every episode of heartland ever [ amber marshall as amy fleming ] || 1.10 born to run

“if it was just him and me it would be fine. but it’s lou, it’s nick, it’s everybody who knows about the accident. who knows he’s not just a horse. he’s the horse my mom died trying to save.”

taking some galaxy commissions

hey guys! i’d like to take on a few galaxy / constellation commissions for some extra cash. 

what it is: i lay your character or an animal of your choice over an existing constellation, or a made-up constellation. i use toned paper, black ink, and silver gel pen for stars with a colored pencil nebula to fill it in! i’ll also do a ribbon banner with whatever you want written on it. These are $15 each, or $20 if you want me to mail you the original (within the continental US; outside the continental US we will need to discuss a price.)

i’m also willing to do these in more of a fursuit badge style, with a bigger banner and more contained image. as badges they would be $25, which includes shipping and lamination. 


i would prefer to take feral fullbodies, and will only do anthros as headshots for these. 

if interested please email me at camille.h.fleming@gmail.com!


thanks for reading, and if you can’t afford one / don’t want one, a signal boost / reblog would be greatly appreciated!


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