flesh gun

Fade (TomTord Backstory for MA AU)

Eddsworld fic, 24890 words, tom/tord + paul/patryk

Chapter 2/?: Hellbent

Ao3 mirror

Two pieces in a puzzle that fit together, clinging as if their lives depend on one another. What happens when one is separated from the other?

(Prequel story for the TomTord relationship in the Monster Apartments AU)

Warning for possibly triggering content, including hospitals, needles/discussion of surgery, IVs, hallucinations, kidnapping, and physical abuse/combat/conflict, minor character death, major character death

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bobosmith01  asked:

Is there any sort of thing that Zac's antenna is particularly sensitive against?

//Well.. definitely a good amount of electricity can fry his antenna which can possibly either kill him or get him bedridden through conduction. All weapons can possibly kill him if they dig deep enough to his “spine” which is connected to his antenna, but electricity straight through the antenna is the worst. (He can still block electricity through his flesh)

(Also why guns are the worst way to kill him. Most of them would bounce off his skin before they even enter that “spinal cord” controlling his stability)

Why Did You Do That? // Eric (Divergent Series) Imagine

title - why did you do that? 

pairing - eric/you

prompt - y/n saves eric’s ass like a badass bitch outa hell n fluffy

warnings - swearing, nothing else 

a/n - request some shiz fam

If you’d have known what was going to happen at Candor, you would’ve avoided going with your friends, if they could even be called that. And although you were now standing helplessly as the one person of whom you’ve told everything to was on the verge of execution, you couldn’t help but feel terrible.

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Bare Skin Does Not Like Hot Brass.

When shooting, don’t let it all hang out like the lady above. Ejected shells can burn that tender skin. I’ve seen girls dance in pain after shells tumbled into their low cut tops. It would, ahem,  have been unwise for me to reach in to help them find the shell. So girls, if a shells finds its way into your clothing, you’re on your own. So cover up that luscious flesh!


in the flesh appreciation week day 7: best kieren walker moment

basically every kieren moment i really love how he stands up for others

also his eyelashes are unreal like what are those there’s no way those are your natural eyelashes