Knux: Where is my M.E.!

Jet: I’m faster than you Sonic!

Scourge: All hail the king!

Mephiles: Iblis… 

Shadow: Hey,hey,hey…what did I tell you about touching my damn 4th chaos emerald FAKER!

Fleetway: Come to me sweety.

Silver: It’s no use!

Eggman: Come here YOU stupid rodent!

Metal: Crash.Kill.Destroy.SWAG.Crash.Kill.Destroy.SWAG….


P.S. Be careful with your wishes!

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While in the games Eggman has never seen fit to have a single base of operations (largely because SOMEBODY keeps blowing them up), it’s always been a different story for his counterparts from other media! 

As varied as the incarnations of Eggman that inhabit them, there has never been a shortage of cool bases for the doctor to oversee his operations from, and so, I make this post in appreciation to the myriad bases and fortresses that Eggman/Robotnik have used across media. 

Egg-cellent, no? 


This is something I’ve been wanting to put together for a while now.

While things like Sonic’s love of chili dogs and the concept of a “roboticizer” are obviously influenced from western Sonic media, I acknowledge that all of the other examples could easily be simple coincidences.

Also, I wanted to focus on games developed by Sonic Team specifically, which is why I left out games like Sonic Spinball and Sonic Chronicles.

There could be more examples that I missed, but these were the ones on the forefront of my mind.

EDIT!: @sorcererlance pointed out that I forgot to include the bit about the name Robotnik becoming universally canon. I’m such a ninny! D: