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(1/2) I'm building a fantasy world where there's a species of botanical humanoids (think Sylvari in Guild Wars 2 or Florans in Starbound). Now, they didn't evolve naturally, but I would like to be able to justify as much of their physiology as possible without just saying "it's magic". I'm thinking something along the lines of humanoid mammals where each member has a symbiotic relationship with a colony of plants.

(2/2) The plants act as exoskeleton and insulation as well as giving the mammal sugars in return for body heat, carbon dioxide, and some of the animal’s other metabolic waste. Do you see any glaring issues with that sort of setup? Also, what sort of environments would such a species (or a feasible approximation to such a species) be particularly well- or ill-suited for? What sort of unique challenges might such a species face when living in a human-based society? Any further suggested reading?
Wow! That sounds pretty dang cool! Okay lemme at it! -cracks knuckles-

First off, you just answered your own question, there is absolutely NO WAY this could be totally explained or justified by science. However you might not be thinking about the types of symbiotic relationships. There are four main kinds which are mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, and competition.

I, myself, would think of this as a parasitic relationship. The plants and humanoid may thrive with each other, but the humanoids still act as a host for the plants. Host dies, so do the plants.

It would make sense for the roots of the plants to be fully embedded into the tissues of your humanoids, their roots taking necessary water and carbon dioxide from the air as well as the host’s blood stream. The plants would likely survive on the hosts blood unless the host was dehydrated, which would cause the plants to wither.

During photosynthesis, however, the plants would also be able to give sugar back to the host, allowing the host to be able to not eat as much or as often as other humanoids. THEYRE LITERALLY MAKING THEIR OWN FOOD AS THEY LIVE!! It would be important for these guys to stay hydrated though.

Human filled environments would be AWESOME for these guys! Not only would they be able to breathe both oxygen and carbon dioxide, they would be WALKING AIR PURIFIERS!! These guys would probably get paid to walk around cities to help with smog and toxicity levels! (Pants are awesome guys. Love your plants too.)

The only thing I will say about environments is look where plants thrive naturally and that is where these guys will as well.

If you want some more info feel free to ask a more in detail question on the first of next year! I’d love to help flesh out this concept with you! :D

it takes eight years and an unholy amount of whiskey but they’ll get there.

the concept;; an introduction

it’s nearly two a.m. and the ground outside is covered in white. they’re drunk and huddled around the kitchen table in clarke and octavia’s apartment. playing a game raven’s made up. ‘describe what your perfect girlfriend would be like.’

round and round the table they go spouting out characteristics they’d want. until o falls silent, head quirking. they were describing each other. their ideal girlfriend would be all four of them mushed together. a giggle tumbles from her lips and then, ‘heh, we should all just date each other.’ three pairs of eyes are on her instantly. three versions of, ‘what? explain. huh?’

I was looking at some Jaime chapters in AFFC and I’ve always been fascinated by the hubris behind this line and the idea of the Lannisters as a pantheon of gods:

I thought that I was the Warrior and Cersei was the Maid, but all the time she was the Stranger, hiding her true face from my gaze. 

But this time I was focused solely on Jaime’s deification of Cersei: “I thought […] Cersei was the Maid”. Jaime placed Cersei up on a pedestal of innocence and chastity. In ADWD, Jaime I,

And what is it you like in a woman, m'lord?“

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Building The Old Cove (World Building) #1

I recently i have been thinking about a way to let my ideas that i have between gaming sessions ACTUALLY become something! So what I’ve decided is to make this creation process public. I’ve recently had a bunch of ideas for D&D and Fantasy RPG settings and having a digital record that can have external input is really appealing to me

So here it is! The first article on my creation of THE OLD COVE!

When i start creating a campaign setting, i tend to not worry about building an entire world. What i do here, focusing on a single region is usually the most i’ll ever do. However, what i do for that area is create some broad ideas regarding everything i think is relevant and then refining those to become more fleshed out, permanent concepts. I don’t see the point in creating a setting that is too detailed because regardless of alignments or the like, players are an active form of chaos. If you want a great show regarding DM ideas and philosophies such as the idea of players being a form of chaos, check out Steven Lumpkin’s show Being Everything Else with Adam Koebel (see the ‘Embracing Chaos’ episode).

So this first article will be looking at the broadest ideas of the setting, the mood, a brief history and its current state of living.

- The Old Cove -

Inspirations. Recently I’ve been reading through the Out of the Abyss official adventure for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. More specifically, the demon lords feature in the adventure have been interesting to me. These grand monsters with almighty powers of evil that can potentially have a powerful influence on the specific part of the world.

