unfamiliar. He reaches out to cradle Zayn’s jaw, thumb brushing over flushed skin to wipe away the tears. A spark of hope scatters over his heart at the way Zayn leans in to his touch, an exhausted sigh nudged into the palm of his hand.

“I’m sorry,” Liam mumbles, swallowing the oxygen that seems trapped in his throat.

He hates fighting with Zayn, even if it’s over something small that neither of them would really be arguing about if their days hadn’t been so stressful.

“Me too,” Zayn says quietly, tugging at the blanket shrugged around his shoulders.

Liam can’t help but fond over how soft Zayn looks, how small he is amongst the sea of blankets and sheets surrounding him. Hair messily sprawled over his forehead, the material of one of Liam’s oversized shirts pooling at his thighs.

Zayn utters an amused laugh as he notices the flowers held in Liam’s hand, a half-giggle brushing over Liam’s knuckles as he sniffles into his sleeve.

“Are they for me?”

Liam smiles, snorting under his breath.

“Course they are,” he says softly, gesturing them to Zayn. “Who else would they be for?”

Zayn grins, wiping at his eyes before he shuffles a little further along the mattress. “C’ mere.”

Liam kicks off his shoes and leaves the roses at the bottom of the bed, not hesitating to crawl into bed beside Zayn and wrap an arm around his waist.

“Sorry,” he repeats, sighing a kiss over Zayn’s forehead and smiling slightly as Zayn nudges his lips into the nape of Liam’s neck. “I love you.”

“I know,” Zayn whispers, leaning into Liam’s side. “I’m sorry for everything I said, I didn’t mean it.”

Liam knows, because he and Zayn both yell unnecessary and untrue feelings when they’re in a heated argument.

“And I love you too,” Zayn adds, lips lifting to Liam’s jaw. “Please don’t ever leave again.”

Liam tightens his grip around Zayn’s fragile frame as he feels guilt settle into his mind.

“Promise,” he breathes into Zayn’s hair, shaking his head. “Love you.”

Zayn pulls away with a gentle smile, reaching to cup a hand to Liam’s cheek. He brushes a soft kiss over Liam’s bottom lip, leaning away to blink fond eyes to Liam’s before he nudges closer again.

Liam sighs happily as Zayn shifts so that he’s straddling his lap, hands immediately shaping Zayn’s waist as he smiles into the many needy kisses Zayn scatters over his lips.