On December 28th 1956, teenage sisters Barbara and Patricia Grimes left their home and went to the cinema to see a new Elvis Presley movie. However, when their older siblings arrived to meet them at the bus stop near to the family home in Chicago, Illinois after the movie had ended, the two girls did not show up. Their distraught mother reported them missing at 2:15 the next morning.

During the few weeks which followed without any trace of the missing girls, hundreds of police officers searched extensively and Elvis Presley himself made a public plea for their return. Finally, on 22nd January 1957, the sisters’ bodies were discovered alongside a secluded road. They were both naked and almost completely submerged in snow.  The autopsies which ensued identified that both Barbara and Patricia had died within 5 hours of leaving the movie theatre. Despite there being no fatal injuries found on the girls, there was evidence of bruising, rodent bites and three puncture wounds on Barbara’s chest which were suspected to have come from an ice pick. The positioning of their bodies additionally suggested that they had been dumped out of a moving vehicle. Numerous men were arrested on suspicion of the killing, including Edward Bedwell (21), Max Fleig (17), Walter Kranz (53) and Silas Jayne, but all were eventually released without charge.

Although there are definitely grounds here to determine the death of the Grimes sisters to be a homicide, nobody was convicted and their demise was ruled as shock due to exposure to freezing temperatures for a prolonged period of time. To this day, the case remains unsolved. 


Opal was part of the T. & T. (Townies and Tourists) Housing Households trio, and so, since it’s a Sunday, she invites the other two gals, Meadow Custer (nee Thayer) and Lainey LeTourneau (nee Barthelet), over.

Ronald and Meadow are basically enemies for unknown reasons, so he keeps himself busy with the dogs.