flemeth would be right up there

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do you know anything about game creation? is it, like, hard to make long hair? why can flemeth have long hair but my quzzie can't - pls pepper my salt

I actually know a lot about game creation and yes, it is incredibly hard to make long hair.

Have you ever seen long hair mods in motion?

You see there are a lot of clipping issues and movement issues (unless the hair is always pulled back along the back), the longer the hair. So for an animator to go through and fix ever single one of those issues for every movement the Inquisitor does, including laying down, kneeling, being thrown (by an attack or Corypheus), and every step while exploring would just take too long and too many resources that can be used on other parts of the game.

What more hair is one of the harder things to animate, because it takes a lot if you do individual strands that move with the physics engine and that can easily crash a computer with just an inch of stranded hair. That is why a lot of animations use what my teacher always referred to as “lego hair”, it’s modeled rather than created with the hair mechanic and it tends to be more rigid than actual hair. This is the easiest, least expensive, and least taxing (on the system) way to do it; however the downside is that is won’t fall over breasts or along cheeks like real hair does, it simply cuts right down through the model. Which is just visually bad and no one wants to pay money for that alternative right?

Meanwhile, someone like Flemeth? She shows up for maybe 20 minutes and has few movements and a shorter time for those movements, meaning it does take less time and resources to do one scene with one long hair versus 500 with several long hairs. 

Not to mention, your Inquisitor’s hair would also be affected by their other features. Such as forehead, cheeks, and horns if Qunari. In fact my elf Inquisitor’s hair clips in his cheek even though it’s not a long hairstyle, just one of the longer hairs. So I can see how experiencing that on a longer or larger scale would get annoying and drop visual quality. Again going back to the lego hair thing.

So it is really hard to do long hairs, at least good enough to put them in an AAA game for a customizable character to use in several thousand different simulations without severe clipping or floating issues (if you look at some modded hairs they will float off of things like breasts to avoid clipping, one issue being preferable to the other). Which is why no custom main character game has long hairs further than the shoulders, at least none that I know of.