Dark Souls is a thing and will always be a thing that i enjoy in regards to fantasy. To me, the game has an ability to present a living, environment that turns chaotic in your presence. That sense of ‘disturbing the peace’ is something i want to look at when creating this setting.

Basic Ideas.

  • Area – It takes 2 weeks (walking) from one end of the Cove to the other
  • 3 major cities. Other villages are along the cove and inland some (villages are in different states of ruin)
  • The King and his council abandoned the cove 500 years ago. The region was left to fend for itself
  • The last thing the King did was dig a chasm that cut the Old Cove off from the world. A single keep guards the only bridge that crosses the chasm.
    • The chasm is 1000-feet deep (305 meters)
    • The bottom of the chasm is filled with lava
    • It takes 6 hours to cross the bridge
    • Monsters live on the bridge

Scale of the world is important to me. Whenever i play Dark Souls i constantly find myself thinking “who made these massive structures?” because i’m blown away by what has been built by the developers. The chasm is my ‘wow’ feature, this man made trench so deep the lava underneath the earth seeps through to the surface and fills it up to make a river of fire. The bridge is just as impressive, and when thinking about the bridge, i couldn’t stopping going back to the thought of “imagine how man people perished making this structure.” I don’t know what monsters live on the bridge, but i can see them being one of two ways; hostile to those who cross the bridge or not hostile.

I chose 500 years ago because in a world that moves at an extremely slow pace, 500 years means that the lifestyle has been maintained. The people of this area have lived nothing but what they know and what they known will most likely never change. It allows things to feel old, but still hold an eerie relevance in a world that seems to be trapped in time.

Why did the King abandon the region?

  • The Leaders of the major cities each made a pact with powerful Demon Lords, letting them inhabit their bodies for eternity.
  • Lesser demons that the Demon Lords have brought up to the surface world inhabit a minority of the people in the Old Cove (citizens, soldiers, priests etc.). These people are called ‘vessels’.
    • To be a vessel can be seen as a gift or a curse, depending on who you are talking to
    • When a vessel dies, the demon moves to the Black Font before finding a new vessel (the Demon Lords are an exception to this, they inhabit the same bodies for eternity or until they die. If they are killed, the demons are banished back to the Infernal hell).

Vessels are an idea I’ve loved the think about as of late. Playing with the idea of a curse that projects itself very vocally to society, so much so that people see it as a gift and/or a curse on your very life. The vessel is stuck with the demon that they carry, and the vessel will be subject to praise, ridicule, pain and suffering all at once, until their time as a vessel is up. 

I haven’t thought about what happens to vessels though. Do they change in appearance? Are they as a person fundamentally changed? All i know is they the demon that they carry has to power to reveal itself and attack!

The Black Font is something ill discuss in a later post, it plays a very important role in the world however passive it may come across as. Basically, its the thing that allows the demons to pass to a new vessel when one vessel dies.

Questions to think about.

  • What are the monsters in the bridge like?
  • What’s interesting on the bridge besides the monsters?
  • How ‘alive’ is the Old Cove today?
  • How much of society overall do the Demon Lords have control of?
  • What is it like to be a vessel?
  • What are the major threats in the Old Cove?

In conclusion, thanks so much for reading through this first world-building article of The Old Cove. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! PLEASE let me know what you think of this article, what you’d like to see me write about!

Fleshing out design concepts for a villain pair.  No pics, ‘cause I don’t have my phone, but I have never understood the phrase ‘your can tell where I stopped caring’ until now.  The one modelling the front of their matching outfits is all nice and detailed and clean, while the other is just a tangled mess of scribbles that I think only I can interpret.

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For the 20 character design questions, how about 6 and 7, please?

Oooh, thanks so much for asking!

🎨 6. When creating a character, do you come up with the visual concept or the written concept first? 

I think I come up with the basic written concept first, just a sentence or two (e.g. my current idea fetus is a friendly awkward Dremora, who is thoroughly mocked by their kin for being too soft, becoming the Hero of Kvatch). Then I design the character’s looks, and continue fleshing out the written concept.

📌 7. Do you have characters that you know you’ll never use, but can’t bear to get rid of/recycle? 

I can’t say that I have; I try my best to recycle all my character ideas, sometimes in multiple instances. XD


Whether it was between Leslie and Ann, or Donna and April, or Leslie and April,  Parks and Recreation presented friendship as a fully fleshed-out concept: difficult at times, but ultimately positive. In addition to these examples, the women of Parks helped each other deal with men and kept each other honest.