Idle Hands (1999)

October 19th, 2015 Movie Of The Week

Rodman Flender’s Idle Hands is a Halloween favorite of mine. It’s a horror comedy that tells the the story of Anton (Devon Sawa), an unmotivated but generally well meaning young stoner type who wakes up one morning to discover that his right hand has a mind of its own. The possessed appendage forces him to kill his friends and family so Anton does what any sensible person would do - he lobs it off. The hand, severed but alive and evil, begins to prey on Anton, his love interest Molly (Jessica Alba), and his newly undead pals Mick (Seth Green) and Pnub (Elden Henson). It’s… pretty much perfect.

Idle Hands is a loving parody of horror films and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s honestly one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It has a really self deprecating and clever sense of humor with tons of great one liners and Evil Dead 2 style horror comedy. The often difficult genre blend works well here because Idle Hands has an excellent cast with natural chemistry and spot on comedic timing. The characters are lovable, quirky, and quick witted and the script is fun and immensely quotable. The late ‘90s suburban Halloween setting completes the effect, making Idle Hands a great pick for October. 

I could go on for days about this one - it’s one of my favorite comedies and one of my favorite horrors. I’ll spare you, though. Words really can’t do justice to Idle Hands. It’s one of those rare cult movies that lives up to its reputation and then some and it needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. If you’ve never watched Idle Hands, seek it out and give it a shot this Halloween season because it’s a fantastic little movie and you’ll probably love it.